19 Oct 2022

In CBN interview, Netanyahu cites the Bible, thanks evangelical supporters
Netanyahu, who has just released his autobiography, emphasized how the establishment of the State of Israel represented the fulfillment of the biblical prophecy. He also thanked Evangelical Christians for their support of the Jewish State. “The founding of Israel came after centuries of exile” he explained. “Pilgrims, massacre, culminating in the greatest massacre of them all, The Holocaust. “The founding of the state was really meant to do two things,” he added. “One, to fulfill the biblical prophecy of the ingathering of the exiles. And also the renewal of Jewish sovereignty in our ancient homeland, the land of Israel.

Technology that lets us “speak” to our dead relatives has arrived. Are we ready?
At first, they sounded distant and tinny, as if they were huddled around a phone in a prison cell. But as we chatted, they slowly started to sound more like themselves. They told me personal stories that I’d never heard. I learned about the first (and certainly not last) time my dad got drunk. Mum talked about getting in trouble for staying out late. They gave me life advice and told me things about their childhoods, as well as my own. It was mesmerizing. The company’s goal is to let the living communicate with the dead. I wanted to test out what it might be like. large language models (LLMs) have become so convincing that some (erroneously) have argued that they must be sentient.

Iran Sending More Missiles & Drones To Russia Despite West’s Sanctions Threat
Allegations of increased Iranian military weaponry transferred to Moscow for use in Ukraine has brought the Islamic Republic under greater EU and US scrutiny, as both begin moving toward imposing fresh sanctions on Tehran as they gather evidence. Reuters is reporting Tuesday that a deal for surface-to-surface missiles has been made,

Boston University Defends Controversial Study On COVID Hybrid Strain With ’80 Percent’ Mortality Rate in Mice
One lawmaker, Sen. Roger Marshall (R-Kan.), said that the research entailed “lethal gain of function virus research” that creates the “potential to kill more people than any singular nuclear weapon.” Marshal, a doctor, added that “viruses have managed to escape even the most secure labs” and said such “research must stop immediately while the risks and benefits can be investigated.”

GPS Signal Mysteriously Disrupted Around Dallas Airports
The first reports of signal degradation occurred about 24 hours ago. “Significant GPS interference being reported by pilots in the Dallas area. Aircraft being rerouted onto non-RNAV arrivals,” The FAA said it was investigating GPS signal degradation in the metro area and looking closely to see if this could be due to “possible jamming of the global-positioning system. ”

American pastor delivers sobering message of coming ‘dark wave’ of persecution
In an interview with ALL ISRAEL NEWS, Brunson said this is not the message he prefers to carry but it is the one God gave him. He foresees a cultural and social persecution coming to the United States in which the exclusivity of Jesus as the only way to salvation will become a controversial stance. “Most of the institutions of society are supporting things that a faithful follower of Jesus cannot embrace… and that’s how they will justify persecuting us,” Brunson said. it will divide the church. There is already a measure of deception in the Church.”

How to watch the last solar eclipse of 2022 online for free (Oct. 25)
On Tuesday (Oct. 25), Earth will experience a partial solar eclipse that will be visible from parts of Europe, western Asia, and northeast Africa. Skywatchers in other parts of the world, such as the U.S., may miss this event in person, but they can watch it live online for free.

Israel must rethink its Ukraine policy as Iran joins Russia in war
For Russian President Vladimir Putin, the gloves were off from the start, but now, he has discarded any semblance of shame as he continues to wage war on Ukraine. The Ukrainians say they understand Israeli defense establishment’s inability to provide lethal weapons because of the sensitive relations with Russia. “But what is their excuse for refusing defensive weapons?” a Ukrainian officials asked over the weekend. “And what is the argument when Iranian weapons are killing Ukrainian civilians?”

US military getting weaker; Navy ‘weak’, Air Force even worse says Heritage study
A new strength assessment by the Heritage Foundation sees the U.S. military is growing weaker and weaker as it continues to face an “aggressive” set of threats and challenges around the world. On Tuesday, the Heritage Foundation released its annual U.S. Military Strength assessment. The conservative think tank gave the overall U.S. military a “weak” rating, with the U.S. Marines rated as “strong,” the U.S. Army as “marginal,” the U.S. Navy as “weak” and the U.S. Air Force as “very weak.”

North Korea fires 250 artillery shells into neutral buffer zone with South Korea
North Korean forces fired around 250 artillery shells on Tuesday into maritime buffer areas on the east and west sides of the Korean Peninsula that separate North and South Korea. In a statement provided to Reuters, the South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff said North Korean artillery forces fired 100 shells into the sea off its west coast at around 10 p.m. local time and another 150 rounds off its east coast around the same time.

Retirement plans set for trillion dollar ‘tailspin,’ economists warn
pension plans have lost roughly $4 trillion in assets year-to-date, declining from $27.8 trillion in assets to just under $24 trillion for a roughly 15% decline in overall value. Deficit spending “has caused the current inflation which in turn is prompting the Fed to raise rates hard and fast,” said Antoni in a statement to the Daily Caller News Foundation. “That is putting the market into a tailspin.”

Police investigating after video shows DFL volunteer stealing GOP mail
Rep. Stauber’s campaign manager, Johnny Eloranta, released a statement Sunday accusing Democrats of “resorting to the lowest of tactics” since they “have nothing to offer to voters.” a woman was caught on video seemingly stealing the campaign literature of a Republican congressman from a resident’s mailbox while distributing the campaign literature of a Democratic candidate for Minnesota Senate.

Iranian State-Run Paper Threatens to Destroy Israel: “Just One Wrong Move!”
The Tehran Times, an Iranian state-run newspaper, issued a threat against Israel with the headline “Just One Wrong Move!” and a map of targets for Iranian missile attacks. The Wednesday edition of the Times stated that an “intensification of Israeli military threats against Iran suggest that the Zionist regime has forgotten that Iran is more than capable of hitting them from anywhere.” “Iran has just explicitly threatened Israel through its Tehran Times mouthpiece. ”

Religious Zionist Party announces program to reform Legal System
“There is no right or left here, there is no one for Bibi or against Bibi, the program is relevant to every Israeli citizen. We all need to have a system here (in Israel) that will show justice.” “The plan will not apply to Netanyahu, and we will regulate it by law, so as not to give an excuse to the left and the media to reject the whole plan and focus the discussion only on Netanyahu. We also have an interest in the trial continuing because Netanyahu will be acquitted and, in this way, we will expose the great corruption in the legal system.”

US Amb. Nides to Arutz Sheva:u “Let us be clear: the capital of Israel is Jerusalem.”
Ambassador Nides … by referring to Biden’s comment that one need not be a Jew to be a Zionist and that there is no better friend to Israel than Joe Biden. “Joe Biden believes, as I do,” he went on, “that if Israel is to remain a democratic Jewish state, we must not give up the vision for a two-state solution.”

Lapid: We won’t allow Jewish prayer on the Temple Mount
Prime Minister Yair Lapid addressed the Arab public and asked that they vote for his Yesh Atid party in the upcoming Knesset elections, citing his government’s support for Muslim rights on the Temple Mount and policy prohibiting Jews from praying at the site.

Extreme rainfall hits Taiwan, causing huge agricultural losses 
Extremely heavy rain brought by Tropical Storm “Nesat” over the weekend hit parts of Taiwan, causing huge agricultural losses. The worst affected were farmers in the northern and northeastern parts of the country.

Widespread record-breaking morning lows to bring first freeze of the season to parts of the Midwest and South, U.S. 
An early-season Great Lakes storm is producing heavy snow, high winds, and large waves. Cold air will grip much of the eastern 2 thirds of the United States in the days ahead, bringing much below-normal temperatures to the East Coast and the first freeze of the season to portions of the Midwest and South.

Biden preparing to tank US manufacturing with ban on importation of all Russian aluminum 
Joe Biden is putting the finishing touches on an executive order that, when enacted, will tank American manufacturing and further drive down the U.S. economy, but of course, he plans on blaming his actions on Russia, Russia, Russia.

‘Brilliant’ new documentary exposes how Big Pharma and gov’t teamed up to push the COVID vaccines 
A newly released documentary that has been praised as “brilliant” and “outstanding,” chronicles the shocking story of how COVID shots were pushed in the United Kingdom using government propaganda and misleading data from Big Pharma.

JP Morgan Cancels Religious Nonprofit’s Checking Account, Demands Donor List as Condition for Reconsideration 
PMorgan Chase & Co reportedly canceled the account of a religious nonprofit organization for unexplained reasons, and said it would only reconsider the decision if the group provided its donor list, and a list of political candidates it intended to support.

U.S. power use to reach record high in 2022 as economy grows, weather hotter
America’s power usage is expected to soar higher as economic activity resumes and weather continues to be hot and dry.

Details of Over 1.2 Million Credit Cards Leaked Onto DarkWeb BidenCash Website
The credit/debit card details of over 1.2 million people worldwide have been leaked onto a dark web site called BidenCash.

Biden Administration Proposes MERGING U.S. With Mexico and Canada
“No border, no wall, no U.S.A. at all!” This line has been chanted by Antifa and other anti-American agitators. But now, a new report reveals, it has prominent supporters in a very high place: the Biden regime’s upper echelons.

OB/GYN laments COVID jab’s ‘massive,’ ‘unprecedented’ side effects for pregnant women, babies 
The mRNA-based COVID-19 vaccines by Pfizer and Moderna carry “massive” side effects for pregnant women, according to 42-year OB/GYN Dr. James Thorp.

Chinese nationals in Ukraine sign up for evacuation after call from FM 
Some Chinese nationals still in Ukraine have signed up for evacuation from the country, with most registering for organized evacuations, while others are preparing to leave Ukraine on their own, the Global Times learned on Sunday, after the Chinese Foreign Ministry urged Chinese citizens to leave Ukraine, citing the grave security situation.

Chemtrails: White House Openly Exploring Ways To Cool Earth By Reflecting Back Sunlight
Chemtrails have been present in American skies for at least 15 years but anyone who complained about them was immediately branded a conspiracy theorist, then shamed, cancelled and censored. Now, with enough data collected, the Biden Administration has openly declared its open intention to reflect sunlight back into space.

‘Dangerously Depleted’: The US Is Sending So Many Weapons To Ukraine That Experts Are Starting To Worry
The U.S. needs to seriously invest more in weapons and ammunition if it wants to continue supporting Ukraine and brace for conflict with other great powers, experts told the Daily Caller News Foundation.

China Cuts Off Natural Gas Supplies to Europe, Just in Time for Winter
Communist China has told state-owned energy-importing companies to cease sending natural gas supplies to European nations already facing a catastrophic winter.

The One World Religion Of Chrislam Now Has A Soundtrack With The Abrahamic Symphony Of Peace, Love And Tolerance, Can You Dig It?
The creator of the Abraham Accords, Mohamed bin Zayed, is working overtime to bring to life the One World Religion of Chrislam, and now it has a soundtrack. Promoting the ‘holy trinity’ of Peace, Love and Tolerance, the Abrahamic Symphony. No expense has been spared to create a work that is visually beautiful, musically lush, and quite terrifying if you believe what your King James Bible has to say about the end times.

U.S. Military Bases Sell Chinese Govt-Made Smart Devices With Privacy Policies Stating Data Can Be Sent to China.
The United States government is actively selling potential surveillance devices to American military personnel and families on military bases that are directly manufactured by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), The National Pulse can reveal.

Scannable Teacher Badges Direct Teens to Explicit Sex Guides
Teens don’t hear enough about gay sex and how to perform it, says a how-to manual promoted to students by teachers around the country and provided by the nation’s largest union of educators.

HERE WE GO: CDC Will Likely Vote this Week to Add Experimental COVID-19 Vaccines to the Childhood Vaccination Program
The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) under CDC is scheduled to vote on Thursday on whether or not to include COVID vaccinations in their routine pediatric immunization schedule. As a result, companies may have total liability protection and be able to impose more mandates on children.

Erdoğan’s Islamization of Europe: Germany’s Largest Mosque Blasts Controversial Call to Prayer For First Time 
This is just one more victory in Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s plan to Islamize Europe, seize control and ultimately re-establish the Ottoman Empire.

Texas Officials Seize Over 342 Million ‘Lethal Doses’ of Fentanyl Since March, Enough to Kill Everyone in US
Law enforcement officers in Texas have seized over 342 million lethal doses of fentanyl since March 2021 as part of Gov. Greg Abbott’s “Operation Lone Star,” according to his office.

Florida Schools To Suspend Or Revoke K-3 Teacher Licenses If Gender Identity Is Taught
According to the Washington Post, the Florida Department of Education is set to begin suspending or revoking licenses for teachers of K-3 students if they discuss or teach gender identity or sexuality in their classrooms. The change comes as a new rule that was proposed in September takes effect.

Solar and Wind Renewable Energy Projects are Environmentally Destructive 
On Sunday, Michael Shellenberger shared a Twitter thread that detailed the dark side of renewable energy projects that climate alarmists want you to ignore while they fanatically push to “save the world” from their alleged “catastrophic global warming.”

China: How Sharing Images of Freedom Protests on Social Media Blocks Health QR Codes 
On the popular Chinese social media platform, Weibo, hundreds of desperate users were writing “confession letters” this past week.  They are urgent pleas from people who have been banned from the Tencent-owned super app WeChat – begging representatives to restore their accounts on a service that has become an almost indispensable part of life in China.

Informed Consent Stampeded Out of Way in Rush to Get Everyone Injected
A vaccine harm support group campaigner is pleading with health bosses to ensure the public is given informed consent over covid injections.  Jackie Fletcher is from Justice, Awareness and Basic Support (JABS).  Her son, Robert, suffered catastrophic brain injuries as a result of an MMR childhood vaccine in the 1990s and she has been campaigning ever since to raise awareness of vaccine harm.

‘Stop Whining’ About High Energy Costs: Former President of Parliament Lectures Germans to Wear Layers and Burn Candles
‘Yes, sorry, I really understand you don’t want to pay more for energy, but instead, you could give up a vacation trip, or perhaps vacation in Germany somewhere, and not travel to the Galapagos Islands or wherever the heck else,’ said Wolfgang Schäuble.