20 Nov 2022

Rep. McCarthy tells Jewish Republicans he will pull Ilhan Omar from committee
LAS VEGAS — Kevin McCarthy, the likely next speaker of the US House of Representatives, said he would remove Ilhan Omar, the Minnesota Democrat, from the House Foreign Affairs Committee, in part because of her criticism of Israel. He also hinted that her personal criticism of him last year was a factor. McCarthy, a California Republican whose party just won a narrow majority in the House, was speaking Saturday to the annual Republican Jewish Coalition conference in Las Vegas.

The Holy Spirit Board with its ‘Magic Cross planchette with metallic mirrored finish’ is straight from the pit of Hell.
This straight from the boardroom of Hell board game tells you how you can “communicate directly with Jesus Christ!” and “get all the answers straight from the man himself!”. Just for fun it comes complete with something called a ‘Magic Cross planchette’

5 OR sheriffs say they won’t enforce new gun control law
Oregon sheriffs are saying that new gun control measures voters approved in the midterm election won’t be enforced in their counties, a month after New York sheriffs said they were bucking new restrictions in their state, too.

The Most Disgusting Country In All Of Europe
Once upon a time, the highly advanced nations of western Europe were the peak of human civilization.  Everywhere you look, there is human degradation, but one country is worse than them all.  Germany has openly embraced just about every form of evil that you can possibly imagine, but in this article I want to focus on what they are doing to young women. Legalized prostitution is practiced on an industrial scale by the Germans, and this has earned them the title “the bordello of Europe”…

US Redeploys B-1B Lancer Bomber Over Korea After North Fires Powerful ICBM
Tensions are again reaching boiling point over the Korean peninsula as the US has redeployed a US B-1B Lancer long-range strategic bomber there, ostensibly for more joint aerial drills with the south’s military, even after North Korea’s vehement denunciation of similar exercises earlier this month, which resulted in Kim Jong-un ordering a record number of ballistic missile tests.

Judge Orders Unsealing Of Names Of 8 Anonymous Individuals Relating To Jeffrey Epstein
A federal judge on Friday ordered the unsealing of documents featuring the real names of some of the “John Does” relating to deceased sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, according to multiple media outlets.

Brittney Griner sent to remote Russian penal colony and ‘trying to stay strong’
US basketball star Brittney Griner is “trying to stay strong” after being sent to a remote Russian penal colony to start serving a nine-year sentence for drug possession. Griner’s legal team said they had visited her and that she was doing “as well as could be expected”.

U.S. says Russia’s Ukraine invasion offered preview to potential global tyranny
Austin’s remarks were some of his strongest to date on the importance to the international community of helping Kyiv prevail after nearly nine months of war, and they were delivered at what may be an inflection point in the conflict.

Israeli Airstrikes On Syria Kill 4 Soldiers, Injure 1
Israeli airstrikes hit central and coastal regions of Syria early Saturday, killing four soldiers and wounding one, the Syrian military said. State media quoted an unidentified Syrian military official as saying that Israeli warplanes flying over the Mediterranean fired missiles toward military positions in coastal and central Syria.

Canada’s Spy Agency Investigating Iranian Death Threats
Canada’s spy agency is investigating reports from people who are living in the country who have received “credible” death threats from Iran, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) said in a statement. The threats are “designed to silence those who speak out publicly” against Iran, the statement said.

‘Israel and Azerbaijan are both targets of Iran’
“Jerusalem has never been the capital of any country, state, kingdom, or political entity that was not Jewish. Moreover the majority of people living in Jerusalem since the first census in the mid 1800’s have been Jews, not Muslims or Christians.”

Israel’s secular public is tired of carrying ultra-Orthodox on its back
Whether or not it’s a decision of majority of people, data proves top three deciles in Israel still pay about 90% of the taxes, while only 52% of Haredi sector works, and only one-third of them are employed full-time.

‘Naval Iron Dome’ successfully tested in final stage before becoming operational
Israel’s Navy and Defense Ministry as well as Rafael Advanced Defense Systems completed a C-Dome system advanced interception test, the IDF announced on Thursday, marking a significant step toward introducing the naval version of the Iron Dome aerial defense system.

3 dead as dangerous lake-effect storm paralyzes upstate New York
Residents of northern New York state were digging out Saturday morning from a dangerous lake-effect snowstorm that had dropped more than 6 feet of snow in some areas and caused at least three deaths.

All Carnival brands reinstate mask policy as Covid cases rise
As Australia experiences the fourth wave of COVID, Carnival Corporation says it has taken an industry-leading health precaution and reinstated its mandatory mask mandate across all brands.

Watch: Thermal Drone Footage Shows Army Of Illegals Entering US 
Footage captured by a thermal drone shows an army of illegal migrants entering the U.S. at Eagle Pass, Texas, yesterday with the reporter who captured the footage noting that it happens “every morning”.

Girl Guides of Canada to rename ‘Brownies’ claiming label has caused ‘personal harm’ to people of colour
On Tuesday, Girl Guides of Canada announced that it would be renaming the “Brownies,” a label given to their seven to eight-year-olds members, claiming it had caused “personal harm” to people of colour.

House Democrats Move to Allow Non-Citizens to Vote in US Elections
Congressional Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee passed an amendment to an elections bill today calling for non-citizens to vote in US elections.

BREAKING: Woke Disney Has Worst Day On The Stock Market In 21 Years
Disney has faced a series of problems with its theme parks and films, as well as its Disney+ streaming service that has exclusive rights to Disney movies and TV shows.

Asda and Lidl limit egg sales as supplies disrupted by Britain’s largest ever bout of bird flu
Eggs are being rationed amid bird flu and soaring production costs. Asda has started limiting customers to two boxes while Lidl has imposed a three-box rule in some stores. Wetherspoon has even removed eggs from fry-ups in a number of its pubs.

FDA Unveils Plan Aimed at Preventing Outbreaks of Deadly Bacteria in Baby Formula
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Nov. 16 said it is developing a new plan which aims to prevent outbreaks of Cronobacter bacteria in instant baby formula.

Biden’s climate agenda benefits communist China, not the Americans he supposedly represents 
The Biden administration’s focus on climate change can be geopolitically hazardous as green policies can shift power into the hands of China, which has monopolized the supply chain of rare minerals required in the production of renewable energy technology, said Steve Yates, former deputy national security adviser at the White House from 2001–05, in an interview with The Epoch Times’ sister media NTD Television on Nov. 10.

They Will Lock You Down Again
…The US government, through the Transportation Safety Administration, has signed yet another order extending the ban on unvaccinated international visitors until January 8, 2023. This means that no person who has managed to refuse the shot is allowed to come to the US for any reason. This is 30% of the world’s population, banned even to enter the US on their own dime. Something like this would have been inconceivably illiberal three years ago, and been a source of enormous controversy and outrage. Today, the extension hardly made the news.

AG Merrick Garland Appoints Special Counsel To Conduct Criminal Probe Of Former President Donald Trump’s Handling Of Classified Documents 
For the past 6 years, the Democrats have used the Senate as well as the Congress as their own personal police force in an attempt to stop Donald Trump on whatever level they can stop him on. Their abuse of their own power is at once egregious and sickening, and I believe is in itself a crime on multiple levels. But what happened yesterday goes far beyond partisan politics, now the Department of Justice has stepped in with the appointment of a special counsel to see about putting Trump behind bars. Now it’s serious, with real prosecutors instead of fake politicians.

Texas Governor Invokes the Invasion Clause at Southwest Border
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) invoked the invasion clause of the U.S. and Texas constitutions this week, providing additional power to state authorities to protect the state’s 1,254 mile border with Mexico against drug and migrant entries. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and things are desperate at the Southwest border in Texas.

MEDICAL SCIENCE WARNING: Lung transplant recipients develop respiratory distress and organ rejection after second dose of covid-19 vaccine 
Lung transplant recipients who receive two doses of covid-19 mRNA may suffer organ rejection and develop respiratory distress requiring supplemental oxygen and further treatment.

Lockdown Wasn’t Imposed to Protect the World from a New Virus but Because the Real Economy Had to Be Shut Down 
As the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Jeremy Hunt, announces £54 billion in increased taxes and cuts to public services in order to reduce a fiscal deficit being blamed on everything from the Pandemic to Putin and Brexit, this is a look at the actual causes of our spiralling inflation, not just in the UK but across the globe.

Canada to introduce Social Credit System next year with Carbon Counter on Visa Card Purchases
Vancity has become the first Canadian financial institution to offer a credit card that calculates a user’s carbon footprint. It is partnering with climate-focused German fintech Ecolytiq to offer the carbon calculator.

USA has suffered shocking 350k Excess Deaths in 2022 so far; evidence suggests COVID Vaccination is to blame 
Official figures published by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) confirm that the United States of America suffered nearly 350,000 excess deaths as of September 25th 2022.

48,817 DEAD and 5,107,883 Injured Following COVID-19 Vaccines in European Database of Adverse Reactions
The European (EEA and non-EEA countries) database of suspected drug reaction reports is EudraVigilance, verified by the European Medicines Agency (EMA), and they are now reporting 48,817 fatalities, and 5,107,883 injuries following injections of four experimental COVID-19 shots: