1 Jul 2022

MRSA Strain Associated with Pigs Adapts to Humans
Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) clonal-complex (CC) 398 is the dominant MRSA in European livestock and a growing cause of human infections. CC398 has maintained its antibiotic resistance over decades in pigs and other livestock. And, it is capable of rapidly adapting to human hosts while maintaining this antibiotic resistance.

‘God, What Have I Done?’: Man Suing Health Care Provider over Trans Surgery, Says ‘Avalanche’ of De-Transitioners Coming
“Transition is now being sold to people on a mass scale. In a few years, I’m sure we’ll have law firms asking people if they transitioned and would like to claim compensation.”

Presbyterian Church compares Israel to Nazis, calls Christian Zionism “Idolaty and heresy”
On Tuesday, by a vote of 28 for and only three against, The Presbyterian Church of the United States of America, an umbrella group representing churches across the country claiming over 1.7 million members, passed several anti-Israel resolutions including one that labeled Israel an apartheid state and compared Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians to the Nazi’s genocidal treatment of the Jews.

Earthquakes in Kershaw County believed to be the longest period in SC history, SCEMD says
Geology officials say the continued swarm of earthquakes in Kershaw County may be the longest period of successive earthquake activity in South Carolina’s recorded history. An earthquake swarm is a sequence of seismic events occurring in a local area within a relatively short period of time. According to the division, the swarm began on December 27, 2021, with a magnitude 3.3 earthquake centered near Elgin. Since then, 44 low-magnitude earthquakes have occurred in the Elgin-Lugoff area …

RIMPAC gets underway amid rising US-China tensions
The world’s largest naval exercise, the Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC) started Wednesday, promoting maritime cooperation in a region being clouded by U.S.-China rivalry. The U.S.-led war games, joined by all members of the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue, or the Quad, sends a clear message to Beijing as tensions rise across the Taiwan Strait and the war in Ukraine drags on.

Supreme Court takes up new bombshell elections case
The United States Supreme Court announced on Thursday that it will consider a case that could dramatically change how federal elections are conducted by reviewing the “independent state legislature” theory, which would give state legislatures the authority to set rules for federal elections even if those rules violated state constitutions or helped facilitate partisan gerrymandering.

Is China building a huge spy complex in US?
Lawmakers are raising the alarm over a Chinese company’s purchase of more than 300 acres of farmland just 20 minutes from an Air Force base in North Dakota. The intelligence community believes the Chinese company’s proposed location is optimal for spying on the U.S. military.

Apple CEO sucks up to Communist Chinese Party
Apple CEO Tim Cook appeared for an interview during the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference earlier this month where he praised the Chinese tech industry even as Chinese app developers have produced applications that share user data with the Chinese government. In a June 16 interview with the Chinese state-run publication China Daily during the conference, Cook praised the “innovative and inspiring developer community in China.”

Rep. Gaetz plans bill to curb IRS’ $725,000 ammo stockpile
A Republican congressman is working on legislation to stop the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and other federal agencies from purchasing thousands of rounds of ammunition. The IRS has spent some $725,000 on ammo this year alone. House Judiciary Committee Member Matt Gaetz (R-FL) told Fox News last week that the IRS, Railroad Retirement Board and other federal agencies are stockpiling ammunition while average Americans face shortages.

First-Half FUBAR: Stocks Worst In 60 Years, Bonds & Bitcoin Worst Ever
It appears the world’s investors were ‘over-stuffed’ full of liquidity just as 2021 ended… which meant the first half of 2022 was a bloodbath for most. Stocks were clubbed like a baby seal, bonds were battered, there was carnage in crypto as the dollar soared and gold was steady…

Biden & G-7 Push World Into “Nightmare Scenario”
The West’s Malthusian neoliberal political order is rapidly collapsing… Led by U.S. President Joe Biden, the Group of Seven (G-7) economic powers announced plans to ban the transport of Russian oil sold above a certain price with the goal of hurting Russia enough so that it ends its war against Ukraine. “There is only one way out: for Putin to accept that his plans in Ukraine will not succeed,” said German Chancellor Olaf Scholz. The G-7’s plan is to impose a price cap on Russian oil through the regulation of petroleum shipping, banking, and insurance. The proposal is, in a word, ludicrous.

Florida Judge Says Governor’s “Stop Woke Act” Can Go Forward
The judge, who was appointed by President Barack Obama in 2012 and became chief justice in 2018, ruled that HB 7—or what Gov. Ron DeSantis branded as the “Stop Woke Act”—can move forward and regulate how race can be taught in the classroom and the workplace.

“Children Cannot Consent”: Teen Who Had Double Mastectomy Regrets ‘Gender Journey’
A 17-year-old girl who regrets having both of her breasts removed as a result of so-called “gender-affirming care”
“I was medically transitioned from ages 13 and 16,” Chloe Cole from the Central Valley told the public safety committee, saying she suffered irreversible consequences from surgeries and hormone treatment. The committee passed the controversial Senate Bill (SB) 107, which proponents say would “provide refuge” for trans youth, their parents, and those who advocate for and provide “gender-affirming health care ” for minors.

U.S. Supreme Court limits federal power to curb carbon emissions
The U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday imposed limits on the federal government’s authority to issue sweeping regulations to reduce carbon emissions from power plants in a ruling that undermines President Joe Biden’s plans to tackle climate change and could constrain various agencies on other issues.

Gulf Coast could see ‘torrential rain’ as tropical system lurks; Bonnie may form in the Caribbean
A developing tropical system in the Caribbean Sea – one that’s already knocked out power to parts of Trinidad and Tobago – continued to race across the region Wednesday as it sets its sights on Central America, where it’s forecast to hit as a tropical storm by late Friday.

Putin says Finland and Sweden can ‘go ahead’ and join NATO, but warned the countries against hosting the alliance’s ‘military contingents and infrastructure’
Putin said this week that Finland and Sweden can “go ahead” and join NATO if they wish. However, he warned the countries against hosting NATO infrastructure. Putin said Russia would “respond in kind” if NATO military contingents were deployed in the countries.

Trump says would consider backing Netanyahu in upcoming Israeli polls
Former U.S. president Donald Trump said on Thursday he would consider supporting Benjamin Netanyahu, as his once-close-ally seeks reelection in the upcoming Israeli polls, despite being “disappointed” in some ways by the former Israeli leader.

The Latest Killings in Iran May Indicate a Notable Shift in Israeli Strategy
The killing of Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) Col. Hassan Sayad Khodaei outside his home in Tehran on May 22 appears to have manifested a significant shift in Israel’s strategy toward Iran. In the past, the Jewish state’s alleged efforts on Iranian soil have been directed toward personnel and facilities connected to the Iranian nuclear program. However, Jerusalem now appears to have expanded the scope of its operations against the Islamic Republic. Khodaei had no known connection to the nuclear program.

Israel foils Iranian cyber attack against US power plants
The deputy chief of Israel’s 8200 intelligence unit, “Col. U.,” said on Wednesday warned Washington of hacking attempts into power plants across the US in time to foil the cyberattacks. This wasn’t the first time the US was made publically. This was also the first time a representative of the IDF’s secretive 8200 Unit discussed sensitive cyber intelligence in public.

Tropical Storm “Chaba” heading toward China, landfall forecast on July 2
Tropical Storm “Chaba” formed on June 29, 2022, over the South China Sea as the 3rd named storm of the 2022 Pacific typhoon season.

LGBT ‘pride’ flag found displayed inside Catholic church in Toronto 
LifeSiteNews has learned that a pride flag was displayed at a Catholic Church in Toronto.

UK Health Service Removes Word ‘Women’ From Menopause Advice Doc
Britain’s socialised healthcare system has reportedly removed the word ‘woman’ from an online advice page for those suffering from the effects of menopause.

Halifax is slammed for introducing pronouns to staff name badges but tells customers to close their accounts if they don’t like it despite backlash over ‘nonsense’ gender identity move 
Halifax customers have threatened to close their accounts after the firm added pronouns to its staff name badges in a move that was branded ‘nonsense’.

Anti-Semitic fliers attacking Disney found on Florida lawns
Police in South Florida are investigating anti-Semitic flyers showing the faces of Disney executives branded with Stars of David that were sent to residents’ homes earlier this week.

Archaeologists Discover Physical Proof For Destruction Of Sodom And Gomorrah By God Then Try To Turn It Into A Powerless ‘Jewish Fable’ 
Faith is a funny thing, either you have it or you don’t, and even the discovery of overwhelming physical evidence will not sway the unbeliever to change their position. Today’s article on the discovery of proof-positive, physical evidence of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, modern-day Tall el-Hammam, as contained in the Genesis 19 account has just been found, and is it creating a flood of new believers in the accuracy and fidelity of God’s preserved word? Nope.

‘A victory of light over darkness’: 7,000 march in Jerusalem’s 20th Pride Parade
Thousands of participants marched in the annual Jerusalem Pride Parade on Thursday without major incident, after threats of violence were made against an organizer of the march and lawmakers who planned to attend.

Leftists Abandoned The Fourth Of July Long Before The Dobbs Decision
Just one week before the Fourth of July, an alarming number of Americans announced they will not celebrate Independence Day due to the Supreme Court’s Dobbs v. Jackson decision.

Norway Is Tracking Citizens’ Purchases And Biden Wants To Do It Too
report published at the end of May by NRK, the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation, notes that the official statistics bureau of Norway will soon track most grocery store purchases made in the Scandinavian country, a development that should serve as a warning to Americans about the growing trend in Western nations to expand surveillance and tracking of everyday citizens.

BOMBSHELL: Video Emerges Where Fauci and Others Planned for a “Universal mRNA Flu Vaccine” Which Became the “COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine” Because People were not Afraid Enough of the Flu Virus
…In this short clip, which was extracted from the hour-long panel discussion, Anthony Fauci explains that bringing a new, untested kind of vaccine like an mRNA vaccine, would take at least a decade (“if everything goes perfectly”) to go through proper trials and be approved by the FDA.

Word Of Faith Theology Revealed To Be Little More Than New Age Thought Manifestation That Is Absolutely At Odds With Right Bible Doctrine
Sometimes when I talk about the Charismatic Church, I don’t always make a distinction between that church and a sect known as the Word of Faith Church which is something altogether different. Going forward, I will do better in defining my terms when I talk about those two things. Today I want to warn you about the overtly false and New Age teachings of the Word of Faith Movement, which as you will see, is nothing more than the ancient pagan practice of ‘manifesting’ what you want. A book called ‘The Secret’ published in 2006 teaching how people can manifest what they want with their thoughts and words is exactly the theology of the Word of Faith practitioners.

White House Promotes Website Advising Children About Hiding Abortions from Parents
The White House responded to the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade by promoting a website advising children how to hide their abortions from their parents.

COVID jabs are all but guaranteeing the virus will be around forever 
If our immune response is subverted and damaged by these COVID injections, as they have been with repeat boosting, then we run the risk of this pandemic going on for 100 years with infectious variant after infectious variant, and potentially a lethal virulent one that could devastate humanity.

Police shut down internet and ban gatherings in India after two Muslims record themselves murdering a tailor over an insult to Muhammed
Law enforcement authorities shut down the internet and banned large gatherings across regions of India after two Muslims recorded themselves murdering a tailor over an insult to Muhammed.

Dutch gov’t proposes expanding assisted suicide to children under age 12 
Dutch Health Minister Ernst Kuipers announced the government’s intention to extend euthanasia to children but without changing the law, DutchNews.nl reported Tuesday.

Biden Admin Agrees To Spend $3.2 Billion On Pfizer Vaccines
The Biden administration’s health officials announced they are planning to spend $3.2 billion on 105 million doses of Pfizer’s two-dose, mRNA vaccine.

The Suicide of Europe: The use of the word “racism” 
The chief instrument of this ruse is the use of the spell-word ‘racism’ to intimidate the indigenous populations of Europe into silence in the face of their own obliteration. In this process, the word is used as a cultural cattle-prod to humiliate and punish those who dissent or protest, isolating them from their fellows as examples of nefarious defenders of past injustice and wrongdoing, and purported continuing harmful discrimination.

Latest Survey Shows 3.7% Rate of Myocarditis in “Vaccinated” Americans
This is a health disaster. This rate is over 500 times higher than what the CDC claims. Doctors will remain silent on this as they are not permitted to challenge the “safe and effective” narrative.

New Zealand: Jacinda Ardern Leads the Way with Disinformation
Jacinda Ardern, who has escaped the continuing restrictions in New Zealand to visit Europe and speak at NATO, has met with her counterparts in France and Spain to suggest a global alliance to combat disinformation. Ardern spoke to them about the New Zealand capital grounds riotand played to her gullible audience by suggesting the threat to social cohesion and public health in New Zealand society was originating in Russia and might result in war.

“Criminal! Criminal! Criminal!” – Angry Protesters Greet Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla at Award Ceremony in Israel (VIDEO)
Isaac Herzog, the President of Israel, presented the Genesis Prize, also known as the “Jewish Nobel” to Pfizer’s CEO Dr. Albert Bourla, at a ceremony in Jerusalem, Israel on Wednesday night.

Shocking Footage From Disney Reveals Upcoming Transgender Character Saying ‘Men Have Periods Too’ 
Journalist and Filmmaker Chris Rufo has obtained footage from a popular kid show produced by Disney that contains a scene in which the transgender agenda is being pushed on kids as normal.