15 Apr 2023

Peak EV: Electric Vehicles Will Fade As Their True Costs Become Clear
Environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) is the newest religion, and we all know who the practitioners are. Electric vehicle (EV) owners sing “Hallelujah” when they pull out of their garages. The investor-class ESG evangelists believe the new belief is in its beginnings. Whatever the Biden EPA does, investor Harris Kupperman thinks it’s likely just the Church of What’s Happening Now. … to all those fancy Teslas … Kuppy sees them going the way of T. rex.

Biden says he will run for re-election in 2024
Joe Biden said on Friday he has decided to run for a second term and would formally announce his re-election campaign “relatively soon.”

Canadian students hold large protest over high school’s hosting of drag queen event
A group of young Canadians held a large protest Wednesday in front of York Mills Collegiate Institute in Toronto after the high school decided to host a drag queen event for some of its students.

Trump Sent Chilling Warning from ‘Merchant of Death’ Freed by Biden: ‘Your Life Is in Peril’
According to a video posted on Twitter by the BBC’s Francis Scarr, Bout said on Russian television that he had sent a telegram to Trump, advising him that his life was in danger and offering him asylum in Russia — not to become a Russian citizen, but to “lead the fight for the American people, the rebellion against globalists, and for the bright future of the planet.” Bout wrote in the telegram that “the future of humanity and life is at stake” and implied that Trump is the man to save it.

Netanyahu’s caution on Temple Mount makes sense
If Israel truly wants to live up to the famous proclamation “Temple Mount is in our hands”, it should announce at the end of Ramadan that things will no longer be the same.

Category 5 Tropical Cyclone “Ilsa” makes landfall in Western Australia, setting the country’s new landfall wind speed record 
Tropical Cyclone “Ilsa” made landfall as a Category 5 system in a sparsely populated area of Western Australia around 16:00 UTC on April 13, 2023 (00:00 LT on April 14), as the strongest cyclone to hit the region in 14 years.

Very deep M7.0 earthquake hits near the coast of Java, Indonesia 
A very strong and deep earthquake registered by the USGS as M7.0 hit near the northern coast of Java, Indonesia at 09:55 UTC on April 14, 2023. The agency is reporting a depth of 594 km (369 miles). EMSC is reporting M6.7 at a depth of 603 km (374 miles). BMKG is reporting it as M6.6 at a depth of 632 km (393 miles).

Seymour Hersh: the CIA Knows Ukrainian Officials Are Skimming US Aid 
On Wednesday, investigative journalist Seymour Hersh published a report on Substack that alleged the CIA was aware of widespread corruption in Ukraine and the embezzlement of US aid.

Macron Wins Again! Despite Millions Of French Protesting In The Streets Of Paris, Top French Court Passes Controversial Retirement Age Increase Bill
People have been writing and messaging me ever since the mass protests on the streets of Paris over the much-hated retirement age hike by Emmanuel Macron first caused outrage. Certainly this time, they said, Macron will be taken down. He can’t last this out, it’s just not possible. 3 million people protesting on the city streets, Macron is finished!!! And yet, not only is he not finished, he got the French Constitutional Council, their top court, to agree with him and just like that, Macron wins again. Oh, he just has that ‘special something’, lol.

Washington State Passes Bill Allowing Government to Take Away Minor From Parents If They Refuse To Agree to Gender Transition Surgery
According to Seattle, WA journalist Katie Daviscourt, the Washington State Legislature passed SB 5599 last night, which allows the state to legally take children away from their parents if they don’t consent to their child’s gender transition surgeries.

Why French Bakeries In France Are Suddenly Shutting Down At Alarming Rates
France is considered the cultural home of bread baking. In fact, French bakeries are such a quintessential part of the nation’s history that French President Emmanuel Macron ensured the baguette was given UNESCO heritage status in 2022. Unfortunately, skyrocketing costs are shuttering small businesses like bakeries across France.

All UK Airports must close within the next 10 years, beef and lamb will be banned, and construction of new buildings will cease in the name of “Climate Change” according to Government Report
A report produced by Oxford University and Imperial College London for the UK Government reveals that all airports will be ordered to close, eating beef and lamb will be made illegal, and construction of new buildings will not be permitted in order to meet the legal commitment of zero emissions by 2050.

Are You Too Shy To Hand Someone A Gospel Tract? You’re Not, But Here’s What You Can Do To Plant A Gospel Seed Right Where You Live! 
Salvation is a supernatural act of the Holy Spirit, no question about it, but as witnesses of Jesus Christ we are called to play a part in the process. I read in my King James Bible that after I got saved and sealed unto the day of redemption, my job as far as God is concerned was to be a witness to the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ

Is There A Connection Between The Rise Of LGBTQIA Affirming Churches And The Current Obsession With Satan? 
Man, I got a bunch of things to talk about today, all of them wild, and all of the connected at their root. Perhaps you haven’t noticed it, and I say that with heavy sarcasm, but the world we live in has gone to Hell in a handbasket, literally falling apart at the seams.

CDC “behavior change” project targeted vaccine critics, was funded by Pfizer and New York “Misinformation Response Unit”
A new report is now shedding more light of how the system of censorship and deplatforming of Covid vaccine skeptics worked at the height of the pandemic, including the intricate ties between a number of actors, such as the PGP, and their partners.

US Working on ‘Universal’ Genetically Engineered Bioweapon: Russian Parliamentary Investigation 
“The United States aims to develop a universal genetically engineered biological weapon capable of infecting not only people, but animals as well as agricultural crops. Its use involves, among other things, the goal of inflicting large-scale and irreparable economic damage on the enemy,” the commission wrote in its final report.

NHS: What’s wrong and how to put it right
In the UK, the plan promoted by the Government and the medical establishment is to destroy the National Health Service (“NHS”). And the plan is working well. Anyone planning to visit Britain should be aware that there is no health care in the country.

Shocking plans to implement depopulation and a worldwide totalitarian system revealed more than 50 years ago
A set of audio tapes titled ‘The New Order of Barbarians’ established the existence, scope and direction of a conspiracy which was revealed by an insider, Dr. Richard Day, in 1969. Dr. Day spoke at The Pittsburgh Paediatric Society in March 1969. Dr. Lawrence Dunegan attended that meeting and in 1988 blew the whistle about the plans that were in place in 1969 to form a new system of government, altering all of society to implement this new system

UK Government confirms 180k people died within 60 days of Covid-19 Vaccination by March 2022 
According to the Office for National Statistics, a total of 69,466 people died within 28 days of Covid-19 vaccination, and a further 109,408 people died within 60 days of vaccination in England between January 2021 and March 2022.