24 Jun 2022

Demolition of supply chains is pre-civil war SABOTAGE to shape the battlefield for domestic
ARFARE against We the People

The United States of America is about to be plunged into a civil war. It will be ignited by the imminent Roe vs. Wade nullification decision by the US Supreme Court, which also just rendered a landmark decision affirming the universal right to carry a personal firearm for self-defense (striking down the New York law that radically restricted the right to bear arms).

Emmanuel Macron Takes Center Stage As Western European Leaders Visit Zelensky In Kyiv To Denouce ‘Russian Barbarism’ As End Times Theater Continues
The image of Emmanuel Macron kissing the pope is a very strong image, evoking the smutty whisper of Satan into his victim’s ear before biting and devouring them. I get the exact same sense looking at Macron nuzzling the side of the face of Ukraine president Zelensky, with such an evil grin, and Zelensky about to slide down the chute, looking like he’s loving it.

Multiple fires in California, one person killed after thunderstorms produce 66 000 lightning strikes, U.S. 
Intense thunderstorms rolled through California, U.S. on June 22, 2022, producing more than 50 000 lightning strikes within 24 hours – the most in a single day since 2017. While the lightning strikes started multiple wildfires, one of them struck a woman and her two dogs killing them on the spot.

Rare meteotsunami hits SE Ireland 
A rare meteotsunami hit the coast of southeast Ireland on June 18, 2022. The phenomenon started during the early morning hours and lasted well into the afternoon. It was reportedly felt as far away as France, England and Wales. While meteotsunamis are known to hit this part of Ireland, they are not as strong as this one and they usually occur in winter.

The Government is Targeting Mothers by Adopting Gender Dysphoria & Accepting that Men Can Menstruate
…Today, mothers have become the target of the government and even religious institutions. How is that you ask? Mothers have become the target when government and religious institutions adopt the insanity of gender dysphoria and begin to accept that men can menstruate and become pregnant. Sheer lunacy? No, it is strategic deception.

The Biden Administration Plans To Allow Boys In Girls Bathrooms And Locker Rooms Under Title IX Revision
On Thursday, The Biden administration officially proposed extending Title IX’s protections to transgender students, no longer a measure meant to protect women but also any biological sex who identifies otherwise.

U.S. Life Insurance Company suffers 176% increase in payouts for Deaths among Young Adults in 2021 compared to 2019/2020 Average
The fifth largest life insurance company in the USA has confirmed it paid out $1.4billion in 2021 due to non-Covid related deaths among 18 to 64-year-olds. The amount represents a 176% increase since the Covid-19 injections were rolled out on the average payout for deaths over 2019 and 2020.

Nolte: Child-grooming Backlash — Disney Stock Collapsed Nearly 50% in Year
One year ago, a share of Walt Disney Co. stock was worth nearly $180. Today, it’s worth — laughably — just $93.

NHS to Target Unvaccinated Children After Poliovirus Discovery in London
After finding vaccine-derived poliovirus in London sewer samples, the NHS plans to contact parents of unvaccinated children.

United States Supreme Court Issues Major New Ruling Expanding 2nd Amendment Gun Rights As Justices Appointed By Trump Now Paying Dividends 
Democrats are howling right now over the stunning decision by the Supreme Court to expand gun rights in New York, striking down a previous gun law that prohibited legal gun carry. But their faux outrage is nothing compared to what’s going to take place when the Supreme Court reverses Roe v. Wade, then you’ll see some good old fashioned Democratic domestic terrorism like you did in the summer of 2020.

Digital Afterlife Program: Alexa Will Soon Read Stories As Your Dead Grandma 
Amazon’s global AI event for machine learning, automation, robotics, and space is underway at ARIA Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. One of the top scientists in charge of the smart assistant “Alexa” revealed to the audience that it would soon be able to learn the voice of a deceased loved one.

Aung San Suu Kyi: Myanmar ex-leader sent to solitary confinement 
Myanmar’s deposed civilian leader Aung San Suu Kyi has been moved from house arrest to solitary confinement in a prison in the capital Nay Pyi Taw.

“President” Joe Biden confirms a planned 2nd Pandemic is on the way as UK Gov declares National Incident after Polio found in country for 1st time since 1984
The President of the United States has confirmed that “there is going to be a second pandemic” and the United States Government urgently needs money to prepare for it. The announcement came a day before the UK Government declared a national incident after the UK Health Security Agency discovered Polio in England for the first time since 1984.

World Health Organization Study concludes risk of suffering Serious Injury due to COVID Vaccination is 339% higher than risk of being hospitalised with COVID-19
A new study endorsed by the World Health Organization has found that the risks of mRNA Covid-19 vaccination heavily outweigh the benefits, with scientists discovering a person is on average 339% more likely to suffer a serious adverse event such as cardiac arrest, stroke, or death due to the Pfizer Covid-19 injection than they are to be hospitalised with Covid-19.

Russian Success in the Donbas Accelerates
When the uber neo-con Institute for the Study of War is conceding, reluctantly, that Russia is carving up the Ukrainians in the Donbas, it is an unmistakable sign that something big is up. Here is the ISW’s spin:

Scientists are working on vaccines that spread like a disease. What could possibly go wrong?
A small, but growing number of scientists think it’s possible to exploit the self-propagating properties of viruses and use them to spread immunity instead of disease. Can we beat viruses like SARS-CoV-2, the novel coronavirus, at their own game?

Canadian pastor says health officials offered church $50,000 to push vaccines
A senior Canadian Christian pastor alleged that public health officials offered his church $50,000 if they agreed to promote “vaccine confidence” to parishioners.

UPDATED full list of food facility fires in the USA from 2020 – 2022
The string of fires that appear to be sabotage operations targeting food processing facilities is surprisingly lengthy. Our research team has meticulously documented the reports and sources for nearly 100 such fires that have been reported across the USA from early 2020 to the present day.

RED ALERT: Entire U.S. supply of diesel engine oil may be wiped out in 8 weeks… no more oil until 2023 due to “Force Majeure” additive chemical shortages
As if we all needed something else to add to our worries, a potentially catastrophic situation is emerging that threatens to wipe out the entire supply of diesel engine oil across the United States, leaving the country with no diesel engine oil until 2023.

Some very strange signs in the sky… 
Strange things in the sky… On Sunday morning, June 19th, SpaceX launched a Falcon 9 rocket from Cape Canaveral (0427 UT). Within hours, people around the world started seeing strange things in the sky.

Buy your flour now while you can! Western Kansas wheat crops are failing just when the world needs them most 
This time of year, the wheat growing in this part of western Kansas should be thigh-high and lush green. But as a months-long drought continues to parch the region, many fields tell a different story.

Soon they will invade your country to steal your water! Dams, taps running dry in northern Mexico amid historic water shortages
Her elderly neighbor is hard of hearing so Maria Luisa Robles, a convenience store worker in the northern Mexican city of Monterrey, shouted the question a second time: Have you run out of water?

Hundreds of homeless die in extreme heat 
Hundreds of blue, green and grey tents are pitched under the sun’s searing rays in downtown Phoenix, a jumble of flimsy canvas and plastic along dusty sidewalks. Here, in the hottest big city in America, thousands of homeless people swelter as the summer’s triple digit temperatures arrive.

Feet of fresh SNOW in Montana and Utah mark beginning of summer! Parts of India and Afghanistan in white too!
Sure, our world is warming! 2-feet of fresh June snow in Glacier National Park, Montana Glacier National Park, MT reported 2′ of fresh snow at 6,250′ on the Going-To-The-Sun road yesterday, June 18, 2022.

Sri Lanka is collapsing: People are starving, no gas, no electricity and now the army starts shooting at them!
Sri Lanka is quite literally collapsing. People are starving, without gas or electricity, etc. Now they are rioting and the military are gunning people down. Wouldn’t be surprised if that reality spreads to the US, UK and all western countries in the next few years.

Canada Completes Construction of Manufacturing Facility to Make Food from Bugs 
I’m not sure how everyone feels about this new effort to make bugs into food for humans, but everything about it seems weird.   A Canadian company is now celebrating the opening of a manufacturing facility in Ontario what will generate 9,000 metric tons of crickets for people to eat.

Publix Pharmacies Refuse to Offer Covid Vaccines to Children Under Age 5
A representative for Publix on Wednesday said the company would not offer the jab at its more than 1,200 stores to children under 5 “at this time,” adding they would not be issuing a formal statement on the decision.

The Once Undisputed Ruler Of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu Prepares His Comeback As Fragile Government Collapses Forcing A New Election
The political lives of Benjamin Netanyahu and Donald Trump are amazingly intertwined, with the connection on multiple levels going back decades. There was even the time when  Jared Kushner gave up his bed and moved to the basement so Netanyahu could spend the night at their home in Livingston, New Jersey.

Hospitals Are Sending Your Private Medical Data to Facebook, Says Dr. Robert Malone
An article entitled: ‘Facebook Is Receiving Sensitive Medical Information from Hospital Websites’ is one of the more shocking investigative pieces of the week to not make main-stream corporate media,” Dr. Robert Malone writes.

Aviation Industry Calls Out ‘HOSTILE’ Environment Vaccine-Injured Pilots Must Endure
MAY 31: Two pilots walk through the United Airlines terminal at O’Hare International Airport May 31, 2005 in Chicago, Illinois. Aircraft Mechanics Fraternal Association mechanics union, representing 7,000 members, has accepted a new five-year contract and the 20,000 strong International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers has agreed “in principle” to a new contract with United Airlines. The machinists’ union represents customer service personnel, ramp workers and baggage handlers.

The GOP’s “Transgender” Strategy Is Dangerously Off Track 
A politically damaged, barely viable President Biden has surveyed the political landscape, and, incredibly, chosen transsexualism as his field of battle. With inflation soaring, the economy collapsing, shortages ravaging America, a human invasion tsunami pouring over the border, and repeated international humiliations, Biden and his administration flunkies are declaring an all-out war effort to promote transgenderism in every corner of America.

Build Back Broke: Biden’s Multi-Trillion Dollar Federal “Stimulus” Package Cost Taxpayers $855,000 Per Job Saved, Made “Near-ZERO Impact on National Income and Economic Growth”
Billed as the savior to the failing economy following the Covid-19 lockdowns, Biden’s “groundbreaking” multi-trillion-dollar economic stimulus package, The American Rescue Plan, was meant to “jumpstart” the economy, create and save jobs, combat inflation, and be the opening salvo to a successful four-year plan for the fraudulent Biden Regime – a tall order by any stretch of the imagination.