18 Dec 2022

5 Global Flashpoints Which Could Absolutely Explode During The Early Stages Of 2023
Will 2023 be a year when extremely destructive conflicts erupt all over the world? We are certainly already living in a time of “wars and rumors of wars”, and tensions are approaching the boiling point in a number of key global flashpoints right now. If several more major conflicts were to suddenly begin next year, we could potentially witness an extended period of geopolitical instability that would be unlike anything that we have ever witnessed. It is easy to start wars, but it is much harder to end them. If you doubt this, just look at what is going on in Ukraine. If we don’t pull back from the brink, the consequences could potentially be far beyond what most people could even imagine right now.

Social Media Coordination Between DOJ And FBI Is Not Limited To Twitter: Devin Nunes
the most concerning revelation in the Twitter Files, according to Nunes, is that the DOJ and the FBI had informants—whether paid or volunteers—that put forward a specific directive to Twitter, and that is likely happening on other social media platforms. “The coordination that the Department of Justice and the FBI clearly had with Twitter? I don’t think it stops there,” Nunes stated.

Denver Mayor Declares Emergency, Says City ‘On Verge Of Reaching Breaking Point’ Amid Influx Of Illegal Immigrants
“Let me be frank: This influx of migrants, the unanticipated nature of their arrival, and our current space and staffing challenges have put an immense strain on city resources to the level where they’re on the verge of reaching a breaking point at this time,” Hancock said at a news conference on Thursday. “What I don’t want to see is a local humanitarian crisis of unsheltered migrants on our hands because of a lack of resources,” the mayor added.

Perfect Storm Arrives: “Massive Wave” Of Car Repossessions And Loan Defaults To Trigger Auto Market Disaster, Cripple US Economy
So while the big picture is clear – Americans are using ever more debt to fund record new car prices – fast-forwarding to today, we have observed two ominous new developments: the latest consumer credit report from the Fed revealed a dramatic spike in the amount of new car loans, which increased by more than $2,000 in one quarter, from just over $38,000 (a record), to $40,155 (a new record).

Coming To Life In World Events’: The Record Of Precise Fulfillment Of Prophecies In Scripture Confirms Its Integrity
Perhaps I’m just stating the obvious, but it’s an important point. The fulfillment of prophecy regarding Jesus’ first coming tells us that words supremely matter when God reveals the future in Scripture.

Senator Vows to Block DOD Nominees Until Biden Admin Explains Why It Denied Military Religious Exemptions
Sen. James Lankford, R-Okla, said earlier this week that he will not lift his hold on confirmation votes on Department of Defense nominees until the Biden administration explains the tens of thousands of religious accommodation requests it never granted or even answered.

US Congressman: ‘Israel has the right to stop illegal Palestinian construction’
Representative and member of the Congressional Finance Committee Dr. Andy Harris (R-MD), stated that “The government of Israel has the full right to stop the illegal construction committed by the Palestinian Authority or any other body in areas under its control. The involvement of any foreign body, including the EU, is not acceptable.”

GOP calls for impeachment of DHS head over border crisis
A group of U.S. House Republicans on Tuesday called for the impeachment of Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

Fmr. Twitter employee gets prison for spying for Saudis
A former Twitter employee was sentenced to three-and-a-half years in prison Wednesday after a jury found him guilty of spying on users for Saudi Arabia.  Though a whistleblower recently alleged that multiple foreign countries have infiltrated the social media service, it’s never resulted in a conviction and jail time until now, CNBC reported. Ahmad Abouammo, 45, was found guilty in August of taking bribes from a Saudi official to feed the kingdom private information, including birth dates and phone numbers, on users critical of the Saudi government beginning in 2014.

Jordan Peterson Warns the Left is Planning a ‘Totalitarian Social Credit System’
When asked if he thinks what happened during Covid could usher in a version of a social credit system, Peterson answered that it is “highly probable.” “And that it will be accepted by many people?” The reporter asked. “They won’t even notice,” Peterson said, adding “you can’t believe how much people don’t know these things.”

The FBI Has Lost All Forms of Trust and Credibility After ‘Twitter Files’ Revelations
On Friday, Independent journalist Matt Taibbi released another round of bombshell revelations that prove Twitter is guilty of suppressing information to favor Democrats.  The thread revealed how the FBI was in cahoots with the social media platform and “how the government collects, analyzes, and flags your social media content,” including how “Twitter’s contact with the FBI was constant and pervasive.” Republicans have lost trust in the FBI and are vowing to hold big tech accountable.

Abraham Accords Summit in Rome Strengthens Middle East Relations | Jerusalem Dateline
Abraham Accords Global Leadership Summit fosters dialogue and cooperation in the Middle East, . Watch.

Strong signal that ‘highly impactful’ winter storm will develop next week impacting millions
With the storm still several days away, details remain highly uncertain, but a highly-impactful winter storm is likely toward the end of next week across much of the U.S. Those living or travel to and from the eastern third of the country will need to pay very close attention to the forecast as it becomes locked in in the coming days.

Chairman Of The World Likud Danny Danon Says It’s Only A ‘Matter Of Time’ Before A Leader ‘Steps Out From The Shadows’ To Create Middle East Peace • Now The End Begins
Israel and the Jews have taken the bait dangled on the end times hook of the Abraham Accords, which will lead them into Daniel 9:27 and Isaiah 28:15 in the days after the removal of the Church, and there is no going back from this point. At the Abraham Accords Summit in Rome last week, World Likud Chairman Danny Danon all but acknowledged that Israel is prepared and ready to follow Antichrist when he appears on the world stage shortly.

Americans Face Elevated Winter Power Outage Risks From Tight Fuel Supplies, Faltering Grid: Report
As the snow flies and temperatures plummet, regulatory agencies and analysts alike warn that residents in multiple U.S. states are at an elevated risk of dangerous winter blackouts.

HOSPITALS MOBBED with every room and even HALLWAYS occupied with portable cots … has the spike protein apocalypse begun? 
…As witnessed by investigative reporters and journalists, several hospitals in major cities of Virginia are full past capacity, so not only is every room occupied, but many portable cots, with patients on them, are lined up in along the walls of the long halls and numbered.

Data of 72 Million Insured Shows “Sudden, Unexpected Deaths” Exploded in Germany Since 2021
This is an explosive report out of Germany showing a massive increase in “sudden deaths” following COVID “vaccines” that has not received much exposure in the Alternative Media yet, because the sources are all in the German language.

Euthanasia, Even Among Children, Is on the Rise — What’s Driving the Trend to Market Death?
In a recent CHD.TV episode of “Good Morning CHD,” three Canadian doctors — Drs. Charles Hoffe and Stephen Malthouse and Chris Shaw, Ph.D. — discussed Canada’s disturbing normalization since 2016 of “medical assistance in dying” (“MAID”) and their government’s possibly imminent endorsement of the practice for “mature minors” who request death without parental knowledge or consent.

SHOCK: Biden Authorized US Troops IN Ukraine Setting Up WWIII
The United States maintains troops all over the world, and certainly where embassies exist. But there is a difference between the U.S. military personnel who are there to guard diplomats and those who are “boots on the ground,” indicating that those troops are ready for conflict.

Many People Fully Vaccinated for COVID Are Now Going Blind 
We have heard all about the many cases of myocarditis and pericarditis post-injection, as well as recipients repeatedly testing “positive” for the virus even after doing the deed. But there is another concerning side effect occurring in the “fully vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) that is rarely mentioned: blindness.

What’s the covid jab doing to the brain?
A year ago, on 13th December 2021, I explained why I feared that those had received the covid-19 jab might suffer brain damage. That fear was real. I now believe that many of those who have been jabbed with the toxic covid-19 junk are brain damaged. I believe their brain damage explains their seemingly bizarre behaviour.

Canadian study finds “vaccine hesitancy” is linked to “risky driving” so vaccination should be encouraged to avoid accidents 
A new study from Canada set out to test whether Covid “vaccine hesitancy” was associated with the risks of a traffic crash.  It claims there is a link between “vaccine hesitancy” and “risky driving.”  But the point of the study is revealed in their conclusion so read on …

Canadian study finds “vaccine hesitancy” is linked to “risky driving” so vaccination should be encouraged to avoid accidents 
A new study from Canada set out to test whether Covid “vaccine hesitancy” was associated with the risks of a traffic crash.  It claims there is a link between “vaccine hesitancy” and “risky driving.”  But the point of the study is revealed in their conclusion so read on …

Official Documents prove the Biden Administration & other “Elected” Governments are under the control of a Shadow Government that has built a sinister Global Vaccine Regime
As we examine the landscape of vaccine development and distribution today, it becomes clear that the players involved are not operating in a vacuum. Far from it – a web of influential organizations, including the Rockefeller Foundation, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, UNICEF, the CDC, GAVI, USAID, and the World Bank, have been quietly shaping the global vaccine regime for decades.

UK Gov. Report demands closure of all Airports by 2050 to meet “Climate Change” Targets & fuels fears of ‘Climate Lockdowns’ 
A sinister report conducted by Oxford University and Imperial College London for the UK government has outlined some drastic measures that may need to be taken in order to achieve the legal commitment of zero emissions by 2050.

Virginia Joins Dozens of US States Banning TikTok on State Devices
Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin on Friday issued an executive order to ban TikTok and WeChat from state government devices. The move adds Virginia to a growing list of more than a dozen U.S. states that have moved to ban TikTok in recent weeks.

Biden’s DOJ sues Arizona for trying to close border
One of the constitutional responsibilities of the federal government is the protect the nation, including its borders.

Healthcare Workers Told to Ask 3-Year-Olds About Their Gender Identity
A course for healthcare professionals urges them to start asking children as young as three years old about their gender identity.

GOP Congressman from Florida – “Felony For Publishing Houses Producing Pornographic Content to Minors”
Cory Mills, the Congressman-elect from Florida’s 7th congressional district formerly hed by J6 hoaxer Stephanie Murphy, told Real America’s Voice News earlier this week that he plans on filing legislation to make it a felony for publishing houses pushing hyper-sexualized and pornographic content to minors.