17 Apr 2023

UNPRECEDENTED: Iran’s crown prince meets Netanyahu, quotes the Bible, extols Cyrus the Great & future ‘Cyrus Accords’
Did you ever imagine a major Iranian political leader coming to visit Israel, not to threaten the Jewish people with genocide, but to offer his hand of peace, cooperation and mutual respect? It may sound like fiction – like one of my novels – but it’s actually happening this week. In an historic development, Iranian Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi – the son of Iran’s late king, or shah, Mohammed Reza Pahlavi – arrived at Ben Gurion International Airport yesterday, accompanied by his wife, Yasmine.

China Trying Its Hand At Israel-Palestine Peace
Coming off its success in getting archrivals Iran and Saudi Arabia to restore ties, China is now trying its hand at Israel-Palestine peace, after weeks of sporadic clashes between Palestinians and Israeli police in the West Bank and Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa Mosque. China’s foreign minister Qin Gang on Monday said Beijing is ready and willing to “play a constructive role” in promoting peace in the region.

Washington State House Approves Bill Authorizing Hiding Of Children Seeking Transgender Medical Intervention From Parents
The Washington state House approved a bill that would authorize state agencies to hide children seeking transgender medical intervention from parents. “The Constitution doesn’t tell us what we can do; it tells us what we can’t do to people,” Couture said. “And multiple times our U.S. Supreme Court has ruled in favor of parental rights.” The Due Process clause of the Fourteenth Amendment “gives parents the right to parent” through the educating and rearing “as they see fit.”

Here’s What A Children’s Hospital Quietly Scrubbed From The Internet Amid Public Backlash Over Gender Transitions
The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) purged its website of numerous videos and documents related to its pediatric gender clinic following public outrage over gender transition procedures being offered to minors there. Clinic staff encouraged school employees to keep children’s gender identity secret from parents and promoted biomedical interventions for young children in some of the since-removed online resources, which have been saved in online archives.

US confirms it killed senior Islamic State leader in Syria raid
A U.S. helicopter raid on northern Syria on Monday killed a senior Islamic State leader accused of planning attacks in the Middle East and Europe, the Pentagon said in a statement. The statement said the raid targeted Abd-al-Hadi Mahmud al-Haji Ali and was initiated after gathering intelligence that Islamic State was plotting to kidnap officials abroad.

US arrests two for setting up Chinese ‘secret police station’ in New York
U.S. federal agents arrested two New York residents for allegedly operating a Chinese “secret police station” in the Chinatown district of Manhattan on Monday in what prosecutors said was part of a crackdown on Beijing’s alleged targeting of dissidents. Lu Jianwang, 61, and Chen Jinping, 59, face charges of conspiring to act as agents of China’s government without informing U.S. authorities and obstruction of justice.

Rabbinical Congress for Peace warns govt. reacting weakly to terrorism
In recent weeks, members of the Rabbinical Congress for Peace have sent repeated appeals to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, warning him that “the current government’s approach is proving to be no different than that of its predecessor, and that its passive and lax response to terror only strengthens Israel’s enemies and may lead to terrible bloodshed, God forbid.”

The Heat Is On
With multiple lawsuits pending over allegations of workplace retaliation, and continued criticism that he’s too soft on crime, L.A. District Attorney George Gascón is facing his toughest challenge.

The former head of France’s intelligence service sounds an alarm on Islam
The principal of a high school in Drammen, Norway, did not want Muslim students to leave the classroom to pray during Ramadan. She apologized when several of them reacted violently and now she is threatened with death. Hanne Merete Hagby is the principal of the high school, which has 30 percent Muslim students. “It’s not okay to leave class or be late because of it,” she wrote. She deleted the post after two hours. An appointment to “lynch” the principal is published on the social network. The police had to be there to protect her. Welcome to the Europe of tomorrow!

In move toward peace, warring sides in Yemen exchange prisoners
More than 100 prisoners of war were flown from Saudi Arabia to Yemen on Monday as the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) facilitated a “unilateral” release of detainees outside the terms of the three-day prisoner exchange that ended on Sunday.

BREAKING: Disgraced ex-cardinal McCarrick charged in Wisconsin for assaulting boy in 1977
Theodore McCarrick, 92, stands accused of assaulting an 18-year-old boy at a lakeside cabin in the south-eastern region of the state in 1977. According to Associated Press, the alleged victim told investigators that McCarrick had been sexually abusing him since he was 11 years old. He also alleged that McCarrick took him to parties where other men sexually assaulted him.

Graham calls for people to be ‘fired’ over US intelligence leak
Sen. Lindsey Graham questioned why a low-ranking Massachusetts Air National Guardsman accused of leaking secret intelligence had access to the information and demanded people lose their jobs over the security failure. “I am stunned that somebody at that level could have so much access,” Graham, R-Ky., said on ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday. “Some people need to be fired over this.”

Elon Musk says US gov’t had ‘full access’ to Twitter, including DMs
“The degree to which various government agencies effectively had full access to everything that was going on on Twitter blew my mind. I was not aware of that,” Musk said,

The significance of the Shah’s son’s visit to Israel
The significance of Reza Pahlavi’s visit to the State of Israel at this time is great. The announcement that the son of the Shah of Iran will be in Israel for Holocaust Memorial Day came after Iran’s President Ebrahim Raisi addressed an Al Quds Day Rally in the Gaza Strip. It also comes after it was recently found that Iran stood behind the barrage of 34 rockets that were fired at the Jewish state not too long ago, which injured 3 and damaged some buildings. His visit sends a message that there is a viable alternative to the rule of the ayatollahs in Tehran, who routinely chant “death to Israel” and “death to America.” There is a viable alternative to a regime, which threatens Azerbaijan and other countries in the region non-stop.

Israel should prepare for war – and politicians need to come to their senses
The struggle over legal reform has caused enormous damage to the State of Israel. On the political level, the image of American backing has been undermined (even if, in practice, the defense cooperation continues as usual). On the economic level, the country’s credit rating has eroded. The public discourse in Israel reached new heights of acerbity and alienation. Above all, national cohesion was cracked primarily due to the IDF being used as a tool in the political debate and the threats to dodge service.

COVID-19: Greasing the road to government-run health care
“You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that, it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.” – Rahm Emanuel Americans are racing down the road to total government-run health care. COVID-19 greased the roads.

Alien motherships: Pentagon official floats a theory for unexplained sightings
The official in charge of a secretive Pentagon effort to investigate unexplained aerial incursions has co-authored an academic paper that presents an out-of-this-world theory: Recent objects could actually be alien probes from a mothership sent to study Earth.

Dramatic Video Shows Indian Gangster-Turned-Politician Gun Down On Live TV
Ahmed was speaking with reporters while in police custody when three men posing as journalists shot the former politician and his brother, reported BBC News. Both died on the spot.

South Korea Fires Warning Shots At North Korean Patrol Boat That Breached Boundary
A dangerous live-fire incident has been reported in a disputed sea border patrolled by both North and South Korea on Saturday. Reportedly a North Korean vessel had been pursuing a Chinese fishing boat, according to the military statement, and subsequently retreated after warning shots were fired from a South Korean military patrol boat.

All Hell Breaks Out In Chicago As Hundreds Of Teenagers Wreak Havoc
A trend of lawlessness has unfolded in cities run by progressive leaders this spring. The latest incident occurred on Saturday night in Downtown Chicago, where hundreds of teenagers wreaked havoc by smashing car windows and destroying public and private property. They also attempted to enter Millennium Park, which prompted a significant police response. There was even a shooting that resulted in multiple injuries.

US Appeals Court Judge Rejects ProPublica Story On Justice Clarence Thomas
Judge Thomas Hardiman of the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit dismissed the notion of a “scandal” surrounding Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. Last week, left-wing outlet ProPublica published an article in which “experts,” some unnamed, argue Justice Thomas violated disclosure obligations by neglecting to report luxury gifts he received from billionaire friend Harlan Crow.

CVS ‘Gender Transition’ Guide Requires Use Of Preferred Pronouns, Sharing Bathrooms
CVS has issued ‘gender transition guidelines’ which put employees on notice that people must be addressed by their preferred pronouns and names, and that they may use whichever restroom or locker room they wish, whether or not they identify as transgender, Fox Business reports.

California Going Full Commie
Southern California Edison, Pacific Gas & Electric and San Diego Gas & Electric filed a proposal on Thursday that would install a fixed-rate electric bill system for those under the three largest power companies in the state, the Globe reported. Talk about burying the lede. The real plan is to create income-based utility billing. Currently, utility bills are based on electricity and gas consumption. The utility companies are now proposing income-based utility billing so that higher-income earners pay for more than they use, subsidizing the rates for lower income customers.

The Chaos In Our Streets Is The Inevitable Result Of Decades Of Failed Liberal Policies
What did we think was going to happen? We allowed liberals to run most of our major cities for decades, and now those cities have degenerated into drug-ridden, crime-infested hellholes. Needless to say, we didn’t get here by accident.

Gunmen storm Mexican resort, kill seven people, including child
Armed men on Saturday killed a child and six others after storming a resort in the central Mexican state of Guanajuato, authorities said, in a region increasingly plagued by drug cartel violence.

Iranian crown prince arrives on historic visit to Israel
Reza Pahlavi, eldest son of deposed Shah of Iran, to attend Holocaust Memorial Day events with the president and prime minister and speak of his hopes for a democratic Iran and renewed ties with Israel

Dogs of war are all bark, no bite
“Will we witness an all-out war anytime soon?” The inquiry came from a distinguished public figure whom I chanced upon at a social gathering. He articulated his views on why he refuses to stay silent. I, on the other hand, have explained why I remain optimistic about the lack of prospect of an imminent war.

Vladimir Putin meets Chinese defense minister in Moscow, Russia says
Russian President Vladimir Putin held a working meeting with Chinese defense minister Li Shangfu in Moscow on Sunday, Tass news agency cited Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov as saying. Ukrainian forces are finding a growing number of components from China in Russian weapons used in Ukraine, a senior official in Kyiv said on Friday. China has repeatedly denied sending military equipment to Russia.

Iran is waging a multi-front war of attrition against Israel, Gallant says
Tehran is fighting a war against Israel on all fronts, Defense Minister Yoav Gallant warned on Sunday, as a Jerusalem-based think tank called for a suspension of judicial reform in light of the danger of a broad-scale conflict on Israel’s borders and with Iran.

UN envoy accused of antisemitism hits back after Chikli calls for her dismissal
UN Special Rapporteur for Palestinian Territories Francesca Albanese responded on Sunday to Diaspora Affairs and Combating Antisemitism Minister Amichai Chikli’s call for her dismissal in light of comments and actions he deemed antisemitic. Chikli sent a harsh letter to Secretary-General of the United Nations António Guterres and UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Dr. Volker Türk on Friday, calling for Albanese’s dismissal due to her “relentless, systematic and irrational bias against Israel and display of antisemitism.”

Moody’s rating agency downgrades Israel’s credit outlook, ‘points to a weakening of institutional strength
The prominent financial ratings agency, Moody’s, downgraded Israel’s economic outlook from positive to stable. The agency stressed the “deterioration of Israel’s governance”, referring to the deep divisions in Israeli society over the Netanyahu government’s controversial judicial overhaul plan.

Fort Lauderdale flooding likely to rewrite history books: ‘Everything was bad’
Extreme rainfall rarely ever seen in the U.S. flooded homes, highways and the airport in and around Fort Lauderdale, Florida, earlier this week. AccuWeather meteorologists say it was worse than the rainfall from most hurricanes.

GOP shines light on Swiss billionaire’s role in U.S. elections during House debate
How did a Swiss billionaire who has donated hundreds of millions of dollars to left-leaning American nonprofit political advocacy groups become a topic of debate over an elections bill on the floor of the Minnesota House of Representatives? Republican legislators allege that Hansjörg Wyss, a former medical device industry executive turned political activist, has his fingerprints on a provision included in a sweeping elections reform bill the DFL House majority passed on a party-line vote late Thursday night. The provision in question — included in a potpourri list of election reforms in HF3 — would prohibit certain types of political activity by foreign-influenced corporations. But it wouldn’t restrict similar activity by foreign-influenced nonprofit organizations, such as Washington, D.C.-based Center for American Progress, of which Wyss is a donor and board member.

Temperatures to plunge this week after brief taste of summer shatters more than 200 record highs
More than 200 record-high temperatures were broken across the U.S. from the Southwest to the Northeast last week, but the brief taste of summer has come to an end as temperatures are expected to tumble back to average or below average in the week ahead.

Late season winter storm blasts Upper Midwest with blizzard conditions, heavy snow
A weather system that brought severe storms over the weekend is bringing blizzard conditions to parts of the Upper Midwest to start the workweek.

Rapid Advances In AI Spell The End Of Personal Privacy Ushering In A Pro-Pedophilia Dystopian Global Society
We live in an age of unprecedented digitization. But with the ease of paying for a sandwich with your phone comes greater surveillance and the ability for authorities and corporations to track your every move—and limit access to services instantly, if they so choose. And guess what? They so choose. Rapid advances in artificial intelligence, drones, and facial recognition mean that invasive tracking systems will become even more widespread.

The Fed, Bank Of America And Hordes Of Corporate CEOs Are All Warning That A Recession Will Happen This Year
If virtually everyone is expecting a recession, and most people start acting accordingly, do you think that will make an economic downturn less likely or more likely?  Needless to say, the answer to that question is obvious.

UN Agencies’ Report Subverts Age of Consent, Proclaims Sex with Minors ‘May Be Consensual in Fact’
A Switzerland-based group has issued a report urging nations to end the criminalization of various acts – the most notable being sex with a minor who supposedly consents to the activity.

The IMF Has Just Unveiled A New Global Currency Known As The “Universal Monetary Unit” That Is Supposed To Revolutionize The World Economy
A new global currency just launched, but 99 percent of the global population has no idea what just happened.  The “Universal Monetary Unit”, also known as “Unicoin”, is an “international central bank digital currency” that has been designed to work in conjunction with all existing national currencies.

Globalists Orwellian Censorship Is Being Ramped Up To The Next Level
According to this new story over at Mercola that Steve Quayle linked to on his website Saturday morning, if we stay upon the same path we’ve been on for the last decade+, there’ll be nothing that can stop outright hell upon Earth within the next 7 years, though much sooner than later as we’ll explore within this story,

Largest Teachers Union in United Kingdom Votes to Have Drag Queen Grooming Hour in All Schools
The National Education Union (NEU), the largest teachers union in Britain, is calling for schools across the United Kingdom to bring in drag queens to groom children in every school.

China Is Selling Off Treasuries As It Prepares For A Blockade Of Taiwan And A War With The United States
We are closer to a war with China than most people realize.  Right now, U.S. officials in Washington are deeply concerned that the Chinese may impose a full-blown blockade on Taiwan as the first step in a “reunification” campaign.  Many Americans don’t realize that such a move would be a really, really big deal.  If China chooses to blockade Taiwan, the U.S. and China would instantly be in a state of war.

EU nation to destroy 1,500-tons of Ukrainian grain
Slovakia has discovered a 1,500-ton shipment of Ukrainian grain, tainted with chlorpyrifos, an organophosphate pesticide subject to a EU-wide ban. The whole shipment will be destroyed, the country’s agriculture minister, Samuel Vlcan, announced on Thursday.

NYC Mayor Adams, NYPD reintroduce robotic dogs despite previous backlash, security concerns
New York City Mayor Eric Adams and the NYPD have reintroduced the Digidog, a $74,000 robot that resembles a dog, which was paused by the previous mayor. They also announced the rollout of two other technologies they claimed would help with public safety.

Bank of America clients withdraw $2.3B from US securities 
Bank of America clients sold around $2.3 billion in U.S. equities last week, according to a note from bank strategist Jill Carey Hall on Tuesday.

Recording exposes homosexual teacher’s bullying of students
A British homosexual teacher at a state-run “academy school” in London was secretly taped telling his students that (pro-)”LGBTQ” education is mandatory and if they disagree with it, “you need to go home and have a conversation with your parents” and ask them: “Why are my values so different to what Britain is? Why have I got this view? Where does it come from?”

Amish Farmer Threatened for Not Giving Up Traditional Farming
Armed federal agents were used to threaten a traditional Amish farmer just 150 miles outside Washington, D.C., who does not use pesticides, fertilizer, or gas to run his farm.

SNL Goes All In on Supporting Mutilating Children, Has ‘Non-Binary’ Cast Member Go on Rant About ‘Protecting’ Trans Kids
The rant about supporting sex change surgeries and hormone treatments was delivered by Molly Kearney, who identifies as “non-binary.”

Pfizer is killing Children for Profit: Europe suffers unprecedented loss of lives among its Children with 760% increase in Excess Deaths since EMA’s Emergency Approval of COVID Vaccine for Kids
It was the summer of 2021 when the European Medicines Agency (EMA) approved the use of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine for children aged 12 to 15. The decision was met with unjustified excitement and relief by many parents who had been eagerly waiting for a vaccine for their children.

What effect do mRNA “vaccines” have on human consciousness?
..Could it be the case that the genetic processes induced by covid vaccination have curtailed rational thought and promoted indifference to risk? In short, does mRNA vaccination drill down to the interface between consciousness and genetics – interfering with the very basis of mental clarity and physical health?

China Demands Germany’s Support for ‘Peaceful’ Conquest of Taiwan
A senior Chinese diplomat has demanded that Germany support its “peaceful” conquest of neighbouring Taiwan.

Evil By Invitation Only
We have let them in. Evil does exist and it’s by invitation only. Pure and unspeakable evil has entered our country. And no wonder, it was invited. It can be petitioned by word or deed. But, in our case it was both. This brace of evil can be found not only here in the United States, but Canada and much of the Western World. And few people with any voice are talking about it. Hollywood is often a mirror of society. Is that why we are seeing a rash of new releases concerning evil, and demons?