12 Jun 2022

Iran Crosses the Nuclear Threshold as Israelis and Americans are Distracted by Domestic Evolutions
the International Atomic Energy Agency’s announcement that Iran has crossed the nuclear threshold, has mastered the nuclear fuel cycle and can independently develop nuclear weapons has gone virtually unremarked by Israeli and American media. Instead, there are reports that the United States—in the interest of lowering fuel costs—may allow Iran to expand its export of oil. “Since Joe Biden came into office, the United States has stopped effectively enforcing the sanctions on Iran oil exports,”

Biden takes steps to walk back Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital
the Washington Free Beacon cited sources in the State Department confirming that the Biden administration will move forward with establishing a new Office of Palestinian Affairs in Jerusalem that will act independently of the US ambassador to Israel’s office there. This move goes against the expressed wishes of the Israeli government. Still, the Biden State Department is going even further, opening an official Palestinian consulate in Jerusalem wholly independent of the US embassy in Israel. This consulate will act as a de facto embassy to the Palestinian Authority in Jerusalem, a move that violates international law.

Tropics watch: NHC monitoring 4 tropical waves as Saharan dust moves across Atlantic
The National Hurricane Center is monitoring four tropical waves in the Atlantic basin, including one in the Caribbean. No new tropical cyclones are forecast to develop over the next five days.

Drought Monitor Weekly: Storms Bring Heavy Rain Across Southern Plains, Lower Mississippi Valley
A slow-moving cold front resulted in thunderstorms with heavy rainfall (locally more than 3 inches) across the central to southern Great Plains, lower Mississippi Valley, and the Ozarks Region from May 31 to June 2. As this front progressed eastward, locally heavy rain also fell across the Ohio Valley and Northeast.

NASA’s $10 Billion Space Telescope Hit By Micro-Meteoroid
Between May 23 and 25, JWST sustained a dust-sized micrometeoroid impact to the mirror segment known as C3, one of the 18 beryllium-gold tiles that make up the telescope’s 6.5-meter wide primary reflector, according to NASA. The shield acts as a reflector and allows the most sensitive infrared sensor ever launched in space to capture footage of stars and galaxies. JWST was launched into space in late December.

How Inflation Got Away From Washington Screw-Ups
Being a government hack has its advantages. You get eleven paid holidays per year. You get promoted for poor performance. The benefits are superb. Best of all, you can get remarkably rich…even if you’re a screw up. President Joe Biden, for example, has worked for the federal government for nearly 50 years. His net worth is about $9 million. Yet Biden and his wife Jill really made the big bucks between 2017 and 2020, when Biden was out of office. Together, they hauled in $17.3 million in book deals and speaking fees. These are some of the fringe benefits of having been a government bigwig.

Biden Approval Plummets To 22% Among Young Adults, 24% Among Hispanics
According to a Wednesday poll by Quinnipiac University, Biden’s overall job approval is just 33%, and 22% among those aged 18-34. What’s more, just 24% of Hispanic voters and 49% of black voters say they think Biden’s doing an ok job. Although elected with the most votes in US history, Biden’s support cratered about seven months into office during the chaotic US pullout from Afghanistan and remained low as inflation and violent crime spiked.

Russia Issues Unusually Bitter Condemnation Of Israeli Attack On Damascus Airport
Israeli media is on Saturday describing an “unusually bitter condemnation” as Russia has lashed out at Israel’s latest airstrikes on Syria, which disabled Damascus International Airport.

Federal Judge Blocks Biden Administration Restrictions On Immigration Arrests
Biden … initiated a policy through the Department of Homeland Security that was designed to greatly limit which illegal immigrants Border Patrol officers and ICE agents were allowed to arrest and deport. Luckily, that order has now been negated by US District Court Judge Drew Tipton in Texas, who states that the DHS had no authority to issue a September 2021 memo which directed immigration officials to focus only on illegals that are deemed a “threat to public safety or national security”

Teachers union boss raked in massive six-figure salary while fighting to close schools
American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten was paid nearly half a million dollars during the 2021-2022 school year, a report from Americans for Fair Treatment stated Wednesday. Weingarten raked in six-figures while simultaneously pushing for schools to stay shutdown during the COVID-19 pandemic.

‘Time crystals’ work around laws of physics to offer new era of quantum computing
Time crystals are bizarre structures of atoms, the existence of which was only predicted as recently as 2012, with experimental proof following a few years later. Time crystals, on the other hand, consist of atoms that repeat in time rather than in space, oscillating back and forth, or spinning, even in their ground state. They can maintain this motion perpetually …

Significant burst of Saharan dust is on its way to the Gulf CoastParts of the Gulf Coast could be in store for African dust beginning by next week as a massive plume of the air layer makes its 5,000-mile journey across the Atlantic basin.

Tornado Watch issued as severe weather threat increases in Plains
There will be two focus areas for severe weather; the first will be in the Northern and Central Plains, the second in the Mid-Atlantic

Blistering heat intensifies, more than 70 million Americans under heat alerts
Early indications suggest that more than two-dozen daily record highs could be challenged between Monday and Wednesday

US Farmer Sentiment Dives As Ag Input-Costs Skyrocket
Despite strong commodity prices, farmer sentiment in the United States deteriorated sharply in May as producers are anxious about their farm’s financial health and prospects.

CDC Publishes Hidden Pfizer Document With An Admission That Proves Military Jab Mandates Illegal
“it’s so corrupt, it’s mind blowing… it’s clear under the law, you cannot force or mandate someone to take an emergency use authorized drug.”

Russia, which is now far more Christian than America, just introduced new law criminalizing “LGBT propaganda” 
New legislation proposed in Russia would make it a crime for anyone in the country to promote unnatural sexual relations, or what the government there is calling “LGBT propaganda.”

Over $200K being spent on drag queen shows at NYC schools
New York is showering taxpayer funds on a group that sends drag queens into city schools — often without parental knowledge or consent — even as parents in other states protest increasingly aggressive efforts to expose kids to gender-bending performers.

Flashback: The Great Global Warming Swindle 
In 2007 Al Gore’s 2006 documentary An Inconvenient Truth met its match in a devastating documentary shown on British television station Channel 4.  The documentary was released at the beginning of March 2007 and two and a half months later had been viewed by millions of people on the internet.

GAAC Open Letter to UK Civil Aviation Authority
On Thursday Global Aviation Advocacy Coalition (GAAC”) wrote an open letter to the UK Civil Aviation Authority… An explanation of how CAA assesses Covid-19 vaccines’ suitability for pilots.Whether CAA collect reports of Covid-19 vaccine effects, side effects and severe adverse events. If CCA is aware of any Covid-19 vaccine-induced adverse events in any UK pilot. If so, how many? And, how does CAA categorise the severity of adverse events?

Excess Deaths rising 5 months after Winter Booster Campaign proves theory COVID Vaccines take 5 months to kill recipients
Recently we revealed how office data published by the UK Government showed that the vaccinated population in England had a higher mortality rate per 100,000 than the unvaccinated population.

SHOCKING – At least 77K Dead & 7.3 Million injured due to COVID Vaccination across USA, Europe, UK & Australia 
The latest reports released by medicine regulators around the world reveal that there have been at least 7.3 million injuries reported as adverse reactions to the Covid-19 injections up to late May and early June 2022, including 77,068 deaths.

Here is the Updated List of US-Based Food Manufacturing Plants Destroyed Under Biden Administration
Joe Biden’s ‘Build Back Better’ is not working as planned, or is it? Gas prices are at record highs, stock markets are down, parents are having difficulty finding a baby formula, and the cost of everything is way up.

New Zealand indigenous family under house arrest for 11 months for not taking COVID jab 
New Zealand has long boasted that its relationship with its indigenous population is one of the more enlightened. Not anymore. The brutal imposition of house arrest on residents of the Pacific island of Nukunonu because they have not agreed to be vaccinated has revealed that the New Zealand government is willing to ignore basic citizen rights.

The LGBTQIA Christian Church Now Has Their Own Queer Hymnal Called ‘Songs For The Holy Other’ That Makes God A Sinner And A Liar 
…imagine a Christian church that took the music to beloved hymns and wrote new lyrics to promote the idea that God affirms the queer lifestyle in spite of the fact of scripture like Romans 1:21-32 (KJB) that absolutely condemns it. You would make God a sinner and a liar like you. The new hymnal ‘Songs For The Holy Other’ does exactly that.

It’s actually 100% green energy that could destroy the planet
The untold story about “green energy” is that it can’t possibly be scaled up to provide anywhere near the energy to replace fossil fuels (unless we are headed back to the stone ages, which is what some of the “de-growth” advocates favor).

No Surgery, No Chemo: Small NYC Cancer Trial Concludes with Unprecedented Results
A drug trial for rectal cancer patients is attracting attention after all of the patients treated have no detectable trace of cancer.

SHAPIRO: A Complete Betrayal At Fox News
Fox News highlighted the story Friday of a biological girl whose family encouraged her to identify as a boy, as part of its “America Together: LGBTQ+ Pride Month” series.

New law targeting ‘LGBT propaganda’ introduced in Russia 
Russian lawmakers are considering a new law targeting “LGBT propaganda.” It would provide for fines of up to $160,000 for promoting non-traditional sexual relations. The draft legislation was submitted to Russia’s State Duma on Tuesday and is currently being reviewed by the state-building and legislation committee.

Florida Dem ripped for touting ‘MAJOR victory’ after Soros-backed group buys 18 Spanish radio stations 
A Florida Democrat may have been a little too liberal in the application of the term “we” as he touted the purchase of “18 major Spanish-language stations.”

Coalition of taxpayer-funded transgender orgs reveal deeper motives, demand reparations: ‘Pay that money now
Much like recent drag shows for kids showed the desires of radical activists to indoctrinate the youth, a discussion held by a panel of taxpayer-funded trangender activists is proving with their own words that they are seeking total control of the culture.

Dutch Political Party: ‘Reject the WEF, Great Reset and Their Transhumanist Agenda’ 
Are you looking forward to a utopia in which you own nothing and eat bugs in which a chip in your body is linked to a social credit system that tells a global government all they need to know about you?