12 Dec 2022

American culture’s sacrifice of children for perverted wokeness
Fifty-one Republican zombies in Congress — 12 senators and 39 House members — joined Democrats and voted to redefine marriage away from the God-created union of man and woman. So much for at least one major party defending the moral order as if it means something. We also learned that the American Girl doll company is steering little girls into transgender madness. Seriously.

Al Jazeera’s star witness against Israel outed as Islamic Jihad terrorist
A key eyewitness in the formal complaint against Israel filed by Al Jazeera at the International Criminal Court (ICC) over the death of Shireen Abu Akleh Tuesday is a terrorist affiliated with the US-designated terrorist group Islamic Jihad, media watchdog HonestReporting reported on Sunday. Jenin resident Sleem Awwad’s social media profiles reveal that he is a staunch supporter of Islamic Jihad, having posed with the flag of the jihadist terror group. HonestReporting found at least five photos of Awwad brandishing firearms, including military-style rifles with scopes.

North Korea publicly executes 2 teenagers for distributing South Korean movies
North Korea has publicly executed three teenagers by firing squad – two for watching and distributing South Korean movies and one for murdering his stepmother – two sources who witnessed it told Radio Free Asia. The alleged crimes committed by the teens, estimated to be 16 or 17, were equally evil, authorities told terrified residents, who were forced to watch, the sources said.

Indiana Sues TikTok For Allegedly Endangering Children, Sending Data To China
The state of Indiana is suing social media giant TikTok, accusing it of falsely claiming the company’s product was safe for children and illicitly sending U.S.-based users’ data to communist China. Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita announced two separate lawsuits against the Chinese-owned TikTok on Dec. 7,

“Egregious”: McCarthy To Subpoena 51 Intel Agents Who Called Hunter Laptop Bombshell ‘Disinformation’
House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) says he’ll subpoena the 51 former intelligence officials who said the New York Post’s bombshell report on the Hunter Biden laptop had ‘all the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation.” “Those 51 intel agents that signed a letter that said the Hunter Biden information was all wrong, was Russia collusion, many of them have a security clearance,

Belgium charges four people in European Parliament corruption probe
A Belgian judge charged four people on Sunday over allegedly receiving money and gifts from a Gulf state to influence decisions in the European Parliament, accusations that have caused consternation in Brussels. Prosecutors searched 16 houses and seized 600,000 euros ($631,800) in Brussels on Friday as part of an investigation into money laundering and corruption.

REVELATIONS COMING? Musk Says His Pronouns Are “Prosecute/Fauci”
Musk has been recently releasing troves of data to journalists showing how Twitter, under its previous leadership, stifled conservative voices and suppressed the dissemination of the Hunter Biden laptop scandal story. His latest tweet, however, shows that he might soon be releasing damning information about Fauci, who led the federal government’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

‘Grave Soaking’: A Blatantly Unbiblical, Spiritually Dangerous Trend Among Apostate Churches
In the recent sermon I gave in relation to the practices and beliefs of the New Apostolic Reformation, there is a practice that I wanted to devote time to exposing. It is the practice of “grave soaking” and to you and I, it sounds somewhat ridiculous.  Grave soaking – or mantle grabbing – is the act of lying across the physical grave of a deceased preacher or evangelist for the purpose of ‘pulling out’ the power of the Holy Spirit,

Time For Re-Dedication
As we approach Hanukkah, it’s a timely reminder that the conditions leading to its inception are very much with us today. For godlessness and unbelief abounded as the Syrian-Greek tyrant Antiochus Epiphanes IV unleashed his fury on the Jewish people of the second century BC. It would seem we are on the verge of the great tribulation to which our Lord referred. Vicious antisemitism has once more raised its ugly head and, as in the days of the Maccabees, many Jews have turned their backs on God

Temple menorah manuscript to be featured in NY exhibit
A hand-drawn illustration of the Temple Menorah from a manuscript that contains notes by Moses Maimonides (1138-1204) will be featured in an upcoming exhibition at Yeshiva University Museum in New York.

39% of US believes we are currently in the end-of-times, Pew survey suggests
A recent survey showed that in the wake of the global pandemic, the belief that we are currently at the end of days is rising. This contrasts sharply with Jewish tradition which has a far more optimistic perspective on what the final days of the world will look like. A recent Pew Research survey found that 39% of Americans surveyed believed that they were currently living at the end of times as compared to 59% who did not.

Who’s really facilitating America’s border crisis?
Catholic Charities and other non-governmental organizations are working in concert with the Biden administration to facilitate the worst border crisis in American history, according to an investigation that examined the movement of 30,000 mobile devices in the United States.

Twitter censors allowed liberals to spread election conspiracy theories during 2020
Authorities at Twitter chose not to suppress particular references some liberal figures made to 2020 election conspiracy theories, despite marking some conservatives’ tweets with labels, according to internal communications journalist Matt Taibbi revealed Friday. An Oct. 27, 2020 tweet by former Attorney General Eric Holder received a generic warning label when he stated that the Postal Service was “deliberately crippled” and called for everyone to vote in person due to Supreme Court rulings,

Strong and shallow M6.0 earthquake hits Guerrero, Mexico 
A strong and shallow earthquake registered by the USGS as M6.0 hit Guerrero, Mexico at 14:31 UTC on December 11, 2022. The agency is reporting a depth of 18.8 km (11.7 miles). EMSC is reporting M6.0 at a depth of 60 km (37.3 miles).

As flu season hits South Florida hard, drug shortages cause panic
Harni Patel, pharmacist and owner of Tamarac Pharmacy, finds herself fielding calls daily from panicked parents of feverish children searching for everything from Children’s Tylenol to Amoxicillin to Tamiflu.

Military Chaplains Fight On Against Tyrannical Pentagon Vax Mandate After Setback – “Going To Pursue Every Avenue Possible”
Opposition to tyrannical COVID vaccine mandates remains strong. Senior U.S. District Judge Anthony J. Prenga dismissed a challenge to the Pentagon’s vaccine mandate citing a lack of jurisdiction.

Former Twitter exec Yoel Roth asked if teens could ‘meaningfully consent to sex’ with teachers in 2010
Former head of Twitter Trust and Safety Yoel Roth, who quit Twitter in early November and was complicit in censorship of conservative voices on the site, tweeted out a link in 2010 to a Salon article titled “Student-teacher sex: When is it OK?”

Cotton: TikTok Exposes American Kids to ‘Stuff That They Would Never Let Chinese Teenagers See’
On Wednesday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Ingraham Angle,” Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) called for a ban on TikTok and argued that one reason the app should be banned is that the application exposes minors to “stuff that they would never let Chinese teenagers see,” in addition to the privacy risks and the country’s ability to be used by the Chinese Communist Party to influence Americans.

HERE COMES THE FLOOD: Biden Regime Boasts “Full Steam Ahead” on Terminating Title 42, Welcoming 30,000 Illegal Aliens EVERY DAY
Since assuming power, Joe Biden has deliberately orchestrated the worst border disaster in American history to pacify the radical left. An announcement from his regime on Wednesday, however, will make us long for the current crisis.

Major storm system bringing heavy mountain snow and coastal rain to the West, U.S. 
A powerful storm system with heavy mountain snow and heavy lower-elevation rain is affecting the U.S. West, potentially bringing as much as 150 cm (5 feet) of snow accumulation to California. Flooding and debris flows will be possible on burn scars in southern California.

Huge number of homebuyers now underwater in Biden’s economy, with ‘early’ delinquencies hitting 2009 levels 
Beneath the rosy claims of an ‘improving economy’ from Joe Biden and his Democratic congressional majority is a rising housing crisis that looks set to rival the market collapse circa 2008-09.

Defeat for Biden as Congress prepares to STRIP military vaccine mandate from defense spending bill
Congressional Democrats are preparing to include language in the annual defense funding bill that would repeal a coronavirus vaccine mandate for all U.S. troops, according to a new Fox News report.

Parents slam American Girl book on Facebook for promoting puberty blockers
The owner of the American Girl Doll brand, toy giant Mattel, has refused to explain why the company has published a book promoting puberty blockers amid a growing backlash from parents.

Lying Media Say Don’t Watch ‘Ancient Apocalypse,’ So I Did
…The media fear the show threatens to prompt viewers to begin questioning the authority in other realms, as well. “[W]here does it end? Believing that election fraud is real? Believing 9/11 was an inside job?” The Guardian frets.

Salt Lake waits as climate change sets back Winter Olympics host decision 
The International Olympic Committee (IOC) is putting off choosing a host for the 2030 Winter Games, saying it needs to further investigate how climate change will affect venues for snow sports.

THEY LIED TO US: World Health Summit Member Admits COVID Lockdowns Were Political Not Scientific
he global lockdowns during the COVID-19 pandemic ruined the lives of millions of people, especially the most vulnerable. Now the globalists responsible admit they issued their decrees solely on the basis of politics.

Depopulation Agenda Continues As World Leaders Prepare For Nuclear War
The West is now speaking of starting World War III with a preemptive nuclear strike against Russia

White House has Baphomet Head for Christmas Decoration 
The Biden’s revealed the White House Christmas Decorations for this year and people have noticed a goat head Baphomet beast head among the decorations. What would Archbishop Vigano say? Dr. Taylor Marshall discusses who Baphomet is and why he’d be in the White House.