4 May 2022

On May 9th, Russia may upgrade Ukraine invasion to all out war – Report
Recent reports claim that Russian President Vladimir Putin may officially declare war with Ukraine as early as next Monday. Russia is currently referring to the invasion as a special military operation. Officially declaring war would, under Russian law, allow for the full mobilization of Russia’s reserve forces and the drafting of conscripts.

Bennett: We will strike not only terrorists but those who send them
Prime Minister Naftali Bennett vowed on Wednesday to strike back not only at terrorists but at those who dispatch them, including those “a thousand kilometers east of here.” In a thinly veiled warning to Iran, Bennett said in his Memorial Day speech at Mount Herzl in Jerusalem that those who send terrorists to attack Israel “have already begun to pay the price, and this will only increase.”

As Lake Mead dries up, bodies of homicide victims are likely to be found
With Lake Mead at its lowest level since it was first filled in the 1930s, all sorts of things have the potential to poke out of the water — including murder victims. On Sunday afternoon, boaters spending a day at the lake stumbled upon a barrel and were able to see that it had human remains in it. Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Homicide Lieutenant Ray Spencer dated the victim to the 1980s, noting that items found inside the barrel suggest that is when the body was dumped.

15 inches of snow makes Nebraska look like ‘middle of winter’ in early May
It can certainly snow in May, something that residents of parts of western Nebraska learned Monday as a heavy dose of fresh powder closed highways and led to several accidents. Some places in the Nebraska Panhandle picked up nearly a foot or more of snow on the second day of May. “Looks like the middle of winter,”

The Clinton Campaign Is About To Lose Its Privilege Fight
Today, Special Counsel Durham addressed those arguments by providing to the court the FEC findings where the agency found “probable cause to believe” the DNC and Hillary for America violated the law by hiding the real purpose of payments meant for Fusion GPS as “legal and compliance consulting.”

Subpoenas Issued In Georgia Ballot-Trafficking Investigation
Georgia election officials last week issued subpoenas to obtain the identities of individuals and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) who may have engaged in the crime of ballot trafficking.

China is building an asteroid deflection mission of its own, due for launch in 2025
Wu Yanhua, deputy head of the China National Space Administration (CNSA), announced last week that they plan to carry out an asteroid deflection test as early as 2025—part of a larger asteroid monitoring and defense system that the CNSA is in the early stages of developing. The monitoring system will consist of both ground-based and space-based instruments,

Why so much solar activity? Sun may be outpacing predictions.
Solar activity, which space weather experts measure by the number of visible sunspots, rises and falls on a cycle that lasts roughly 11 years from minimum to minimum, although one cycle can be as short as nine years or as long as 13. The sun’s new cycle is about two years in and should peak around 2025.

Mexican officials clear out migrant camp at Texas border
Mexican authorities have cleared a makeshift encampment of migrants in the northern border city of Reynosa that had grown over the past year to hold some 2,000 people, Mexico’s migration institute (INM) said on Tuesday, Trend reports citing Reuters. Many of the migrants, who are mainly from Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and Haiti, were taken to a nearby shelter

Secretary-General of Germany’s CSU party resigns after threatening journalist
German media say that Mayer took offence to a “clearly illegal” magazine article about his private life which mentioned an illegitimate child.

Israel should share its Memorial Day when Muslims share the Temple Mount
But most of all, there is a difference between those who perished in the effort to defend the existence of their country and its citizens, and those who lost their lives while seeking to kill Jewish men, women and children in the name of an anti-Semitic cause. It needs to be understood that Israel’s Memorial Day is nothing like the three-day weekend at the end of May in the United States, which is supposed to honor those who died fighting for America and its ideals.

Biden warns Israel against ‘freedom of worship’
The Biden administration has announced that its titular head will be visiting Israel within a few months. the administration urged “all sides to exercise restraint, avoid provocative actions and rhetoric and preserve the historic status quo on the Haram al-Sharif/Temple Mount.” The “provocation action” in this case is Jewish prayer. It’s 2022 and the White House is warning Jews that their prayers are “provocative.”

May’s lunar eclipse and a wild-card meteor shower may offer double spectacle
May offers an unusual skywatching bounty: the possibility of two major celestial highlights occurring within the span of a single month.

Strongly divided Supremes rule UNANIMOUSLY on one issue
‘We must not give government the power to censor disfavored viewpoints in a public forum’. In a public rebuke to the city of Boston, the U.S. Supreme Court has unanimously ruled the city violated the constitutional rights of Camp Constitution, whose officials asked to fly a Christian flag at city hall through a program that already had allowed multiple private interest groups to fly their banners.

France culls record 16 million birds in one of the most severe bird flu outbreaks in years
France has culled a record 16 million chickens, ducks and other poultry since November 2021 in one of the most severe bird flu outbreaks in years. In 2021, the country saw nearly 500 outbreaks and culled 3.5 million animals, mostly ducks.

Clot shot “vaccines” create BOOM in blood clot removal industry 
An arterial embolism is a deep blood clot that requires hospitalization and costs about $100,000 or more because it requires bypass surgery. There is an entirely NEW revenue model from blood clots caused by the COVID “vaccines,” and Big Pharma companies are not only taking advantage of the profit scheme, but may have known it was coming before the “clot shots” were even rushed out “emergency” style.

Illinois school district defends After School Satan Club
An Illinois school district is defending an after-school program being offered by The Satanic Temple, a national religious and human rights group.

‘What I’ve Seen in the Last 2 Years Is Unprecedented’: Physician on COVID Vaccine Side Effects on Pregnant Women
Dr. James Thorp is an extensively published 68-year-old physician MD board-certified in obstetrics and gynecology, as well as maternal-fetal medicine, who has practiced obstetrics for over 42 years.

Harrison Smith: Mind control via remote control is coming soon 
American Journal” host Harrison Smith has warned that direct control over the mind via remote control is soon coming. During a recent episode of his program, Smith played two video clips of a beetle with a brain implant that can be controlled by remote control.

SHOCK as green energy insiders admit 90% of supply chain does not exist to build electric cars 
..Without constant government cash infusions, companies like Elon Musk’s Tesla would not be what they currently are. The green energy industry as a whole is more of a smokescreen than anything, economically speaking.

Heat wave scorches India’s wheat crop, snags export plans | AP News
An unusually early, record-shattering heat wave in India has reduced wheat yields, raising questions about how the country will balance its domestic needs with ambitions to increase exports and make up for shortfalls due to Russia’s war in Ukraine.

INVESTIGATION: Planned Parenthood staffers aid and abet child sexual abuse and trafficking of minors 
An investigation found that abortion giant Planned Parenthood does not disclose suspected child sex trafficking to authorities and does not even follow through on promises to train staff members in reporting instances of such abuse.

Rheumatologist Robert Jackson: 40% of my 3,000 vaccinated patients report a significant vaccine injury
Robert Jackson has been a doctor for 35 years. In his practice there are over 5,000 patients, around 3,000 got vaccinated with the COVID vaccines.

Cardiologist Estimates 30 Percent of U.S. Pilots May Have COVID Jab-Induced Heart Conditions
Are we on the precipice of a major uptick in serious heart problems among otherwise young, healthy Americans due to the mass-disseminated mRNA COVID shots?  Observations from several medical experts, including a well-known Cardiologist, suggest that we are.

Manufacturers Grind to a Halt in China as Covid Lockdowns Expand 
Manufacturers are struggling to keep some of their China operations going as extended and widening Covid-19 lockdowns choke off supplies and clog up truck routes and ports, heaping more pressure on the stretched global supply chain.

Hypersonic missile delay puts US further behind Russia and China
The first US hypersonic weapon will be delayed for as long as a year under a new schedule, even as lawmakers protest that the Pentagon is lagging behind in a new technology that Russia has already used in Ukraine and China has demonstrated in a space launch.

Medical industry secret police rolled out network of SNITCHES to ensnare doctors who didn’t worship Fauci 
Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) fascism in the state of Michigan became so extreme throughout the plandemic that roving teams of medical fascists were targeting and snitching on people who refused to bow the knee to Tony Fauci’s dictates.

SAY WHAT? Western perversion: British midwives now being taught how to deliver babies through “male genitalia” 
Students enrolled at Edinburgh Napier University (ENU) are now being taught that men can get pregnant and deliver babies through their “male genitalia.”

SCOTUS poised to overturn Roe vs. Wade – Baby murderers to ERUPT with demonic ANGER and VIOLENCE as their “right” to violently murder their own children about to be stripped away
And now the demons come out for all to see… Because the “right” to murder their own babies is the pillar of the violent, demonic, life-destroying Left, they are right now losing their minds over this, organizing protests and taking to the airwaves to denounce anyone who seeks to protect the life of an unborn human child.

WEF Now Suggest Seniors off Themselves “For the Children”
In the height of hypocrisy of “for the children” the World Economic Forum is now complaining about overpopulation and/or suggesting that older people consider euthanasia “for the children”.

Elon Musk Assumes Biblical Role of ‘Kinsman Redeemer’, Protecting Rights of All Americans
insman Redeemer: While Musk may not be a Bible believer, he’s yet fulfilling the role of Kinsman Redeemer, where God calls a man of means to intercede for his people. This figure, in the person of Jewish Boaz, is the key plot element in the Book of Ruth.

US Economy Crashes Headlong into Recession!
…Just a few days ago, Goldman Sachs was regarded as becoming the most bearish bank out there by forecasting — rather daintily now I think — we have a 35% chance of eventually seeing a recession in about a year!

CDC Tracked Millions of Phones to See If Americans Followed COVID Lockdown Orders
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) bought access to location data harvested from tens of millions of phones in the United States to perform analysis of compliance with curfews, track patterns of people visiting K-12 schools, and specifically monitor the effectiveness of policy in the Navajo Nation, according to CDC documents obtained by Motherboard.

CDC Restates Recommendation For Masks on Planes Despite Court Ruling That Struck Down Biden’s Mandate
The CDC on Tuesday restated its recommendation for masks on planes despite a court ruling that struck down Biden’s travel mask mandate.

Exemption to Vaccination
Many parents… are not philosophically opposed to the concept of vaccination and do not object to every vaccine. However, they are philosophically opposed to government health officials having the power to intimidate, threaten, and coerce them into violating their deeply held conscientious beliefs in the event they conclude that either vaccination in general or, more commonly, a particular vaccine is not appropriate for their children.

Covid Is the Biggest Lie in The World’s History and Prof Michel Chossudovsky proves it 
The biggest lie in World history: there never was a pandemic. The database is flawed. The Covid mandates including the “vaccine” are invalid.

Leaked Draft Opinion Shows That The United States Supreme Court Has Voted To Overturn Abortion Rights Prompting Police To Install Protective Barricades
Justice Samuel Alito is absolutely correct when he writes that Roe v. Wade was wrong from the start because it absolutely was. America is a nation comprised of states who enact laws based on the will of the people, and abortion is something that should be decided by the people and not by the Federal government. Today a leaked, (and you can certainly guess who leaked it), draft opinion shows that the Supreme Court will vote to overturn Roe v. Wade. Now let the burnings, riots and looting begin!

EXCLUSIVE: 364K Migrant Got-Aways Already Recorded in 2022
Roughly 364,000 migrants eluded apprehension by the Border Patrol this fiscal year, which ends in September, according to a source within Customs and Border Protection. Nearly 60,000 got-aways were recorded in April alone.

Study finds Covid-19 Vaccination increases risk of suffering a Stroke by 11,361%
Stroke is a disease that affects the arteries leading to and within the brain. It is the No. 5 cause of death and a leading cause of disability in the United States. But it looks as if the disease may be on the rise thanks to the experimental Covid-19 injections because a study of VAERS data has revealed that per number of doses administered, ‘stroke’ is 115x / 11,361% more likely to be suffered as an adverse reaction to the Covid-19 vaccines than the Flu vaccines.

International Energy Agency demands Worldwide Lockdowns to meet Climate Goals
The International Energy Agency has demanded Governments worldwide essentially ‘lockdown’ the public to cut down the use of oil and meet “climate change” targets.

Canada Moves Forward with Plans to Implement Digital IDs 
Canadian provinces are torn on implementing digital IDs.  Alberta and Ontario have already begun the process while Saskatchewan has recently scrapped its plans.  However, the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat (“TBS”) and Digital Identification and Authentication Council of Canada (“DIACC”) seem determined to forge ahead regardless of how citizens feel about their plans. They, of course, use the sales pitch of convenience to convince the public to relinquish their freedoms.