21 Apr 2022

‘God Is Going To Judge America’: Franklin Graham Calls on the Nation to Turn Back to God
“People have turned their backs on God,” Franklin told Fox News. “Our educators have taken God out of schools. Our politicians have taken God out of politics. Our nation is not better [for it]. Our nation is worse,” he said. The Star Tribune is largely seen as the most biased news outlet in the state, with 57% of respondents saying that the paper is biased. WCCO comes in second with 50% of residents believing the channel puts out biased reports.

Half of Minnesotans think local media favors liberals
Minnesotans widely believe local media outlets and their reporters are biased and skew the facts to fit a narrative, according to a recent poll from the Center of the American Experiment.

Pro-Iranian hackers target Israel’s Airport Authority website in cyberattack
The group, known as al-Tahira, said that it is revenge for the death of Iranian Gen. Qasem Soleimani of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC). Al-Tahira consists of Shiites from Iraq who identify as supporters of Iran.

Border Patrol Union: Abbott Should “Absolutely” Use Constitutional “Invasion” Powers On Border
The national Border Patrol union, which represents about 18,000 agents, said Texas Gov. Greg Abbott should “absolutely” invoke his powers under the Constitution to call the border crisis an “invasion” and respond accordingly. “We’re at a breaking point. We’ve got miles upon miles of border that just aren’t patrolled because we have to deal with, frankly, an invasion,” Brandon Judd, president of the National Border Patrol Council, told The Epoch Times.

Chicago Residents Fight To Reclaim Streets From Illicit Drug Dealings
Illicit drug dealings have always been an issue. At the worst point, sellers operated a drive-through right in front of their apartment, and Limon had to push his way through just to reach their gate. “They were in the McDonald’s parking lot so customers could get meals and drugs at the same time. It was really really super bad,” Limon said.

“Taiwan Is Part Of China”: Chinese Defense Minister Warns Pentagon Chief In 1st Call
The Wednesday phone call was the first that the two defense leaders have held. Wei informed Austin that “If the Taiwan issue were not handled properly, it would have a damaging impact on Sino-US relations,” according to Reuters.

Californians Rally Against ‘Infanticide Bill’
On the steps of the California State Capitol over a thousand people gathered in the shadow of the building complex while several California Highway Patrol officers scanned the surroundings for potential threats under the cloudy skies.

Russia tests nuclear-capable ballistic missile that Putin says has no peer
Russia said on Wednesday it had test-launched its Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missile, a new addition to its nuclear arsenal which President Vladimir Putin said would give Moscow’s enemies something to think about.

Israel will not change status quo in Jerusalem – Lapid says
Fake reports are spreading in the Arab world that the Israeli government is trying to destroy al-Aqsa and prevent Muslims from praying there. Israel will maintain the status quo on the Temple Mount, Foreign Minister Yair Lapid said on Wednesday, pushing back against “fake news” spreading in the Arab world.

IDF strikes Hamas military compound amid Gaza rockets
A Hamas military compound used by its air defense forces was targeted during the IDF’s attack on Gaza. According to the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit, earlier strikes targeted a military site and the opening of terror tunnels which led to an underground structure containing raw chemical materials for building rockets. The strike will lead to a significant impact on rocket manufacturing in the strip, according to the IDF.

Has Temple Mount caused a new rift in Jordan-Israeli ties?
Islamic violence has become the Temple Mount status quo. This is the “status quo” that Western leaders wish to preserve?

Immediate evacuations ordered at US Capitol, police say ‘no threat’
“The USCP is tracking an aircraft that poses a probable threat to the Capitol Complex,” US media reported that the alert said. An aircraft was seen flying low circles above the US Capitol building shortly before the report came out,

Bennett to CNN: Zelensky asked me to speak with Putin on Ukraine war
The prospects of Russia’s war on Ukraine ending soon are “not looking good,” Bennett admitted, adding that Israel is willing to re-enter serious mediation efforts at Zelensky’s request.

Germany tries to silence Jewish woman for exposing pedophelia in America’s public schools
Is Nazi book-burning now virtual? A German government-backed organization was discovered to be responsible for the recent doxing of the woman behind the ‘Libs of Tik Tok’ Twitter account. Chaya Raichik, an orthodox Jew, is the owner of the ‘Libs of Tik Tok’ – a Twitter account considered to be the leading force in combatting the grooming of children in America’s public schools. The account features mainly Tik Tok videos of various school teachers across America boasting the pro-LGBT agenda …

Arabs destroying Temple artifacts to prevent Jews from Passover visits to Temple Mount
“The Arabs have added to these tactics by scattering chametz [levened bread, prohibited during the eight days of Passover] on the Jews’ walking trail,” Nisani reported. Nisani also said that the Arabs had spread sharp objects along the path, including pins and broken glass. Jews are prohibited by Torah law from wearing leather shoes on the Temple Mount, and many devout Jews choose to visit the site barefoot.

26 state governors announce new ‘Border Strike Force’
Republican Governors Doug Ducey, Greg Abbott and dozens more announced on Wednesday the formation of the American Governors’ Border Strike Force, a multi-state effort to combat the influx of illegal immigrants at the U.S.-Mexico border caused by President Joe Biden’s “disastrous border policies.”

The Alaskan Arctic regime shift since 2017: A harbinger of years to come?
Multiple lines of observational evidence draw attention to the last five years (2017–2021) as a remarkable period of change. Bering Sea winter and spring ice coverage was remarkably low in 2018 and 2019 associated with a shifted Aleutian Low (AL) into the western Bering Sea, and ridging of the overlying polar jet stream (PJS) that supported southerly winds and reduced ice growth.

Analysis of Offical Government data finds Covid-19 Vaccination increases risk of Death due to all-causes in all Age-Groups
The United Kingdom’s Office for National Statistics “the UK’s largest independent producer of official statistics and its recognised national statistical institute” has quietly released substantial data on the COVID-19 vaccines.

Professional Athletes suffered at least 890 Cardiac Arrests and 579 Deaths following Covid-19 Vaccination in the past year; & FIFA Football Deaths increased by 300% 
More than 769 athletes have collapsed on the field during a game from March 2021 to March 2022, and an updated report by ‘Good Sciencing’, a team of investigators, news editors, journalists and “truth seekers,” has detailed 890 cardiac arrests and other serious issues among athletes, including 579 deaths, following COVID-19 shots.

Flow of Fentanyl into American Communities Quadruples Under Biden
Four times as much fentanyl is flowing across the United States-Mexico border under President Joe Biden compared to two years prior when former President Trump was in office.

TX Sheriff: Border Patrol Told Me to Be Ready for Ports of Entry Being Overrun, ‘We’re Talking about’ Deputies in ‘Riot Gear’
During a portion of an interview with NBC News aired on Monday’s edition of “NBC Nightly News,” Hidalgo County, TX Sheriff Eddie Guerra (D) urged the Biden administration to reconsider its decision to rescind Title 42 and said that Border Patrol told him to have his officers ready in case ports of entry are overwhelmed and this means “deputies dressed in their riot gear with their shields and their helmets and batons to keep the crowd at bay.”

Slow Moving Disaster Has Become A Tsunami With The Handwriting On The Wall
While we’ve been reporting on ANP for over a year now since soon after the arrival of Joe Biden in the White House back in January of 2021 of growing shortages of all kinds of food products all across the country, with our stories both featuring and based on photographs emailed to ANP from our readers nationwide and around the world who’ve encountered such empty store shelves in their own communities, up until March of 2022, Biden’s White House called shortages of food and supplies in America a ‘conspiracy theory’.

Ukraine War Stokes Concerns in Taiwan Over Its Fragile Internet Links
The war in Ukraine is reviving concerns in Taiwan and some Asia-Pacific nations about the fragility of their internet connections because they rely on undersea cables that could be severed in a Chinese attack.

China is in Hoarding Mode Right Now, And It’s Pushing Grain Prices to Historic Highs
China made another large buy of U.S. corn to start the week, and market analysts say food security concerns are driving the country’s increased appetite for commodities. USDA confirmed a flash sale Monday that totaled 1.020 million metric tons of corn by China. 680,000 tons of the purchase are for old crop, with the remaining 340,000 for delivery in the 2022/2023 marketing year.

In sudden turnaround, Biden administration allows oil and gas companies to drill on federal lands… but it will take YEARS for the oil to flow
The Biden administration announced on April 15 that it would allow oil and and gas companies to drill on federal lands, albeit in limited areas.

US Supreme Court refuses to save America from engineered energy infrastructure SHUTDOWN that could leave millions freezing and hungry 
The already built Spire STL Pipeline in Missouri will not be allowed to operate, thanks to a decisiony the United States Supreme Court not to review a lower court’s disapproval of the project.

Mainstream media covers up pilot cardiac arrest because they don’t want to create vaccine hesitancy
Captain Snow is livid that American is coercing pilots to take such a dangerous vaccine. Even more, what’s the benefit to vaccinating pilots? It’s not like the pilot is going to transmit COVID to the passengers. The chance of that happening is very close to zero.

Czechs Could Face 3 Years in Prison For Supporting Russia on Social Media
People in the NATO-member state of Czechia have been warned that they could face up to three years in prison if they express support for Russia on social media. Yes, really.

FBI’s “kidnapping” case involving Michigan Gov. Whitmer completely unravels as jury acquits two defendants, deadlocks on two others
Another FBI case has completely unraveled, proving once more that today’s bureau is nothing more than a politicized federal agency whose primary mission is to entrap enemies of the regime and jail them in any way possible.

COVID Jab Deadlier Than COVID for Anyone Under 80 – Global ResearchGlobal Research – Centre for Research on Globalization
…For those under 18, the COVID jab increases their risk of dying from COVID-19. They’re also 51 times more likely to die from the jab than they are to die from COVID if not vaccinated

Chilling Visuals Of How Biden Has Destroyed America In Just 13 Months
Before taking a look at visual evidence of what Joe Biden has done to the America economy in just one year since he has been occupying the White House, a  brief flashback to a headline from May 2020, from the Institute for Energy Research (IER),  stating “The United States Was Energy Independent in 2019 for the First Time Since 1957.”

TERRORFORMING hardware that removes CO2 from the atmosphere to destroy life on Earth suffers major setback from FREEZING temperatures 

A large industrial project in Iceland that was supposed to start artificially removing carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere in order to stop “global warming” has frozen, ironically.

America is RUNNING OUT of military munitions and can’t replace them FOR YEARS due to industrial decline and supply chain collapse 

Just as Russia has now completed the test firing of its global ICBM “Sarmat” missile system — which can reach any target anywhere in the world with a dizzying array of re-entry (nuclear) vehicles — alarm bells are being sounded over America’s rapid depletion of munitions due to the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

DeSantis Leads Florida Lawmakers Vote To End Disney’s Special Tax Privilege After The Magic Kingdom’s Support For Gender Grooming Of Kids 
Anyone who is in favor of teaching sexual education to little children, involving any type of sex, is a desperately sick individual who should absolutely not be allowed access to young children. Florida should be applauded and emulated in their passing legislation like HB 1557, also known as the Anti-Grooming Law, to protect little children from being exposed to information they have no business even considering between the ages of 3 to 6 years old.

Biden planning Global COVID Summit to ‘vaccinate the world’
Despite the failure of the COVID-19 vaccines to stop infection and transmission of the virus amid alarming safety signals, President Joe Biden is calling on the world’s political and private sector leaders to meet for a second COVID “summit” to “make new commitments and bring solutions to vaccinate the world.”

Bribe Payments Flow from Illinois Dem’s Campaign Account
Democratic congresswoman Marie Newman (Ill.) paid another $24,500 in donor funds to a political rival she bribed to keep out of her primary race.