13 Jan 2023

Minnesota Democrats want to repeal protections for infants who survive abortions 
Minnesota Democrats have introduced a bill that would repeal several of the state’s “restrictions” on abortion, including a statute that protects infants who survive abortions. The “Born Alive Infants Protection Act” was passed by the Minnesota Legislature in 2015. It states that abortion survivors should be fully recognized as human persons and provided with medical care to preserve their lives. Rep. Tina Liebling, DFL-Rochester, wants to repeal these protections because they are an “insult” to doctors, she said during a House Health Committee meeting Thursday. (WAKE UP PEOPLE!!)

Just Like In A Dan Brown Novel, Vatican Conservatives Have Launched A ‘Secret Plan’ To Remove The New World Order Evangelist Pope Francis, Will It Work?
The backroom intrigue at the Vatican is heating up as religious Conservatives are plotting to overthrow Pope Francis, makes me think of Revelation 18, actually. This obviously is not the Church that Jesus started at the Cross, but as far as the ‘Whore of Babylon’ goes, it continues to be ‘right on the money’.

How Tehran mimics Moscow’s escalation strategy
The rapid rapprochement in December 2022 of Turkey and Azerbaijan with Israel drove up Tehran’s fears. Iran sees the tightening ties between its northern and western Turkic neighbors with its “nemesis” – the Jewish state – as a noose tightening around its borders.

“This Is Election Interference”: House Oversight Veteran On Biden Classified Documents
“The documents were allegedly discovered on Nov. 2. The midterms are on Nov. 8. To me, this is election interference by omission,” Mike Howell said in a Jan. 11 interview with The Epoch Times. “Does anyone think if this had been President Trump or any other Republican, the news wouldn’t have been leaked immediately for political gain? We needn’t wonder

‘Decision To Arm Ourselves Or Arm Ukraine’: Navy Secretary Admits Crisis In US Defense Stockpiles
The leader of the US Navy has admitted that the question of dwindling US arms stockpiles in the rush to arm Ukraine, which now stands at over $100 billion in defense aid and counting, is dire enough that some tough unprecedented decisions are coming, which shocked a group of reporters this week. Navy Secretary Carlos Del Toro acknowledged before a naval warfare conference in Arlington, Virginia on Wednesday that the US within the next six months could face a decision of whether to arm itself or Ukraine, due to rapidly depleting stockpiles due to supplying Ukraine

Special counsel to probe Biden’s handling of classified documents
Joe Biden’s own administration named a special counsel to probe the improper storage of classified documents at his home and a former office on Thursday, an echo of a wider-ranging inquiry directed at his main political rival, Donald Trump. The inquiry is a distraction for a Democratic president who has criticized his Republican predecessor’s handling of classified material, and could cast a shadow over Biden as the two gear up for a possible 2024 election rematch.

Worldview with Amir Tsarfati: Developing Friendships Necessary For The Coming Ezekiel 38 war
Russia is preparing to send a full squadron of 24 Sukhoi Su-35 fighters to their good friends in Iran. It has been decades since Tehran has acquired new fighter jets, and these highly maneuverable aircraft, which will be based in Isfahan, are sure to bolster their flagging air force. This military deal is another sign of the growing relationship between the two countries – a friendship that is necessary for the coming Ezekiel 38 war.

‘Only One Solution: Intifada:’ Pro-Palestinian Activists Protest Kamala Harris at University of Michigan
Pro-Palestinian student protestors at University of Michigan accused Vice President Kamala Harris of “genocide” for supporting Israel on Thursday. “Kamala, Kamala, you can’t hide, you’re committing genocide,”

100 EU Parliamentarians Sign Letter Calling for Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps Terrorist Designation
More than 100 members of the European Parliament on Wednesday signed a letter calling for the European Union to designate the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) in its entirety as a terrorist organization, as world powers continue to ratchet up rhetoric against the Iranian regime.

Man killed by lightning strike in Hefer Valley
A 47-year-old man was killed by a lightning strike this afternoon (Thursday) in a kibbutz in the Hefer Valley Regional Council in central Israel. Maged David Adom (MDA) medics and paramedics provided medical treatment, performed CPR on the, man who had burns on his body, and evacuated him in critical condition to Hillel Yaffe Medical Center in Hadera, where doctors pronounced him dead.

Artillery sinks Russian warship in Dnipro River, says Ukraine
A Russian warship was allegedly sunk by Ukrainian artillery in the Dnipro River on Tuesday, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine claimed. The class of the vessel was still being determined, said the General Staff on Facebook. An infrared photo accompanying the announcement shows what appears to be a patrol boat on fire. “Ukrainian artillery has successfully shot a Russian war boat on the Dnipro River,” the Ukrainian Defense Ministry tweeted on Tuesday.

Written records of biblical King David discovered by researchers
The Mesha Stele, also called the Moabite Stone, is a basalt stone slab that has provided historians and linguists with the largest source of the Moabite language to date. Researchers have only now been able to verify with a considerable degree of certainty that the stele contains explicit references to King David.

Can Israel Mediate an End to the Ukraine War?
The war in Ukraine precipitated tensions between Washington and Moscow that impaired their ability to talk to each other directly. Diplomatic sources leaked that in the first telephone call between new Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen and his counterpart Antony Blinken, the US Secretary of State asked Cohen to “relay messages” to Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. It seems that Washington sees Jerusalem as appropriate for playing a mediator role in ending the continuous war in Ukraine.

Knesset committee to US ambassador: Jewish construction in Judea and Samaria ‘should continue’
The chair of the Knesset’s Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee told U.S. Ambassador to Israel Tom Nides that settlement expansion would continue, despite Washington’s objections.

EU Foreign Minister to Minister Cohen: Israel should avoid unilateral actions
The statement noted that “Israel is one of the EU’s closest partners in the Middle East, and there are a number of global challenges we need to face together, not least Russia’s brutal war of aggression in Ukraine, including Russia’s military cooperation with Iran.” The top EU official “welcomed Israel’s normalization of relations with a number of Arab countries, reiterated the EU’s willingness to support this development and expressed the hope that this will have a positive impact on the Middle East Peace Process.”

PA’s plan to build neighborhood on Joshua’s Altar
Official documents from the Palestinian Authority’s Ministry of Local Authorities which was obtained by the the “The Forum for the Struggle for Every Dunam” reveal a construction plan for dozens of lots on the area of the ancient Altar of Joshua on Mount Ebal. According to the plan, dozens of permanent homes will be built on most of the altar wall, and will practically connect the outskirts of the city of Nablus and the Askar refugee camp to Mount Ebal.

Flight delays in Atlanta because of severe weather could have ripple effect across US after FAA outage
Severe weather could delay and cancel more flights at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL), the world’s busiest airport, on Thursday as airlines continue to recover from a crippling outage at the Federal Aviation Administration that affected more than 10,500 flights on Wednesday.

California’s atmospheric river barrage to briefly subside before another onslaught of storms this weekend
California will catch a break Thursday from the onslaught of deadly atmospheric river storms that have greatly helped the ongoing drought situation but have battered the state with heavy rain, strong winds, flooding and mudslides.

Severe weather outbreak turns deadly after violent storms tear through South with paths of destruction
Storm damage has been reported in half a dozen states including Alabama, Mississippi and Kentucky. A Tornado Emergency was issued for Autauga County, Alabama, where a large twister was spotted and at least six people were killed.

Big American farm sounds the alarm: Livestock numbering in millions could soon ‘starve to death’
Complications from extreme winter weather conditions are at least partly to blame for a feed crisis confronting California-based poultry producer Foster Farms.

Fertiliser Inflation Crisis Could Result in a Million More Deaths: Report
The rapid inflation in the cost of fertilisers as a result of the Ukraine war could see as many as one million additional people die of hunger-related deaths, a report has claimed.

Shocking Video: FDIC Knows Banking Collapse is Coming & They’re HIDING it From You
In a recorded November FDIC meeting, officials are talking about the imminent financial crisis, their lack of faith in our banking system, and how to keep the public from freaking out resulting in bank runs.

Project Veritas Strikes Again: Pfizer scientist admits the unthinkable on hidden camera… they all knew… 
Project Veritas is back with a vengeance. Elon reinstated their deleted Twitter account and they’ve been taking aim at Big Pharma with redoubled vigor.

Greece Fights Back: 24 NGO Workers Face 25 Years in Prison for Human Trafficking
On Tuesday, January 10, the trial of 24 NGO workers accused of aiding illegal migration, money laundering, espionage, disclosing state secrets, and human trafficking began in Lesbos, Greece.

Troops Die SUDDENLY After Military Purge US Military Faces National Security Crisis Post-Vax Rollout
Military Vaxx Mandate Lifted Too Late? After Purging Ranks of Honest Soldiers Vaxxed Troops Die Suddenly!

15 MINUTE PRISONS – Oxford Council’s Green Agenda Bans You From Driving Outside Your District
Do not leave your designated zone. Oxford County Council is about to impose regulations on its residents so extreme that it will fundamentally change the lives of nearly all its 150,000 residents, and few, if any, know it’s even happening.

The Creepy Cult Surrounding the Gas Stove Panic Gets Exposed 
If you’ve been on social media the last day or so, you’ve probably noticed there’s a moral panic occurring over gas stoves. According to Democrats far and wide, they are dangerous, cause asthma, and must be banned by the federal government.

FBI reveals it uses CIA and NSA to spy on Americans 
The FBI revealed how the bureau uses the CIA and National Security Agency to probe the private lives of Americans without a warrant in its updated rulebook, which is the first version made public since the Obama administration.

Roads Are Racist
Everything is racist – even roads. It is why roads must be dug up and converted to foot/bicycle paths, which are more “equitable”-  since you do not need to own a car to be able to use those. Of course, without a car, you can only walk – or pedal – so far. You are kept in your place, as it were. But that’s not racist – because it keeps everyone in their place. Well, everyone except the you-know-who’s. Who come in all colors but are all the same in that they want everyone else  . . . kept in their place.

Attorney General Merrick Garland Appoints A Special Counsel Over Discovery Of Classified Government Records At Joe Biden’s Home And Office 

Joe Biden was indignant when it was discovered that former president Donald Trump was found with classified documents at his personal residence, so much so that he went on ’60 Minutes’ to decry it. But here’s a fun fact, before the 2022 Midterm Elections, classified documents belonging to Biden were found at the Penn Biden Center, and that discovery was hushed up until yesterday. Not only that, more classified documents belonging to Joe Biden were found in his garage, openly placed in cardboard boxes next to his Corvette. Will we finally see a day of reckoning for the Biden Crime Family?

Republican-led House of Representatives passes two pro-life initiatives including ‘Born Alive’ bill
In one of the first acts of the new Congress, the Republican-led U.S. House of Representatives tallied their votes Wednesday to pass two pro-life initiatives. One would secure legal protections for babies born alive after botched abortions and the other would articulate the House’s condemnation of attacks on pregnancy centers.

2,000 suspended Greek healthcare workers who refused COVID jab go back to work after 16 months
Thousands of healthcare workers in Greece who were suspended for refusing to get jabbed with the experimental COVID-19 shots were finally able to return to work last week after the Council of State ordered that the mandate be rolled back. The move comes as healthcare workers continue to labor under coercive COVID rules and mandates worldwide, even as many other COVID-related requirements have been lifted.

The Great Reset: The 52 Heads of State and Hundreds of Government Officials collaborating with the WEF at Davos 2023 
This year’s World Economic Forum’s (“WEF”) annual meeting at Davos is being held from 10 to 16 January.  As the Globalists meet, organisers have confirmed the WEF will host 52 heads of state and government and nearly 600 CEOs.

Emergency doctor calls for immediate suspension of mRNA “vaccines” because of serious harms they cause
The lead author of peer-reviewed research re-analysing Pfizer and Moderna mRNA “vaccine” trials, Joseph Fraiman, called for an immediate suspension of covid injections due to serious harms. “This is huge,” Dr. Aseem Malhotra tweeted.

British Protest 15-Minute Cities Where They Will Become Prisoners of the State
Fifteen-minute cities are popping up everywhere, and the World Economic Forum is wildly enthusiastic about them. Last year it was announced that Paris, France, would become a 15-minute city, and now the British city of Oxford is next. However, outraged Brits are fighting back.