12 Jul 2022

Iran planning to provide Russia with UAVs to use in Ukraine
“During the visit Biden will work to deepen Israel’s integration in the region. During the summit with the Gulf states in Jeddah, Biden will make a key statement of his vision for the Middle East,” said Sullivan.

Biden’s multiple snubs to Israel during his visit
The presidential visit to the US’s strongest ally in the Middle East will last less than 48 hours and include several blatant snubs aimed at distancing Israel while exhibiting the Biden administration’s belief that “Palestine” is the dominant political entity in the region. This will be Biden’s tenth visit to Israel but his first as president.

SpaceX launches 46 Starlink satellites, lands rocket on ship at sea
SpaceX launched 46 satellites and landed the returning rocket on a ship at sea on Sunday (July 10). About 8.5 minutes after liftoff, the Falcon 9’s first stage came back to Earth and landed on the SpaceX droneship Of Course I Still Love You, which was stationed in the Pacific Ocean.

Don’t miss the biggest ‘supermoon’ of the year on July 13
On Wednesday (July 13), the moon will arrive at its closest point to the Earth for 2022. a perigee distance of 221,994 miles (357,264 kilometers) away. Nine hours and 38 minutes later, the moon will officially turn full.

Elon Musk trolls Twitter with Chuck Norris joke after nixing deal
In a pair of tweets the CEO suggested that he feels he has outsmarted Twitter. Musk published a series of photos showing him laughing increasingly hysterically, with captions “They said I couldn’t buy Twitter; Then they wouldn’t disclose bot info; Now they want to force me to buy Twitter in court; Now they have to disclose bot info in court.”

Biden signs ‘meaningless’ executive order on abortion
The White House said Biden is directing Attorney General Merrick Garland and the White House counsel to convene volunteer lawyers and organizations to “encourage robust legal representation of patients, providers, and third parties lawfully seeking or offering reproductive health care services throughout the country.” Advertisement – story continues below Of course the point is that in many states there are severe restrictions, or even bans.

Israelis warn Biden on upcoming visit: Judea-Samaria “not for sale”
The official flyer reads: Don’t sell us out! Israel’s security and sovereignty aren’t bargaining chips! Jerusalem and the Jordan Valley are Israel’s most vital existential interests. They’re not for sale.

Exposé: New Israeli PM Lapid to work toward “two-state solution”
On Sunday night, Hadshot HaMeitav reported on the social media platform Telegram the newly appointed Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid has agreed to meetings to renew talks with the Palestinians to create a “two-state solution.” The report cited Kan 11 News reporter Roy Kase who cited a report published by the Egyptian Presidential Office quoting a phone conversation between Lapid and Egyptian President al-Sisi:

Yuval Noah Harari: Putin will leave a legacy of hatred for generations
If Putin’s aggression is allowed to win, it will lead to a dark era of war and dictatorship all over the world. In recent decades we have enjoyed the most peaceful era in human history. if Putin loses, it will safeguard peace and democracy. Governments all over the world will learn the lesson that violence doesn’t pay. They will invest in hospitals and teachers rather than in tanks and soldiers.

Japanese researchers are developing artificial-gravity buildings for space
At a July 5 conference, a team from Kyoto University and the construction firm Kajima Corporation unveiled renderings of an “artificial gravity living facility” whose shape is conducive to approximating living conditions on earth. The 1,300-ft.-tall rotating structure, dubbed “The Glass,” is designed to complete a full rotation every 20 seconds, using centrifugal force to achieve the “normal gravity” humans are used to.

Big Shifts Are Close for World’s Population
UN projects we’ll hit 8B in months, with India on track to overtake China as No. 1 next year

India is set to surpass China in 2023 as the world’s most populous nation
The year 2023 is when India is likely to surpass China as the world’s most populous country, the UN has said. In 2021, India’s population was 1.412 billion, compared to China’s 1.426 billion and by 2050, it’s expected to increase at a much higher rate.

Shallow M6.1 earthquake hits Vanuatu
A strong and shallow earthquake registered by the USGS as M6.1 hit Vanuatu at 21:10 UTC on July 12, 2022. The agency is reporting a depth of 10 km (6.2 miles). EMSC is reporting the same magnitude and depth.

Powerful winter storm strands more than 400 people near the Argentina-Chile border 
A powerful winter storm stranded more than 300 vehicles in the Andes mountains near the Argentina-Chile border on July 9, 2022. The Los Libertadores border crossing was later shut down by authorities.

World Economic Forum: Gas Prices Must Go Even Higher — to Save Democracy
The WEF paper argues for the past 15 years, democracy has been in decline worldwide. To protect and promote freedom, “leading democracies must strengthen their economies and safeguard liberty.”

The globalists’ war on nations has entered its final stages: Many are ready to fall like dominoes
As we pointed out back on May 26, the globalists have entered the “kill phase” of their plan for a Great Reset. But the killing is not limited to individuals in an effort to meet depopulation goals, which they are doing quite efficiently through famine, war, abortion and toxic, sterilizing injections.

While NATO Maps Out Its Plans for World War III — Russian State Space Corporation Releases Coordinates of Western Targets and Mock Joe Biden
Western leaders met in Madrid, Spain last week to map out their war strategy against the Russian Federation. Joe Biden was his usual self looking completely lost at the official gatherings.

Canada’s government funds booklet that teaches kids to be suspicious of “free speech” support
A Canadian government-funded booklet for school children classifies Canada’s Red Ensign flag, which was used until 1965, as a “hate symbol.” The booklet was approved by the cabinet on June 30.
The booklet also asks kids to be wary of classmates who use the “free speech” argument as it was among the “common defenses of hate propaganda.”

Europe might face famine: Putin bans export of all Russian products to “unfriendly countries” 
The President of Russia, Mr. Vladimir Putin has signed a decree declaring that Russia would no longer sell vital raw materials to countries that it considered “unfriendly”.

Two Homeland Security Workers Charged With Conspiring With China
Craig Miller, a 15-year DHS employee, and Derrick Taylor, a retired DHS agent working as a private investigator, are accused of accessing and providing information about the Chinese activists from a restricted government database to two other individuals who then used the records to target the victims, according to the indictment, returned Wednesday.

Doctor who criticized Florida for not pushing COVID jabs on babies axed from state board 
A Florida pediatrician was ousted from her position on a children’s health board after she criticized the Sunshine State for its COVID jab policy for kids five and under. Medical freedom advocates have praised Florida for its approach to the mRNA shots for babies and toddlers, which is more cautious than other states’ approaches and based off of a risk-benefit analysis rather than blind obedience to power or political pressure.

POWER GRAB: Klaus Schwab And The World Economic Forum Say That Gas Prices Must Go Even Higher In Order To ‘Save Democracy’ From Climate Change
The World Economic Forum (WEF) released a position paper Monday that inexorably links two claimed global crises as one – “climate change” and the “decline of democracy.”

British Columbia leaders take part in event celebrating Chinese Communist takeover of Hong Kong
As China cracks down on long-standing civil and religious freedoms in Hong Kong, British Columbian politicians gathered to celebrate the takeover.

Cancer-Causing Weedkiller Chemical Glyphosate In ‘Roundup’ From Monsanto Found In 80% Of Urine Tests In Representative Samples Of US Population
Over the years, we have brought you many stories about the evil and corporate greed of Monsanto, a true end times company if there ever was one. In 2018, we told you how the people who made the Zyklon B gas that killed millions of Jews and gentiles in the Nazi Holocaust, Bayer Pharmaceuticals, purchased Monsanto, talk about a horror movie. Now in 2022, the Monsanto poison glyphosate, the active ingredient in their weedkiller ‘Roundup’, is showing up in the urine of 80% of the American population. The ‘weed of crime’ bears bitter fruit indeed.

Costco begins limiting gas sales to members only in New Jersey 
Starting Tuesday, only Costco members will be able to fill up at Costco gas stations.
The change includes stations across New Jersey.

San Diego Loses 22% Of Its Police Force Due To Vax Mandates 
San Diego is witnessing the largest exodus of police officers from the city since 2009 and the majority of them are quitting because of the city’s continued obsession with covid vaccine mandates.

Documents reveal Dutch Government is working with World Economic Forum to implement ‘The Great Reset’
Documents released in response to an FOI request submitted by a member of the Dutch House of Representatives show that the Dutch Government is colluding with the World Economic Forum to implement The Great Reset.

Whilst you were distracted by Boris resigning, the UK Gov. quietly published a report confirming the Vaccinated account for 94% of all COVID-19 Deaths since April, 90% of which were Triple/Quadruple Jabbed 
A report that was quietly published by the UK Government, just hours before Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced his resignation, reveals that Covid-19 deaths have risen dramatically among the triple vaccinated population in England over the past couple of months whilst declining drastically among the unvaccinated population.

Texas National Guard begins arresting illegal immigrants and returning them to Mexican border
Texas Governor Greg Abbott has defied President Joe Biden and ordered the Texas National Guard to start arresting migrants in Texas, and returning them to the Mexico border.