19 Jun 2022

Shot across the bow? Russia to submit resolution against Israel
For the first time since Israel began attacking Iranian targets in Syria, Russia is taking unprecedented steps to protect its ally. (watch)

North Korea reports outbreak of unidentified disease alongside COVID-19
South Korean officials have said that the disease, only referred to be North Korea as an “acute enteric epidemic” is likely to be either cholera or typhoid.

Prominent Rabbi warns Bennett of civil war
the Chief Rabbi of Safed and a member of the Chief Rabbinate Council, sent a formal letter of rebuke to Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett. The rabbi opened by referring to a statement made by Bennett last Monday in which he accused critics of his coalition with the Arab parties led by Mansour Abbas of “burning barns.” This was a reference to the period in 68 CE when Roman Emperor Vespasian laid siege to Jerusalem. At the time, Jerusalem had the wherewithal to withstand a protracted siege; its ‘barns’ were overflowing with enough provisions to feed the population for no less than 21 years. The Zealots preferred an immediate conflict over a siege and set fire to the barns. Their actions brought starvation to the city.

If The Streets Of America Are This Chaotic Now, What Will They Be Like When Things Really Start Hitting The Fan?
If you are not alarmed by what is happening to our largest cities, you should check to see if you still have a pulse. Once upon a time, the beautiful new cities that our forefathers constructed were the envy of the entire planet, but now many of them have degenerated into crime-infested hellholes that are absolutely teeming with violent predators.

Reimagining The World Economic Forum
The folks at The World Economic Forum, led by Klaus Schwab, never tire of “reimagining” everything. From food chains, digital identity, healthcare, even reimagining capitalism itself, everything seems to be on the table. Our betters at Davos have taken it upon themselves to make every aspect of our lives fair game for being reimagined, reconstituted, recalibrated, reordered and reset. Always along top-down technocratic lines they dream up at their exclusive, invite-only confabs. … the elder Schwab: “led the Nazi-supported German branch of a Swiss engineering firm into the war as a prominent military contractor. “ That company, Escher-Wyss, used slave labour in Nazi efforts to develop an atom bomb.

Deflationary Tsunami On Deck: A “Tidal Wave” Of Discounts And Crashing Prices
Three weeks ago, we showed readers what happens when the infamous “Bullwhip effect” reversal takes place by presenting the unprecedented surge in the “Inventory to Sales” ratio for a broad range of US retailers covering the furniture, home furnishings and appliances, building materials and garden equipment, and a category known as “other general merchandise,” which includes Walmart and Target. Since then, this ratio has only gotten even more extended, and as shown below it is now at the highest level since the bursting of the dot com bubble!

Bishops ask EU leaders to draft enlargement plan including Ukraine
On the same day that the European Commission issued its recommendation that Ukraine be granted formal status within the European Union, the bishops of Europe urged leaders to develop a realistic enlargement plan that includes the war-torn country as well as others that have long been on the waiting list.

DM Gantz: Israel ready to respond if Iran attack Israelis in Turkey
Israel will respond to any Iranian attacks against its citizens with force, at anywhere, Defense Minister Benny Gantz warned amid warnings that Iran terror cells are seeking to carry out an imminent attack to kill or kidnap Israelis visiting Turkey. “I call on all Israelis in Turkey to obey the instructions of security forces,” Defense Minister Benny Gantz said Saturday night. “Israel is working to thwart Iranian attempts to carry out an attack, and is preparing to respond forcefully to any attack on Israeli citizens – anywhere.”

18 dead in India, Bangladesh floods; millions without homes
At least 18 have died as massive floods ravage north-eastern India and Bangladesh, leaving millions of homes under
water and severing transport links authorities said Saturday.

Rand Paul warns leftists are ‘ginning-up’ violent crazies
Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., is warning that the Democrats and media across American have been working hand-in-glove and have been “ginning-up violent crazy people.” He accused the Democrats and the White House of encouraging protests outside the homes of justices, despite that being against the law.

Two actors dead, six wounded in California car wreck
Crew members were riding in a van when it crashed and flipped in an accident near filming of the Netflix series The Chosen One. The Chosen One series, bases on the comic series of the same name by Mark Millar and Peter Gross, focuses on a 12-year-old boy who learns he’s the returned Jesus Christ, destined to save humankind.

Iranian President blasts latest US sanctions
The comments came a day after the US sanctioned a network of Iranian petrochemical firms, as well as alleged front companies in China and the United Arab Emirates, accusing them of helping Tehran to circumvent sanctions.

IDF attacks Hamas military posts in retaliation for rocket fire
In a Saturday morning statement, the IDF confirmed: “Overnight, the Hamas terrorist organization launched a rocket from the Gaza Strip toward Israeli civilians in southern Israel. The rocket was intercepted by the IDF Aerial Defense Array.” “A short while ago, in response to the rocket attack, IDF aircraft struck a number of Hamas terror targets in the Gaza Strip.

Man who shot at police is an illegal immigrant, previously deported 7 times
A man whose bail was cut from $5 million to $100,000 (98% reduction) after shooting at police officers while drunkenly fleeing in a 100-mph car chase is an illegal immigrant who has been deported seven times. This is at least his eighth illegal entry into the U.S.: “United States Border Patrol encountered and voluntarily removed Nava-Jaimes from the U.S. on at least seven occasions between 2008 and 2010,” the spokesperson reported.

Magnitude 3.9 earthquake rattles portions of Georgia early Saturday
An earthquake was reported early Saturday morning near Stillmore, Georgia. An initial report from the United States Geological Survey showed a magnitude 4.5 but was later revised to 3.9.

Millions of homes underwater as massive floods hit parts of India and Bangladesh
Massive floods affecting northeastern India and Bangladesh over the past couple of days have left at least 18 people dead and millions of homes underwater.

AMEN: Bishop Forbids Jesuit-Middle School from Calling itself ‘Catholic’ After Flying LGBT and BLM Flags
“The flying of these flags in front of a Catholic school sends a mixed, confusing and scandalous message to the public about the Church’s stance on these important moral and social issues,” a decree said.

Globalist Surveillance State: WEF Begins Secret ‘Smart City’ Operations in the Netherlands
Apeldoorn has been transformed by the World Economic Forum (WEF), without consulting its residents, into the first ‘Smart City’ (surveillance city) of the Netherlands.

Great Replacement: Century Initiative Launches Campaign to Triple Canada’s Population by 2100.
A Toronto lobby group, the Century Initiative, has launched a campaign to triple the Canadian population by 2100. The Globalist group backed by the World Economic Forum aims to increase the country’s population to 100 million by 2100. In order to achieve their goals, Justin Trudeau’s open borders government will have to grant even more illegals access to Canada.

Here’s Why Americans See Prescription Drug Ads All Day Long
This marketing shift turned out to be incredibly lucrative for Big Pharma, but its effects on public health — and individual health — are highly questionable, as the ads continue to drive consumers to request drugs from their doctors, whether they need them or not.

South Dakota becomes abortion-free as Planned Parenthood closes state’s last facility 
Abortion giant Planned Parenthood has closed its last clinic in South Dakota, making the state abortion-free.

Catholic Church opens centre dedicated to EXORCISMS in the Philippines after surge in ‘possessions’
The Catholic Church is building a centre dedicated to exorcisms in the Philippines after an apparent surge since the pandemic. The St Michael Centre for Spiritual Liberation and Exorcism in Manila will be the first of its kind in Asia and will train priests in the art of expelling demons and provide a dedicated site to perform the rituals.

GET WOKE GO BROKE: Heavily Anticipated Kiddie Grooming Movie ‘Lightyear’ From Disney Pixar Bombs At Box Office As Audiences Stay Away In Droves
I cannot say this strongly enough, if you are a Christian parent of a young child, do not under any circumstances take them to see ‘Lightyear’, the latest offering from woke Disney Pixar. It’s not so much because of the same-sex lesbian kiss that have included for your young child’s entertainment, it is because Disney has become a predatory organization bent on corrupting the mind of your child. Don’t watch this movie, don’t go to Disney World or Disneyland, unless of course you support the grooming of your children.

MSN Quietly Deleted a Story Revealing That Severe COVID-19 is Rarely Found in the Unvaccinated.
A research paper found that people who did not receive a COVID-19 vaccine had a lower rate of suffering a severe case of the virus amidst the pandemic.

State attorneys general argue Biden’s new LGBT school lunch rule is illegal 
President Joe Biden’s latest LGBT agenda item, tying school lunch funding for low-income students to sexual identity policies, is against the law according to 26 state attorneys general.

WHO attempts to take control of future plandemics in a “totalitarian power grab” move
The World Health Organization has stated that it has been planning since January, together with the United States government, to become a “dictatorship of global health,” as described by Peter Breggin, MD, in his show, “Refounding America.”

Pelosi applauds drag queens, says ‘your freedom of expression is what America is all about’ 
Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, a self-professed Catholic, told a group of “drag queens” on a reality TV show last week that their ability to cross-dress and perform in sexually disordered shows is “what America is all about.”

Australia’s Energy Crisis Worsens As Gov’t Ask People To Keep Lights Off To Avert Blackouts
Australia’s energy minister asked Sydney and the New South Wales (eastern part of the country) residents to turn off lights and energy-intensive appliances in the evening to prevent power blackouts due to an ongoing energy crunch, The Independent reports.

HUGE FINDING: Higher CO2 makes food crops and herbs more nutritious and medicinal 
The war on carbon is a war on life itself. It is a war on plant health, animal health and human life. Not only is carbon dioxide necessary for photosynthesis, but it also makes plants more nutritious, multiplying their medicinal value.

Cattle deaths explained? NASA warns of deadly magnetosphere “rifts” that allow intense solar radiation to wipe out large numbers of animals on Earth
The mysterious cattle deaths that took place over the weekend in Kansas — now rumored to exceed 10,000 head of cattle — have defied traditional explanations. The official story is that high heat killed the cattle, but I have now personally talked with two owners of cattle in Texas who have both confirmed to me that the official story is nonsense. Cows don’t die all at once from heat, they confirmed to me. When high heat kills cows, they die off slowly, spread out across many days, not all at once.

Male blood donor who refused to say if he was pregnant turned away
Leslie Sinclair said it was unnecessary for him to answer a question on a form asking if he was pregnant as he is a man in his 60s

State AGs Demand Biden Stop Colluding With Big Tech To Censor Speech
Attorneys general in Missouri and Louisiana filed a motion for preliminary injunction this week demanding a court stop Big Tech companies from colluding with the federal government to inform their political censorship sprees, after the White House has repeatedly bragged about exploiting its relationships with social media companies to suppress information the Biden administration deems “problematic.”

Update: How many people have been murdered by COVID-19 Vaccination?
No one knows how many people the vaccines are killing – or how many they will kill. But although I haven’t seen the mainstream media mention most of these deaths, people have already died or been injured after being given the vaccine…

New Study provides more evidence the Covid-19 Vaccines cause Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
A new study published on Researchgate provides further proof that the Covid-19 injections cause recipients to develop crippling Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome, because it shows the unvaccinated have the lowest rate of developing serious disease due to Covid-19.

Blackouts On The Horizon 
Tens of millions of Americans could be thrown into a summer of hell as a megadrought, heat waves, and reduced power generation could trigger widespread rolling electricity blackouts from the Great Lakes to the West Coast.

The Babies and The Vaccine 
Protecting your baby from a virus that doesn’t exist, with a killshot