17 Jun 2022

Major damage after large tornado hits Guangzhou megalopolis – Guangdong, China 
A large stovepipe tornado touched down in China’s most important port city of Guangzhou, Guangdong Province on June 16, 2022, causing major damage as it moved into downtown.

Severe thunderstorms leave three people missing, nearly 500 000 customers without power across Midwest, U.S.
Severe thunderstorms hit the U.S. Midwest from June 13 to 15, 2022, causing widespread damage and leaving nearly 500 000 customers without power. Severe weather is now shifting to the Northeast.

Those ‘free’ COVID tests you take? Labs are raking in millions in tax dollars, study says
At least, no out-of-pocket costs. A new study from the University of Hawaii and Johns Hopkins University hints at just how great those costs might really be for taxpayers and those paying for private insurance. And it shows how the private labs conducting the tests are probably raking in millions of dollars more a year.

Parts Of Beijing On Lockdown After 74 Omicron Cases In 24 Hours | SHTF Plan – When It Hits The Fan, Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You
After being off lockdown for only 5 days, the rulers of Beijing locked the city down once again.  This time, the lockdown is over 74 cases of Omicron in a city with a population of 21.3 million people.

Food shortages could be ‘just as deadly’ as global pandemic
A leading global health figure has warned the next worldwide health crisis could come in the form of food shortages, as the price of basic supplies skyrockets in even the wealthiest of nations.

Post-mortem examinations find massive blood clot biostructures in bodies of the vaccinated 
More and more evidence proves that people who are fully vaccinated and boosted against the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) are dying due to blood clots forming in their vascular systems.

Biden quietly begs U.S. companies to buy Russian fertilizer to solve problem he helped create 
After imposing sanctions that resulted in sharp decreases in supplies of agricultural inputs coupled with ever-rising inflation, the Biden regime is now asking agricultural and shipping companies to purchase and hold more Russian fertilizer.

The next Great Depression begins: Bank run in China being ignored by Western media could be precursor to massive economic collapse 
Runs on banks, which is essentially the economic point of no return for a financial institution, have not happened very often in modern history, but when they do and are widespread, the fallout can last for years.

WATCH: Health Ranger conducts live microscopy analysis of “engineered biostructure” clots collected from deceased covid jab victims
…Keep in mind that what you are about to see is highly disturbing, and those with sensitivity to gross medical imagery should take caution while viewing. You should also know that the clots shown and analyzed by the Health Ranger are not blood clots, but rather “engineered biostructures” that appear to have self-assembled inside the bodies of the now-deceased.

Mass CATTLE deaths send shockwaves through food supply as speculation rises: Are they being poisoned on purpose?
Following over 100 fires that appear to be acts of sabotage against food facilities across the United States, speculation is now running rampant about thousands of cattle that appear to have died suddenly in Kansas over the weekend.

Australia provides unequivocal proof the Covid-19 Vaccines don’t work and just make you worse
Nearly 90% of people in Australia are considered fully vaccinated against Covid-19, but despite this, the country is still riding the largest wave of Covid-19 deaths to hit the country since the beginning of the alleged pandemic in 2020, a wave that began in February 2022.

W.H.O to declare Public Health Emergency of International Concern over COVID Vaccine-Induced Shingles (Monkeypox) 
The World Health Organization is set to declare a Public Health Emergency of International Concern by the end of June 2022 over Covid-19 vaccine-induced shingles which all member states including the USA, the UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Europe are legally obliged to respond to.

FDA ignored evidence of Autoimmune Disease & Vaccine-Associated Enhanced Disease in the Confidential Pfizer Documents
The confidential Pfizer documents, that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has been forced to publish by court order, reveal that Pfizer presented evidence of Covid-19 vaccine recipients suffering auto-immune disease and Vaccine-Associated Enhanced Disease as adverse events, but the FDA chose to ignore it.

Biden to Unveil Plan for Next Pandemic While Seeking $88 Billion in Funds More
The Defender’s COVID NewsWatch provides a roundup of the latest headlines related to the SARS CoV-2 virus, including its origins and COVID vaccines.

The Israeli Air Force Has Begun Installing Precision One-Ton Bombs Into The Belly Of Their F-35s, And Updating Planes For Long Distance Flight To Iran 
There is no doubt of any kind that Israel is preparing to strike Iran to stop them from getting a nuclear bomb, and right now preparations are underway to refit their F-35 jets with longer-range capabilities with one ton precision bomb payloads. They have been wargaming possible scenarios for months now, and on Tuesday we told you how Iran is getting ready to start launching missiles.

As Gas Goes Over $6.00 Per Gallon And Inflation Turning Into Recession, Joe Biden Holds Massive ‘Days Of Lot’ LGBTQIA Pride Event At White House
Yesterday, as the price of gas went over $6.00 per gallon in many states, and as the stock market dropped below 30,000, Joe Biden was hard at work in the White House making sure that the ‘Days of Lot’ is an official part of the policy of his administration. Simply put, America is in free-fall on every level you can think of, and we are cheering our own destruction, exactly as the Bible said we would be doing in the last days.

China bank protest stopped by health codes turning red, depositors say
A protest planned by hundreds of bank depositors in central China seeking access to their frozen funds has been thwarted because the authorities have turned their health code apps red, several depositors told Reuters.