16 Jul 2022

There are exactly 666 days from the signing of the Abraham Accords to the arrival of Joe Biden in Israel to sign the ‘Jerusalem Declaration’ paving the way for the Two State Solution, so get ready to fly!
For those of you obsessed with ballgame statistics, the latest binge-watching series on Netflix, and why Amber Heard was denied a new trial, today’s news may not grab your attention. But if you’re a student of the word of God, and a follower of rapidly-unfolding Bible prophecy, today’s your day because our cup is truly running over with the end times news coming out of Israel this week.

Prophetic Countdown? Netanyahu Promises Peace Accords With Multiple Nations
“If I return to lead the State of Israel on your behalf, I intend to bring about full peace agreements with Saudi Arabia and also with other Arab countries,” Netanyahu added. While Netanyahu’s return to power is far from a certainty, it does show the desire of Israeli leaders to expand the peace agreements that have begun with several Arab nations through the ‘Abraham Accords’ – regardless of who might win the upcoming elections.

USDA Drought Monitor (7/14): Ample Rainfall Helps Crops in Midwest, Southeast
USDA Drought Monitor (7/14): Ample Rainfall Helps Crops in Midwest, Southeast
Ample rain over much of the Midwest and Southeast this past week improved conditions for summer crops, such as corn and soybeans entering the reproductive stage. Some areas recorded more than 5 inches for the week ending July 12, according to today’s Drought Monitor report of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).

US Secret Service deleted Jan. 6 texts requested by investigators, gov’t watchdog says
The United States Secret Service deleted text messages sent on Jan. 5 and 6, 2021 after a government watchdog investigating the U.S. Capitol breach requested them, a letter obtained by CNN first revealed Thursday. The Office of Inspector General at the Department of Homeland Security originally notified the House and Senate Homeland Security Committees on July 13 that the messages were erased.

House cmte. to take up sweeping ‘assault weapons’ ban bill next week
The House Judiciary Committee announced on Friday that it will hold a markup session on July 20 to consider a bill to ban so-called “assault weapons” and “high capacity” magazines. Semiautomatic firearms like the popular AR-15 style are one key target for this new “assault weapons ban.”

Nearly in the Grip of a Cult
One cult we know a lot about: “anthropomorphic climate change.” The other cult, which is our focus here, centers on the rise of artificial intelligence, which futurists claim will supplant humans as governors.

Israeli archaeologists discover 2,000-year-old ritual bath in Jerusalem
The bath was discovered in excavations led by the HU, in collaboration with the Israel Antiquities Authority and the Ministry of Jerusalem and Heritage, as part of the construction of elevators that will connect the quarter to the Western Wall. The bath, which was found hewn in the rock, was entirely preserved.

Shallow M6.4 earthquake hits off the coast of Aisen, Chile 
A strong and shallow earthquake registered by the USGS as M6.4 hit off the coast of Aisen, Chile at 19:37 UTC on July 15, 2022. The agency is reporting a depth of 10 km (6.2 miles). EMSC is reporting M6.4 at a depth of 2 km (1.2 miles).

A ‘highly unusual weather event’ produces destructive swells in the Cook Islands and French Polynesia
…Strickland said the impacts were the most far-reaching he had seen in a decade. “It was a sudden hit at night, there was damage that took place Tuesday night local time. There was an ‘unexpected sea surge’ in Rarotonga. Rough seas, debris and rocks, you name it, it was shifted onto the roads,” Strickland said.

United Kingdom issues first Red Extreme heat warning
For the first time ever, temperatures of 40 °C (104 °F) have been forecast in the United Kingdom for Monday and Tuesday, July 18 and 19, 2022. As a result, the UK Met Office has issued the first ever Red warning for exceptional heat. The current record high temperature in the UK is 38.7 °C (101.6 °F), set in Cambridge in 2019.

Major Exodus From Liberal Denomination
An awakening of sorts seems to be happening in one of the denominations that has strayed from Biblical doctrine. Seventy congregations in north Georgia have voted to leave the United Methodist Church (UMC), primarily because of a creeping acceptance of homosexuality in the denomination. Another 35 in Arkansas and 100 in Florida, as well as many others across the country, are studying the matter.

Mayor Eric Adams says PSA instructing New Yorkers on nuclear attack prompted by invasion of Ukraine
New York City Mayor Eric Adams said the recent city public service announcement for how to deal with a nuclear attack was prompted by Russia’s attack on Ukraine and warned that the Big Apple is still a big target.

New Zealand doctors call for criminal homicide investigations into covid-19 vaccine deaths 
The group New Zealand Doctors Speaking out With Science (NZDSOS) has published an open letter calling for a comprehensive investigation into the wave of deaths occurring in New Zealand among the “fully vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19).

LoanDepot To Fire Another 2,000 Workers As Mortgage Market Implodes 
It’s only appropriate that one day after we reported that the “Housing Market Craters As Sales Get Canceled At The Highest Rate On Record” that the Biden housing crash claimed its latest victim, or rather 2,000 victims, as mortgage lender LoanDepot announced it would  would fire another 2,000 staff by the end of the year as the company downsizes “to align with rapidly changing market conditions.” The latest round of layoffs is part of the company’s plan to reduce staff to 6,500 by the end of 2022.

Beijing Residents Forced to Wear Regime-Issued Electronic Bracelets if You Traveled Out of the City – Will Track Your Location and Monitor Temperature
Via Jenifer Zeng — Residents of Beijing, China are required to wear an electronic bracelet after returning to Beijing from other cities. That way their movements can be monitored by the regime.

Exactly 666 Days Between The Signing Of The Abraham Accords To The Signing Of The Jerusalem Declaration
For those of you obsessed with ballgame statistics, the latest binge-watching series on Netflix, and why Amber Heard was denied a new trial, today’s news may not grab your attention. But if you’re a student of the word of God, and a follower of rapidly-unfolding Bible prophecy, today’s your day because our cup is truly running over with the end times news coming out of Israel this week.

Europe Braces For July 22 “Doomsday Scenario” as Russia Begins Gas Pipeline Maintenance Shutdown – Euro Drops to 20 Year Low 
It’s no secret that the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war has continued to wreak havoc on the economy all across the globe. Beginning with crippling tariffs that eventually backfired and strengthened Putin’s war effort, then progressing to the full-blown funding of a proxy war to protect the globalist empire’s hegemony, the United States and its allies in Europe continue charging full steam ahead in an effort to keep the Russians in check and their plans for the great reset humming along – no matter the cost.

Serious questions arise as thousands of excess non-COVID deaths hit England and Wales 
There have been over 8,750 more deaths than usual from causes other than COVID-19 in England and Wales in the past 10 weeks, the latest data from the Office for National Statistics show.

International group funded by Bill Gates warns that one of 11 new viruses will become “next pandemic” 
The Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI), an international globalist organization funded by Bill Gates, is already talking about the “next pandemic.”

National railway strike APPROVED by locomotive union… all trains in America may HALT this coming Monday 
Some 57,000 rail workers across the United States are slated to walk off the job on July 18 in protest against low wages and poor working conditions.

VACCINE WARS: Top 7 ways American ‘sheeple’ have been manipulated with VACCINE MISINFORMATION by the dishonest establishment
…What most people do not realize is that vaccines are biological weapons of mass destruction, used to kill and maim millions of people around the globe on a regular basis, and right now more than ever. What’s worse is that people DO have the choice to not be injected with these WMDs, yet still, they choose to participate in their own demise. Why? One simple answer: Misinformation.

Macron Announces Street Lights Will Be Turned Off In Response To Energy Crisis
Despite claiming that “France has little dependence on Russian gas,” President Macron announced that public lighting would be turned off at night to save energy.

Senate bill would completely infringe on American’s 2A rights
Democratic Senators Corey Booker (NJ), Bob Menendez (NJ), and Richard Blumenthal (CT), recently introduced a gun control bill that would amend Chapter 44 of Title 18, US Code.

Horrific: “Theragrippers” Synthetic Parasite: Anally Inserted, Man-Made Parasites Grip Intestines
…They’re tiny star-shaped machines that can be put into your body, where they attach to your intestines just like the worms. The scientists say this is so they can slowly deliver medication to your body, but there are an awful lot of other uses for these machines that we can imagine, and we can also imagine all sorts of ways these can be used without a person’s knowledge or consent.

Central Bank Digital Currencies Are Coming – What Will The Consequences Be? 
Currencies are the lifeblood of trade and the economy; if a currency fails, the entire economy fails. Yet, most people rarely think about the health or buying power of the money in their pocket. People don’t research how often currencies actually falter and how common it is for inflation or stagflation to strike nations. They just assume that the money they have will be as useful tomorrow as it is today. They also assume that money will never change in a dramatic way.

HERE WE GO: Los Angeles County Enters CDC’s “High” Covid Alert – Mask Mandate to Kick in On July 29
Here we go… Los Angeles County is planning to reinstate its indoor mask mandate on July 29.

Welcome to your police state future: You will EAT CRICKETS and DRINK PEE on a floating prison barge 
A massive prison barge is currently floating in the East River of South Bronx, near NYC. The barge holds 800 prisoners who are being subjected to chemical assaults, vaccine medical experiments, “enhanced restraints” and other forms of illegal torture and incarceration.