19 Jul 2022

Hoover dam ablaze, rocked by large explosion
The Hoover dam experienced a large explosion on Tuesday as a tour of the site was taking place, with a video of the incident quickly circulating online. The clip shows a section of the facility ablaze with a massive black plume of smoke shooting upward. People touring the dam when the accident occurred reported hearing a loud explosion and seeing fire and smoke. The incident is believed to have been caused by a faulty transformer or generator. No official statement on the cause of the explosion has been released.

What students? National teachers union convention promotes radical agenda
Proposed “resolutions” under consideration at the 87th annual American Federation of Teachers (AFT) rendezvous ran the gamut of left-wing claptrap. support for critical race theory, abortion, gender identity instruction, opposition to fossil fuels, and much more — that’s indistinguishable from the Democratic Party platform. The annoying word “equity” is all over the grievance-filled document that contains nothing about reading, writing, or the concerns of most Americans.

Israeli reporter enters ‘forbidden’ city of Mecca for first time
“My dear friends in Israel,” he said in a video. Remarkably, he made this statement in fluent Hebrew. “Your reporter entered the holy city of Mecca for Islam and photographed without shame; it’s like I would enter the synagogue and read in Torah, Shame and Disgrace Channel 13, you should be ashamed to hurt the religion of Islam, you are rude.”

Montana dust storm causes 21 car pile-up, 6 dead, many injured
BILLINGS, Montana: Six people died in Montana on July 15 after a 21 car pile-up on Interstate 90 following a dust storm driven by 60 mph winds. Twenty-one vehicles crashed into each other, according to Montana Highway Patrol Sgt. Jay Nelson. “It appears as though there was heavy winds, causing a dust storm with zero visibility,” he said,

To hurry military build-up, Japan will not cap defense spending
As it seeks to rapidly build its military, Japan will not set a ceiling on defense spending in next year’s budget, the Nikkei newspaper has reported. Japan is largely motivated by its need to counter regional threats posed by China. In not setting a spending limit, Tokyo will ensure that defense expenditures are available to purchase longer-range missiles and for cyber security research, the newspaper said.

UAE to send fuel to France to replace Russian gas
JEDDAH: The UAE offered on Monday to deliver diesel oil to France amid fears that Russia will block gas supplies to Europe in retaliation for Western sanctions over the invasion of Ukraine. The new move followed talks in Paris between the UAE President, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al-Nahyan, and French President Emmanuel Macron.

2 pig hearts were successfully transplanted into brain-dead human patients
Doctors recently transplanted pig hearts into two deceased patients, raising hopes that animal transplants could one day be used to save human lives. The procedure is now one step closer to FDA trials in living patients.

Saudi Prince trashes Biden asking for more oil: ‘He’s a much-diminished president’
In an interview with CNBC ahead of Biden’s arrival in Saudi Arabia, Al-Faisal said, “President Biden, in my view, he’s coming as a much diminished president than when he was first elected.” “As an example, on energy issues, he came in with a policy to stop completely fossil fuel usage not only in the United States, but worldwide,” Al-Faisal said. “And now he is finding himself having to rely on fossil fuels as a means of meeting the energy shortage that has come about, not only because of the Ukraine war, but also because of U.S. policy itself that shut down pipelines and stopped issuing of, you know, discovery of oil on U.S. soil.”

Xi invites European leaders to China – should they go?
The Chinese government has invited the leaders of major European countries, including Germany, France and Italy to meet with Chinese leader Xi Jinping, likely in November. On Monday, the South China Morning Post reported based on a source familiar with the matter that the Chinese government sent meeting invitations to French President Emmanuel Macron, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi and Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez.

Natural Immunity From Omicron Strong Against Virus Subvariants: Study
The protection afforded by surviving COVID-19 was strong against the latest virus subvariants, including the one currently dominant in the United States, scientists in Qatar found. People who were infected with Omicron, a variant of SARS-CoV-2, had 76.1 percent protection against symptomatic reinfection from BA.4 and BA.5 and 80 percent shielding from any reinfection, regardless of symptoms, according to the preprint study. SARS-CoV-2, also known as the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus, causes COVID-19.

Gender Activists Urge Anthropologists To Stop Labeling Human Remains ‘Male’ Or ‘Female’
There is an interesting controversy brewing in anthropology departments where professors have called for researchers to stop identifying ancient human remains by biological gender because they cannot gauge how a person identified at that the time.

China Angrily Demands US Cancel 5th Proposed Arms Package To Taiwan
China’s state-run Global Times quickly complained that “The figure of $108 million is an unreasonably high price for just spare parts and intangible technical assistance, and it is obvious that the US arms firms are again leeching on Taiwan for its money.” And to be expected, Beijing is demanding that the United States immediately cancel the new $108 million deal,

Canadian Energy Firm Declares Force Majeure On Keystone Pipeline After Power Outage
Just hours after Gazprom declared force majuere with a number of its European clients – implicitly cutting off NatGas supply to the continent; Canadian energy firm TC Energy has declared force majeure on some crude shipments on the Keystone pipeline after a power failure at a pump station in South Dakota.

Gazprom Declares Force Majeure, Will Halt Gas Flows To Germany Indefinitely
Gazprom declared extraordinary and extreme circumstances to void itself from all contractual obligations to this customer, thus the gas will stop flowing indefinitely, as Reuters reports in a breaking development Monday, “Russian gas export monopoly Gazprom has declared force majeure on gas supplies to Europe to at least one major customer …

Satellites capture Europe broiling in record-breaking heatwave
t’s rare for satellites to get a perfectly cloud-free view of the entirety of Europe, but on Monday (July 18), the European weather satellite Eumetsat captured exactly that. The clear view means a bright blue sky even for those Europeans who usually worry more about remembering an umbrella than sunscreen. The clear blue sky also offers no respite from a heatwave that has engulfed the continent,

“Rav of Saudi Arabia” Meets With Senior Cleric
Rav Yaakov Herzog of Jerusalem, the “Rav of Saudi Arabia,” recently met with Sheikh Ahmad Qasim Ahmad, who was previously in charge of the Religious and Chastity Police in Mecca. “Wonderful visit and hospitality at the home of my dear friend,” Rav Herzog wrote on Twitter. “Living in Saudi Arabia, where tolerance is a reality, not only preached.”

UK heatwave: Record highs, travel chaos, schools close … and it’s going to get hotter
After a day when runways melted, railway lines buckled and even lidos were out of bounds, weather forecasters delivered the news some people will be dreading – Tuesday will be even hotter. Some regions of the UK experienced their highest temperatures on record on Monday as the heatwave caused disruption to travel, schools, hospitals and workplaces across much of the country.

EU-Israel Association Council to be revived after a decade
European Union foreign ministers unanimously voted in Brussels on Monday to revive a high-level dialogue with Israel. The EU-Israel Association Council is a body established by the European states in 1995, meant to ensure dialogue and strengthen relations between the countries. However, the council has not met since 2012. “The position of the EU has not changed with respect to the Middle East peace process, and we will continue… supporting the two-state solution.”

Richest man in India buys Israel’s main harbor
Israel announced last week that it would sell Haifa Port to Adani Ports of India and Gadot Chemical Terminals based in Netanya for $1.18 billion. The announcement marks the culmination of a two-year tender process. It is hoped that the new management will lower import prices and help shorten long wait times at Israeli harbors.

Disney’s woke, gay, political agenda and your kids
We’ve a sad story to tell. And that’s of the predictable demise of the once great Disney Studios that got its start under Walt Disney in 1923, creating cartoons for kids. This giant of the entertainment industry went on to cater to youngsters with such great movies as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Dumbo, Bambi, the creation of The Mickey Mouse Club and their myriad of theme parks focused on kids’ entertainment. Now they’ve become infatuated, … with … a “woke” gay agenda into their products. Big mistake for a such a big, public, enterprise to make. Americans of all political stripes are totally fed up with Disney’s radical, “not so secret gay agenda.”

More than 1 000 heat-related deaths reported in Spain and Portugal
The second heatwave to hit Europe since mid-June 2022 has claimed more than 1 000 lives over the past 8 days, with most of them in Portugal. Numerous high temperature records have been broken and more are expected to fall over the next few days.

‘Deafening media silence’ on global protests 
“That the best way to prevent the pushback from large numbers of people is if they don’t know that anything is going on.”

Questions arise about the United States’ ability to produce war materiel on “industrial” level after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine 
…there are rising concerns that the United States, which became the “arsenal of democracy” during World War II because of our tremendous industrial might, is not at all prepared to repeat that “Greatest Generation” feat in 2022 should the need arise.

Gazprom Declares Force Majeure, Will Halt Gas Flows To Germany Indefinitely
Reuters cites source saying letter to “European customer” in question is Germany…

Ukraine: NATO to boost rapid reaction force 
NATO secretary-general Jens Stoltenberg said Monday that the military alliance will increase the size of its rapid reaction forces nearly eightfold to 300,000 troops as part of its response to an “era of strategic competition.”

British supermarkets now putting security tags on cheese to prevent shoplifting amid economic turmoil
As the costs of living continue their upward trend, supermarkets across the United Kingdom are now affixing security devices to basic items such as cheese.

“Social Peace Is In Great Danger”: Germany Is Quietly Shutting Down As Energy Crunch Paralyzes Economy
Earlier today we wrote that Germany’s largest landlord, Vonovia, had taken the unprecedented step of restrictring heating at night, a terrifying preview of what lies in stock for the “most advanced” European nation this winter. Alas, it’s going to get worse, much worse.

Matt Hancock Squirms, Runs & Hides when asked for Evidence for Asymptomatic Transmission and that Lockdowns work 
Matt Hancock, former UK Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, was confronted by Heiko Khoo on 12 July at the Royal Statistical Society, London. Khoo asked Hancock what evidence he based the narrative that asymptomatic transmission occurred and lockdowns slowed the spread of a virus:

Germany: Birth Rates Drop Dramatically in 2022 – Is it Caused by Covid Injections?
The reduced birth rate during January to March 2022 in Germany compared to the previous seven years is 6.6 sigma – a 1 in 12.5 billion chance. Something dramatic had to have happened to stop conception from occurring during March to June 2021.

The Decade of Vaccination: WHO Estimates “Vaccines” Will Reduce the World’s Population by 15%
David Martin, PhD, presents evidence that Covid-19 injections are not vaccines, but bioweapons that are being used as a form of genocide across the global population. The spike protein that the Covid-19 shots manufacture is a known biological agent of concern.

Britain’s Royal Air Force Halts Flights at Brize Norton Base After Runway ‘Melts’ Due to Heatwave
Britain’s Royal Air Force was forced to use another airfield after the runway at Brize Norton Air Base ‘melted.’ A heatwave is currently scorching the UK.

Chaos in U.S. rail infrastructure causing emergency FEED SHORTAGES for ranchers in California and other southwest states
The WHO is now referring to their proposed “Pandemic Treaty” as the Convention, Agreement or other International Instrument (CAII) on pandemic prevention preparedness, response and recovery.

Ten Things Everyone Needs To Know About The Who’s Proposed “Pandemic Treaty”
The WHO is now referring to their proposed “Pandemic Treaty” as the Convention, Agreement or other International Instrument (CAII) on pandemic prevention preparedness, response and recovery.

Irony Abounds As Woke Starbucks Forced To Close 16 Shops In Democrat-Controlled Liberal Cities Due To Violence Against Workers At Store Locations
How ironic is it that Far Left Starbucks is being forced to start shuttering stores in cities across America that are run by Democrats because the streets have become too violent and the safety of Starbucks workers cannot be guaranteed? This is what you get when wokeness is in charge, you get anarchy, violence, poverty and death. But it’s a really good real world illustration of what Socialism can do for you.

San Francisco’s New DA Goes On Firing Spree After Voters Recall Soros-Backed Predecessor
“I am the highest-ranking Latina/LGBTQ member of the management team at that office. I will continue the fight 4justice.”