11 Jun 2022

3 US Companies That Allegedly Sent Defense Blueprints To China Receive Export Denial Order
On June 7, the Commerce Department’s Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) accused three U.S.-based companies of unauthorized export of technical drawings and blueprints used to 3-D print satellite, rocket, and defense-related prototypes to China.

Soaring CPI Crushes ‘Peak Inflation’ Narrative, Sparks Global Market Turmoil
The market is now pricing in 10 more rate-hikes by the end of 2022 and then 3 rate-cuts following it. And it appears to be the latter that sparked a surge in gold to its highest in one month…

A ‘planetary breakup’ of 5 planets in the June’s big stargazing sight, NASA says
Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn joined up in the southeastern predawn sky this month, offering a special treat for skywatchers. The five planets appear to arc across the sky all in a row, with Mercury lying very close to the horizon. This is the first time since December 2004 that the five planets have appeared together in view above the horizon.

NASA hopes new study helps bring UFO research into the mainstream
NASA hopes that the newly announced panel, and the work that it does, will help normalize UAP sightings and research, bringing more and better information into scientists’ databases.

U.S. drops COVID testing for incoming international air travelers
The United States late Friday rescinded a 17-month-old requirement that people arriving in the country by air test negative for COVID-19, a move that follows intense lobbying by airlines and the travel industry.

Russia condemns Israel over Damascus airstrike
Russia condemned the Israeli airstrikes on Damascus International Airport on Friday, official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, said in a statement. “We are compelled to reiterate that the ongoing Israeli shelling of the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic, in violation of the basic norms of international law, is absolutely unacceptable.

DC disciplinary office files ethics charges over Giuliani’s false election claims
The charges, filed by the DC Office of Disciplinary Counsel with the DC District of Columbia Court of Appeals, mark the second time that a bar office has taken action against New York’s former mayor.

Israeli Rabbi shows how the Bible is Pro-2nd Amendment
Rabbi Grossman kicked off the presentation by noting that the ancient Israelites in Egypt were not allowed to bear arms should they revolt against their slave owners. But the fact that the Bible makes a point of mentioning that they finally did have the means to defend themselves against their Egyptian slave owners enabled them to realize their destiny of leaving Egypt: Now the Israelites went up armed out of the land of Egypt. (Exodus 13:18)

Qatar opens borders to Israelis for World Cup, bringing reconciliation of Isaaac and Ishmael
Despite a lack of diplomatic relations between Doha and Jerusalem, Israelis will have the opportunity to travel to Qatar for the 2022 FIFA World Cup, set for Nov. 21 through Dec. 18. Israel made the announcement on Thursday after reaching an agreement with FIFA, soccer’s world governing body.

Video-Blogger shocked to find name of God appearing on Temple Mount Wall
Hananya Naftali, a video advocate for Israel with over 127,000 subscribers, went to Jerusalem to debunk the claim that the name of God was appearing in bushes growing on the eastern retaining wall of the Temple Mount. He was shocked to discover that the rumors were true. The prophetic implications are enormous.

Biden State Department report on religious freedom upholds ban on Jewish prayer on Temple Mount.
Last week, the Biden administration’s State Department released its 2021 Report on International Religious Freedom. The section on “Israel, West Bank, and Gaza” covered the violence in Jerusalem

Cow Farts and Burps to Be Taxed for Climate Change
In an apparent backdoor effort to tax meat, the burps and farts of cattle and sheep are set to be taxed by the leftist government of New Zealand in a bid to, they claim, save the world.

‘Worse Than the Arab Spring’: UN Warns 49 Million Face Food Insecurity
The current state of global food insecurity is worse than the conditions that preceded the Arab Spring, leaders from global food organisations have warned.

Ukraine to Ban ‘War and Peace’ From Being Taught in Schools
Leo Tolstoy’s ‘War and Peace’ and other classic historical novels that portray the Russian military in anything other than a negative light will be banned from being taught in Ukrainian schools, it has been announced.

Demographic experts warn that the world should fear population collapse and not overpopulation 
Contrary to the projections of the United Nations, demographers warn that recent evidence suggests the world is headed into a population collapse, not an era of overpopulation.

President of Spanish pharma giant charged for faking his own COVID jab certificate 
The president of Iberian pharmaceutical giant PharmaMar has been identified as one of over 2,000 people charged by the Spanish police with having purchased falsified COVID-19 jab documentation in order to appear “vaccinated” against the virus without taking the shot.

Ukrainian Official Admits She Lied About Russians Committing Mass Rape to Convince Countries to Send More Weapons
The top Ukrainian official who was fired for spreading misinformation has admitted that she lied about Russians committing mass rape in order to convince western countries to send more weapons to Ukraine.

New film argues WHO engaged in ‘population control experiment’ under guise of vaccination program
Children’s Health Defense (CHD) has collaborated with British filmmaker and activist Dr. Andy Wakefield and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to deliver a new film that sets out to prove the World Health Organization (WHO) engaged in a “population control experiment” “carried out under the guise of a vaccination program” and resulted “in the sterilization of women in Africa without their knowledge or consent.”

Burger King panders to LGBT pushers with new “Pride Whopper” that celebrates “equal love” (which sounds like a call for pedophilia)
…In an attempt at appealing and pandering to the LGBT mafia, Burger King Austria says ordering its Pride Whopper is a great way to “be proud” while promoting “equal love and equal rights.” The term equal love, by the way, appears to be a dog whistle to pedophilia (Related: Burger King also sells genetically engineered (GMO) “Impossible” burgers that damage customers’ endocrine systems).

Biden’s America: One Michigan County’s Police Dept. Has “Blown Through Their Fuel Budget” and will No Longer Respond to Every 911 Call In-Person
…In Michigan, the current average for a gallon of gas is $5.21. One Michigan county’s police department has already “blown through their fuel budget” and will no longer be able to respond to every 911 call in-person.

Desmond Swayne Questions Sajid Javid and DHSC Removes Job Advert for Covid Pass Deputy Director
On 21 February Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the “Living with Covid Strategy.”  He confirmed that “domestic legal restrictions will end on 24 February as we begin to treat Covid as other infectious diseases such as flu.”

Croatian MEP: The Huge Inflation We’re Facing is Due to the Insatiable Greed of Blackrock and Vanguard
Blackrock, Vanguard and State Street are funds that own all key companies in all areas of life – finance, health, media, military industry and wars. They own assets that are several times larger than the national budgets of countries such as USA, China, Brazil, and India. They are the ones who run the world and appoint presidents and prime ministers. They are the ones who decide our real lives and the world order.

Prediction: Proxy Dialectical Wars are Coming
“Anti-trans”. “Antisemitic”. “Racist”. All of these allegations are coming. All of them are false. Important voices across the US and around the world are being set up to be painted as bigots, portrayed as guilty of hate speech. Recent events tell me that the corporate oligarchy is about to launch a major smear campaign to defame these voices. It’s really their only last move: it is their swan song.

Monkeypox is a coverup for damage done to Immune System by COVID Vaccination resulting in Shingles, Autoimmune Blistering Disease & Herpes Infection 
Do you not find it curious how in the space of 50 years, monkeypox has never really gotten off the ground outside of a couple of countries in Africa, but then within two years of the alleged emergence of Covid-19, monkeypox is suddenly in every Western nation and being hyped up by public health authorities, the mainstream media and the World Health Organization?

TOP DEMOCRAT INDICTED: NM House Majority Leader Charged with Embezzlement — Total May Top $954,000
The New Mexico House Majority Leader is in serious trouble after being charged in a massive embezzlement scheme. Rep. Sheryl Williams Stapleton may have embezzled upwards of $954,000 dollars in a racketeering, laundering and illegal kickbacks scheme.

Why Were Ukrainian Nazis in the U.S. Capitol on January 6?
In light of the sham show trial regarding the alleged culprits behind the so-called January 6, 2021 “insurrection,” I think some actual facts are in order that, when you examine them, only raise more questions. One of the most troubling questions is why were Ukrainians tied to neo-Nazi groups inside the U.S. Capitol mingling with undercover FBI agents and supporters of Donald Trump?

Missouri AG subpoenas seven school districts over gender, critical race theory surveys 
Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt subpoenaed seven school districts Wednesday related to an investigation into surveys that asked invasive questions of students on topics ranging from race to gender theory.

Covid-19 Murder of Tanzanian, Burundian Presidents! Nigeria Leaders Beware!
…The President of Tanzania, John Magafulli was the second to be killed by the deep state, vaccine conglomerates and conspiracy of the ‘One World Order’. The first President to be poisoned in office by the same vaccinists was President Pierre Nkurunziza of Burundi. Both Presidents have rejected the compulsory lockdown and forced vaccinations of their people and they paid the price for it.