29 Dec 2022

Queen’s Former Chaplain Warns ‘Multicultural, Multifaith’ King Charles III Threatens British Monarchy
Queen Elizabeth II’s former chaplain issued a warning that King Charles III’s multifaith and multiculturalism threatens to be the end of his own house and the end of the British monarchy as a whole.

US Government in Full Scale Implosion Because of Corruption
The federal government corruption was turbocharged in 2019. CAF says, “While everyone was focusing on the teenage sex life of the Supreme Court nominee Kavanaugh, the House, the Senate, the White House, Democrat and Republican, both sides of the aisle got together and approved Statement 56 of the Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board (FASAB) which said they could keep secret books. That was everybody—together. So, there is no Right vs Left. There is no Trump vs Biden. There is a machine in control of a spending machine that is financed with our taxes, and debt borrowed in our name, that is being sold into our pension funds and retirement accounts. . . .

Elon Musk Delivers a Blunt Message ‘Legacy Media’ and ‘Corporate Journalism’: ‘We Have Only Just Begun’
Billionaire and Twitter CEO Elon Musk slammed “corporate journalism” and “legacy media” in separate tweets about the response to the Twitter Files and claims that his reputation is in trouble. “Why is corporate journalism rushing to defend the state instead of the people?” Musk wrote Tuesday in response to a tweet about a Substack post headlined “In Response to the Twitter Files, Establishment Media Rushes to Defend the FBI,” written by Leighton Woodhouse.

Vatican says health of retired pope Benedict XVI ‘worsening’
The health of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI has worsened due to his age, and doctors are constantly monitoring the frail 95-year-old’s condition, the Vatican said Wednesday.

Report Warns Risk Of Nuclear War At Its Highest Since US Nuked Japan
A Swedish group that assesses catastrophic risks warned in its annual report this year that the risk of nuclear weapons use is higher today than at any point since the US dropped nuclear weapons on Japan in 1945, AFP reported on Tuesday.

How sounds from space are revealing otherwise hidden cosmic phenomena
Turning astrophysical data into audio has led to all sorts of surprising discoveries, from micrometeoroids bombarding spacecraft to lightning on Saturn. Now, there is a push to get more astronomers to use sonification

Will Yoav Gallant’s second coming herald an Israel attack on Iran?
That Likud MK Yoav Gallant will be the next defense minister is not really news, seeing as it was leaked weeks ago. What could be news is whether Gallant entering the defense minister’s chair with a set of 12-year-old demons to exorcise could finally lead to the climactic war with Iran that many have predicted for a long time.

Four Rabbis Find Yeshua (Jesus)
For 1,400 years, between the 4th and 18th centuries, there was not a single Messianic Jewish church or congregation on earth. Then suddenly, in the late 17th century, in a sovereign and supernatural way, the Holy Spirit began to bring Jews back to their Messiah Yeshua (Jesus). It was like a resurrection from the dead!

Jordan’s King: We have red lines. We are concerned about the next intifada
Jordan’s King Abdullah II told CNN an interview that he is prepared for conflict should the status of Jerusalem’s holy sites change as Israel prepares to swear in its new government. The Jordanian King said that there is “concern” in his country about those in Israel trying to push for changes to his custodianship of the Muslim and Christian holy sites in Jerusalem, warning that he has “red lines.”

Jerusalem Envelope settlements: “We will take security into our own hands”
The settlement committee is prepared for every scenario. A message sent this morning (Wednesday) to the residents, stated that despite attempts to hold a dialogue with the police and security forces about the transfer of security responsibility “gaps exist and unfortunately, in our opinion, not enough has been done so that the security of the settlements and the residents will be maintained.”

Impending Apocalypse: Where Religion and Science Meet
Secular scientists are now predicting an “end times” that resembles that of the Bible. The only problem is they aren’t offering any hope.

MSNBC wins Dishonest Reporter of the Year Award
A media watchdog group dedicated to combating media bias against Israel declared the left-leaning MSNBC news network to be the most “dishonest” news outlet of 2022. In a statement released Wednesday afternoon, media watchdog HonestReporting announced MSNBC as the winner of its annual Dishonest Reporter Award. MSNBC’s team of anchors and commentators were described in the statement as “overpaid talking heads whose anti-Israel agenda is so blatant they wear it as a badge of honor.”

Man accused of attacking Paul Pelosi pleads not guilty to all charges
David DePape, the suspect accused of attacking Paul Pelosi in October with a hammer, pleaded not guilty to all state charges on Wednesday in a San Francisco courtroom.

Russian foreign minister warns US against assassinating Putin
Sergey Lavrov claims US planning ‘decapitation strike’ to take out Putin, describes ‘consequences of such plans.’ “if such ideas are, in fact, being considered by someone, that someone should very carefully think of the possible consequences of such plans.” Lavrov was referring to an unnamed Pentagon source who told Newsweek in September that the Department of Defense was considering the idea of assassinating Putin inside the Kremlin if Russia launched a nuclear attack on Ukraine. “It is objectively impossible to maintain normal communication with the Biden administration, which declares the infliction of a strategic defeat on our country as a goal,” he added.

Agreement with Smotrich: Government to expand the Jewish presence in Hebron
The Likud and Religious Zionism have agreed to work to expand and strengthen the Jewish presence in Hebron as an answer to the left. This is in addition to general clauses that discuss the fortifying of the settlement of Judea and Samaria in a wider sense.

Ancient city of Petra flooded after 6 months’ worth of rain in a day, Jordan
Popular ancient city of Petra, Jordan experienced unusually heavy rains on December 26, 2022, resulting in severe flooding that forced around 1 700 people to evacuate the archeological site. Tourist routes at the site have been reopened on December 27 and movement across the city restored.

Elon Musk: ‘I’m OK with going to Hell’ (part 3)
When one of his now 122 million followers responded that Musk should consider whether there is a “creator of this world” prior to his death, Musk fired back, “Thank you for the blessing, but I’m ok with going to hell, if that is indeed my destination, since the vast majority of all humans ever born will be there.”

Netanyahu’s Newly Appointed National Security Chief Wants Preemptive Strikes On Iran
Arguably the most hawkish Israeli government in country’s history…

Shallow M6.0 earthquake hits southeast of Loyalty Islands 
A strong and shallow earthquake registred by the USGS as M6.0 hit southeast of Loyalty Islands, New Caledonia at 16:34 UTC on December 28, 2022. The agency is reporting a depth of 10 km (6.2 miles). EMSC is reporting the same magnitude and depth.

At least 29 fatalities, 25 people missing as severe floods hit the Philippines 
Heavy rains affecting parts of the Philippines since December 25, 2022, caused severe floods in which at least 29 people lost their lives. At least 10 people were injured while 25 remain missing.

McDonald’s Opts for Automation on Pickups and Orders: ‘The Real Minimum Wage Is Zero’
McDonald’s has revealed it will test automation technology at its restaurant near Fort Worth, Texas, which would replace its workforce and make many of its employees redundant.

Buffalo Blizzard Death Toll Continues to Climb as Residents Criticize Response
In a statement made on Tuesday, Buffalo-based restaurant owner, Carl Anderson Jr., said he found the looting which is happening in the aftermath of the Blizzard of 2022 “heart-breaking and disgusting” and called out the lack responsiveness to the criminal activity by the Buffalo Police Department (BPD).

Get Ready For The ’15-Minute City’ From The World Economic Forum That Just May Make You A Prisoner Of The New Climate Change Zones They’re Creating 
The World Economic Forum has been quietly working on something called the ’15-Minute-City’, a plan, or shall we say scheme, that recently has advanced from the planning stage to the prototype stage, and this should concern you if you value your individual liberty and freedom. We have told you repeatedly, and so say we again now, there are more lockdowns coming only the reasons for them will change. COVID was a trial balloon to see if people would consent to being locked down, and guess what, they did. No stopping it now. 2023 is gonna be a crazy year.

NYC Electric Garbage Truck Plans Hit Wall After Trucks “Conked Out” Plowing Snow After Just Four Hours
“We found that they could not plow the snow effectively – they basically conked out after four hours. We need them to go 12 hours. Given the current state of the technology, I don’t see today a path forward to fully electrifying the rear loader portion of the fleet by 2040.”

MHRA is lying when it claims the harms from Covid injections are “not serious”
The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (“MHRA”) continues to insist that the “overwhelming majority” of adverse effects of the Covid “vaccines” are for example sore arms and symptoms of a flu-like illness.  But an examination of the Yellow Card reports proves this is untrue.

30 by 30 is the biggest land grab in history marketed under the guise of “protecting biodiversity” 
United Nations (“UN”), World Economic Forum (“WEF”), private interests, behavioural change organisations and non-governmental organisations have been calling for a “New Deal for Nature.” Do not be fooled – the deal does not benefit nature or humanity.

Victims of AstraZeneca: Paul Bainbridge 
The knighting of the CEO of AstraZeneca gives cause to shine some light on his criminal company and the terrible impact its experimental “vaccine” continues to have on the UK public.

UKMFA write an open letter in support of MP and reinforce his call for an immediate halt to Covid injections
UK Medical Freedom Alliance (“UKMFA”) has written an open letter of support to Andrew Bridgen, Member of Parliament for North West Leicestershire.  “We fully support your call for an immediate suspension of the Covid-19 vaccine rollout,” they wrote.

Stanford Backpedals On Anti-American Woke Language Guide
“[American] often refers to people from the United States only, thereby insinuating that the US is the most important country in the Americas.”