27 Sep 2022

“Murderapolis”: Ground Zero For ‘Defund The Police’ Movement Now Suffering Horrendous Crime Wave
In the mid-1990s, the murder rate was so high in Minneapolis that it earned the nickname, “Murderapolis.” Now, more than two years after the Democrat stronghold turned into ground zero for the ‘defund the police’ movement after the murder of George Floyd, Murderopolis is back.

NASA crashes DART spacecraft into asteroid in world’s 1st planetary defense test
For the first time in history, a spacecraft from Earth has crashed into an asteroid to test a way to save our planet from extinction. The spacecraft, NASA’s Double Asteroid Rendezvous Test (DART) probe, slammed into a small asteroid 7 million miles (11 million kilometers) from Earth tonight (Sept. 26) in what the U.S. space agency has billed as the world’s first planetary defense test. The goal: to change the orbit of the space rock — called Dimorphos — around its larger asteroid parent Didymos enough to prove humanity could deflect a dangerous asteroid if one was headed for Earth.

SoCal heat wave to bring triple-digit temperatures through Wednesday
LOS ANGELES – Triple-digit temperatures are returning to some parts of Southern California again as another heat wave makes its way to the region in the coming days. Excessive heat warnings and advisories were issued for inland areas through midweek, with maximum temperatures predicted to reach 103 degrees in foothills and valleys

FBI lied to judge to drill into 1400 Beverly Hills’ safe-deposit boxes, lawsuit says
The FBI was able to crack open more than 1,400 safe-deposit boxes in Beverly Hills, Calif., taking more than $86 million in personal possessions from hundreds of people in 2021. Now a lawsuit is alleging the FBI deceived the judge who signed off the warrant for their controversial raid. In a March 2021 raid, FBI agents went through various safe-deposit boxes at the U.S. Private Vaults in Beverly Hills. The federal agency has continued to hold onto millions in seized items, which they claimed were tied to unspecified crimes. The Institute for Justice has since filed a lawsuit on behalf of several of the box holders, demanding their return.

Underwater volcano eruption blasted water vapor into stratosphere – study
The submarine volcano Hunga Tonga–Hunga Haʻapai, located in the Pacific Ocean and northeast of Fiji, reportedly blasted approximately 50 teragrams (50 million metric tons) of water vapor into the Earth’s stratosphere shortly after it erupted on January 15 of this year, according to a recent study.

Uniformed soldiers tried smuggling people into Texas, feds say. They’re going to prison
Two former soldiers are going to prison after they tried smuggling two people from Mexico into the U.S., authorities said. “You made a horrible mistake and you’re going to get punished for it,” Judge Diana Saldaña told the men in federal court. “You’re going to go to prison.” While in their Army-issued uniforms on June 13, 2021, they tried entering into Texas with a man and woman hiding in the trunk of their four-door sedan, McClatchy News previously reported.

Several Iranian government websites down; Anonymous claims responsibility
Several Iranian government and state-owned websites have been taken down by Anonymous, the international activist hacker group says, in a move of support for nationwide protests that followed the death of a 22-year-old woman following her arrest by the morality police. The website of the Iranian presidency, the government-affiliated Fars news agency, and the forensic medical research center of Iran are among the hacked websites that are currently unavailable.

USPS spied on ‘MAGA’ protesters, right-wing groups, gun rights activists, documents show
The U.S Postal Service spied on ‘MAGA’ protesters, gun rights activists and other right-wing groups between late 2020 and early 2021, according to records obtained by The Washington Times. ‘MAGA’ is former President Donald Trump’s slogan meaning “Make America Great Again.” Patrick Eddington, a senior fellow at the Cato Institute, obtained heavily redacted files detailing the USPS’ surveillance activities from September 2020 to April 2021, which included a secret effort to surveil social media known as the Internet Covert Operations Program (iCOP).

Is America preparing the way for a one-world ruler?
For a time, he will deliver exactly what he has promised: Peace. Prosperity. Security. Hope. But once he has the world in his grip, he will remove the mask of the Messiah-like peacemaker — and reveal himself as a ruthless dictator. Above all, he will deny that Jesus is the only One worthy to be worshiped. Instead, he will demand that the world worships him. Our world is already being prepared for the Antichrist. There are countless forces today that would normally oppose each other — yet they have joined forces in their opposition to Jesus Christ. They are united in their denial that Jesus is the only way of salvation.

Hurricane Ian nears Cuba on path to strike Florida as Cat 4
Hurricane Ian was growing stronger as it approached the western tip of Cuba on Monday, on a track to hit the west coast of Florida as a major hurricane as early as Wednesday. Ian was forecast to hit Cuba as a major hurricane and then become an even stronger Category 4 with top winds of 140 miles (225 kilometers) over warm Gulf of Mexico waters before striking Florida along a stretch of coast including the Tampa Bay area.

Putin grants Russian citizenship to Edward Snowden
President Vladimir Putin has granted Russian citizenship to former U.S. security contractor Edward Snowden, according to a decree signed by the Russian leader on Monday. Snowden is one of 75 foreign nationals listed by the decree as being granted Russian citizenship. The decree was published on an official government website.

Russian military recruiter shot amid fear of Ukraine call-up
A young man shot a Russian military officer at close range at an enlistment office Monday, in an unusually bold attack reflecting resistance to the Russian leadership’s efforts to mobilize hundreds of thousands of men to wage war on Ukraine.

Italy shifts to the right as voters reward Meloni’s party
A party with neo-fascist roots has won the most votes in Italy’s national election, setting the stage Monday for talks to create of the country’s first far-right-led government since World War II with Giorgia Meloni at the helm as Italy’s first woman premier.

Russian Orthodox church absolves Russian soldiers dying in Ukraine
The head of the Russian Orthodox Church has said that Russian soldiers who die in the war against Ukraine will be cleansed of all their sins, days after President Vladimir Putin ordered the country’s first mobilization since World War Two.

Hurricane Ian not the only system forecasters are watching. A depression could form
While all eyes are on Hurricane Ian as it treks toward Cuba and Florida, forecasters are also watching a system in the Atlantic that has a high chance of turning into a tropical depression in the next couple of days. The disturbance is showing signs of organization several hundred miles west of the Cabo Verde Islands Monday morning and conditions are friendly enough for development, according to the National Hurricane Center’s advisory at 8 a.m. Monday.

New Zealand Prime Minister Calls For A Global Censorship System
…referring to a global censorship coalition as a “light-touch approach to disinformation,”

Ian rapidly strengthens into a hurricane – significant wind and storm surge impacts expected in Cuba
Tropical Storm “Ian” rapidly strengthened into a hurricane by 09:00 UTC on September 26, 2022. Significant wind and storm surge impacts are expected in western Cuba before Ian emerges over the southeastern Gulf of Mexico on September 28 and heads toward Florida.

Biden says COVID-19 pandemic is over, yet he is still pushing Americans to get vaccinated against their will
President Joe Biden said in a recent interview with “60 Minutes” on CBS News that the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is over. He noted that the return of large events and eased masking are proof that citizens can breathe a little easier following the pandemic that claimed countless lives.

Florida Issues Strong Response to Credit Card Companies Moving to Track Gun, Ammo Sales
The state of Florida has a message for major credit card companies and payment processors who have either announced they will begin assigning a special code to gun and ammo sales for the purpose of tracking them or are preparing to do so: Bad idea.

‘We’re Ready To Team Up With Russia’, Xi Tells Putin 
At the recent Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit in Uzbekistan  Xi told Putin that “We’re ready to team up with Russia” and the two countries performed joint naval patrols and military drills in the Pacific Ocean just hours before the conference.

Red Flag! Pro-American Orgs SLAM NBC for Hinting at Censoring Speech in Text Messages
Three pro-American organizations flayed an NBC News report last week that called for censorship of text messages in one of the latest leftist rallying cries against so-called “disinformation.”

ANALYSIS: Europe to become “ECONOMIC WASTELAND” as industry dies, banks fail and food production plunges 
Europe’s economy, currencies and industries are in free fall, plunging toward “economic wasteland” status that’s less than a year away if natural gas supplies from Russia aren’t quickly restored.

Pfizer’s figures for its new Bivalent Omicron Vaccine prove that the Old COVID Vax had a minus-44% negative efficacy after just 30 days
We have been sold an antivaccine as a vaccine. The old Pfizer COVID injection destroys the immune system at a rate greater than 1% per day.

Why Are The Global Elite Billionaires All Building Underground Doomsday Bunkers To Survive The Apocalypse?
New Zealand has become a prime destination for billionaires seeking doomsday refuge, from Google co-founder Larry Page, 49, to Silicon Valley entrepreneur Sam Altman, 37, who let it slip in a 2016 interview that he and PayPal cofounder Peter Thiel had a mutual agreement to escape to Thiel’s New Zealand compound via private jet at the first sign of society’s collapse. But for the born again child of God, no bunker is needed as we have the sealing of the Holy Spirit. Welcome to Day 924 of 15 Days To Flatten the Curve, do you have your shelter in the time of storm ready? I do.

Rainbows over Rome: ‘Synodality’ an all-out bid to embrace active homosexuality 
Should the pro-LGBT recommendations of the ongoing synod eventually be absorbed into doctrine, much the same as a previous synod brought approval to the aberrations of Amoris Letitia, this final stage in the demolition of Catholic moral absolutes is going to lead hundreds and thousands of souls into perdition.

Prayers needed: Canadian mom desperate to save diabetic 23-yr-old from being euthanized Sept. 28 
Margaret Marsilla of Caledon, Ontario, a town northwest of Toronto, released a Change.org petition earlier this month in the hope that it will prevent her 23-year-old son Kiano V. from dying at the MAiD (Medical Assistance in Dying) House in Toronto on September 28.

China Doubles Down on Fossil Fuel Usage Despite Its Commitment to Globalist Elites and Useful Idiots Like John Kerry
While China is funding the radical green movement here in America, the country is doubling its fossil fuel usage despite its prior commitments to foolish globalist elites.

$1.2B Israel defense cloud contract includes face detection; Google, Amazon workers protest
Hundreds of workers and their supporters gathered outside Google and Amazon offices in San Francisco, New York, Seattle and Durham, North Carolina, last Thursday to protest against the two tech giants’ contracts with the Israeli government.

BEYOND SICK! Drag Queen Dances While Little Girl Repeatedly Rubs Her Hand Up and Down the Crotch of “Little Mermaid” Costume While Another Drag Queen Spreads Legs Wide Open On Stage For Toddlers
Pride Youth Day in Chattanooga, TN. (a red state) kicked off on Saturday with a speaker and discussion (we have no idea which topics they covered—perhaps the best sex toys for toddlers?). Drag Queen story time for kids began at 2:30, followed by a Princess Meet & Greet at 3:00 and a “Family friendly” drag show at 4 pm.

Fake Meat Sales Plummet On High Prices, Woke Messaging
Who could have seen this coming?