5 Dec 2022

Ukraine destroys two Russian nuclear bombers in airport bombings
Two explosions carried out by Ukraine hit two military airports in the country, reportedly destroying two Russian nuclear bombers and causing three deaths and six injuries, media reports claimed on Monday. According to estimates, the explosions were caused by tankers loaded with gasoline. One of the bombed airports contained a training center for military aircraft and tanks. At the second airport, two Tu-95 nuclear bombers were hit by a drone.

Katie Hobbs Played a Personal Part in Censoring Election Information, and We Have the Receipt – Report
In a separate but related case involving a lawsuit filed against President Joe Biden and his administration by Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt, in which he alleges the Biden administration colluded with Twitter and other Big Tech firms to censor and suppress freedom of speech, a bombshell emerged in the discovery process. That bombshell is an email document that clearly shows communications between then-Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs’ office and its contacts inside Twitter.

Biden Facing Major Rebellion as ‘Rank and File’ Will Openly Refuse Orders: Report
Members of the U.S. Air Marshals service are so fed up with the Biden administration’s abuse of the service, and its decision to remove marshals from flights and instead sending them to work on the southern border with illegals, that they are reportedly planning an open rebellion. “The rank-and-file air marshals are going to refuse to deploy and risk termination,” David Londo, president of the Air Marshal National Council, recently told the Washington Examiner. “You’re almost going to have a mutiny of a federal agency, which is unheard of.”

US intel chief thinking ‘optimistically’ for Ukraine forces
Avril Haines alluded to past allegations by some that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s advisers could be shielding him from bad news — for Russia — about war developments, and said he “is becoming more informed of the challenges that the military faces in Russia.”

Scientists are working on an official ‘alien contact protocol’ for when ET phones Earth
f extraterrestrial life sent us a message tomorrow, how would humanity respond? According to researchers, we don’t know yet — and that’s a problem.  That’s why, for the first time in 35 years, a team of policy experts and scientists have united to establish a set of alien-contact protocols for the entire world to follow in the event of a sudden encounter with E.T.

Harvard University Ranks First in Antisemitism
Harvard prides itself on ranking first in all things. And now they do—on three measures of campus antisemitism.

American Samoa tsunami warning lifted after 6.7 quake
A tsunami warning for American Samoa was lifted after a powerful earthquake of magnitude 6.7 struck between American Samoa and Tonga on Sunday.

Nuclear subs, bombers show America’s global footprint
The details about the plane and the submarine are intended to send a message. The US didn’t need to reveal information on either of these developments. The unveiling of the B-21 Raider, a new American hi-tech nuclear stealth bomber and the docking of the nuclear-powered USS West Virginia submarine in the Indian Ocean are both two large symbols of US power in an age of regional rivalries.

US ambassador under fire for wearing hijab at Lebanon’s request
American ambassador to Lebanon Dorothy Shea facing criticism within the State Department for wearing a hijab during meetings with pro-Hezbollah officials. “This has raised some eyebrows here and is just a bad look all around,” one senior State Department official, who spoke on background discussing internal matters, told the Free Beacon. “There are literally thousands of brave women in Iran risking their lives in protest of the hijab and all it represents. What message does this send to them in this unspoken, yet highly symbolic act of submission by a U.S. ambassador who takes on the very appearance of the oppressors?”

Watch. What is Florida’s plan for Disney?
“When you start to focus on politics over products, you end up with problems,” says Florida Congressman Randy Fine.

Trump: Twitter bombshell proves 2020 election was ‘massive fraud’
President Donald J. Trump said that a series of bombshell revelations around Twitter’s left-wing bias, censorship, and manipulation of content on the platform proved that the 2020 election was a “massive fraud.” Investigative journalist Matt Taibbi recently revealed that a New York Post story about a laptop which Hunter Biden abandoned at a computer repair shop had been actively censored by both staff and executives at the platform.

Morality police shut down, Iran’s chief prosecutor says
An Iranian lawmaker said Sunday that Iran’s government is “paying attention to the people’s real demands,” state media reported, a day after a top official suggested that the country’s morality police whose conduct helped trigger months of protests has been shut down. The role of the morality police, which enforces veiling laws, came under scrutiny after a detainee, 22-year-old Mahsa Amini, died in its custody in mid-September. Amini had been held for allegedly violating the Islamic Republic’s strict dress codes. Her death unleashed a wave of unrest that has grown into calls for the downfall of Iran’s clerical rulers.

IDF Identifies ‘As Many Targets in a Month as It Did in a Year’
The Israel Defense Forces’ Intelligence Directorate is using artificial intelligence technology to generate the same number of targets in a month that it once took a year to produce, IDF chief of Staff, Lt. Gen. Aviv Kochavi revealed on Sunday.

Israel hits Hamas military post after the terrorist group fires on IAF jets
The Israeli military struck a Hamas military post on Saturday night after terrorists in the Gaza Strip fired on an Israeli fighter jet, according to the Israel Defense Forces. Earlier on Saturday, the IDF struck a Hamas tunnel and one of the terrorist group’s “central” rocket manufacturing sites, in response to a rocket that was launched into Israel from Gaza.

Herzog becomes first-ever Israeli head of state to visit Bahrain
President Isaac Herzog on Sunday became the first Israeli head of state to make an official visit to Bahrain, beginning a two-day trip that will include a stop in the United Arab Emirates on Monday. Bahrain and the UAE normalized relations with Israel in September 2020 under the auspices of the Abraham Accords.

Apple CEO gives Fox News reporter silent treatment when questioned about China
Apple CEO Tim Cook ignored questions from Fox News about the company’s relationship with China Thursday in an exchange caught on video. “Do you support the Chinese people’s right to protest? Do you regret restricting Airdrop access that protesters used to evade surveillance from the Chinese government? You think it’s problematic to do business with the Chinese party when they suppress human rights?”

Winter storm bringing rain, snow to California with more than a foot of snow possible
It’s little rest for the weary for travelers in California trying to get over the passes in the Sierra Nevada as a second storm is impacting the Golden State just hours after a first storm blasted the mountains with feet of snow and wind gusts reaching as high as 99 mph.

‘Snapchat Surgeon’ Has Medical License Suspended After Botched ‘Feminization’ Surgery Leaves Patient Blind: REPORT
hristopher Inglefield, a surgeon who streams his surgeries on Snapchat, had his medical license suspended after his patient went blind in one eye due to complications from a facial feminization surgery, according to the Daily Mail.

Google to introduce behavioral “interventions”
..How is this supposed to work? Google has put up a site that states the goal is to provide accuracy prompts that would refocus users’ attention toward whatever Google decides qualifies as accurate information.

Wuhan Whistleblower: Former EcoHealth VP Says Covid “Man Made”, Escaped From Lab
“I was terrified by what I saw. We were just handing them bioweapon technology.”

Catholics have a moral obligation to protect children and society from LGBT insanity
Catholics simply cannot remain indifferent while homosexual activists attempt to seize control of every public body, policy, school, business, and church.

Nolte: Disney’s Gay, Green ‘Strange World’ ‘To Lose $147 Million’
Over Thanksgiving, the child groomers at Disney again sought to groom your child, which cost them a loss of up to $147 million.

GOP Senators Say They Will Block Military Funding Unless Vaccine Mandate Scrapped
Republicans in the Senate have threatened to block the National Defense Authorization Act unless a vote is held on the current COVID vaccine mandate for military personnel.

Government reports prove COVID Vaccination may have killed Millions & Confidential Pfizer Documents confirm your Government knew it would happen
Evidence discovered in quietly published Government reports confirms 1.8 million excess deaths have been recorded across the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the UK & most of Europe since the mass roll-out of the Covid-19 injections.

“Even Our Labor-Friendly Party Does Not Have The Stomach For The Resurgence Of Union Power”
An economy that is deglobalizing will become less productive, at least for some years. So the rebalance must come through a shift in the distribution of America’s economic pie from capital owners to laborers, which lifts inflation…

Preparations to implement WHO’s Pandemic Treaty march forward as World Bank creates the largest fund ever for global pandemics
The World Bank has created a global pandemic fund, the largest fund in its history.  At the same time, preparations to implement the World Health Organisation’s Pandemic Treaty marches forward.

CBDCs are the last nail in the coffin; once implemented there will be no freedom
“Money is probably the most successful story ever told. It has no objective value… but then you have these master storytellers: the big bankers, the finance ministers… and they come, and they tell a very convincing story.” – Yuval Noah Harari

17 inter-connected organisations are determining global financial policy
Professor Peter Phillips wrote that in 2017 there were 17 global financial conglomerates, with 199 directors, in a self-investing network that spans the globe.  117 of these directors were in the USA.  And 12 of these super-connected conglomerates had representatives in the Group of 30 and the Trilateral Commission.

China Operating Illegal Police Stations Worldwide
“One of the aims of these campaigns, obviously, as it is to crack down on dissent, is to silence people…

California church doesn’t have to pay $217K in COVID fines: State high court
The California Supreme Court has restricted Santa Clara County officials from forcing Calvary Chapel to pay $217,500 in fines for violating Gov. Gavin Newsom’s ongoing restrictions on church worship gatherings during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns.

Dozens of Christians kidnapped from buses while en route to wedding, funeral in Nigeria
Suspected Fulani herdsmen in southwestern Nigeria last week kidnapped Christian workers taking a bus to a wedding, while another group of Christians was kidnapped en route to a funeral in the same state.

Iran to disband morality police amid ongoing protests, says attorney general
Iran’s morality police, which is tasked with enforcing the country’s Islamic dress code, is being disbanded, the country’s attorney general says.

Most Americans believe in karma, over 25% believe in reincarnation, astrology: survey
Nearly nine out of 10 Americans say they believe in at least one belief that falls under the loosely defined umbrella of new-age spiritualism, while about a quarter believes in reincarnation, parallel realities and telepathy, a new poll suggests.