18 Nov 2022

Euphrates River drying up: Fulfilling Jeremiah’s prophecy?
The region, once known as the Fertile Crescent, is on the verge of a food crisis as the main sources of water disappear. Officials struggle to cope as a prophetic scenario appears. Iraqi officials are reporting that for three consecutive years, the rainy season has begun later and ended sooner than the historic norm. This has been coupled with less water flowing through its two main rivers, the Tigris and the Euphrates. The region has also been plagued by ongoing conflict.  “Desertification now threatens almost 40% of the area of our country – a country that was once one of the most fertile and productive in the region,” Iraq’s President Abdul Latif Rashid told the climate summit in Egypt last week.

Concealed carry permit holders surge past 22 million,
Joe Biden repeatedly has called for more and more gun control, but has accomplished relatively little … One area where he’s having literally no impact is on the issue of concealed carry permits. “A new and authoritative report put the number of permits held by Americans at 22.01 million. That number was a 2.3% surge over last year, according to John Lott’s Crime Prevention Research Center.” And nearly half the states allow citizens to carry guns with them without any permits required at all, … .

US border agent killed, 2 others shot in shootout with suspected smugglers
A U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agent was killed and two others were wounded in a shootout with individuals on board a suspected smuggling vessel near the coast of Puerto Rico on Thursday. CBP spokesman Jeffrey Quiñones told The Associated Press that one of the suspected smugglers also died in the incident.

Kari Lake calls for a do-over election after 70 voting machines failed in Maricopa County
While no formal challenge to the election has been made yet, the Lake campaign has pointed to tabulation machines that malfunctioned on Election Day across Maricopa County – where most of Arizona’s population lives – as evidence that Republican voters were disenfranchised.

Could Ukraine Retake Crimea? Not Easily
The striking success of the counter-offensive against Russian forces has led many to speculate that the Ukrainian military might keep rolling in a bid to retake Crimea. But experts caution that such a campaign would be far more difficult than Ukraine’s retaking of Kharkiv or the hard-won territory of Kherson.

Congress’ China tracker warns U.S. should prepare for conflict
The U.S. should break off some economic ties with China and equip its military for a potential conflict, according to the review committee tasked by Congress with tracking the Chinese threat to the U.S.

Engine Tests Move Hypersonic Aircraft Closer to First Flight
Hermeus completed what it said was a major test of a new-design engine, bringing the startup one step closer to building reusable hypersonic aircraft. During a series of tests at the Notre Dame Turbomachinery Laboratory in Indiana, the company’s engine, called Chimera, switched between turbojet and ramjet power. It’s believed to be the first time a commercial company has accomplished this transition.

Boeing Defense to Cut Execs, Consolidate Divisions
Boeing’s defense and space business unit will cut some top executives and consolidate its eight divisions into four as the new CEO works to reshape his company’s culture.

Lost and Found Evidence of Extreme Size Life Forms Everywhere!
Decades of cinema have accustomed us to the living realities extreme size life forms, from giants to leprechauns. Yet many of these extreme size life form stories have their roots in long-forgotten, factual events. And did big people and little people co-exist? Let’s look at the factual reported stories …

We Need to Intercept Our Next Interstellar Visitor to See If It’s Artificial, Astronomers Say in New Study
Scientists are gaming out the best way to intercept objects that zoom into our solar system from interstellar space, an effort that could provide close-up views of entities that hail from alien star systems. Sending spacecraft to catch up with these interstellar objects, and potentially capture images of them from distances of just a few hundred miles, could reveal important details about their composition, evolution, and their origin beyond our solar neighborhood, reports a new study.

Breaking: Nancy Pelosi Announces Retirement from Leadership
Nancy Pelosi, has announced to her colleagues that she will no longer “seek re-election to Democratic leadership.”

Will You Survive the ‘Tripledemic’?
According to mainstream media, hospitalizations for respiratory infections are on the rise and “experts” warn of a potential “tripledemic” this winter, as COVID, seasonal influenza and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) are all in circulation The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports a 1% increase in new admissions of patients with confirmed COVID-19. Maine — which has one of the nation’s highest COVID jab rates — has the most COVID hospitalizations. RSV cases are also unseasonably high “Health experts” are now calling for voluntary indoor masking again, even though all the evidence garnered over the past three years confirms that face masks cannot prevent viral infection and spread.

Lawyers firebomb cop car during George Floyd riot, get disbarred
Two leftist lawyers who reportedly firebombed a police vehicle while they were rioting – along with many thousands of other liberals and progressives across America – over the death of George Floyd have been disbarred.

What the midterm election results mean for Christian voters
“First of all, a little bit disappointing that only one in two Christians showed up, only slightly more than the general population. I think we saw about a 46% turnout broadly, and we saw a little over 50% of the Christian community.” “Only 19% of people said that their faith had some level of influence in their vote,” he added. “So what that says to me is that people are coming to the voting booth purely from a political perspective and not considering what the Word of God says.

Judge Rules Georgia Abortion Ban Invalid 
A judge in Georgia on Nov. 15 found the state’s ban on abortions unconstitutional and ordered authorities to stop enforcing it.

Extreme cold sends temperatures to 54 below zero in Siberia
Extremely cold air sent temperatures well below zero on Wednesday in Siberia, resulting in the coldest weather of the season thus far in a region known for being home to some of the harshest weather on Earth.

Small earthquakes and ground deformation continue at Taupo volcano, New Zealand 
Minor volcanic unrest continues at New Zealand’s Taupō volcano, as shown by continued small earthquakes and ground deformation. The Volcanic Alert Level remains at 1. While Volcano Alert Level 1 is mostly associated with environmental hazards, the potential for eruption hazards also exists.

Paralyzing lake effect snow to impact Great Lakes late this week, U.S.
Periods of heavy lake effect snow will impact the Great Lakes through Sunday, November 20, 2022. Snowfall rates of 50+ mm (2 inches) per hour are expected, creating nearly impossible travel. Between 30 and 60 cm (1 and 2 feet) of snow, with local amounts in excess of 120 cm (4 feet), are likely.

Human-induced M5.3 earthquake, series of aftershocks hit western Texas, U.S. 
A shallow earthquake, registered by the USGS as M5.3, hit western Texas at 21:32 UTC on November 16, 2022. The agency is reporting a depth of 8.3 km (5.1 miles). The quake was followed by a series of aftershocks, with magnitudes ranging from 2.6 to 4.1.

Algeria forced 16 Evangelical churches to close: USCIRF
A new report from a U.S. government watchdog warns that the Algerian government has closed down as many as 16 Evangelical churches in recent years, enforcing strict regulations on religion to arrest individuals on blasphemy and proselytization charges.

Canada to Euthanize Disabled Homeless Woman 
The Canadian government is preparing to euthanize a disabled woman because she can’t afford housing that is suitable for her condition.

Dwindling US Cattle Herd Implies Supermarket Beef Prices May Rise Even More
The US Department of Agriculture will release a report Friday that might show ranchers sent the fewest cattle to feedlots in a decade. Cattle generally spend several months at feedlots while they grow and gain body fat and muscle before being transported to a meat packing plant. Fewer cattle at feedlots may only imply dwindling beef supplies and high prices at the supermarket.

Senate Republicans Side With Democrats To Help Pass The ‘Respect For Marriage Act’ That Forces States To Recognize Same-Sex Marriages 
It’s one thing to get hyped up on the marketing of political parties, like the ‘Red Wave’ that wasn’t, and it’s another thing completely to wake up the next morning and face the grim reality that nothing has changed. Here we are after the Midterms, and what do we see? Senate Republicans siding with Democrats to pass the ‘Respect For Marriage Act’ that protects same-sex marriage. Yay!!! Make America Great Again!! Umm, no.

Just In Time For Saturnalia, Umm, I Mean Christmas, It’s The Holy Spirit Talking Board For You To Have A ‘Guaranteed Demon-Free’ Séance With Jesus
I really wish this article today on the Holy Spirit Board was something from the Babylon Bee, but sadly, it is not. It’s hard to say what’s more demonic, the original Ouija board with its satanic gothic styling cues, or this one that presents Jesus in a mocking way, and drags the Holy Spirit into just for fun. The worst part is the number of Laodicean Christian churches that have already ordered it and are planning to have Fall Festival family fun nights. On sale

Wind turbine manufacturers losing BILLIONS as orders decline despite turmoil in natural gas markets 
Over the past year, more than $58 billion has been wiped from the market value of wind turbine companies. Manufacturers, such as Denmark’s Vestas Wind Systems A/S, are seeing losses pile up as orders decline at a time when they should be capitalizing on the instability in natural gas markets.

Cancer curse: HUNDREDS of soldiers stationed at California base develop rare terminal tumors  
A Californian army base is to be investigated after nearly a thousand soldiers stationed there developed rare blood cancers……At least 40 dangerous chemicals have been detected in the base’s water, including tricholoroethylene, or TCE, a ‘miracle’ degreaser linked to several cancers.

Philadelphia hires citizens to do police work due to staffing shortages
Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney announced on Tuesday that the city will be moving to have civilians take on some roles of police officers as Philadelphia struggles with an officer shortage.

NBC News tells parents to vaccinate their kids and shun the unvaccinated over the holidays
NBC’s medical correspondent Dr. John Torres provided his medical insight on an appearance this week, where the network posted a graphic that families should keep their children away from unvaccinated individuals.

FedEx Freight To Begin Driver Furloughs Next Month
FedEx Freight, the less-than-truckload arm of FedEx Corp. and the nation’s largest LTL carrier, said Saturday it will furlough an undetermined number of drivers starting in early December.

Humans could face reproductive crisis as sperm count declines, study finds
Humans could face a reproductive crisis if action is not taken to tackle a drop in sperm count, researchers have warned after finding the rate of decline is accelerating.

Exclusive: Germany steps up emergency cash plans to cope in blackout | Reuters
German authorities are stepping up preparations for emergency cash deliveries in case of a blackout to keep the economy running, four people involved said, as the nation braces for possible power cuts arising from the war in Ukraine.

Amazon To Fire 10,000 Employees, Largest Layoff In Company History
Over the past month, technology companies have laid off tens of thousands of employees. And the momentum in layoffs only appears to be worsening.

EXCLUSIVE Russian software disguised as American finds its way into U.S. Army, CDC apps
Thousands of smartphone applications in Apple (AAPL.O) and Google’s (GOOGL.O) online stores contain computer code developed by a technology company, Pushwoosh, that presents itself as based in the United States, but is actually Russian, Reuters has found.

Sen. Schumer calls for REPLACEMENT of Americans who can’t have babies after mRNA depopulation jabs 
Yes, you are being replaced. Once derided as a racist conspiracy theory, “replacement theory” is not only confirmed but even touted by Democrat Sen. Chuck Schumer who yesterday claimed that millions of illegals must be granted amnesty because the US population “is not reproducing on its own.”

Peter Daszak, Jeffrey Sachs and Anthony Fauci Have Been Spreading the Nefarious “One Health” Ideology
One Health is a scheme dreamed up at the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (“CDC”) and Davos to effect ‘The Great Reset’ by taking over management of agriculture – both livestock and plants – wild lands and the animals that live in them, and pet health and human health – by defining all these entities as “One Health.”