8 Jun 2022

Gymnasts seek $1 billion from FBI, calls to act after deadly shootings
Olympic gold medalist Simone Biles and dozens of other women who say they were sexually assaulted by Larry Nassar are seeking more than $1 billion from the FBI for failing to stop the now convicted sports doctor. There’s no dispute that FBI agents in 2015 knew that Nassar was accused of assaulting gymnasts. But the agents failed to act

Would Discovery Of The Ark Of The Covenant Initiate Construction?
The importance of rebuilding the Temple to Orthodox Judaism lies in its conception of the redemption of the world, which they believe can only take place once the Temple is rebuilt. Gershon Salomon, Director, Temple Mount Faithful, an organization that has been trying to prepare Israeli society to accept and promote the rebuilding of the Temple through demonstrations at the Temple site, the construction of a cornerstone for the Third Temple, and the making of various Temple-related utensils, has said: “[Building the Third Temple] is an act which must be done to complete the redemption of the people of the Bible in the Land of the Bible. I cannot imagine an Israeli State or Israeli life in this country without the Temple Mount in the center of this life.”

Target Goes All In For Pride Month
No parent ever thinks it will happen to them. One day, they wake up and their son or daughter is just gone — lost to a world they never saw coming. Some parents have said it’s like living in a horror film or screaming through a nightmare they can’t wake up from. Years later, when their children come to regret it — the cut and scarred bodies, the unfamiliar faces, the knowledge they can’t have babies of their own — they’ll wonder about the strangers who sold them these lies. The people in corporate board rooms, behind movie cameras, or stocking shelves who told them the way to get noticed and valued was to be someone else. The soulless companies like Target, who don’t care if your son or daughter is next.

State Farm Needs A PR Insurance Policy After Transgender Book Drive
Turns out, customers aren’t the only ones upset with State Farm’s transgender book drive. Employees, who’ve been on the receiving end of hundreds of local complaints, are making their own phone calls to corporate — furious that the company would drag its good name into the mud, and them with it. “We’re an insurance company who’s known to be conservative,” one Midwest agent told RedState. “That is why this is so shocking. I can assure you (I’m on a private Facebook page for agents at only 4,000 members) that 99 percent of us are beyond [outraged].”

Have Our Spiritual Shepherds Become Wolves? Pastors Abandon Biblical Worldview
New analysis from Arizona Christian University’s Cultural Research Center reveals a “particularly shocking” absence of biblical worldview among pastors of evangelical churches, “because evangelical churches, by definition, believe that the Bible is God’s true and reliable words to humanity.” The latest release of the American Worldview Inventory, conducted in February and March of this year, revealed that 37% of Christian pastors held a biblical worldview, and the numbers are only slightly better among pastors of evangelical (51%) and independent or non-denominational (57%) churches.

Biden admin threatens North Korea with ‘swift and forceful response’ over nuke test
U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman spoke with officials in South Korea and Japan about such a counter-response if the North moves forward with a nuclear test for the first time in almost five years, The Associated Press reported Tuesday.

Canadian Gun Stores Report Panic Buying Following Trudeau’s Plan To Ban Handgun Sales
“We sold 100 handguns, or almost our entire stock, in the last three days, since the prime minister announced the freeze,” Jen Lavigne, co-owner of That Hunting Store in the outskirts of the capital Ottawa.

Kremlin Declares “Land Bridge” Complete From Western Russia To Donbas To Crimea
Russia’s military has declared that its desired strategic “land bridge” connecting Russian national territory with the Donbas and Crimea is complete, according to statements given to CNN senior national security correspondent Alex Marquardt. The Tuesday Russian military statement said that “roads and rail lines between western Russia and Crimea are operational,”

Kamala Harris holds abortion roundtable with religious leaders: ‘We need faith’
Kamala Harris held a roundtable with faith leaders about abortion and other “reproductive health” issues Monday. Her opening remarks did not include any overt mention of God.

Iran threatens to ‘raze Tel Aviv and Haifa’ amid revenge attack concerns
Upon an order of the Supreme Leader of the [Islamic] Revolution, we will raze Tel Aviv and Haifa to the ground for any mistake made by the enemy (Israel),” the commander of the Iranian Army’s ground forces, Kiumars Heydari, told the Fars News Agency.

Alleged Israeli airstrike hits weapons factory near Damascus
An alleged Israeli airstrike targeted sites south of Damascus on Monday night, according to Syrian state news agency SANA. A Syrian military source told SANA that Israeli aircraft carried out the strike from over the Golan Heights, targeting some points south of Damascus. The source claimed that only material damage was caused, with no casualties reported.

Israeli chief rabbis: Don’t overrule Moscow’s chief rabbi
The chief rabbis of Israel have written a letter to the rabbis of the Russian Jewish community asking them not to overrule Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt as chief rabbi of Moscow, despite his being in “exile” in Israel. The Jerusalem Post obtained the letter and other letters of senior Israeli rabbis who have written on the matter.

Al Jazeera releases video hinting Israel planning massacre of Arabs on Temple Mount
the Al Jazeera report warned that the one-sided violence being carried out by the Palestinians was a plan by the Israeli government to stage a recreation of the tragic massacre carried out by Baruch Goldstein, a Jew, in the Machpelah (Cave of the Patriarchs) in 1994. The video begins by showing scenes of Palestinians rioting inside the Aqsa Mosque, claiming they were “trapped inside” by IDF troops. This is, of course, inaccurate.

Sovereignty Movement: Make Jerusalem a metropolis to save it
Matar describes how “Jerusalem is in danger and even people on the right are not aware of how bad the situation is
The solution the Sovereignty Movement is promoting is for a metropolitan Jerusalem. Matar explains: “The Sovereignty Movement is promoting the ‘Greater Jerusalem plan’ which means to expand the borders of Jerusalem, turn it into a metropolis, include in it Gush Etzion, Beitar, areas of Binyamin… That would add over 250,000 Jews to Jerusalem.” “Jerusalem also deserves to be bigger as our capital, to be much bigger.

60 seats for right-wing bloc in new poll
According to a new poll published on Tuesday evening by Kan News, if elections were to be held today, the right-wing bloc would reach 60 seats in the 120-seat Knesset.

U.S. declares national energy emergency 
The United States declared a national energy emergency on June 6, 2022. The emergency – declared to exist with respect to the threats to the availability of sufficient electricity generation capacity to meet expected customer demand – will stay in effect for at least 24 months or until it’s declared terminated, whichever occurs first.

Sentinel-2 views huge burn scar on the island of Stromboli, Italy 
A large wildfire scorched around 250 ha (617 acres) of forest on the NE flank of Stromboli volcano at the end of May 2022. Fueled by strong winds, the fire also threatened some homes near the coast.

Complete Coincidence? At Least 7 Large Farm Fires Occur in US in Last 10 Days
There were seven major farm fires in the United States over a recent 10-day period. In the big picture, they were for the most part relatively small-scale events. But with reports of so many fires at food production facilities, you can’t help but notice. Coincidence? It could be. But it does get your attention.

Confidential Pfizer Documents reveal Covid-19 Vaccination is going to lead to Depopulation
Covid-19 vaccination is going to lead to mass depopulation. This is a pretty bold claim to make. ‘Your Government is trying to kill you’ is even bolder. But unfortunately, these bold claims are now backed up with a mountain of evidence, and most of that evidence can be found in the confidential Pfizer documents that the U.S. Food & Drug Administration has been forced to publish by court order.

Are they planning on using it? WEF removes article about “Mind Control using sound waves” 
A few days ago, the WEF removed the 2018 article linked in this tweet about “Mind Control using sound waves…”

Politif*cked: An Office Manager from Florida and a Gates-Funded Professor Are Censoring Studies Linking Mask Usage to Increased Deaths.
PolitiFact “fact checker” who has attempting to discredit National Pulse reporting on mask mandates and recent medical journal papers has almost zero experience in real news reporting, medical reporting, COVID-19 reporting, or even national news, The National Pulse can reveal.

NO LONGER A CONSPIRACY THEORY: Global elites have joined forces to form one world government
The global elites have come together to form what has been dubbed as a one world government. They have signed a treaty that would enable the World Health Organization (WHO) to take control and have governance over any NATO-aligned countries.

U.S. car sales at ‘recessionary levels;’ inflation, interest rates are concerns
U.S. new-car sales dipped below an annualized 13 million vehicles in May, prompting analysts at RBC to say they are at “recessionary levels,” although demand is still heated and auto makers offer few if any incentives to those looking to buy a new vehicle.

As If You Needed Another Reason To Stop Watching Professional Football, The NFL Has Begun The Process Of Hiring Transgender Cheerleaders
Some years back, as a then lifelong Steelers fan, I stopped watching the NFL because it went from being a fun game to watch to being a preachy, woke, and vaguely anti-American experience. So with the exception of watching the last few games that Ben Roethlisberger played in, I have not watched the NFL in about 3 years. Now that they have transgender cheerleaders, I am thinking about coming back just so I can make a statement by quitting again.

OANN Exposes Biden’s Biolabs In Ukraine
We’ve been covering the Ukraine biolabs story extensively here at WeLoveTrump since the very beginning. First it was outrightly dismissed — conspiracy theory, they shouted! And then it was admitted but claimed it was for honorable purposes. See here:

Australia To Forcibly Vaccinate Citizens Via Chemtrails
Australia have approved the license application from Big Pharma company PaxVax that will allow them to intentionally release a GMO vaccine consisting of live bactreria into Queensland, via chemtrails.

Europol Warns Weapons Shipped To Ukraine Could Be Used By “Criminal Groups” For Years
In a weekend German media interview the head of the European police agency Europol has issued a dire warning about the huge amount of weapons being pumped from the West into Ukraine.

“What Is A Woman?” film tackles easy question that transgender cult refuses to answer
Right-wing political commentator Matt Walsh has released a new documentary called, “What Is A Woman?” that addresses a simple question that modern Western culture can no longer answer.

American FGM-148 Javelin Appears On Dark Web Marketplace
Users from Ukraine have posted several American made FGM-148 Javelins for sale on the Dark Web Marketplace, Thief Marketplace.

‘Pizza Hut has gone full woke’: Restaurant’s book club features a young boy in DRAG 
Pizza Hut is facing calls for a boycott after it promoted a children’s book that featured a little boy who dresses in drag.

MSNBC Gun-Control Ghouls: We ‘Desperately Need’ To Display Images of Dead Children
Pro-abortion liberals rage against laws requiring ultrasounds before women can get an abortion. But whereas liberals oppose having people see living babies, many liberals are now clamoring to force people to view dead babies and children—the victims of mass shootings.

RED ALERT: Russia and China planning simultaneous attack to ELIMINATE the United States and occupy North America 
Academic researcher and author JR Nyquist has conducted a bombshell interview with “Mr. Wang” from LUDE Media — the same group that acquired a secret audio recording from high-level CCP / PLA military leaders in Southern China — that reveals China and Russia are teaming up to eliminate the United States and occupy North America.

VACCINES need NEW WARNING: Sarcoma cancer tumor may develop at vaccine injection site
What if you found out there’s a history of people needing cancer tumors surgically removed that developed at the vaccine injection site, some within weeks of the shot? Whether a vaccine is injected into your shoulder, thigh, lower back, flank (side) or buttocks, it is NOT UNCOMMON for sarcoma cancer tumors to develop at the site of injection, and that goes for humans and their pets (dogs and cats), according to pediatricians, military doctors and veterinarians.

Eleven Ukrainian Units Betrayed by Senior Commanders
The meme that Ukraine is crushing the Russian invasion is flipping and a slew of videos of angry Ukrainian soldiers have popped up on Ukrainian social media over the past week. Apart from the despicable AZOV battalion, which surrendered 2500 fighters at Mariupol, the Ukrainian soldiers called into action and sent to the Donbas to fight the Russians are angry at their chain of command for not properly supplying them with the weapons and equipment they need to fight.

1,287,595 injuries reported after COVID shots, vaccine injury compensation programs ‘overwhelmed’ 
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released new data June 3, showing a total of 1,287,595 reports of adverse events following COVID-19 vaccines were submitted between Dec. 14, 2020, and May 27, 2022, to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). That’s an increase of 9,615 adverse events over the previous week.

The Extreme Tyranny Today Has Been Caused by Mass Voluntary Compliance: What We Face Today Is Pure, Unadulterated, Totalitarian Madness, as the People of This Country Remain Indifferent
“Collectivism holds that the individual has no rights, that his life and work belong to the group (to “society,” to the tribe, the state, the nation) and that the group may sacrifice him at its own whim to its own interests. The only way to implement a doctrine of that kind is by means of brute force – and statism has always been the political corollary of collectivism.”~ Ayn Rand

Pope to attend ‘interfaith’ gathering of religious leaders in Muslim-majority Kazakhstan
The Holy See has confirmed that Pope Francis will attend the seventh World Religions Congress in Kazakhstan this September.

World Economic Forum Wants to ‘Treat’ Us With ‘Psychedelic Drugs’ – Is Canada the Testing Ground 
The constant consumption of addictive substances is excellent for globalists because, in this way, one can keep the people (sheep) anesthetized and weak.

The Last Stages of a Tyrannical Takeover
We are entering the last stages of a tyrannical takeover by government, whether you see it or not. The government isn’t stupid and neither are the demons who control and run governments around the world. They have planned this tyrannical takeover for generations.