6 Feb 2023

As massive earthquake hits the Middle East, what does biblical tradition teach us about it?
Mountains shall be overthrown, cliffs shall topple, and every wall shall crumble to the ground. Ezekiel 38:20. A major earthquake hit the Turkey-Syria border region on Monday and was felt also in Israel. A phenomenon occurring in the region for millennia, earthquakes are widely discussed in the Bible and other Jewish sources. Earthquakes are prophesied to accompany the end-of-days. Earthquakes and volcanoes are explicitly mentioned by the prophets as playing a role in the end of days,

Minnesotans descend on Mall of America with ‘Jesus Saves’ shirts
A demonstration took place Saturday at the Mall of America with participants wearing various Jesus shirts. The event was organized in response to a video that surfaced of a man, Paul Shoro, who was asked to remove his “Jesus Saves” shirt or leave the mall on Jan. 7. Shoro told Alpha News that he and other members of his church were at the mall Saturday to “proclaim the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.”

Fake Meat Fail: Sales Collapse At Beyond Meat, Impossible Foods As 20% Of Staff Laid Off
“after years of hype, the tide is turning against the first generation of plant-based protein makers.” Sales have collapsed, however, which according to a recent Bloomberg report, has resulted in Impossible Foods planning to lay off around 20% of its workers.

Hedge Fund CIO: “China’s Helium Balloon Is A Distraction: The Real Risks Are Off The Radar”
It reminded us that what we fear need not make much sense. The real risks, of course, are most often off the radar. One such risk is that the nation with the world’s most important economy and mightiest military is becoming increasingly difficult to responsibly govern. China’s helium balloon illustrated this disturbing fact for all those tuned in to its faint signal.

Netanyahu Rejects King Abdullah’s Demand for More Temple Mount Waqf Officials
Israel will not acquiesce to Jordan’s request to increase the number of Waqf officials on the Temple Mount, a senior political official told Makor Rishon on Sunday in response to an inquiry regarding King Abdullah’s demands from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during his visit to Amman a week and a half ago.

GOP congresswoman to boycott Biden SOTU address: ‘I will not show up and listen to him continue to lie’
Illinois Rep. Mary Miller, a Republican, plans to boycott President Joe Biden’s upcoming State of the Union address as per his incessant, shameless lies. “I will not be attending. I do not plan to show up to and listen to him continue to lie,” she this Saturday in a Breitbart News interview, adding that Biden’s “entire presidency has been filled with lie after lie.”

Turkey Foils ISIS Plot to Bomb Embassies, Attack Synagogues and Churches
Turkish security forces have foiled an Islamic State terrorist plot to bomb the consulates of Sweden and the Netherlands in Istanbul and target religious sites, including synagogues, in the city. According to Turkish media, authorities busted a cell of 15 ISIS terrorists who were planning attacks in response to the Jan. 21 burning of a Koran outside the Turkish embassy in Stockholm.

Putin’s Ex Speechwriter to i24NEWS: Elites Will Try to Convince Him to Step Down
Abbas Galyamov, political consultant and former speechwriter for Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, told i24NEWS that Russian elites will try to convince the leader to step down amid concerns over the worsening situation related to the Ukraine war. According to Galyamov, Russian elites “are dissatisfied with Putin but are still afraid of him.” “The Western world didn’t offer them any exit strategies. They see that they are being sanctioned there and they are afraid of Putin’s KGB here, so they are lost.

Netanyahu: French, Israeli Positions on Iran ‘Have Drawn Closer’
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday said that Europe “identifies more with the Israeli position” on the Iranian nuclear issue, in an assessment shared following his recent meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron in Paris.

Rare Russian arctic anti-air system destroyed for first time by Ukraine
The Arctic TOR-M2DT air defense system became the star of russian television when it was sent to Ukraine. But soon a Ukrainian drone introduced it to Ukrainian gunners. It burned brightly, the fire extinguisher did not help.

Italy sounds alarm on large-scale computer hacking attack
Thousands of computer servers around the world have been targeted by a ransomware hacking attack, Italy’s National Cybersecurity Agency (ACN) said on Sunday, warning organizations to take action to protect their systems. The hacking attack sought to exploit a software vulnerability, ACN director general Roberto Baldoni told Reuters, adding it was on a massive scale. Italy’s ANSA news agency, citing the ACN, reported that servers had been compromised in other European countries such as France and Finland as well as the United States and Canada.

What is Russia’s Lavrov doing in Iraq?
Russia’s Foreign Minister is in Iraq after an important trip to South Africa last month. This is part of Russia’s attempt to carve out a new world order where Russia believes it can confront the US. The US occupied Iraq after 2003 and many Americans died in Iraq fighting an insurgency. The US continues to partner with Iraq against ISIS.

Why is Iran pardoning protesters? – analysis
Iran’s brutal regime, which recently was reported to sentence people to prison for a decade for dancing, has claimed to offer some kind of amnesty for people detained during the protests.
It wants to show that it is not worried by economic problems, an earthquake or even a recent drone attack on Isfahan. It wants to show it has weathered the storm and defeated the protests.

Does Jewish Law Justify Assassinating Netanyahu?!
It was predictable given the fervor of the left-wing demonstrations against Benjamin Netanyahu that talk of assassination would arise sooner or later.

The Ilhan Omar Vote is a Turning Point for American Jews
By punishing Omar for her blatant antisemitism, the GOP majority is making an important statement about what is and is not acceptable political discourse in Congress. But by rallying around Omar, as the Democrats have done, her party is sending an even louder message: that one of America’s two major parties now considers its allegiance to intersectional ideology and racial identity politics to outweigh any concerns many of them might still have about normalizing antisemitism on Capitol Hill.

Iron Dome intercepts UAV over Gaza, IDF investigating
Israeli air defense systems downed an unmanned aerial vehicle over the Gaza Strip late on Saturday night, according to the Israel Defense Forces. The military said that the incident did not involve Palestinian rocket fire and that it was further investigating. Residents of southern Israel reported hearing a large explosion, and video footage circulating on social media appeared to show the Iron Dome air defense system launching an interceptor missile.

Hamas condemns the al-Aqsa Mosque prayers of the Muslim President of Chad
A delegation from Chad was visiting Israel and ascended to the Temple Mount to pray in the al-Aqsa Mosque. Despite being Muslims, the delegation was criticized by the Palestinians and threatened by Hamas.

Meet the rabbi-activist working to open up the Temple Mount as a “house of prayer for all nations”
Rabbi Yehuda Glick has at times been called an “extremist”. An American-born Israeli Orthodox rabbi, Temple Mount activist, and former Likud Member of Knesset, Rabbi Glick’s efforts are focused on the Temple Mount. As the President of Shalom Jerusalem Foundation, he campaigns for expanding universal access to the Temple Mount. Ironically, it is this universalist vision that has led to this characterization of the rabbi as a right-wing fundamentalist.

BIG MEDIA STRIKES AGAIN: It’s time to investigate DirecTV for canceling Newsmax TV, 4th largest US cable network
The left-wing cancel culture continues sweeping across America with a vengeance. In recent years, we’ve seen so-called “progressive” Big Tech and Big Media companies repeatedly ban prominent conservative leaders from speaking on platforms open to everyone else and supposedly dedicated to free speech. The situation is rapidly going from bad to worse.

DEVELOPING: Powerful Magnitude 7.8 Earthquake Strikes Turkey, Topples Buildings
A powerful 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck central Turkey Sunday night (early Monday local time) and toppled buildings. People are also trapped under collapsed buildings and rubble in northern Syria.

Catholic School Suspends Teen For Correctly Stating God Created Two Genders And Protesting Against Transgender Students Using Girls’ Bathrooms 
In Western societies today, telling the truth regarding human biology can have detrimental consequences. A so-called Catholic School suspended a conservative Canadian teenager named Josh Alexander for the remainder of the school year because he refused to abandon his correct beliefs on gender and for standing up for girls uncomfortable with biological males in their restrooms.

The Fake Meat Industry Is Failing, But That Might Lead to Governments Propping It Up.
Impossible Foods, manufacturer of plant-based meat alternatives, is laying off 20 percent of its workforce. This will be the third wave of layoffs at Impossible in just the last year, and marks another wretched milestone for the beleaguered company which has continually failed to justify its own hype.

The Covert Polish Repair Shop Patching Up Ukrainian Arms 
In a sprawling factory complex surrounded by derelict buildings, hundreds of technicians are working around the clock on one of the biggest challenges of Ukraine’s war: repairing artillery and heavy armor and returning it to the front line.

South Carolina: Students kicked out of museum for pro-life hats
Parents could be taking legal action after they say their students were kicked out of a Washington D.C. museum for wearing pro-life beanies.

Satanic statue honoring pro-abortion Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg to go on display in Texas 
University of Houston executive director and chief curator of public art Dr. Maria C. Gaztambide expressed her excitement about ‘amplifying’ the ‘reach’ of the statues ‘beyond New York City.’

No rest for the weather-weary, ice last week, flooding rains this week
FOX Weather is tracking the next storm to drop rain and snow from the Rockies to the Atlantic seaboard. Find out who will see the flooding rain, snow and severe weather day by day.

Winter whiplash: Brutally cold weather to pause as warmup looms in wake of polar vortex

February is usually a snowy month, but little to no snow is expected to fall east of the Mississippi River. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration believes temperatures through mid-month could continue above normal.

HUGE: World War III escalates as corrupt US officials seek to protect their criminal operations and bioweapons research in Ukraine 
The US government continues to escalate world war with Russia, while contributing to the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. The Biden regime has sent over $100+ billion to Ukraine, including a variety of munitions and weapons, with plans to send tanks, jets, and other weapons, with no resolve. The US, going out of their way to “protect” Ukraine, is clearly not seeking a peace treaty or any other measure of resolve. Any negotiations have been arrogant and escalatory. At times, the Biden regime has even threatened nuclear war with Russia, while treacherously guiding NATO into world war with Russia and China.

Government Reports & Pfizer Documents prove COVID Vaccination is causing Depopulation & we now have evidence it was the plan all along 
If we told you 20 million people had died across just the ‘FIve Eyes’ & 26 countries across Europe over the past two years resulting in the most excess deaths seen in half a decade wouldn’t you at least be a little bit curious to find out why?

Special Olympian Frank Stephens: “I Don’t Want to Make Abortion Illegal, I Want to Make it Unthinkable” 
Former Special Olympian Frank Stephens spoke out about abortion on “Fox & Friends” Friday, after his video on the sanctity of life went viral on actor Ashton Kutcher’s Facebook page.

Sims 4 embraces transgender ideology with ‘non-binary’ characters and ‘chest binders’ 
It is often in the small things that we see the signs of the times. We’ve seen this with the spread of gender ideology into every aspect of postmodern life, from Bruce “Caitlyn” Jenner’s Vanity Fair spread to the open embrace of the most radical aspects of the transgender agenda by the Biden Administration, which has turned the White House into a revolving door for drag queens and transgender influencers. One disturbing aspect (of many) of this is the attempt to mainstream “sex change” surgeries for minors.

Biden Regime Quietly Frees One of 9/11 Terrorist Planners from Gitmo as the Whole Country Watches the Chinese Spy Balloon
As the whole country was preoccupied with the Chinese spy balloon last week, one of the 9/11 terrorist planners was quietly released from Guantanamo Bay in Cuba by the Biden regime.

U.S. Has Highest Rates of Infant and Maternal Deaths with Lowest Life Expectancy while Spending More on Medical Care than Other Affluent Countries – Vaccine Impact
The Commonwealth Fund has published the latest edition of their U.S. Health Care from a Global Perspective report today confirming what those of us in the Alternative Health media have been reporting for decades: The U.S. medical system is broken.

Transgender Teacher at Maine Middle School Shared Salacious TikTok Videos With 6th Graders
A substitute teacher at the King Middle School in Portland was removed from the classroom last week and banned from teaching at the school after parents discovered the sub had shared inappropriate sexualized TikTok videos with students.

Bill considered to require fathers to pay half of pregnancy costs
Lawmakers in Louisiana are considering a bill that would allow pregnant women to recover half of pregnancy costs from the father of the preborn child.