22 Jul 2022

Texas has set power-demand records 11 times so far this summer
Triple-digit temperatures have been baking Texas over the past few weeks, causing power usage in the state to repeatedly hit record levels.

Severe Thunderstorm Watches in effect for 21 million Americans from New England to mid-Atlantic
A front moving through the eastern third of the nation will be the focal point for showers and thunderstorms on Thursday from New England to the Gulf Coast.

1 soldier killed, at least 9 others injured after lightning strikes Army base in Georgia
One soldier was killed, and nine others were injured at Fort Gordon during an apparent lightning strike Wednesday to a training range at the U.S. Army installation in eastern Georgia, authorities said.

Pharmaceutical pollution found in large portion of world’s rivers 
…Published Wednesday in Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, the assessment of more than 1,000 locations spanning 104 countries found around 43.5 percent of these waterways contain concerning levels of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs).

NYC Official Reports Monkeypox Outbreak — Represents 30 Percent of U.S. Cases
An official in New York City reports a spike in monkeypox cases where incidents more than doubled in the past week. The official states the outbreak in the nation’s largest city accounts for 30 percent of all U.S. cases.

China’s Surveillance State Hits Rare Resistance From Its Own Subjects 
Chinese artists have staged performances to highlight the ubiquity of surveillance cameras. Privacy activists have filed lawsuits against the collection of facial recognition data. Ordinary citizens and establishment intellectuals alike have pushed back against the abuse of Covid tracking apps by the authorities to curb protests. Internet users have shared tips on how to evade digital monitoring.

Almost 200 educators across the country charged with felonies related to child abuse 
There had been at least 181 K-12 teachers, principals and school staff members arrested for child sex crimes between Jan. 1 and June 30 in the United States. This number could be higher as it did not include arrests that failed to make it in news reports.

Supermarkets, Restaurants Hire Security, Limit Hours to Combat Crime 
Restaurants and grocery stores said they are revamping operations in response to crime, with some operators limiting hours, spending more on security and closing stores entirely.

KILLING is okay if you’re TRIGGERED: Charlestown High School in Boston tells students that assassination is a legitimate way to resist “oppression”
Immigrant children fresh from Central and South America, the Caribbean and China are now being taught at a Boston public school that assassinating people you don’t like is sometimes appropriate in order to resist “oppression.”

You must DIE to save plant Earth: Center for Biological Diversity pushes mass starvation and poverty for humanity through emergency executive order roadmap
A non-profit group based out of Tucson, Ariz., is calling on the Biden regime to permanently ban all oil drilling in the United States as part of a comprehensive takedown of the country’s energy infrastructure.

When Venezuela Starved, Fruit Helped Keep Us Alive.
Venezuela has already made it through a time of food scarcity. In a way, we know what to expect with what is coming next. Just how did we survive? What did we do? While there weren’t any secrets, one of the things that did help us out a lot was fruit.

How the “Vaccine” Affects the Body, What Corporate Media Will Never Tell You
Last month, Ben Armstrong, the host of The New American’s ‘The Armstrong Show’, gave an easy-to-understand explanation of how the Covid injection affects our bodies using excerpts from an earlier interview with Dr. Stephanie Seneff. It may be distressing to hear but if you are looking to know what the “vaccine” is doing to the body, this is the video for you.

Covid Injections contain Potassium Chloride which is Contraindicated for Cardiac Disorders
Pfizer-BioNTech’s Covid-19 “vaccine” contains potassium chloride of undisclosed concentration.  Potassium chloride is essential for the proper functioning of the heart however, the side effects of excessive potassium include uneven heartbeat, muscle weakness or limp feeling, severe stomach pain, and numbness or tingling in your hands, feet, or mouth.  Potassium chloride should not be injected into those who have a cardiac disorder.

The Global Temperature Record Says We’re in a “Climate Emergency”, It’s a Con
Official Government Data Shows an alarming rapid rise in temperature over 140 years. NASA offers a graph of global temperature for each year from 1880 to the present which shows that we are in a runaway warming trend that constitutes a “climate emergency.”  It’s a statistical sleight of hand. The widely cited NASA global temperature graph is highly magnified and visually misleading. But that hasn’t stopped corporate media from using NASA’s data to inform their readers of a “climate emergency.”

CLOWN SHOW: On The One-Year Anniversary Of Telling People At A CNN Town Hall That ‘Vaccinated People Can’t Get COVID’, Fully Vaxxed Joe Biden Tests Positive 
One year ago this very day, our pretend president went on a CNN Town Hall with Don Lemon, and made some outrageous claims about the then-new and emergency use approved only COVID vaccine. We have played this clip on our Prophecy News Podcast dozens of times since then, will likely play it again tomorrow, and it was nothing but lies and disinformation. Happy Anniversary of your ‘big lie’ Pretend President Joe Biden.