10 Mar 2023

DeSantis has decided to run for president, challenge Trump – report
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has made his final decision on a 2024 presidential bid, The Washington Post reported Thursday, citing recent conversations between the governor and close allies. While former President Donald Trump and former South Carolina Governor and Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley have both launched their 2024 presidential campaigns, DeSantis has not formally announced a 2024 run, and is reportedly waiting until after the Florida state legislative session ends in May before he makes his run official.

N. Korean Leader Oversaw Fire Assault Drill
The North’s state-run Korean Central News Agency(KCNA) said that Kim gave field guidance to the Hwasong artillery unit charged with an “important operational task” of the Korean People’s Army on the western front on Thursday and watched the drill. Overseeing the exercise, Kim reportedly stressed the need to “overwhelmingly respond” to any war preparations by the enemy.

Starving North Korean parents increasingly abandoning children at orphanages
North Korean orphanages are growing as starving parents drop off their children in the middle of the night in hopes that the kids, at least, will be able to eat, sources in the country told Radio Free Asia.

Mother Sues Doctor Who Allegedly Administered COVID-19 Vaccines To Children Without Consent
Dr. Janine Rethy, chief of community pediatrics at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital, is being accused of holding two children in a room until she convinced them to get a COVID-19 vaccine. The minors are both children of NaTonya McNeil, a Washington resident who brought the suit in D.C. Superior Court. “Ms. McNeil’s two minor children were held in a room by Defendant until she overcame their will and forcibly vaccinated them …

Epidemic Of E-Bike Fires Rips Across America
According to New York City officials, a supermarket and apartment building were destroyed on Sunday due to a fire caused by an electric bike. The rise in reports of lithium-ion battery fires across the metro area is a. … consequence of the ‘green’ mobility trend.

Mexican cartel says sorry for attack on Americans, bodies return to US
Suspected drug cartel members on Thursday handed over five purported henchmen as a would-be apology for the abduction of four Americans in the border city of Matamoros, according to media and a source familiar with the investigation.

Ministry Sues State After Washington Outlaws Hiring Solely Christian Employees
The Yakima Union Gospel Mission is suing Washington state officials to protect its First Amendment right to hire staff members who share the nonprofit’s religious beliefs. Recently, the Washington Supreme Court reinterpreted the state’s nondiscrimination law to ban religious organizations from only hiring employees with like-minded beliefs.

House Republicans launch Congressional Family Caucus to protect marriage, promote ‘God-driven’ policies
Three Republican members of Congress announced earlier this week that they have formed a Congressional Family Caucus to defend the marriage-based family from leftist attacks. Reps. Mary Miller of Illinois, Diana Harshbarger of Tennessee, and Brian Babin of Texas announced the formation of the caucus Monday in an op-ed in The Washington Stand, a news and commentary publication of the Family Research Council.

Codex Sassoon, oldest copy of Hebrew Bible, to be exhibited at Tel Aviv museum
Just before being put up for bidding by the Sotheby’s auction house, the Codex Sassoon — the oldest complete copy of the Hebrew Bible as we know it today — will be put up for display at the ANU Museum of the Jewish People in Tel Aviv. Written by a single Jewish scribe on 400 pages of parchment about 1,100 years ago, the Codex Sassoon could become the most expensive book or document ever sold, estimated to fetch an eye-popping $30 million to $50 million.

Iran makes secret deal with Russia to return enriched uranium
Fox News reported earlier this week that Iran has made a secret deal with Russia to secure enriched uranium. According to the report, the agreement reached last summer would see Russia return Iran’s enriched uranium if a nuclear deal falls through. It is believed the agreement was made in July, when Russian President Vladimir Putin met with Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi in Iran.

Israeli President Herzog urges lawmakers to choose between ‘disaster or solution’ as the country reaches its point of no return
Israeli President Isaac Herzog warned on Thursday that Israel has reached a “point of no return,” following another ‘Day of Disruption’ across the country. Herzog urged lawmakers from the coalition and the opposition to reach a broad agreement over the contested judicial reforms.

Three people wounded, one critically, in terror shooting in Tel Aviv
Three people were wounded in a terrorist shooting attack in the heart of Tel Aviv on Thursday night. According to the Magen David Adom emergency medical service, three men were shot next to a cafe on the corner of Dizengoff Street and Ben-Gurion Street in central Tel Aviv.

Haman is alive and killing today
Purim is a Jewish festival which tells the story of the salvation of the Jewish people from an anti-Semitic tyrant by a courageous Jewish heroine. This festival is celebrated by parents and children dressing up in fancy costumes and giving gifts to friends and relatives.

‘Extreme’ risk of flash flooding in California as atmospheric river begins rainy, snowy assault
First came all the snow in California. Now comes all the rain, with an “extreme” risk of flash flooding for some regions.

Heavy downpour leads to severe flooding in Accra, Ghana 
Heavy rainfall caused severe flooding in Accra, the capital of Ghana, on March 7, 2023, leading to disrupted traffic, damaged roads, and casualties. As the city has been prone to flooding in recent years, officials have been discussing flood prevention measures, and President Mahama has emphasized the need for “drastic steps” to address the problem. However, with more heavy rainfall forecast over the next 24 hours, concerns remain about the potential for further damage and loss of life.

Heavy rains produced by Cyclone Yaku cause severe flooding and landslides in western Ecuador 
Heavy rain caused by Cyclone Yaku produced severe flooding and landslides in western Ecuador, resulting in the deaths of at least 3 people. The worst affected was Chone Canton in Manabí Province. The National Meteorology and Hydrology Service of Peru (Senamhi) described Yaku as an unusual and unorganized tropical cyclone.

Bright fireball over Ontario, Canada
A bright fireball was seen and recorded over Ontario, Canada at 03:06 UTC on March 7, 2023. The American Meteor Society (AMS) received 105 reports from users in New Hampshire, Ontario, Québec, and Vermont.

ANOTHER Norfolk Southern Train Derails in AL Ahead of CEO’s Testimony Before Congress
Early Thursday morning a Norfolk Southern train derailed in Alabama just hours before the railway company’s CEO was set to appear before Congress to make an apology for last month’s disastrous derailment in East Palestine, Ohio, that resulted in gallons of toxic chemicals being released into the air. In the most recent incident, 37 train cars derailed in the White Plains area.

Sharia Alert: Adidas Launches an Islamization of Sweden Campaign for Ramadan 
Adidas, together with the Swedish Football Association, the Swedish Basketball Association, and the Marathon group, have launched a campaign to normalize Sharia in Sweden. Adidas AG is a left-wing German multinational corporation that designs and manufactures shoes, clothing, and accessories. It is the largest sportswear manufacturer in Europe and the second largest globally after Nike.

Global Sperm Counts Declining At Accelerating Rate: New Meta-Analysis
According to a recently released meta-analysis, sperm counts are decreasing globally and at an accelerated rate due to a class of chemicals known as endocrine disruptors.

Countless Americans Plunge Into Despair As Hunger Spreads Like Wildfire All Across America

We haven’t seen anything like this in a long time.  A couple of factors are combining to push millions of Americans into a state of food insecurity.  First of all, food prices have been rising aggressively throughout the past year, and so our money does not go nearly as far as it once did.  Meanwhile, food stamp benefits are being slashed.

Ukraine war: Russian warship with hypersonic cruise missiles could be sailing towards conflict zone
A Russian naval frigate armed with hypersonic missile systems will continue a long-distance deployment mission after completing a joint naval exercise with Chinese and South African navies, and may join other Russian forces in the Ukraine war, analysts said.

Green Power Fail: UK Forced to Use Emergency Coal Plants for First Time
The United Kingdom has been forced to use its emergency coal-fired backup generators for the first time as renewables failed to supply enough energy.

Report: DHS Maintains Secret Domestic Intelligence Program
The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) secretly maintains a domestic intelligence program that allows agency officials to interview willing Americans without their lawyers present, raising civil liberties concerns, according to a report.

Pope Francis Names Pro-LGBTQ Jesuit Jean-Claude Hollerich To His C9 ‘Council Of Cardinals’ As He Seeks To Reboot The Catholic Position On Homosexuality 
If you know anything at all about the One World Religion that will be in operation during the 7-year reign of Antichrist, you know that it has to include the Muslims and it has to include the 2SLGBTQIA+ crowd as well. Pope Francis ‘sealed the deal’ with the Muslims in 2019, and he just appointed the man who will seal the deal with the queers in 2023. Say hello to Luxembourg Cardinal Jean-Claude Hollerich, a man you will be hearing a lot about in the coming months.

UPDATE: Blackrock Board Member and Former Pfizer Executive Is Behind Push for Chicken Vaccinations – Chicken Vax Company Is an Offshoot of Pfizer
There is no evidence that bird flu, known as H5N1, presents a serious threat to the human population. Still, there are concerns that the virus could mutate to spread from person-to-person.

U.S. Special Ops Wants to Use Deepfakes for Psy-Ops
U.S. Special Operations Command, responsible for some of the country’s most secretive military endeavors, is gearing up to conduct internet propaganda and deception campaigns online using deepfake videos, according to federal contracting documents reviewed by The Intercept.

Are Moderna, Bill Gates & Dr Fauci responsible for the COVID Pandemic? – The U.S. D.O.D issued a ‘COVID-19 Research’ contract 3 Months before COVID was known to exist – & Fauci & Moderna had a Vaccine ready in Dec. 2019The discovery of a contract awarded by the U.S. Department of Defense to Labyrinth Global Health for “COVID-19 Research” in November 2019 has raised questions about the permanent U.S. Government’s knowledge of the novel coronavirus.

Official UK Gov. data suggests most COVID Vaccinated Brits developed Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome in 2022 
A large pile of UK Health Security Agency Vaccine Surveillance report figures show that booster shots of the Covid-19 vaccine massively accelerate immune system degradation and that most triple/double vaccinated people in the United Kingdom may have developed some new form of Covid-19 vaccine-induced acquired immunodeficiency syndrome by the end of February 2022.

Mystery as Australians dying at levels not seen in 80 years – and UK might be seeing same phenomenon
MORE than 174,000 deaths were registered in Australia in 2022 – 12 per cent more than was predicted. This represents one of the largest excess death levels outside the pandemic in 80 years, according to data from the Actuaries Institute.

United Nations Funds Illegal Immigration at Southern Border With US Tax Dollars
Illegal mass migration from Latin America funneled through the southern border is aided by United Nations programs and organizations and funded by U.S. taxpayers, said Todd Bensman, a senior national security fellow at the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS).