20 Apr 2023

FDA Pulls Authorization for Original Pfizer and Moderna COVID Vaccines
The Food and Drug Administration pulled the emergency use authorizations for the original COVID vaccines produced by Moderna and Pfizer on Tuesday. Both vaccines were authorized for emergency use more than two years ago after they were developed under Operation Warp Speed during the Trump administration. In a news release, the FDA explained the older vaccines no longer offer full protection from new strains of the virus.

Israeli professor wanted for arms dealing goes missing before US extradition
Luft had denied the accusations leveled against him, affirming that he has “never been an arms dealer” and further claiming that the US Justice Department is “trying to bury me to protect [US President Joe] Biden” and his family.

Russian spy ships spotted operating in North Sea, near UK
A clandestine Russian spy fleet is reportedly operating in Scandinavian waters, mapping different offshore wind farms, gas pipelines and power and communication infrastructure throughout the North Sea as far as Scotland,

UFO spotted by US drone in Middle East, Pentagon reveals
A strange unidentified flying object (UFO) in the form of a “metallic orb” was detected in the Middle East by a US reaper drone sometime during 2022, US defense official Sean M. Kirkpatrick told Congress Wednesday, US media outlets reported. Kirkpatrick noted that sightings of UFOs have been on the rise and the agency is tracking around 650 specific incidents – though clarified that there’s no evidence any of this is the result of aliens, Politico reported.

Nearly 300 kg. NASA satellite set to crash into Earth
A retired nearly 300 kilogram NASA satellite is set to crash into the Earth sometime early Thursday morning, according to the US Defense Department.

Courts Tell FDA To Follow the Law on Chemical Abortion Drugs
Follow the science” has become a common refrain in American politics. But when the arbiters of “science” are politically motivated actors bent on advancing a partisan agenda, following their dictates … harm the public interest and undermine the rule of law. the FDA violated its own rules and governing statute when it approved mifepristone. Later, it unlawfully stripped away critical safeguards that the agency itself had imposed to facilitate a nationwide mail-order abortion economy—violating federal criminal law and undercutting state laws

Eiffel Tower-Sized Asteroid due to Soar Past Earth Next Week
A massive 1,312-foot asteroid is forecast to sail past the Earth in a relatively close encounter on April 26. The asteroid, named 2006 HV5, will pass our planet at speeds of around 38,922 mph, according to close-approach data from NASA’s Center for Near-Earth Object Studies (CNEOS). That is some 22 times the speed of a bullet.

Famed historian describes Biden’s ’10-step plan for global chaos’
“Why is French President Emmanuel Macron cozying up to China while trashing his oldest ally, the United States? Why is there suddenly talk of discarding the dollar as the global currency? Why are Japan and India shrugging that they cannot follow the United States’ lead in boycotting Russian oil? Why is the president of Brazil traveling to China to pursue what he calls a ‘beautiful relationship’?” Hanson begins.

The Air Force’s Electronic-Warfare Wing Is 400 People Short
The Air Force’s two-year-old electronic warfare wing is more than 400 people short, and that’s okay for now, its commander said Wednesday. But if the wing is going to reach and maintain full operating capability, the service may need to overhaul how it builds its cadre of EW experts.

DeSantis endorses boycott of Bud Light: ‘Corporate America is trying to change our country’
Florida Republican governor and presumed presidential hopeful Ron DeSantis weighed in on the Bud Light-Dylan Mulvaney controversy this week, declaring that making “woke” corporations feel financial pressure is essential to dissuading their forays into left-wing activism.
DeSantis told Turning Point USA’s Benny Johnson that he will never drink Bud Light again.

Freemason Anglican bishop celebrates ‘Mass’ in papal basilica with Protestant clergy
Led by a “re-married” Freemason, over 30 Anglican clergymen celebrated “Mass” in the Papal Basilica of St. John Lateran’s this week, sparking outrage among faithful Catholics. St. John Lateran is traditionally known as the “Mother of all the Churches of Rome and of the world” and is the seat of the bishop of Rome, the Pope. The basilica is thus technically ranked as more important for Catholics than the Vatican.

Twitter reverses ban on ‘misgendering, deadnaming’ gender-confused people
“Deadnaming” refers to calling someone by his or her given legal name rather than a new opposite-sex name, such as Bruce “Caitlyn” Jenner or Richard “Rachel” Levine. Twitter, which tech mogul Musk purchased last year with the stated goal of making it more friendly to free expression and differing viewpoints, has now quietly removed the deadnaming language, as well as announced a softer approach to tweets otherwise deemed to violate its “hateful conduct” rules in other ways.

The Chinese Communist Party is taking advantage of the Biden administration’s ill prepared foreign policy and making dangerous moves for power. Among them are its involvement in green energy projects, exploiting the Democrats’ environmentalism push. “It’d be very ironic if we moved towards electric vehicles to the numbers that the Biden administration is talking about and the key component comes from China,”

Minnesota House passes ‘green shaming’ bill
“Every decision the state makes related to energy policy should be through the lens of providing greater affordability, reliability and safety,” said House Republican energy lead Rep. Chris Swedzinski, R-Ghent. “This bill does the opposite, with mandates to drive up energy costs, unnecessary or complicated regulations and subsidies for the richest Minnesotans to purchase expensive electric vehicles.”

Fatal lightning strikes hit Tshimbulu, southern DR Congo amid heavy rainfall 
As of April 19, media reports mention 8 fatalities and one heavily damaged house in the town of Tshimbulu, eastern Kasaï Central Province, due to lightning strikes that occurred on April 15 and 16.

Rapidly melting snow causes widespread flooding in Minnesota, U.S. 
Stearns County in Minnesota is experiencing significant flooding as the Mississippi River and its tributaries overflow due to rapidly melting snow, inundating roads, businesses, and residential areas.

Large to giant hail, damaging winds, and locally heavy rain expected from the southern Plains to the Midwest, U.S.
A frontal system will bring the potential for severe storms with large to giant hail, damaging winds, and locally heavy rain from the southern Plains to the Midwest on Wednesday, April 19, and Thursday, April 20, 2023.

Heavy rain and giant hail hit Rio Grande do Sul, leaving hundreds of homes damaged, Brazil 
Severe weather, including heavy rainfall, strong wind, and severe hailstorms, wreaked havoc in southern Brazil from April 16 to 17, 2023, causing floods and damage to hundreds of homes.

Rare hybrid solar eclipse on Thursday, April 20, 2023 
A rare hybrid solar eclipse will take place on Thursday, April 20, 2023. The eclipse path starts out as annular, changes to total, and then changes back to annular before the path ends.

Strong and shallow M6.3 earthquake hits New Britain region, Papua New Guinea 
A strong and shallow earthquake registered by the USGS as M6.3 hit the New Britain region, Papua New Guinea at 09:06 UTC (19:06 LT) on April 19, 2023. The agency is reporting a depth of 55 km (34 miles). EMSC is reporting M6.3 at a depth of 80 km (49 miles).

Xi Jinping Inspects China’s South China Sea Fleet as Regional Tensions Escalate
Chinese leader Xi Jinping visited China’s naval force in the South China Sea last week—at exactly the same time as the United States and the Philippines began their largest-ever joint military drills.

Russian Soldier Devastated After Liberating Child Organ Harvesting Factory in Ukraine
Here’s a first-hand account of the horrors that happen in Ukraine. Adrenochrome and organ harvesting from children is not a “Conspiracy Theory”. Unfortunately it’s very real, and one of the reasons the Liberal World Order would rather see Ukraine reduced to rubble than have Russia reveal their crimes to the world.

Big Ag Panicking Over Bill to Require Labeling of Gene-Altering Products 
Missouri House Bill 1169 would require labeling of products that can alter your genes. Big Ag lobbyists strongly oppose it, because it would mean labeling livestock injected with mRNA vaccines.

SOYLENT GREEN: Phase 2 Of The Great Reset Will See Climate Change ‘Justice’ Being Administered Through The Auspices Of Your Carbon Footprint Tracker

We have been warning you for years and years that the phony Climate Change movement was really nothing more than a cudgel with which to beat people into submission to the New World Order. Then 2020 came, and We have been warning you for years and years that the phony Climate Change movement was really nothing more than a cudgel with which to beat people into submission to the New World Order.

Rantz: Middle school hosted ‘disturbing’ licking game with staff and students 
A middle school principal is facing discipline for an inappropriate, “sexualized” licking game between students and staff.

In England, Radio Newcastle Announcer Lisa Shaw Died Suddenly After Receiving An AstraZeneca COVID Vaccination As Did Scores Of Other People
There is a conspiracy happening right now that is so insidious, so horrific, that it will boggle your imagination. People have died, are dying, and have been grievously wounded after receiving the COVID vaccine from drug makers like Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca, the media is aware of it, and with one voice have agreed to remain silent about it. Meet Lisa Shaw, she has the words ‘AstraZeneca’ in the ’cause of death’ box on her state-issued certificate of decease. She’s not alone, there are many more just like her. Go ahead and give me another suspension for posting this, Facebook, but you will not be able to keep it hidden much longer.

Dr Yeadon & 17,000 doctors call for indictment of Big Pharma

DOJ Charges 40 CCP Officers for Allegedly Targeting US Residents, Spreading Propaganda
The Justice Department is charging 40 members of China’s national police with crimes related to a coordinated campaign of targeted harassment against U.S. residents.

Putin just DESTROYED NATO’S top Ukraine leaders with HYPERSONIC MISSILE yet the Snake News is Silent

8TH Graders Re-enact Lesbian Wedding Under Liberal “Pride Time” Teaching “SEL = Social Emotional Learning” 
More madness folks. It just goes on and on. This type of thing shouldn’t be taking place in ANY school in America, and instead it has reached epidemic proportions. Where the hell is it written that teachers, who are paid to teach specific subjects, are allowed to interfere with parents raising their kids. This isn’t overreach, this is insanity. Proficiency scores in basic subjects like English, Math, Reading and even Writing are at all time lows. Yet, school administrations are ignoring these blatant facts and instead are condoning this gender identification nonsense.

The world has woken up to the Climate Scam 
Yesterday, for a second day in a row, #ClimateScam was trending on Twitter.  Here are some of the top tweets revealing the climate scam.

The Dunegan Tapes reveal the workings of the minds of the psychopaths planning a “New System” 
Sinister plans revealed in 1969 describe the implementation of a “New System.”  When the new system takes over people will be expected to sign allegiance to it, indicating that they don’t have any reservations or holding back to the old system. “There just won’t be any room for people who won’t go along. We can’t have such people cluttering up the place so such people would be taken to special places,” Dr. Richard Day said.

Fact-checking The Guardian’s claim that “covid ushered in a vaccines golden era”
As it stands, ordinary people are facing the combined efforts of an international cartel of commercial interests – media giants, big pharma, agrichemical industries, food processors, governments, academia, medical and military authorities – all 100% united behind our biotechnology future, come what may. They are rushing to introduce a raft of new drugs and vaccines that are far more invasive, experimental, and dangerous than anything we have ever been exposed to before.

United Nations, New World Order Now favors Normalization of Sex With Minors 
A report by the International Commission of Jurists entitled “The 8 March Principles for a Human Rights-Based Approach to Criminal Law Proscribing Conduct Associated with Sex, Reproduction, Drug Use, HIV, Homelessness and Poverty,” is advocating the normalization of sex with minors.

NYC’s Vegan Mayor Eric Adams to Limit Amount of Meat People Can Eat to Combat Climate Change
New York City’s vegan mayor Eric Adams wants to limit the amount of meat people can eat in an effort to combat climate change.

As US marriage rates plummet, David’s Bridal crumbles – 9,000 employees will lose their jobs..
…Think about that — the marriage rate in the U.S. has dropped by nearly 60% over the past 50 years. Part of the plummet is due to the breakdown of the traditional nuclear family, migration away from Christian values, and the anti-male feminist movement.