29 Jan 2023

This Is What It’s Come To – Christian Faces Prison For Sharing Ex-Gay Testimony
In a case that could have far-reaching implications for all Christians who believe it is a part of their faith to share their testimony, Maltese Christian charity worker Matthew Grech will face trial for allegedly promoting conversion therapies in an interview with the local media outlet PMnews Malta.

Marines Reactivate Guam Base to Boost Pacific Footprint
The Marine Corps has formally opened its first new base in 70 years: Guam’s Camp Blaz, which is to become a “strategic hub” as the U.S. military expands its Pacific operations.

Russian Robot Maker Working On Bot to Target Abrams, Leopard Tanks
Dmitry Rogozin, … took to Telegram on Wednesday to announce that his group was working with the Advanced Research Foundation and a company called Android Technology to develop a combat version of Android’s Marker ground reconnaissance robot.

Rand Paul: GOP will force Biden to negotiate on debt ceiling
Biden needs to know absolutely he will negotiate and it’s better to start now,” Paul said, flanked by five other GOP senators in the U.S. Capitol. Joining Paul in his demands were Sens. Ted Cruz of Texas, Mike Braun of Indiana, Mike Lee of Utah, Rick Scott of Florida and Ron Johnson of Wisconsin.

Pride flag on altar of ‘church of woke’ triggers almighty court battle
Sam Margrave, a member of General Synod, the Church of England’s governing council who has led the campaign, fears an “infiltration” in the Church of “moral anarchy, where they’re tearing down biological sex and the idea of monogamous marriage”. He told The Telegraph: “My main concern is about how our pulpit and our altar table has been hijacked by political activists. Instead of preaching the gospel, they’ve turned it into a church of woke.

Netanyahu Vows ‘Strong, Rapid, Precise’ Response to Jerusalem Terror Attacks
At an emergency meeting of the security cabinet, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed a “strong, rapid, precise” response to the deadly terror attacks in Jerusalem. The measures put forward by the leader included arming Israeli civilians and harsher measures against Palestinians complicit with the perpetrators.

The ‘cycle of violence’ dehumanizing cliches after Jerusalem massacre
The mass murder of Israelis on Friday night has led to the usual wave of condemnations and also the tendency to dehumanize the victims by portraying them as part of a “cycle of violence” or as victims that were harmed due to a decades-long “conflict.” The reactions to the attack clearly fit into several categories.

Palestinians Celebrate Murderous Attack on Jerusalem Synagogue
Seven people were killed and several others were injured in a terrorist attack during the Friday evening Shabbat prayers at a synagogue in Jerusalem. Celebrations broke after the deadly attack in Palestinian territories across Judea, Samaria and Gaza as the Palestinian media praised the synagogue attack.

Is the DOD Unprepared for Earth’s Magnetic Pole Shift?
While the Department of Defense is spending billions to counteract climate change, no one is talking about a real geologic phenomenon. Scientists have revealed the Earth’s magnetic poles are moving. That sounds significant, yet very little is being said in national security circles about what the magnetic poles switching places might do to weapon systems that may be influenced by magnetic poles wandering about the globe. … geoscientists have measured the speed at which the Canadian pole is moving toward the Siberian at approximately 30-40 miles a year. Meanwhile, geophysical forces are in motion at the core of the Earth.

Extreme and unprecedented: Severe flooding hits Auckland after entire summer’s worth of rain in a single day, New Zealand 
The presence of a low level jet (LLJ), or strong wind in the lower atmosphere, combined with tropical moisture to create persistent heavy rain in the Auckland area on Friday, January 27, 2023, resulting in widespread severe flooding, destruction and casualties.

Shallow M5.9 earthquake hits northern Iran 
A strong and shallow earthquake registered by the USGS as M5.9 hit Turkey – Iran border region at 18:14 UTC on January 28, 2023. The agency is reporting a depth of 10 km (6.2 miles). EMSC is reporting M5.9 at a depth of 15 km (9 miles). The same region was hit by M5.8 earthquake on January 18, injuring at least 70 people and damaging more than 300 homes.

Israel Rejects US Request to Send HAWK Missiles to Ukraine
Israel has rejected a request from the United States to send its half-century-old Homing All the Way Killer (HAWK) anti-aircraft missiles to Ukraine, according to Axios and Fox News.

Minnesota Senate passes abortion bill opponents call ‘most extreme’ in nation
Abortion rights advocates said Minnesota bill is necessary to make it more difficult for a judge to erode abortion rights in the future

Hundreds of the ‘Worst of the Worst’ Sex Offenders to Be Released into Taxpayer-Funded Homes
They’re convicted sex offenders considered so dangerous that the state of Washington — liberal, latte-loving Washington — once thought they needed to be housed on an island in Puget Sound.

Vermont Supreme Court Upholds Noncitizen Voting
The Supreme Court of Vermont ruled Friday that noncitizens in the state’s capital city of Montpellier will be allowed to vote in local elections. The court ruled that noncitizens voting in municipal elections does not violate the state’s constitution, stating that citizenship requirements only apply to federal elections.

Palestinian terrorist shoots 7 dead in ‘murderous rampage’ near Jerusalem synagogue
Seven people were shot and killed and at least three others were wounded in a terror shooting attack near a synagogue in Jerusalem’s Neve Yaakov neighborhood, police and medics said Friday night.

Fla. megachurch requiring members to support biblical marriage
A Florida megachurch is requiring members to sign in agreement with a statement defining marriage as a union between one man and one woman and stating there are only two biological genders.

US To Increase Artillery Ammunition Production By 500% For Ukraine
The Pentagon is planning to boost its production of artillery ammunition by 500% over the next two years as the US is depleting its military stockpiles by sending millions of shells to Ukraine, The New York Times reported Tuesday.

BREAKING: Large Fire at Connecticut Egg Farm
Egg prices are already high enough! And this breaking news report from Connecticut won’t help the matter! Multiple fire departments responded to a massive fire at Hillandale Farms. Hillandale Farms is one of the top-5 egg producers in the country, according to its website.

Over 5,621 Christians Were Murdered for Following Jesus Last Year, Report
Almost 6,000 Christians were murdered around the globe in 2022, according to a new report from Open Doors World Watch List 2023.

FDA Quietly Changes End Date for Study of Heart Inflammation After Pfizer COVID Vaccination
The Food and Drug Administration changed a Pfizer myocarditis report’s due date but astonishingly revised the “original projected completion date.”

Burberry Features Transgender Model with Visible Mastectomy Scars in Valentine’s Day Campaign
Burberry is the latest fashion label to feature transgender models, showing a shirtless female-to-male model with visible double mastectomy scars in a recent Valentine’s Day campaign.

Never Again: Holocaust survivors warn the world in a new docuseries
The last generation of Holocaust survivors and their children are reaching out to the world to express their concerns about current events drawing parallels to the Nazi regime in a docuseries titled ‘Never Again Is Now Global’.  The series will be shown over five consecutive days on CHD-TV with the first on 30 January 2023.

UK Health Officials know COVID Injections are useless and dangerous
In the 40-49 age group, almost 1 million people would need to be “boosted” to prevent one hospitalisation according to the Department for Health and Social Care. This is calculated from information presented by UKHSA in October 2022.

AstraZeneca Consultant alters study to remove obvious signs COVID Vaccination is causing Dementia
A March 2022 study claimed to have found a significantly higher rate of new-onset dementia in patients with pneumonia associated with covid than the rate seen with other cases of pneumonia.  Professor Norman Fenton reviewed the study and exposed the elephant in the room: the study ignored the covid vaccination status of the patients. There is another elephant in the room: the lead author of the study is a consultant for AstraZeneca.

They Want Your Money AND Your Life
It is now abundantly clear that the move towards a digital, cash-free world is accelerating. We are heading into the jaws of the Great Reset at frightening speed. Make no mistake about it, the conspirators are unlike Highwaymen such as Dick Turpin who always gave their victims a choice. The conspirators want your money AND your life.

The Truth About How Baby Girls Are Being Exterminated In the United States…Are We Becoming China?

Did you know that between 1970 and 2017, there were 45 million “missing” female births due to prenatal sex selection? This information came from a British Medical Journal Global Health in-depth study in 2021. It was based on examining 3.26 billion birth records.

Proof UK Government is Deliberately Pushing up Fuel Prices
The UK Government’s crazy 75% tax on oil companies will have cheered the climate change cultists – who want us to stop using oil, gas and coal, and either to starve or to freeze to death. But the tax, as I predicted, means that oil companies don’t want to drill for oil and gas in the North Sea.