16 Dec 2022

‘For Russia’s victory’: Moscow places Ukraine’s occupied Crimea region on all-out war footing
in recent months, Moscow has ramped up efforts to mobilize the peninsula’s resources in support of the war against Ukraine. In late October, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a heightened state of security for regions bordering Ukraine and for Crimea. Under Putin’s order, occupation authorities in Crimea have expanded authority to “requisition civilian infrastructure to meet the needs of the armed forces,” … all the major enterprises on the peninsula are working under the occupation-authority slogan “For Russia’s Victory,”

Arctic Blast To Freeze Texas Next Week Will Bring Fresh Test To Power Grid
Texas appears to be in the crosshairs of a massive Arctic blast scheduled for next week. Meteorologists warn that temperatures could dive to extremes, while energy traders are concerned about a potential wave of freeze-offs across the state that could affect the flow of natural gas.

China Downgrades Omicron Risks To Seasonal Cold
Although easing zero Covid restrictions in China will be met with reopening hardships as infections soar, earlier this week, one of the top medical advisers in the country said that the omicron variant of the virus is no worse than the flu. Now some Chinese cities are downgrading Covid even further, saying it’s the same as the seasonal cold, and there is no need to panic.

Peace between Saudi Arabia and Israel would end Arab-Israel conflict: Netanyahu
A peace initiative between Israel and Saudi Arabia would lead to a resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Israel’s Prime Minister-designate Benjamin Netanyahu told Al Arabiya English … It will be a quantum leap for an overall peace between Israel and the Arab world, it will change our region in ways that are unimaginable,” he said, “and I think it will facilitate, ultimately, a Palestinian-Israeli peace. I believe in that. I intend to pursue it.”

The 51 Intel Agents Who Signed Biden Laptop Letter Could Be in for Shock of Their Lives
“Those 51 intel agents that signed a letter that said the Hunter Biden information was all wrong, was Russian collusion — many of them have a security clearance. We’re going to bring them before committee, I’m going to have them have a hearing, bring them and subpoena them before committee. Why did they sign it? Why did they lie to the American public?

Netanyahu promises ultra-Orthodox parties exclusion from military service
Benjamin Netanyahu pledged to the leaders of the ultra-Orthodox parties on Thursday that the next government under his leadership will follow a policy according to which “no one will go to prison for learning Torah,” according to Walla.

Thousands protest in Turkey over Istanbul mayor’s conviction
Thousands of people rallied in Turkey on Thursday to oppose the conviction and political ban of Istanbul Mayor Ekrem Imamoglu, chanting slogans criticising President Tayyip Erdogan and his ruling AK Party before elections next year. A Turkish court on Wednesday sentenced Imamoglu, a popular rival to Erdogan, to two years and seven months in prison,

The global supply trail that leads to Russia’s killer drones
… an elastic, sanctions-evading supply chain that often runs through a shabby office above a Hong Kong marketplace, and sometimes through a yellow stucco home in suburban Florida. An investigation … has uncovered a logistical trail that spans the globe and ends at the Orlan’s production line, the Special Technology Centre in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Hamas defiant as hardline Israeli coalition takes shape
Hamas swore defiance in a choreographed display of force on Wednesday as one of the most hardline right-wing governments in Israel’s history looks set to take office later this month. Speaking before a sea of green flags in Gaza City’s Katiba gardens at a rally to mark Hamas’ 35th anniversary, the movement’s leader in Gaza, Yahya Al-Sinwar said Palestinians faced an “open confrontation” with Israel.

Jewish and Christian identities both under attack, Religious Zionist lawmaker tells Christian group
“I believe that our greatest challenge today, Jews and Christians, is the defiance of great forces around the globe, movements which seek to wipe out the foundations of our identity, personal self, family values, religious and national fundamentals,” he said. “We need to stay strong together to combine efforts to make sure these forces will be defeated,” he added. “Judaism and Christianity, both religions that gave birth to Western civilization, should not be silent.”

Strong and shallow M6.2 earthquake hits near the coast of Taiwan – The Watchers
A strong and shallow earthquake registered by Taiwan’s Central Weather Bureau as M6.2 hit near the coast of eastern Taiwan at 04:03 UTC (12:03 LT) on December 15, 2022. The agency is reporting a depth of 5.7 km (3.5 miles). EMSC is reporting M6.0 at a depth of 8 km (5 miles); USGS M5.9 at a depth of 15.3 km (9.5 miles).

Severe floods hit Namibia after 3 months’ worth of rain in just 24 hours
Unusually heavy rainfall hit Namibia’s capital Windhoek on December 14, 2022, damaging buildings, including a police station, and sweeping away vehicles.

Powerful storm continues across Northern U.S., Ice Storm Warnings issued 
The powerful and massive multi-day storm continues across the Northern U.S. and in Florida on Thursday, December 15, 2022. Heavy snow, gusty winds and blizzard conditions continue across the Upper Midwest, while frozen precipitation of ice and snow begins in the central Appalachians and interior portions of the Northeast.

Transhumanism Horror: Elites Want to Genetically Alter Children in the Womb, High-Bred Globalist Kids
Globalists have big dreams: to have godlike power over human beings, their reproduction, and their genetic code. Under their new buzzwords “human upgrade” or “body tuning,” they are selling their plans of providing people with chips for everyday use. With their desire to be able to rule over life, they don’t even stop at unborn children: You even want to tinker with babies’ genetic prerequisites in the womb.

Drop in Demand for Electric Cars EVs in UK During Cost of Living Crisis
Demand for electric vehicles (EVs) is falling amid the cost-of-living crisis and doubts about the Government’s electrification ambitions, new figures show.

Airborne microplastics: Equivalent of 3 million plastic bottles per year found in Auckland’s atmosphere
Seventy-four metric tonnes of microplastics have been found in Auckland’s atmosphere, the equivalent of three million plastic bottles per year, researchers say.

Canadian woman cites lack of healthcare access as reason she applied for assisted suicide 
Another Canadian woman with a non-terminal illness is drawing headlines after applying for euthanasia thanks to Canada’s increasingly liberalized laws which pro-life advocates have warned are out of control.

Gen. Flynn: Digital vax card and digital currency are coming soon 
Gen. Michael Flynn, former advisor to former President Donald Trump, warned that the digital vaccine ID and the digital currency are coming soon.

UK government asked Twitter and Facebook to “tweak” algorithms during Covid
Former United Kingdom Health Secretary Matt Hancock, self-styled as an official who was at the forefront of Britain’s battle against Covid, didn’t seem to feel like he had done enough in 2020 and 2021, so he felt compelled to milk the pandemic cow by writing a book about that “battle.”

Cambridge Dictionary Changes Woman Definition to Push Transgenderism
The Cambridge Dictionary appears to have followed Merriam-Webster down the rabbit hole into woke oblivion by changing the definition of “Woman” to appease transgender radicals.

The Hot CCP Spy War  
S. Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo recently sounded the alarm on China, warning that the Communist nation poses a significant threat to U.S. national security. She’s right. And of all the security threats presented by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), the country’s unrelenting harvesting of data is perhaps the biggest. Which brings us to Haier, a Chinese multinational home appliances and consumer electronics company that is heavily invested in the U.S. market.

Factory Wrecked by 200-Strong Eco-Mob Cutting Cables, Starting Fires
A mob of as many as two hundred far-left eco-extremists attacked an industrial plant in the French commune of Bouc-Bel-Air over the weekend, causing significant damage to facilities and vehicle

US Govt. Paid Catholic Charities $3 Billion to Traffic People across the US/Mexico Border
Ben Bergquam, a patriot who is Catholic, exposed Catholic Charities in McAllen, Texas for trafficking people into the US. He said that Catholic Charities is a social justice organization tied to the undermining of America by the left

Look Up! Wake Up, People! You Are Being “Suicided in Warp Speed”. – Global ResearchGlobal Research 
Don’t look up lest you could see what nobody wants you to see – namely the Big-Big Lie. As time goes on and Agenda 2030, alias The WEF’s Great Reset progresses, the asteroid approaching Mother Earth is ever moving closer, is an ever greater risk for the destruction of our planet. Its ever more obvious. And we all feel it – we feel the heat of the approaching meteor.

Norwegian Filmmaker Tonje Gjevjon Facing Prison Time For Saying That A Transgender Woman Cannot Be Considered A Lesbian Mom, Violates Hate Speech Law
It doesn’t matter what country you travel to, the radical woke Far Left loves to eat its own, as Norwegian actress Tonje Gjevjon has found out. Gjevjon is a biological female who is a lesbian, and she has made comments that the state of Norway considers to be hate speech deserving of real prison time. What did she say that is so inflammatory? She said that a man cannot be a lesbian mother. Guess what? She’s right, biological men can never be a woman, a mother or a lesbian.

Donald Trump Teases A ‘Major Announcement In Calling For A Superhero To Rise Up And Rule Over America, Just Another Day At The End Times Circus 
Politics as known by our Founding Fathers is non-existent in America in 2022, replaced instead by arcane agendas, platforms and movements designed by the powerful to retain power. Yesterday, pretend president Joe Biden announced $55 billion in aid to be sent to Africa while the tent cities of the American homeless grow daily, and US veterans continue to receive sub-standard health care.

Pope Francis Urges Christians to Spend Less on Christmas, Send Savings to Ukraine
Pope Francis has urged Christians to spend less on Christmas and to send their savings to the people of Ukraine amid the war with Russia.

While Putin readies nuclear missiles, Germany has RUN OUT of munitions and can only fight a war for TWO days 
Germany’s military readiness has collapsed. The Germany Defense Ministry has publicly stated it could only sustain a war for one week due to shortages in supplies and soldiers, reports AsiaTimes.com. What’s even more astonishing is that a German lawmaker says that’s too optimistic. The real duration of what Germany is capable of sustaining in a war is just two days.

There’s microcircuitry inside the Covid injections, says Australian doctor
Australian general practitioner Dr. David Nixon joined Iconic to briefly discuss what he has found in Covid injections.  He believes the objects he has seen under the microscope, after consulting with others, are components of microcircuitry.

Netherlands’ Land Grab: If there’s one thing bureaucrats like to do it’s to push people around but Dutch farmers aren’t having it
In late November, the Dutch government set aside approximately $25 billion to begin buying farmland, whether the owners want to sell or not. “There is no better offer coming,” Dutch Nitrogen Minister Christianne van der Waal told farmers. The government expects to purchase between 2000 and 3000 farms.

Big Tech wedded to Big Government has become Big Brother
Mass surveillance is the Deep State’s version of a “gift” that keeps on giving. Geofencing dragnets. Fusion centres. Smart devices. Behavioural threat assessments. Terror watch lists. Facial recognition. Snitch tip lines. Biometric scanners. Pre-crime. DNA databases. Data mining. Precognitive technology. Contact tracing apps.

U.S. Government confirms COVID Vaccination caused a 1433x increase in reports of Cancer to CDC Database
Cancer begins when genetic changes interfere with the normal replication and replacement of cells in the body. Cells start to grow uncontrollably and may form a tumour. It is the No. 2 leading cause of death in the United States.