23 Feb 2023

Two more bishops condemn Cdl. McElroy’s attack on Catholic moral teaching
The backlash continues for Cardinal Robert McElroy over his push to give Holy Communion to homosexuals and adulterers and overhaul Catholic teaching on sexuality. Two more bishops, James Conley of Lincoln and Thomas Paprocki of Springfield, have rebuked the San Diego cardinal in recent days, warning that his heterodox agenda contradicts Sacred Scripture and the Tradition of the Church. Conley denounced McElroy’s idea of “radical inclusion” without repentance and sharply criticized what he called “superficial accompaniment” that tolerates sinful behavior.

Trudeau blasts Canada’s spy agency after leaked docs show China backed his 2021 reelection
After another bombshell report last week suggested Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s 2021 election victory was clandestinely backed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), Trudeau blasted not only the alleged undermining of the nation’s elections but Canada’s intelligence agency for allowing the information to be leaked to the press.

Pope Francis Calls on Humanity to Unite Around One World Religion
Pope Francis has once again called for all of humanity to unite around a one-world religion. Both in his ecumenical “pilgrimage of peace” and in his message for the International Day of Human Fraternity, the pope recently called for religions to “increasingly intertwine” in the “service of brotherhood.”

Newborn surrendered at KY ‘baby box’; first ever for state
A baby has been anonymously surrendered, saved, and rescued for the first time ever with a newly installed Safe Haven Baby Box in Kentucky. The Safe Haven Baby Box organization installs temperature-controlled and alarm-monitored boxes in hospitals, police stations, and fire stations to create a safer and effective method for surrendering an infant.

Ohio pizzeria hiring ‘non-stupid’ people, it says
Donigan stated that “finding good help has been difficult,” leading her and her family to post the two signs outside the store two months ago. She said new employees had little to no worth ethic.

Tucker Carlson: The Deep State Removed Nixon, The Most Popular President Ever, To Cover Up CIA’s Murder Of JFK
Joe Biden alone is responsible for this crime. He alone took home classified documents. He didn’t have help in doing that, but allowing the country to be invaded, that’s not something you can do by yourself. So, if Biden were to be taken down for opening the southern border, a lot of other people would go with them. He had a lot of accomplices. Permanent Washington doesn’t want that and ultimately and here’s the point: Permanent Washington is in charge. It’s not the democracy you imagined. We’re seeing that now.

Idaho Lawmakers Seek To Criminalize Injecting Of mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines
Republican lawmakers from Idaho have introduced a bill that will make it a crime to administer mRNA vaccines in the state, citing safety concerns, which would apply to COVID-19 vaccines manufactured by companies like Pfizer and Moderna.

Israel, Saudi Arabia Hold Talks On Increasing Military Ties
Israel’s new government under Benjamin Netanyahu has stepped up US-backed talks with Saudi Arabia on forging stronger military and intelligence ties, Bloomberg reported late last week. The talks are part of an effort to forge a NATO-style anti-Iran alliance in the region between Israel and Washington’s Gulf Arab allies.

IDF Nablus raid is another nail in the coffin of the Palestinian Authority
The timing of Wednesday’s IDF operation in Nablus, in which 10 Palestinians were killed and dozens injured, could not have been any worse for the Palestinian Authority, whose leaders were quick to condemn Israel and call for international protection to the Palestinians. The military raid is seen by many Palestinians as yet another sign of the PA leadership’s deceptive policies and double talk.

Israel on alert along Gaza border following heavy clashes in Samaria
The Israel Defense Forces confirmed that soldiers entered Shechem looking to arrest Husam Isleem and Muhammed al-Junaidi, who barricaded themselves inside a house. Residents of the city were called to join the fighting in social media messages and announcements from local mosques. Footage posted on social media included the sounds of explosions and gunfire.

Rabbis Announce ‘Messiah Congress in the Holy Land
Rabbis of the Chabad movement, an Orthodox Jewish Hasidic denomination, announced on Wednesday that the “Messiah Congress in the Holy Land” will be held next week in the coastal city of Bat Yam. According to a notice posted to Chabad.info, the gathering will feature discussion on how to better promote the “gospel of salvation and the Redeemer.” …the rabbis of this particular sect within Chabad are referring to the late Menachem Mendel Schneerson

Plant found in Mount Sodom has scientists baffled. Ezekiel’s Dead Sea prophecy may solve the mystery
A tour guide was exploring a cave deep in Mount Sodom on the shores of the Dead Sea when he discovered a plant growing in the ultra-saline rocky soil and total darkness. Researchers are still investigating, but the tour guide sees the plant as just another sign that the prophesied revitalization of the Dead Sea is happening right now.

Netanyahu talks confronting Iran, expanding Abraham Accords with US senators
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met separately on Tuesday with U.S. Sens. Jim Risch (R-Idaho) and Alex Padilla (D-Calif.), stressing to them the importance of the bilateral relationship and that America is the Jewish state’s “greatest friend.” Netanyahu told the lawmakers that despite any disagreements between Jerusalem and Washington, such meetings were an expression of the strength of ongoing bipartisan ties with Israel.

As Iran enriches to 84%, Netanyahu huddles with former Secretary of State Pompeo, Senate Minority Leader McConnell, other U.S. leaders in Tel Aviv to discuss next steps to neutralize Tehran
For the next few days, the leaders are participating in an off-the-record forum called the “Hartog National Security Conference,” which is being held at the Setai Hotel in Tel Aviv. Top on the agenda: Iran.

Very strong and shallow M6.8 earthquake hits Tajikistan
A very strong and shallow earthquake registered by the USGS as M6.8 hit Tajikistan at 00:37 UTC on February 23, 2023. The agency is reporting a depth of 20 km (12.4 miles). EMSC is reporting the same magnitude and depth.

Unprecedented snowfall isolates 87 villages, leaving 24 000 families in need of assistance, Morocco
A severe snowstorm wreaked havoc in Morocco’s southeast region on February 18 and 19, 2023, leaving 24 000 families in dire need of assistance and 87 villages isolated. The unprecedented levels of snowfall have led to road closures and the suspension of classes, while authorities and troops work tirelessly to provide aid to those in need.

Tropical Cyclone “Freddy” makes landfall over Madagascar, heading toward Mozambique
Tropical Cyclone “Freddy” made landfall over the northern Vatovavy-Fitovinany Region in central-eastern Madagascar on February 21, 2023, with maximum sustained winds of 165 km/h (102 mph).

Winter Storm Set to Impact Millions Stretching From the West Coast All the Way to Maine This Week
A massive winter storm bringing a mix of heavy snow, rain and gusty winds is poised to lash much of the US West and North this week and has put more than 40 million people across 22 states under winter weather alerts Tuesday.

Cross-country winter storm could crush Minneapolis snowfall record
A massive winter storm that will stretch 2,600 miles from coast to coast across the northern United States this week will unload heavy snow over the Upper Midwest while also spreading an icy mix from near the Iowa/Nebraska border to the northern New England coast, AccuWeather meteorologists warn.

Cyber Attack on Produce Giant Dole Shuts Down Production Plants in North America
A cyber attack on produce giant Dole shut down production plants…“Dole Food Company is in the midst of a Cyber Attack and have subsequently shut down our systems throughout North America,” Emanuel Lazopoulos, senior vice president at Dole’s Fresh Vegetables division, said in a February 10 memo to retailers,

PHARMAKEIA ALERT: Street Drug Xylazine Known As ‘Tranq’ Is Creating Literal Zombie Populations In Predominantly Democrat-Controlled Cities Across US
We have said this many, many times, and it bears repeating here again in this article today on the street drug tranq. The world you live in, in 2023, is opening and fervently preparing itself to receive the coming Antichrist, and you are watching the ‘advance team’ for his kingdom assembling itself in real-time. Remember that little Greek work called Pharmakeia that we use in English  for ‘pharmacy’ and ‘medicine’? The main meaning of that word is ‘sorcery’ as it relates to ‘medicine’, and if you know anyone who has been severely impacted after receiving the government injection, then you need no further explanation.

Civil War: FBI Wages Attack Against US Citizens
The DC establishment is pushing America closer towards a nuclear war with Russia and World War III. All while the Biden FBI and corrupt Deep State wages a war against American citizens.

Groundbreaking Testimony Changes Everything: Florida County RETURNS CDC Funds After Confirming Vaxx is a Bioweapon
The CDC was shot down and denied bioweapon funding!
Karen Kingston joins Stew to share how her work in Collier County Florida PROVED that Pfizer produced bioweapon injections with the help of the government!

Air Force vets testified to witnessing UFOs TURN OFF nuclear warheads
The Pentagon’s UFO office is investigating historic reports of mysterious objects interfering with key nuclear missile silos.

OHIO UPDATE If it doesn’t get WEIRDER than this! 3 months ago East Palestine, OH was at the center of pilot program to respond to EMERGENCY situations They gave digital ID’s FOR FREE to residents to track long term health problems like “difficulty breathing”
If it doesn’t get WEIRDER than this! 3 months ago East Palestine, OH was at the center of pilot program to respond to EMERGENCY situations They gave digital ID’s FOR FREE to residents to track long term health problems like “difficulty breathing”

Environment Police Want to Reduce Car Ownership Because EVs Are Not Enough – Mish Talk
For the sake of climate justice, transit justice, environmental justice, and Indigenous justice, the environment police want to reduce car ownership by making EV cars travel less before a charge.

Burning Skin, Headaches, Anger & Uncertainty: Ohioans Still Suffering After Toxic Train Wreck
Residents of East Palestine, Ohio, the site of a train wreck that resulted in a so-called controlled release of chemicals, told Sputnik they have continued to experience headaches and burning skin, among other symptoms, and are filled with anxiety about whether they are all subject to long-term health risks such as cancer.

“The Trials Should Have Been Halted”: Rate Of ‘Serious Adverse Events’ Closely Tracks Spike In Post-Vax Disabilities
Over the past 18 months, skeptics of mRNA Covid-19 vaccines and those pointing out high rates of adverse reactions have been subject to ostracism, deplatforming, and flawed ‘fact checks’ to shut down opinions and analysis which conflicted with official narratives.

EPA warns about DIOXINS released from chlorinated compounds such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or “backyard burning” of household trash 
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has an entire page on its website dedicated to the toxicity of dioxins, a chemical byproduct released by chlorinated chemicals such as those intentionally ignited at the site of the East Palestine train wreck.

Chlorinated dioxins are everywhere following East Palestine train incident, but toxicologists aren’t testing for them 
There is a coordinated coverup taking place concerning the release of toxic dioxins from the burn site of the derailed Norfolk Southern freight train in East Palestine, Ohio.

Gab CEO Wants Christian AI to Counter ‘Satanic’ ChatGPT
Andrew Torba, the CEO of the far-right social network Gab says ChatGPT is “satanic” and that Christians need to instead build an AI that glorifies God.

Norfolk Southern CEO Alan Shaw on Toxic Chemical Explosion: “Frankly, That Told Us There Was Success… We’re Making Progress”
Norfolk Southern CEO Alan Shaw told reporters this weekend that the toxic chemical explosion in East Palestine was a good thing. “Frankly, that told us it was a success.” Alan Shaw told WKBN he is “terribly sorry” for the derailment in East Palestine and the company is offering $1,000 per person to all those with a 44413 zip code.

Local Farmer Sounds the Alarm: Why Did East Palestine Launch ‘MyID’ Emergency Service to Surveil Biometrics 1 Week Before Ohio Train Derailment?
A man who lives nine miles away from where the Norfolk Southern train carrying toxic chemicals derailed in eastern Ohio reached out to The Gateway Pundit to sound the alarm on the bizarre coincidences that continue to pile up surrounding the incident.

Uganda first lady calls for investigation into allegations of increased homosexuality at schools
The first lady and education minister of Uganda recently announced that her ministry is launching investigations into an alleged increase in homosexual practices in some of the nation’s schools.

Yale Professor Suggests Suicide Best Option For Elderly
“POISON IVY LEAGUE” Stick to your algorithms, because your ideas of an idyllic society are short sighted, ignorant, and devoid of heartfelt caring

Pentagon Email Server Left Exposed for 2 Weeks, Allowing Internal Emails to Leak
A U.S. Department of Defense server was left exposed for the past two weeks, allowing internal emails to be accessed, a senior U.S. defense official confirmed with Fox News.

While you were distracted by the Nicola Bulley Tragedy, the UK Gov. quietly published a report confirming the Vaccinated account for 9 in every 10 COVID Deaths over the past TWO Years
Official figures quietly published by the UK Government reveal that the fully/triple/quadruple vaccinated population has accounted for 9 in every 10 Covid-19 deaths in England over the past two years and 92% of Covid-19 deaths throughout the entirety of 2022.