7 Jun 2022

Kohanim recreate Shavuot service as the first step to reestablishing Temple operations
The Temple rituals mandated for the holiday of Shavuoth were recreated on Monday in Mitzpeh Yericho in preparation for the prophesied building of the Third Temple. Though carried out every year, this year took the ritual reenactment one step further, adding another practical element intended to pave the way for the Third Temple.

This newly discovered neutron star might light the way for a whole new class of stellar object
The discovery of a neutron star emitting unusual radio signals is rewriting our understanding of these unique star systems. My colleagues and I (the MeerTRAP (opens in new tab) team) made the discovery when observing the Vela-X 1 region of the Milky Way about 1,300 light years away from Earth, using the MeerKAT radio telescope in South Africa. We spotted a strange-looking flash or “pulse” that lasted about 300 milliseconds. The flash had some characteristics of a radio-emitting neutron star. But this wasn’t like anything we’d seen before.

Texas AG Launches Investigation Into Twitter; Alleges Company Lied About Number Of Bots
Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton on Monday announced an investigation against Twitter to determine whether they’re lying about the number of fake bot accounts on the platform. Paxton said the difference between Twitter’s claims that less than 5% of users are bots versus his projections of possibly 20%, “would dramatically affect the cost of Texas consumers and businesses transacting with Twitter.”

40 warships reach Stockholm to take part in NATO’s Baltic Sea drill
Some 40 warships of NATO member countries on Saturday arrived in the Swedish capital Stockholm for NATO’s BALTOPS 22 exercises that will start in the Baltic Sea tomorrow. Speaking to reporters, Swedish Defense Minister Peter Hultqvist said that his country and Finland will also join the drills.

Hitlers at heart
It’s a remarkable idea. The verdict is not a conviction but a curse. Israel is guilty of existing. The Jew among nations has no right to live – an Adolf Hitler decree. We shall come back to the ‘right to live is not for Jews,’ which happens to be the bedrock of the oldest hatred in the book.

New ISIS leader detained in Istanbul, Turkish officials say
Turkish OdaTV news outlet says Abu Hasan al-Kureshi arrested during a police raid following lengthy police surveillance of residence while no shots fired; Erdogan expected to announce capture in days

Syria reports Israeli attack on Damascus
Syrian media sources reported on Monday evening that Israeli warplanes attacked several targets in the region of the Syrian capital of Damascus. According to the reports, Syrian air defense systems were activated against the incursions.

Iranian missile scientist found dead
Iranian media outlets report that missile scientist found dead, apparently from poisoning. Iranian officer also reported dead.

Hezbollah ‘ready’ to act forcefully if Lebanon says Israel violating water rights
After months of deadlock in U.S.-mediated talks over territorial waters, Beirut warns against any drilling in the disputed area, while Hezbollah threatens forceful action if Beirut confirms Israeli violation.

France: Four neo-Nazis arrested for planning ‘Jew hunt’ during soccer match
Four neo-Nazi men in France’s Alsace region were indicted for possessing and trafficking an “impressive” amount of weapons that were intended for use against Jews, prosecutor Edwige Roux-Morizot said on Friday.

Jews of Judea-Samaria vow: ten new Jewish settlements during Biden’s visit to Israel
Leaders of pro-Israel groups in Judea and Samaria announced their plans to establish ten new communities while US President Joe Biden is in Israel in July. The move would embarrass the coalition government of Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and, according to some of the organizers, is intended as retaliation for his failure to implement his side of the Evyatar Agreement.

Musk delivers ultimatum to staffers: get back to work in the office, or ‘pretend to work somewhere else’
Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, has told executive staff at the company that unless they work at least 40 hours a week in the office they face being fired. Musk wrote in a leaked email sent to workers with the miss-spelled subject line “remote work is no longer acceptble,” that any executive staff who wish to work remotely must be in the office for a minimum of 40 hours per week “or depart Tesla.” The requirement for executive staff to work at least 40 hours in the office is “less than we ask of factory workers,” Musk added.

US, South Korea Fire 8 Ballistic Missiles In Rare Mirror Response To North
“The U.S. and South Korean militaries launched eight ballistic missiles into the sea Monday in a show of force matching a North Korean missile display a day earlier that extended a provocative streak in weapons demonstrations,”

Republicans demand answers on Biden’s weak energy policies
Republican leaders on the House Energy and Commerce Committee demanded answers from the Biden administration Thursday on how its oil stockpile releases are weakening U.S. national security. The Biden administration’s decision to release oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) has given key adversaries — namely China, Russia and Middle Eastern oil producers — “geopolitical leverage” over the U.S., “As a result, China may now control the world’s largest stockpile of oil, with total crude inventories estimated at 950 million barrels,”

Data researcher ‘shocked’ at death rate among working-age Minnesotans
A researcher in Minnesota discovered shocking increases in death rates in the state, with year-over-year averages proving to be “astoundingly” high for younger age groups. Looking strictly at deaths related to drugs and alcohol in that age range, in 2020 they were up 128%, and in 2021 it was 248%, Muse said, calling these numbers “truly shocking.” In the age category of 19-55, 2020 saw an increase of 25% over the average. Raw numbers show 710 more deaths than the average, with only 124 of those being COVID-related. In 2021, “even more shocking,” Muse said, there was a 47% increase in deaths, with only 25.8% of those being COVID-related. Drugs and alcohol-related deaths in 2021 were up 82%.

Widespread floods and landslides hit Cuba, leaving at least 3 people dead 
Floods and landslides caused by heavy rains brought by Potential Tropical Cyclone One (later named Tropical Storm “Alex”) left at least three people dead in Cuba on June 3, 2022. The storm also brought widespread flooding to parts of Florida, U.S. and is now heading toward Bermuda.

Record-breaking rains hit South Florida, causing widespread flooding, U.S. 
Potential Tropical Cyclone One brought record-breaking rains to South Florida over the weekend, causing widespread flooding. The disturbance also hit Cuba, leaving at least 3 people dead.

Severe thunderstorms, tennis ball-sized hail wreak havoc across France 
Severe thunderstorms brought heavy rain and up to tennis ball-sized hail to France on June 3 and 4, 2022, wreaking havoc in vineyards across large parts of the country, leaving thousands of homes without power, one person dead and 15 injured – two of them seriously.

Covid Data from Around the World in One Day 
Joel Smalley compares data for Sweden to Italy, Austria and Texas.  Dr. Paul Alexander compares data for India, South Africa, Portugal and Australia.  And Gerry O’Neill notices another set of statistics begins to “go south from the ‘Official Ireland’ point of view.”

What Klaus Schwab, WEF and WHO Reveal About Genetic Engineering
…In our previous article we asked the question: would they do this in humans?  And now we ask: could they, in other words, do they have the ability to modify human behaviour through genetic re-engineering? Keep these questions in mind as you read, and watch, the following.

The Great Reset Snakes are seeking to seize control of Nations and centralise Power & Wealth
In the video above, which is part of a larger “Great Reset” documentary series, Rebel News highlights the origins of the World Economic Forum1 (WEF), its founder Klaus Schwab, and other key players, and the WEF’s central role in The Great Reset, which promises (read: threatens) to overturn society and life as we know it in ways that are hard to imagine.

NHS reveals in FOI that Ambulance Call-Outs for Heart Illness have DOUBLED since Covid-19 Vaccination began among all age-groups
The National Health Service has confirmed in response to a freedom of information request that ambulance call-outs relating to immediate care required for a debilitating condition affecting the heart nearly doubled in the whole of 2021 and are still on the rise further in 2022. But the most concerning published figures show that they have also doubled among people under the age of 30.

FedEx announced plans to go all-electric by 2040; promises to pull carbon out of the atmosphere, depriving food crops of nutrition
…the company has committed an initial investment of $2 billion into vehicle electrification, sustainable energy and carbon sequestration, which would pull CO2 out of the atmosphere, lowering the amount of carbon nutrition available for plants and food crops. FedEx is the latest in a long line of companies committing to carbon neutrality as industries continue to alter their practices to combat so-called climate change.

Poland Sets The Bar With Bill To Fine Tech Giants $13.5m Every Time They Censor Legal Free Speech
What started as a trickle of censorship when Donald Trump assumed the office of presidency in 2017 has since morphed into a draconian nightmare in which millions of people have found themselves with no voice online. Thanks to the censors in big tech and social media companies, entirely peaceful political views are being wiped from the mainstream discussion.

40,000 Factories At Risk Of Closing In Pakistan’s Commercial Capital Amid Fuel Crisis
Pakistan faces potential economic collapse as inflation jumps and widespread civil unrest could be nearing. The latest sign the South Asian country is spiraling into the abyss is rising electricity costs that threaten to close tens of thousands of businesses.

Another vaccine-induced blood clot? Female pro golfer Nelly Korda DARE NOT say the “V” word when speaking about her blood clots 
Another “vax clot.” Another healthy celebrity with a near-death experience who dare not speak of the Fauci Flu jab or reap the backlash from the entire mass media complex of the USA.

Doctor pushes back against California’s medical misinformation policy
As previously reported, the California legislature wants to pass a “medical misinformation bill,” aka Assembly Bill 2098. The law would ban doctors from giving medical advice and treatment not approved by the state.

Globalism, central bank money printing are the real root causes behind inflation and shortages 
Much of it centers around the fictious notion of “climate change” – or as it used to be called, “global warming.” This is what triggered major moves away from cheap and abundant fossil fuel use, which has helped civilization as we currently know it to thrive.

BEGGING FOR THE APOCALYPSE: Biden provokes Putin to strike USA and NATO cities with new long-range weapons that might include nukes or EMP weapons 
Fake president Joe Biden — who was never legitimately elected to the Office of the President — is now accelerating his planned destruction of America by provoking Putin into a retaliatory strike against US and NATO targets. This was all confirmed over the last three days as cited in numerous sources below.

CERN – Gateway to Hell – Scientist and the Elite Try to Hide What Really Happened at CERN, Demonic Entities, Extra Dimensions…
….One thing I have always been curious about was the financing of CERN. Who is behind the machine? We know CERN has received taxpayer money from several governments across the world, but many people don’t realize that the Rockefeller’s are behind a non-profit charity who funds ALL DONATIONS FROM THE UNITED STATES DIRECTLY TO GENENEVA. This means that the Rockefeller’s control a HUGE amount of the financing of CERN’S operations.

Several Tampa Bay Rays decline to wear LGBTQ logos for religious reasons
Citing their faith, several Tampa Bay Rays players declined to wear rainbow-colored logos on their uniforms as part of the Major League Baseball team’s weekend celebration of the LGBTQ community.

U.S. FDA Says Novavax Covid-19 Vaccine Linked to Myocarditis Days Before Critical Vote
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released an assessment on Friday regarding the causal relationship between the Novavax vaccine and heart inflammation or myocarditis.

Drive-By Shooting At High School Graduation Party Leaves One Dead and Seven Wounded
According to authorities in South Carolina, A drive-by shooting at a high school graduation party killed a woman and wounded seven others this weekend, as the nation’s violent crime continues to surge.

Texas Gay Bar Hosts A ‘Drag The Kids To Pride’ Event Where Transgenders Demonically Gyrate In Front Of Little Children 
Tensions flared when protesters demonstrated outside the venue hosting the drag queen show for children. A poster for the ‘Drag the Kids to Pride’ event claims it is the “ultimate family friendly pride experience.” Remember when candidate Joe Biden promised to ‘flat out change the laws’ protecting little kids from transgender indoctrination? What we are watching is government protected and sanctioned child abuse.

Shocking Findings of Pfizer Documents Include Baby Die-Offs
Jesse Kelly spoke with Dr. Naomi Wolf on his show about the 55,000 documents that Pfizer dropped recently, and that were ignored by the media. Highly-credentialed experts volunteered to go through them and what they are finding is shocking and criminal.

Jab Data Is In: Children Are Going to Die, Pfizer, Moderna Release Study Results For Kids 6mo-4 yrs
On Friday, June 3rd’s edition of The Stew Peters Show, Dr. Jane Ruby presents Pfizer documents that expose the under 50% efficiency of vaccines from ages 6 months to 2 years old.

Introduction of the COVID Vaccines Sees Shocking Rise in Permanent Disabilities
Ed Dowd, an equity investment executive, joined Steve Bannon on The War Room back in early May. Dowd was reporting on the First Quarter 2022 numbers from funeral homes and insurance companies.

Oak Lawn United Methodist Church to self-appoint LGBTQ pastors after bishop denies request
Oak Lawn United Methodist Church on Sunday will self-appoint two LGBTQ staff members to pastor positions after their requests for appointments were rejected by the bishop of North Texas.

‘It’s A Sign That We Are Here’: Muslim Call To Prayer Arrives To Minneapolis Soundscape 
The chant in Arabic blasted from rooftop loudspeakers, drowning out both the growl of traffic from nearby interstates and the chatter and clinking glasses on the patio of the dive bar that shares a wall with Minneapolis’ oldest Somali mosque.