14 Feb 2023

Israel stopped Syrian and Iraqi nuclear ambitions. Is Iran next?
Debates about nuclear weapons, Chinese spy balloons, Abrams tanks and war permeate the news cycle with alarming facts and theories. Missing in action is the recognition of both Israel’s past role to ensure that Iraq and Syria did not join the nuclear club – and the danger posed by Iran’s current Islamic regime.

The most significant tropical cyclone in 25 years slams New Zealand
Cyclone Gabrielle was the second major weather event to slam New Zealand in a month, and the heavy rain, winds and storm surge are likely to make the storm the most impactful tropical system since the 1990s.

Utah Gov to Californians: Don’t come here
Utah Gov. Spencer Cox (R-Utah) has a message for Californians trying to flee their blue state for a more accessible and cheaper place to call home. We would love for people to stay in California instead of coming as refugees to Utah,

Asbury Revival Continues in an Outpouring of God’s Love
It may have seemed at first like any other chapel service at Asbury University in Wilmore, Kentucky last Wednesday, but that normalcy didn’t last long, as after a message from Romans 12 about ‘love in action,’ God’s Holy Spirit fell in such a way that students in Hughes Auditorium wanted more. They stayed to worship, they stayed to pray, and to just soak in the Presence of Jesus. They’re still there, and now many more have joined them, as word of revival has broken out.

Thanks to Schumer We Know Why They Didn’t Take Out Balloon Instantly – It’s What We All Feared
Schumer dismissed the intelligence threat the aircraft posed to the nation in response to a question from anchor George Stephanopoulos. “Didn’t the Chinese get enormous intelligence as well?” Stephanopoulos pushed back against Schumer’s claims of a U.S. intelligence success. “Well, they could’ve been getting it anyway,” Schumer said. … taking the words at face value, the majority leader of the United States Senate just went on national television to tell the country that American national security secrets are so compromised that an overflight of the continental U.S. by a rival nation’s spy balloon was not a uniquely threatening situation.

Did You Spot the Blasphemous Super Bowl Commercial That Mocked God and the Bible?
this ad took aim at a fundamental doctrine of the Christian faith: the belief in original sin and the need for a Savior to redeem us. Adam looks horrified when he realizes what Eve — played by Anna Faris — has done and notices that he is naked. But then, the story gets turned on its head when a talking squirrel shows up and offers Eve Avocados from Mexico as a way to solve the problem.

Arab leaders warn Israeli actions threaten regional turmoil
Dozens of leaders and senior officials from Arab and Islamic countries warned on Sunday Israeli actions in Jerusalem and the occupied West Bank could worsen regional turmoil, as violence surges between Israel and the Palestinians.

Next Step For Apostate Churches: Conforming God To Their Gender Agenda
Even before the formation of the early church, Jesus taught his disciples to pray to “our Father in heaven (Luke 11:1-4).” He also said that “I and the Father are one (John 10:30).” But don’t let God stop the Episcopal Church from bowing before the altar of DEI and making sure prayers align with an inclusive, gender-neutral God. You heard that right. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the apostate modern church declares God can’t be male because he doesn’t have a gender.

Russia moves to rein in Wagner Group boss Prigozhin
His private army is pushing hard to give Russia a battlefield win in Ukraine, but mounting evidence suggests the Kremlin has moved to curb what it sees as the excessive political clout of Yevgeny Prigozhin, founder of Russia’s Wagner mercenary group.

Russian General dies in apparent suicide weeks after being fired
Former Russian Ministry of the Interior Maj. Gen. Vladimir Makarov was found dead in a suburb near Moscow after an apparent suicide weeks after he was reportedly relieved of his post by President Vladimir Putin, Russian state news agency TASS reported.

FISHY? China’s lavish gift to Hunter Biden – an attempt to buy ‘influence’?
Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wisc., joined ‘Sunday Morning Futures’ to discuss the latest on China’s espionage efforts, the Hunter Biden laptop story, and why he believes Biden is “compromised” as it pertains to China. (watch)

Blinken: ‘Deeply troubled’ by Israel’s decision to legalize Judea and Samaria settlements
Antony Blinken on Monday said the Biden administration was “deeply troubled” Israel’s recent moves legalizing 9 communities in Judea and Samaria that was made in response to a spate of terror attacks in Jerusalem.

Israel to legalize nine communities in Judea and Samaria in response to Jerusalem terror attack
Israel’s Security Cabinet on Sunday unanimously decided to legalize nine communities in Judea and Samaria, in response to Friday’s deadly terrorist attack in Jerusalem. The communities to be authorized are Avigil, Bet Hogla, Givat Harel/Haroeh, Givat Arnon, Mitzpe Yehuda, Malachei Hashalom, Ashael, Sde Boaz and Shaharit.

Knesset panel approves judicial reform bill for first full reading
The Knesset’s Constitution, Law and Justice Committee on Monday voted to send the first bill in the government’s judicial reform package for its first reading in the full plenum, which is likely to take place next week.

Ukraine, Russia exchange prisoners; Kyiv recovers bodies of foreign humanitarian volunteers
Russia and Ukraine on February 4 announced an exchange of prisoners that led to the release of 63 Russians and 116 Ukrainians and the return of the bodies of two foreign volunteers who were involved in humanitarian work in the eastern Ukrainian region of Donetsk. The Russian Ministry of Defense reported the return of its 63 Russian soldiers in a statement on its Telegram channel. The statement said that among those released were persons belonging to a “sensitive category,” without elaborating.

U-Haul driver mows down people in NYC; bomb squad called
A U-Haul truck driver mowed down pedestrians in Brooklyn Monday morning, injuring people at multiple locations. Police said at least eight people were injured in the rampage, A man in his 30s was struck on Fourth Avenue and taken to an area hospital in critical condition, while three other men on mopeds suffered minor injuries after being hit.]

Thousands displaced by flooding in northern Syria after earthquakes trigger dam breach
Northern Syria is facing a dual humanitarian crisis after a series of devastating earthquakes in Turkey caused a dam breach along the Orontes river, resulting in widespread flooding and forcing thousands to evacuate their homes.

Seven dead, thousands affected by severe flooding in southern Mozambique
Heavy rainfall affecting southern Mozambique since February 8, 2023, has caused widespread flooding, particularly in the capital Maputo and the rest of Maputo Province. The National Institute for Disaster Management has reported seven deaths and two injuries, as well as significant material damage to homes, health centers, schools, and agricultural land.

Deep M6.1 earthquake hits Kermadec Islands 
A deep earthquake registered by the USGS as M6.1 hit Kermadec Islands, New Zealand at 09:18 UTC on February 13, 2023. The agency is reporting a depth of 374 km (232 miles). EMSC is reporting the same magnitude and depth.

Internal Pfizer Letter Warns Employees to Not Reveal Company Information 
An internal Pfizer letter that was shared on Twitter by Project Veritas warns the Big Pharma employees to not reveal “sensitive and confidential information” to actual journalists who may expose their lies.

Border Patrol Reveals Biden’s Plan to Release Illegals en Masse into U.S. Communities 
Roughly six weeks before testifying Tuesday before the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability, Chief Border Patrol Agent Gloria Chavez held a meeting with local law enforcement in Weslaco, Texas, describing the administration’s plan to release en masse illegal foreign nationals exinto the U.S. when Title 42 ended.

26 Jewish scientists defend British MP after he was called ‘anti-Semitic’ for criticizing COVID vaccines 
A group of Jewish doctors and scientists have come to the defense of an embattled British Member of Parliament (MP) who has been charged with “anti-Semitism” for asserting that the tensive harms of the COVID-19 “vaccine” campaign constitute “the biggest crime against humanity since the Holocaust.”

Elon Musk Will Be In Attendance At The World Government Summit This Week Along With Klaus Schwab And His Vision For ‘The State of the World’ 
When you look at the world stage in 2023, without the discernment of the Holy Spirit inside of all born again people, and without the witness of the King James Bible, you would be quite hard-pressed to tell the difference between the ‘good guys’ and the ‘bad guys’.]

Why Is Anyone Surprised That The Same Damar Hamlin Who Was Throwing Illuminati Hand Signs Wore A Jacket To Super Bowl That Mocked Jesus Christ? 
I was so focused on reporting to you about the demonic song stylings of Rihanna at the Super Bowl Halftime Show, that I forgot all about Damar Hamlin and his ‘technicolor dream coat’ Jesus jacket that certainly appeared to mock our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Many people have rightly said that this is quite odd behavior from someone who had a massive cardiac event live on Monday Night Football and had the whole country praying for his recovery.

Artist Who Headlined Satanic Grammy Performance Shocks Internet with New Outfit: ‘He’s Sold His Soul’
Sam Smith, the artist who headlined last week’s Grammy Awards with a Satanic performance, has gone on to shock people once again — this time with a bizarre new outfit.

Actually, Hordes Of Highly Sophisticated Unidentified Aircraft Have Been Flying Over U.S. Territory
Things are starting to get really strange.  First, a “Chinese spy balloon” was shot down off the coast of South Carolina after it had traveled across much of the continental United States.  Then, another “unidentified object” was shot down over Alaska.  Subsequently, at the request of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau a third “unidentified object” was shot down over Canada.

Here’s why we should all avoid Central Bank Digital Currencies
Central bank digital currencies, or CBDCs, are government-backed digital currencies issued by a central bank. They’re being rapidly rolled out to bring about a new economic transaction system that could lead to a new form of modern-day slavery.

WARNING: The designer war in Ukraine is rapidly escalating
The plot to start the Russia/Ukraine war began in 2014 when America and the European Union helped overthrow a democratically elected government in Ukraine. The US wanted a puppet regime on Russia’s doorstep as a launch pad for a planned NATO war with Russia.

Why are governments still promoting “vaccines” and not investigating excess deaths? Have they been affected by vaccine-induced cognitive decline?
Every day, my attention is drawn to efforts to extend the reach of mRNA vaccines. For example, nightly news anchor Mark Steyn of GB News has just been removed to make way for a pro-vaccine, pro-lockdown advocate. Mark was famously asking hard questions about vaccine safety. The CDC and the NHS have included mRNA Covid vaccines in the advised regular schedule of childhood vaccination freeing the providers from any legal liability forever.

Two UFOs shot down today over North America… and CNN is openly talking about it… what’s going on?
With a hat tip to the ZGoldenReport account on Brighteon.social, here’s a short list of some of the insanity happening just today:

BOMBSHELL: Disposable blue face masks found to contain toxic, asbestos-like substance that destroys lungs
Health Canada has issued a warning about blue and gray disposable face masks, which contain an asbestos-like substance associated with “early pulmonary toxicity.” The SNN200642 masks, which are made in China and sold and distributed by a Quebec-based company called Métallifer, had been part of Canada’s public school reopening plan.