8 Oct 2022

Solar storm set for ‘direct hit’ with earth amid ominous NASA warning about what’s to come
The debris from an explosion on the sun could be headed towards earth. It comes as NASA recently issued an ominous warning that ‘an upswing in space weather will impact our lives and technology on Earth, as well as astronauts in space’. A massive solar storm could make a ‘direct hit’ with earth in the coming days. Space weather experts say a 200,000-km long magnetic filament in the sun erupted on Tuesday, hurling part of itself into space. The debris from the explosion could be headed towards earth, with fears it could graze the earth’s magnetic field on Saturday.

Cruz, Graham warn Mayorkas to prepare for impeachment over border crisis
“Since you assumed office as the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) 19 months ago, there have been over 4.4 million illegal crossings, including over 3.5 million apprehensions by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP)1 and at least 900,000 gotaways, who evaded apprehension,” the letter stated. “This is gross dereliction of duty and, if not corrected swiftly, could provide grounds for Impeachment,” the senators warned. “We fully expect that in a few months’ time a Republican-led Congress will hold you to account for your willful negligence regarding the security of the southern border and the safety of the American people.

‘Witchcraft Is No Longer Evil’: Deeply Disturbing Reality Purportedly at Center of ‘Hocus Pocus 2’
Many Christian parents are understandably cautious about “Hocus Pocus 2,” That’s understandable, considering the occultic themes prevalent throughout the film. While many use unfounded claims from the satanic panic era to dismiss worries about evil and the occult, the Bible is clear that these practices — witchcraft, tarot, fortune-telling — are very real and are to be avoided at all costs. Sadly, we’re also seeing reports of massive increases in requests for exorcism, and warnings from pastors about these practices.

Biden says Putin threats real, could spark nuclear ‘Armageddon’
“He is not joking when he talks about potential use of tactical nuclear weapons or biological and chemical weapons, because his military is, you might say, significantly underperforming,” Biden added. “I don’t think there’s any such thing as the ability to easily use tactical nuclear weapons and not end up with Armageddon.”

AP Fabricates “Completely False Story” To Smear DeSantis, Then Deletes
On Thursday, the Associated Press fabricated a story about residents on Florida’s Pine Island, who they claimed “have stayed put for days without electricity and other resources while hoping the lone bridge to the mainland is repaired” after Hurricane Ian. The headline played into the left’s ongoing attempts to make this into Gov. Ron Desantis’ ‘Katrina’ moment. Except, the bridge was repaired the day before.

China Is Expanding Its Energy Footprint In The Middle East
The top of China’s agenda in energy terms remains the Middle East. The recent Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) summit saw China enhance its influence with several of the world’s leading players in the oil and gas sector. China is looking to forge a “deeper strategic cooperation in a region where U.S. dominance is showing signs of retreat”.

The OPEC+ Cut Is A Disaster For President Biden
The OPEC+ decision to cut its production quota by 2 million bpd has placed the Biden Administration between a rock and a hard place, with oil prices climbing ahead of the mid-terms and very few viable options to counter it.

A Tactical Russian Nuke Wouldn’t Confer Much Battlefield Advantage, Experts Say
referred to as “tactical” nuclear weapons, which technically refers to the delivery system but also speaks to their likely use as part of a conventional conflict rather than to deter one. U.S. inventories of these peaked in 1967 and fell afterward, especially when the Cold War ended. The online tool NukeMap suggests that a 20-kiloton attack on Kyiv would kill more than 31,000 people and injure another 65,000 within 24 hours. Even those numbers may be a big underestimation.

Four volcanoes at Level III during September 2022: PVMBG
The Volcanology and Geological Disaster Mitigation Agency (PVMBG) noted that four volcanoes in Indonesia were at Level III, or “Alert” status, throughout September 2022. “Indonesia has 127 active volcanoes, more than 70 volcanoes of them are (very) active (type A), while the rest are less active …

US gov’t stockpiling anti-radiation drugs after Putin nuclear threat
Biden’s administration purchased $290 million of anti-radiation medication this week amid threats of nuclear war repeatedly issued by Russian President Vladimir Putin. Biden also warned this week that “the prospect of [nuclear] Armageddon” is real and Putin was “not joking when he talks about the use of tactical nuclear weapons or biological or chemical weapons.”

Called to Account: MacArthur Highlights Newsom’s Unbiblical Worldview
On Thursday, John MacArthur, pastor of Grace Community Church in California, penned an open letter to Democrat Gavin Newsom calling the California governor to repentance over a series of recent decisions. Describing what he called the “diabolical effects” of the governor’s worldview, MacArthur specifically mentioned Newsom’s policies on abortion, transgenderism, homelessness, and crime. However, MacArthur’s strongest words were reserved for the governor’s recent billboard campaign that used Scripture to promote California’s permissive abortion laws.

Israel wooing future Arab allies with nuclear embrace
With declining prospects of the United States reviving the moribund agreement to regulate Iran’s nuclear aspirations, the head of Israel’s atomic agency said this week that Jerusalem was contemplating sharing nuclear know-how with Arab states with whom it has a peace agreement. According to Mideast experts, the speech was meant to impress the value of friendship with Israel both on Arab states with whom it has peace treaties and those contemplating such a step.

Ukrainian authorities find mass grave in liberated eastern town
Ukrainian authorities have found a mass grave in the recently liberated eastern town of Lyman and it is unclear how many bodies it holds, … the Ukrinform news agency cited a senior police official as saying the grave contained 180 bodies.

Tensions rise on northern border as gas deal with Lebanon falls through
Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz on Thursday ordered IDF troops to prepare for “any scenario” on the northern border after a proposed maritime frontier demarcation accord with Hezbollah-controlled Lebanon appeared to have hit a dead end.

Ambassador Erdan: How can you negotiate with a regime that murdered a young woman?
Israel’s Ambassador to the UN, Gilad Erdan, on Friday demanded answers on how the international community can negotiate a nuclear deal with the regime in Iran.“How can you negotiate a nuclear deal that expires in only a couple of years? A deal that will funnel hundreds of millions of dollars into the coffers of a murderous regime?” he wondered. “Can you truly believe the commitments made by a totalitarian government that murdered a young woman, Mahsa Amini, for not properly wearing a head covering, and then butchered those who protest such brutality?”

Putin’s inner circle beginning to show cracks over Ukraine war
Putin’s inner circle is beginning to show cracks, according to an American intelligence briefing, with a member close to the Russian leader expressing impatience with how the war in Ukraine has played out.

Red Wave? Democrats Forced to Abandon Key House Races
With barely more than one month remaining until the midterm elections, the leading entities tasked with helping Democrats win and retain seats in the House of Representatives say they are running out of money and scrambling to decide which Democrats get the remaining cash available to try and dampen the expected red wave heading for … Pelosi’s gavel.

Parents outraged to find new White Bear Lake school has no girls’ bathroom
Architects discussed design details for a new elementary school in the White Bear Lake district two summers ago — right down to the placement of light switches. They shared specific details with parents so when students moved into the new building this fall, there would be “no surprises.” They apparently omitted one detail that has shocked parents and students alike: Separate “boys” and “girls” bathrooms in the new school have been replaced with gender-neutral “privacy bathrooms.”

Sydney sets new annual rainfall record, Australia 
Between January 1 and October 6, 2022, Australia’s largest city – Sydney recorded more than 2 194 mm (86 inches) of rainfall, marking its wettest year since 1858 when the records started. Over the next three months, the eastern half of Australia is forecast to receive above-median rainfall.

China, Russia Believe Themselves at War With the West, Says Canada’s Military Chief
China and Russia consider themselves to be at war with Canada and Western democracies, and are showing a willingness to launch large-scale violent conflicts, which Canada must prepare for, the head of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) told parliamentarians.

176 airline workers pursue ‘justice’ in court against Trudeau gov’t, WestJet over vaccine mandate
A group of 176 active and non-active WestJet employees seeking “justice” over COVID jab mandates have successfully filed its Statement of Claim against the airline and government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in a federal court.

Transgender TikTok Star Arrested On Eight Counts of Child Sex AbuseWell, I don’t think what I am about to tell you will come as a huge shock, but it is sad and heartbreaking. Another transgender has been arrested and charged with child sex abuse — 8 disgusting counts to be exact. And this man, who goes by the name “Rachel” is a TikTok star, with over 30K followers and a very disturbing and twisted “message.” But what makes this even worse, is that it might be more than the 8 charges. Investigators are still looking into things, like his laptop, and expect more charges could be coming.

Colorado town installing robots to track citizens via license plates
A Colorado town has announced it will start using solar powered robots to track its own citizens’ movements apparently without any regard for privacy rights.

Nurse Sues Tavistock NHS Trust over ‘Racist’ Anti-Whiteness CRT Training
A white Christian nurse is suing the Tavistock and Portman National Health Service (NHS) Foundation Trust for “forcing” her to submit to “racist” anti-white training.

Germany Spends 2.5 Billion Euros on 100 Million Bivalent Boosters Only to Discover That Nobody Wants Them – Global ResearchGlobal Research
The German government has ordered 100 million doses of BA.1 and BA.4/5 bivalent vaccines at a cost of 2.5 billion Euros, and almost nobody wants them. An amusing Welt article chronicles the scenes unfolding at our deserted regional vaccination centres, which for some reason are still open:

Central Banks Add Gold for Fifth Straight Month 
Central banks globally added to their net gold holdings for the fifth consecutive month in August, according to the latest data released by the World Gold Council.

US Sending Ukraine More HIMARS Artillery for War, But It Won’t Arrive for Years
The highly-prized HIMARS artillery system in the US’s latest $1.1 billion security assistance package for Ukraine will take a few years to be built, a Pentagon official said Wednesday.

Biden Cabal Will Scurry Away Like Cowardly RATS With Their Tails Between Their Legs To Their Bunkers
With the sabotage and destruction of the Nord Stream Gas Pipelines moving the world closer to World War 3 this week as the globalists seemingly seek out nuclear annihilation for the planet, no other way in their minds to hit Deagel’s 2025 global depopulation numbers for America with people now rejecting their deadly vaxxes ‘en masse,’ we’ve got to take a look back before we look forward in order to get a better look at just WHO is the ‘most likely suspect‘ in this sabotage that could lead to nuclear war.

Inflation is forcing people to use up their savings in a bad sign for the economy
Turns out Americans aren’t sitting on a big pile of savings to help them endure high inflation or another recession.

Animal tranquilizer xylazine is overtaking Philly’s opioid supply 
Philadelphia was once known for having the “purest heroin in the nation,” city health officials say, but now the city’s opioid supply has been overtaken by an animal tranquilizer linked to thousands of drug overdoses across the nation.

FLASHBACK: CIA Sabotaged Soviet Pipeline to Europe in 1982 – US Software Caused Massive Explosion in Siberian Pipeline Seen From Space
…The explosions guarantee Germany and the EU won’t go wobbly with regard to sanctions against Russian energy imports. The damage to pipelines will take months repair, and repairs are unlikely to begin until next summer. Even if Germany were to cry “uncle” as civil unrest intensifies over lack of heat and energy, even if Russia decided to turn the power back on, the conduit for Russian gas to Europe is broken.

‘Queer’ uniform, ticketing initiative launched by Virgin Atlantic
The airline, which disclosed a $916-million loss in 2021, believes offering its staff “a fluid approach to its red and burgundy uniforms” cements its position as “the most inclusive airline in the skies.”

Government reports confirm 1 in every 110 COVID Vaccinated people had died by January 2022, compared to just 1 in every 187 Unvaccinated people
Data published by the Office for National Statistics confirms 1 in every 110 vaccinated people had died by the 31st of January 2022 in England. Whilst just 1 in every 187 vaccinated people had died.

Political Policing: UK Journalist Arrested for Posting “Offensive” Message Online
Despite the UK government’s proposals to stop it, British citizens are still being arrested over alleged speech offences.