10 May 2022

China: Sky mysteriously turns red, just like Joel’s End-days prophecy
Fear of Apocalypse Spreads in Chinese City. Footage from the port city of Zhoushan near Shanghai shows the sky turned blood-red under thick layers of fog. Local residents panicked that the end of days had arrived and called the red sky a bad omen for China.

Surgeon Aims to Perform the First Successful Womb Transplant on a Transgender Patient
The New Delhi-based Indian surgeon intends to attempt the world’s first womb transplant for a male-to-female transgender patient. Proponents of the procedure view Kaushik as a seminal figure promoting the scientific initiative toward gender affirming medical treatments. Opponents, however, herald the forthcoming procedure as another advancement of transhumanism by the hands of the technocatic elite.

From Court-Packing To Leaking To Doxxing: White House Yields To National Rage Addiction
It is a defining moment for his presidency that, even in the face of such a disgraceful and unethical act, the President cannot muster the courage to condemn it.

Biden to meet Jordanian King, discuss Middle East
Biden is set to meet with Jordan’s King Abdullah II later this week, a source familiar with the meeting said on Monday,
Middle East regional issues are expected to dominate the meeting, the report said.

IDF opens largest training drill in Israeli history
As tensions boil over in the West Bank amid a string of deadly terrorist attacks in Israel, the IDF launched the largest exercise in its history on Sunday. Thousands of soldiers and reservists will take part in the drill, dubbed “Chariots of Fire,” including the air force, navy and regular and reserve forces.

Lapid: Israel doesn’t need permission from the US to build in settlements
srael doesn’t need permission from the United States to build in West Bank settlements, Foreign Minister Yair Lapid told reporters in the Knesset. “Israel is a sovereign state and does not ask for permission to operate in its territory,” Lapid said.

Somali whistleblower speaks out on Feeding Our Future case
“During COVID, it was a bad time because people in the Somali community lost their jobs,” Abdi explained. “Most of them were just home and struggling. It was a very tight economic situation.” During a time of need,… he noticed something unusual taking place in the year 2020. He said members of the Somali community were flaunting cash and luxury items on social media. Abdi’s suspicions climaxed when he saw a bride receiving a tray of gold during a wedding in the Twin Cities. “All of a sudden, there was like a boom and people were buying very expensive homes. “Then people started showing off expensive cars, money, equipment and other things. He said those showing off expensive purchases were connected to Twin Cities nonprofit Feeding Our Future.

Russia parades nuclear missiles through Moscow
Nuclear missiles, along with their remaining tanks, were paraded in Moscow’s Red Square. The parade, which marked Russia’s 77th annual Victory Day, also featured a giant thermonuclear missile and smaller Iskander-M missile launchers.

Knesset Committee greenlights police usage of facial recognition software
The Knesset Law committee approved a bill entitled “Law to correct the police authority” designed to enable facial recognition cameras against civilians and “identifying vehicles on the streets,”

Russia’s space chief threatens Russian nukes would destroy NATO in half-hour
“In the nuclear war, NATO countries will be destroyed by us in half an hour,” Roscosmos Director General Dmitry Rogozin said in a post on the Telegram app on Sunday. “But we must not allow it, because the consequences of the exchange of nuclear strikes will affect the state of our Earth.”

Firebomb Crashes Through Window of Pro-Life Headquarters, Threatening Message Left on Building
The headquarters of a Wisconsin pro-life group was vandalized early Sunday in an attack that appears to be linked to the possibility that the Supreme Court could overturn the Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion “Somebody vandalized and … threw Molotov cocktails into Wisconsin Family Action’s … Madison office

Roe Leak Explodes in Dems’ Faces – 1st Poll After SCOTUS Report Shows GOP Lead Soars, Tied for 25-Year High
According to a poll from CNN/SSRS taken between May 3-5, Republicans hold a 7 percent lead over the Democrats in the generic ballot, 49 percent to 42 percent.

State AG Drops Bad News for Pro-Abortion Mobs Looking to Storm Churches
Amid threats to Catholic churches by pro-abortion forces that have been enraged that the Supreme Court could overturn the Roe v. Wade ruling legalizing abortion, Virginia Attorney General Jason Miyares has issued a warning.
“I deeply respect the First Amendment rights of speech and assembly. But no one has the right to interfere with the fundamental and natural right of all Virginians to practice their religion in peace,” he said in a statement.

Elon Musk Tweets Mysterious ‘If I Die’ Message, Leaves People Speculating Clintons or Russians Out to Get Him
Elon Musk exercised his ability to set Twitter aflame Sunday night by posting a cryptic tweet about his own death. “If I die under mysterious circumstances, it’s been nice knowin ya,” Musk tweeted. The subject of unexpected deaths immediately focused Twitter on the theory that Hillary and former President Bill Clinton were … out to get Musk.

Strong and shallow M6.3 earthquake hits near the coast of Taiwan
A strong and shallow earthquake registered by the USGS as M6.3 hit near the northeastern coast of Taiwan at 06:23 UTC on May 9, 2022. The agency is reporting a depth of 27 km (16.7 miles). EMSC is reporting M6.3 at a depth of 20 km (12.4 miles).

Very rare tornado hits Assam, India 
A low-intensity tornado hit the district of Barpeta, Assam, India on May 7, 2022, damaging 7 huts.
The tornado started from the banks of the Brahmaputra river, which flows close to Rowmari village, and remained restricted to a small area. While northern India is prone to tornadoes, this event was described by meteorologists as very rare.

West Virginia declares a state of emergency due to significant flooding 
West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice declared the State of Emergency for Cabell, Putnam, and Roane counties on May 7, 2022, due to heavy rainfall that caused significant local flooding. On May 8, the declaration was expanded to include the counties of Ohio, Marshall, Wetzel, Marion, Monongalia, Harrison, Taylor and Tucker.

Glacial lake outburst flood destroys Hassanabad bridge linking Pakistan and China 
A glacial lake outburst flood (GLOF) from the Shishaper Glacier in Pakistan swept away the Hassanabad Bridge in Hunza on the Karakoram Highway linking Pakistan and China. The event took place on Saturday, May 7, 2022.

URGENT: Prudential Financial – the largest US insurer – is ending its Covid vaccine requirement
Whether you are an employee, contractor, or visitor, you will no longer need a Covid vaccine to walk into a Prudential Financial building as of June 6. Hmm. Sounds like Prudential doesn’t see much benefit in mRNA vaccines for Covid.

German Interior Minister: Citizens should start hoarding emergency supplies
Against the background of the Ukraine war, Federal Interior Minister Nancy Faeser advised citizens to take survivalist precautions in the event of a crisis. In 2019, mainstream Christian Democratic Union members who supported survivalist networks, were however denounced as “neo-Nazis”.

Shock Video: Biden-Endorsed Plan Literally Has Girls Across US Removing Their Breasts 
Grossman detailed the exchange in City-Journal magazine, explaining that a growing number of girls as young as 13 are having “top surgery” in order to appear more masculine.

Millions of Tons of Grain Stuck in Ukraine amid Fears of Global Food Crisis

A United Nations director has warned there are millions of tons of grain stuck in Ukraine as Russia’s war disrupts food production.

UNKNOWN hepatitis strain found in 169 vaccinated children from 11 countries 
The World Health Organization has put out a global health emergency alert, indicating that it received reports of 169 cases of acute hepatitis in children that are not related to previously known types of the disease.

REVEALED: Zelensky Was Offered a Peace Deal to Prevent War, But Rejected It | The Truthseeker
This may end up being one of the most extraordinary revelations of this entire conflict so far: One of the main grievances Russia had with Ukraine was the fact that it was being groomed for NATO membership-a national security risk which Moscow deemed as completely unacceptable.

Israeli data shows 25% spike in emergency heart problems among “fully vaccinated” young adults
The latest data out of Israel shows that the COVID-19 vaccination was “significantly associated” with a 25 percent spike in emergency medical services for heart problems in young adults (16-39 years old). The 2021 EMS data was compared to years 2020 and 2019 and was peer-reviewed by researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Walgreens starts RATIONING baby formula as supply chain crunch hits new parents | Daily Mail Online
A national shortage of baby formula brought on by pandemic-related supply-chain issues has forced US retailers such as Walgreens to ration the all-important product.

Carlson: ‘This Is the Point Where We’re Just Going to Have to Draw the Line — No, Joe Biden, You Can’t Have a Federally Funded Ministry of Truth’
Thursday, FNC host Tucker Carlson decried recently unveiled efforts from the Biden administration to crack down on so-called disinformation through the use of the federal government’s power.

Biden administration tells us a man is a woman: should it be running a ‘disinformation board’?
To get an idea of how badly truth will fare in the hands of our elites, consider these two recent media stories.

On Europe Day 2022, Emmanuel Macron Stuns By Calling For Creation Of A New European Political Body To Rival The European Union And With More Power

…Emmanuel Macron used today to call for the creation of a new European political group with real power, with him ostensibly as its leader.

France Announces Digital Identity App Days After Macron Re-Election
The French government has announced the creation of a new digital identity app for citizens to access private and public services, in line with a broader push for digital identity systems in Europe.

Dr Vernon Coleman: The truth about Children, Hepatitis & the Covid-19 Vaccine
The World Health Organization has issued a ‘global alert’ about a new form of severe hepatitis affecting children. The alert came after the UK Government announced it was launching an urgent investigation after detecting higher than usual rates of liver inflammation (hepatitis) among children, after having ruled out the common viruses that cause the condition.

Former Canadian General Captured By Russians Was In Charge Of Biolab In Ukraine 
Russian armed forces arrested disgraced Canadian General Trevor Cadieu in Mariupol. Russian sources often refer to Trevor Cadieu as Trevor Kadier or Trevor Cadier.  At the beginning of this month, Russians said they captured Cadieu at the Azovstal iron and steel factory during the Siege of Mariupol.  He is currently in Moscow awaiting trial.

U.S. Pushes Fake Stories To Goad Russia Into Escalation
The geniuses (not) at the National Security Council want to goad Russia into direct attacks on U.S. forces or interests. That would give the U.S. an excuse to further escalate the war in Ukraine into an open confrontation. It would also diverts the attention away from domestic problems.

Don’t look over here, look over there. Don’t worry about stolen elections that will give the Democratic Party Bolsheviks unlimited power over the country, look instead at Roe v Wade, transgender athletes, fake charges of racism, Ukraine, celebrities slapping celebrities…etc. Don’t look at what is truly being used to control you, fake elections, look at all the distractions.

New Bill Threatens Jail Time for Supplement Companies – Alliance for Natural Health USA
Sen. Dick Durbin has launched his supplement attack by introducing his “Dietary Supplement Listing Act of 2022” with Senator Mike Braun (R-IN). This bill threatens your ability to access the supplements you rely on to stay healthy. We need to send a strong message to Congress that this is bad for consumers, bad for health, and bad for the economy.

HUGE UPDATE: Tech Giants Are Censoring, Blacklisting and Banning Posts on the “2000 Mules” Ballot Trafficking Documentary Across Social Media Platforms
..It should not be a surprise that the Tech Giants are censoring this movie. After all, it exposes once again that EVERYTHING the Tech Giants have been promoting about the 2020 election has been a complete lie.