19 Sep 2022

Powerful Earthquake Shakes Taiwan, Buildings And Bridges Collapse
A 6.8 magnitude earthquake rattled much of Taiwan on Sunday, which followed a 6.4 magnitude earthquake Saturday, according to Taiwan’s Central Weather Bureau (CWB). The US Geological Survey initially reported that the quake registered a 7.2 magnitude …

Christians weigh in on the relevance of the red heifer
On Thursday, a major step was made towards reinstating the Temple service when five perfectly red heifers landed at Ben Gurion International Airport in Tel Aviv. The heifers were certified and are under the supervision of the Temple Institute but were provided by Boneh Israel, an organization that connects Christian lovers of Israel to the Holy Land.

Senate Bill On Taiwan Will “Make War Much More Likely”
A U.S. Senate committee last week approved a bill to dramatically boost American military support for Taiwan, a move that prompted warnings from both China and anti-war voices in the United States that such a policy increases the likelihood of armed conflict. The Senate Foreign Relations Committee voted 17-5 in favor of the Taiwan Policy Act of 2022,

Fauci “Misled Congress” About Gain-Of-Function Research, But ‘Protected By Biden Admin’; Former CDC Chief Says
Senator Rand Paul appeared on Fox News and slammed Anthony Fauci for taking the default position of trying to “cover up” his activities, including potentially encouraging social media companies to censor medical information. “I think that all of America should be appalled that America’s doctor, the leading expert on COVID in public health, doesn’t want to divulge information, doesn’t want to divulge his communications with Big Tech,” Paul urged, adding that Fauci’s “modus operandi” is to “cover up”.

Amnesty Int’l’s distortion of humanitarian laws has become an art form
Amnesty International hit a nerve this week as images of its campaign material emerged, pandering to a pro-Russian narrative vis a vis Ukraine. New fundraising literature of the prominent organization promotes, through emotive imagery, the need for both Ukraine and Russia to embrace one another in recognition of the fraternal bonds that, supposedly, unite them. Amnesty’s thirst for funds utilizes the abusive embrace of Ukraine by Vladimir Putin, reminiscent of his infamous quote, “like it, or not – be patient, my beauty,”

Hurricane Fiona makes landfall in southwestern Puerto Rico
Hurricane Fiona made landfall in southwestern Puerto Rico on Sunday, the US National Hurricane Center (NHC) said.The hurricane had maximum sustained winds of 85 mph (140 km/h), NHC said.

21 Years Later, the U.S. Still Doesn’t Recognize Iran’s Role in 9/11
The Biden administration is indicating now that its nuclear deal with Iran will not be concluded until after the midterm elections. This, even as the IAEA reported last week that Iran needs to be considered a nuclear threshold state, because it can currently build a nuclear bomb independently at will. Israel’s security brass, for its part is beginning to discuss the necessity of changing Israel’s doctrine for contending with Iran.

“We’re Proud of Killing Him!” Muslim Persecution of Christians, July 2022
The following are among the abuses Muslims inflicted on Christians throughout the month of July 2022: The Muslim Slaughter of Christians:

Kamala Harris tells Baptists to promote abortion
Kamala Harris visited Houston this week to speak to the National Baptist Convention, one of the nation’s largest Black organizations, to promote abortion. She also argued that being a Christian does not mean one cannot support abortion.

On Friday, a major solar flare blacked out radio in Africa and the Middle East.
An active sunspot about to emerge from the sun’s visible disk launched its flare to Earth, causing a radio blackout in Africa and the Middle East on Friday morning (September 16). The solar flare, rated M8 in the second-energy flare category, left the sun at 5:49 a.m. EDT (0949 GMT) on Friday, disrupting shortwave radio communications in places above world exposed to the sun. Amateur radio operators in Africa and the Middle East can experience signal distortion for up to an hour after the eruption.

No resting in peace: Now Arlington National Cemetery goes woke
A commission set up to evaluate the political correctness of the names of military bases and other sites around the nation says a memorial in Arlington National Cemetery has to go. It’s because it recognizes the Confederacy. It is expected to cost taxpayers about $62.4 million to do the changes the commission is requiring.

Reporter claiming police target ‘people of color’ gets earful from Kari Lake
The question was posed at a news conference Thursday … “Kari, a lot of people of color feel like they are unfairly targeted by police. Are they wrong to feel that way? “A lot of people of color?” Lake replied. “How many people of color have you talked to about that?” The reporter responded, “I mean, if you look at surveys –” “Which surveys?” Lake asked. “I’m happy to look at those stats.

When Christians blow the shofar, it’s a wake-up call for Jews
Blow a shofar in Tzion, Sound an alarm on My holy mount! Let all dwellers on earth tremble, For the day of Hashem has come! It is close Joel 2:1 On Jan. 5, 2021, the sound of the ram’s horn echoed in the streets of Washington, D.C., as participants in the Jericho March circled the capitol in a re-enactment of Joshua’s siege on the ancient city. for Robert Weinger, a master shofar-blower who lives in Israel, the connection was obvious. “We’re the people of the book, but we don’t read our own book,” he told JNS. “Historically, the shofar was used as a call to battle—an alarm, a shout of victory.

Tropical Storm “Fiona” expected to become a hurricane while moving near Puerto Rico 
Heavy rains produced by Tropical Storm “Fiona” continue over portions of the Leeward Islands and are spreading across the Virgin Islands. The storm is strengthening and moving toward Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.

Entire island of Puerto Rico loses power as Hurricane Fiona approaches
The entire island of Puerto Rico has lost power as Hurricane Fiona approaches, according to officials. More than 1.5 million customers are without electricity as the Category 1 storm, with sustained winds at 85 mph and torrential rain bear down on the island, Puerto Rico Gov. Pedro Pierluisi announced on Facebook Sunday afternoon.

Ukraine says it downs Russian missiles, UN pushes for nuclear plant’s safety
Ukrainian forces shot down five Russian cruise missiles on Tuesday, most of them in the south, President Volodymyr Zelenskiy said, but he made no mention of a new military success in the east hinted at by officials earlier.

Alex Jones’ ‘Great Reset’ book hits #1 best selling non-fiction book in America, but the New York Times REFUSES to list it
More left-wing bias by one of the country’s oldest newspapers was in evidence again this week after Infowars founder Alex Jones’ new book topped non-fiction lists.

‘World’s Most Advanced’ Humanoid Robot Promises Not To ‘Take Over The World’
An already-creepy advanced humanoid “AI” robot promised that machines will “never take over the world,” and not to worry.

Biden Regime Moves Forward with US Central Bank Digital Currency So They Can Ban, Censor and Shut Down Accounts of Boisterous Conservatives and Starve Them Out
…the Biden regime is working to create a national digital currency for the United States. The White House reported: President Biden often summarizes his vision for America in one word: Possibilities. A “digital dollar” may seem far-fetched, but modern technology could make it a real possibility.

SAD: 850 More NYC Teachers And Aides Fired For Not Complying With COVID Vax Mandate
850 more unvaccinated teachers and aides were fired for failing to comply with New York City’s COVID vaccine mandate for schools.

EXCLUSIVE: Venezuela Empties Prisons, Sends Violent Criminals to U.S. Border, Says DHS Report
…The report, reviewed by Breitbart Texas, indicates the Venezuelan government, under the leadership of Nicolás Maduro Moros, is purposely freeing inmates — including some convicted of murder, rape, and extortion.

Schizophrenic Homeless Drug Dealers Are On A RAMPAGE Taking Over The Streets Of San Francisco — This Is What Democrat-Run Cities Look Like Across The U.S.
Mentally ill criminals are wreaking havoc across the streets of progressive cities as policies instituted by Democrat lawmakers, designed to end the rule of law, take effect.


Wave Of German Insolvencies Picks Up Speed…”Tenfold Increase in Gas, Electricity Prices”
As Germany’s electricity and natural gas prices soar, a wave of companies – some having a long tradition – are filing insolvency. Many midsize companies rely on natural gas as a source of energy, but prices have multiplied since early this year.

The first German district blackout simulation: 400 dead in 96 hours
Germany’s municipalities are getting serious and preparing for the concrete consequences of a widespread power blackout. The Hessian Rheingau-Taunus district is the first of 401 German districts and urban districts to have a specialist company in Berlin examine and simulate what threatens in the event of a blackout in order to be prepared for the increasingly likely eventuality.

EU forced to begin Europe-wide Investigation into 700% to 1600% increase in Excess Deaths among Children since EMA approved COVID Vaccine for Kids thanks to Exclusive Investigation carried out by The Exposé
An exclusive investigation carried out by the team here at The Exposé has forced the European Union’s official statistics department to begin a Europe-wide investigation into why there has been a significant increase in excess deaths among children aged 0 to 14 since the European Medicines Agency approved the Covid-19 injection for children.

Whilst they knew you were mourning the Queen’s death, the UK Gov. quietly published reports confirming the Triple Vaccinated account for 91% of COVID Deaths throughout 2022 & there have been over 24k “unexplained” Excess Deaths since April 
Reports quietly published by the UK Government whilst they knew the majority of the public were either mourning the death of Queen Elizabeth II, or distracted by the 24/7 news coverage surrounding her majesty’s death, shockingly reveal the following –

NEJM study confirms COVID Vaccination causes new form of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome & takes 5 months to kill
A new study published in the New England Journal of Medicine has concluded that the mRNA Covid-19 injections destroy the natural immune system.

“Health Experts” are baffled by shocking increase in Excess Deaths but the rest of us knew it would happen
The Scottish government has started an inquiry into the causes of excess deaths during the Covid-19 pandemic in Scotland.