20 Dec 2022

Shock wave from sun has opened up a crack in Earth’s magnetic field, and it could trigger a geomagnetic storm
A mysterious shock wave in a gust of solar wind has sent a barrage of high-speed material smashing into Earth’s magnetic field, opening up a crack in the magnetosphere. The barrage of plasma could lead to a geomagnetic storm

Secret new US hypersonic spy jet unveiled; named ‘Mayhem’
The Pentagon has awarded a contract worth as much as $334 million to develop a new multi-purpose hypersonic air vehicle under a secretive program known as “Mayhem.”

Pictured: New banknotes feature King Charles for the first time
The Bank of England has released the first images of the new banknotes to feature a portrait of the King. His Majesty’s portrait will appear across all banknotes (£5, £10, £20 and £50) which are expected to enter circulation by mid-2024.

What’s behind Netanyahu’s foreign media blitz on incoming government?
Benjamin Netanyahu has opted to give interviews only to foreign media, mostly the American press, and has even spoken to Arab media such as Saudi Arabia’s Al Arabiya. Behind this decision is a clear political rationale. Netanyahu has no interest in sharing the ins and outs of his coalition negotiations with the Israeli public. He has said his attention is focused now on formulating a solid policy and strategy for his new government. one that will be “for the good of the State of Israel.”

Syria claims: Israel carried out air strike in the Damascus area
Syrian TV on Monday evening reported an Israeli air strike in the Damascus area. According to the report, sounds of explosions were heard in the area and Syria’s air defense systems responded to the attack.

‘Palestine’: Two Countervailing Hypotheses
To this day, I cannot understand why the Palestinian leadership did not accept the far-reaching and unprecedented proposal I offered them. My proposal included a solution to all outstanding issues: territorial compromise, security arrangements, Jerusalem and refugees. – Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, the proto-Palestinian state appears to have the unique—if dubious—distinction of becoming a “failed state” before its actual establishment.

NASA’s InSight lander just recorded its biggest quake on Mars ever
A Marsquake detected by NASA’s InSight lander in May this year was at least five times larger than the next largest seismic event recorded on the planet. The quake occurred on May 4 and registered at a magnitude of 4.7 — five times more powerful than the InSight lander’s previous largest quake on Mars back in August 2021,

Russian City Suffers Casualties – 14,000 Without Power After Ukraine Cross Border Attack
Follows reports that US now tacitly backs Ukrainian strikes inside Russian territory…

Franklin Graham responds to Amy Grant’s plan to host lesbian wedding: Don’t ‘compromise’ God’s authority
The Rev. Franklin Graham criticized contemporary Christian music star Amy Grant after she and her husband announced their plans to host a same-sex wedding for their niece at their farm, denouncing homosexuality as a sin.

Snow piling up at an unprecedented pace, Japan 
Heavy sea effect snow continues affecting Japan, producing record-breaking snow amounts over parts of the country.

Extremely cold Arctic air to impact much of U.S. 
A massive surge of extremely cold Arctic air will consume much of the Lower 48 this week with well below-normal temperatures stretching from the Northwest into the Eastern two-thirds of the U.S.

The Completely-Partisan January 6th Select Committee Kangaroo Court Recommends Charges Of ‘Obstruction and Insurrection’ Against Donald Trump 
A partisan panel led completely by Democrats, actual and functional, voted today to recommend criminal charges against former president Donald J. Trump for whatever his part was in the CIA-arraigned fake riots on our nation’s Capitol on January 6th.  If the Democrats are good at any one thing, it’s political theater, and it rained down in abundance today. Will Donald Trump ever wind up in court on the whims of the January 6th Committee. Nope, don’t think so. Donald Trump is self-destructing just fine on his own, and doesn’t need any outside help.

Antifa terror cell arrested, found with BOMBS… while Bloomberg News headline calls for climate terrorists to carry out “property destruction” nationwide
Last week, five members of an Antifa terror cell were arrested in Atlanta, where law enforcement reportedly found “bombs, flares and gasoline,” reports the UK Daily Mail. The Antifa terror cell was reportedly throwing gas bombs at vehicles while also carrying out acts of arson and “attacks on locals and government officials.”

The Foegen Effect: How Mask Wearing Can Make You Sick
It took a long time, but my study on masks has finally appeared in the prestigious journal Medicine. What is my study about?

“Beijing Is Like A Ghost Town”: Chinese Streets Deserted As New Covid Wave Looms
“In Beijing Covid has gone crazy, must be millions infected really quickly. I’m sure other cities will be next.”

Is Michigan Gov. Whitmer using her abortion amendment to mock the birth of Our Lord? 
This week, Governor Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan signed an executive order directing state government agencies to conform to Proposal 3, the new constitutional amendment guaranteeing the “right” to an abortion.

Connecticut Makes Climate Change Curriculum Compulsory in Public School Classrooms
Connecticut lawmakers will force climate change curriculum into public schools in the state starting in July.

Vatican defrocks Priests for Life Director Frank Pavone
The Vatican has defrocked Fr. Frank Pavone, the national director of Priests for Life, for “blasphemous communications on social media” and disobeying his diocesan bishop.

US, Germany, and Italy Vote to Oppose Nazism Resolution at UN – In Subtle Nod of Support to Ukrainian Nazi Azov Battalion
The Biden regime said it voted against a U.N. resolution condemning the glorification of Nazism over freedom of speech issues and concerns that Russia was using it to carry out political attacks against its neighbors.

As The Gateway Pundit Reported for Over a Year Now – FDA Finally Admits Pfizer Covid Vaccine Causes Blood Clots
During a COVID-19 EU hearing last October, Pfizer’s President of International Developed Markets, Janine Small, admitted that the vaccine had never been tested on its ability to prevent transmission, contrary to what was previously advertised.

Spike In Fed Discount Window Usage Hints At Looming Bank Crisis
“it is surprising that in spite of the available amount liquidity in the system, usage at the discount window still increased” – JPM

Christian leader calls for ‘fresh candidate’ to lead 2024 Republican ticket
A prominent Christian conservative activist in Iowa says faith-based voters will flock to a “fresh candidate” in the 2024 presidential election as former President Donald Trump and other potential candidates make their pitches to voters.