14 Apr 2022

Second bus of illegal immigrants arrives at U.S. Capitol from Texas
A second bus carrying immigrants who illegally crossed the border in Texas arrived near the U.S. Capitol in Washington D.C. early Thursday. The first group of illegal immigrants bused from Texas to the nation’s capital arrived Wednesday, one week after Texas Gov. Greg Abbott announced he was expanding the state’s border security initiative, Operation Lone Star. The second bus dropped immigrants off a block from Union Station.

“People Are Afraid” – LA’s Crime Surge Migrates To Wealthy Zip Codes
On March 22, in the broad daylight of a typically gorgeous day in Beverly Hills, thieves in hoodies and sunglasses took a sledgehammer to the plate glass window of Peter Sedghi’s boutique and furiously rummaged through the shards. In less than 90 seconds, the robbers stole more than $3 million worth of jewels. Two days later, in response to a wave of high-end robberies, the Los Angeles Police Department announced there would be no arrests. Instead, it cautioned Hollywood residents not to wear high quality jewelry in public.

Anti-Lockdown States Performed Better Than New York & California, Think Tank Finds
Freedom-loving states like Florida and South Dakota performed significantly better than states like New York and California which imposed harsh lockdown restrictions in terms of health, economy and education, according research by a US think tank. Locked economies did not have better health.

Georgia Gov. Kemp Signs ‘Constitutional Carry’ Bill Into Law
Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp on Tuesday signed a bill into law that immediately allows permitless handgun carry for most residents in the state.

Blue-eyed humans have a single, common ancestor
New research shows that people with blue eyes have a single, common ancestor. A team at the University of Copenhagen have tracked down a genetic mutation which took place 6-10,000 years ago and is the cause of the eye colour of all blue-eyed humans alive on the planet today.

A swarm of 85,000 earthquakes at the Antarctic Orca submarine volcano
Volcanoes can be found even off the coast of Antarctica. At the deep-sea volcano Orca, which has been inactive for a long time, a sequence of more than 85,000 earthquakes was registered in 2020, a swarm quake that reached proportions not previously observed for this region.

Earthquakes recorded near Alaska volcano dormant 800 years
Hundreds of small earthquakes have been reported near a volcano in southeast Alaska believed to have been dormant for at least 800 years. The cause of the quakes under Mount Edgecumbe, a volcano near Sitka that resembles Mount Fuji in Japan, are not known.

Woman adds rat poison to husband’s food in plot to kill him for converting to Christianity
A Muslim woman in eastern Uganda added poison to the food of her husband, a former Islamic teacher who converted to Christianity about a week earlier, after noticing him praying in the name of Christ, according to a report. Hiire Sadiki, 56, who put his faith in Christ on March 27, is recovering in a hospital in Butaleja District, Morning Star News reported.

Canadian church hosts controversial assisted suicide ceremony for member with ALS
A Canadian church was recently the site of an assisted suicide ceremony held for one of its members diagnosed with ALS, better known in the U.S. as Lou Gehrig’s disease. Churchill Park United Church of Winnipeg became the first church in Manitoba to host the controversial practice, which it described as a “Crossing Over Ceremony” last month for 86-year-old Betty Sanguin.

Judge Rules Case Against Former Clinton Campaign Lawyer Will Proceed
The case against a Hillary Clinton campaign lawyer charged with lying to the FBI during a 2016 meeting surrounding alleged links between the Trump organization and Russia will be allowed to proceed, a judge ruled Wednesday. Michael Sussmann, a Democratic lawyer with ties to Clinton’s 2016 campaign, was charged last year by special counsel John Durham. Sussmann filed a motion to dismiss the case in February. A subsequent filing from Durham called the motion to dismiss “absurd.”

Russia says ammunition blast badly damages major ship in Black Sea fleet
The flagship of Russia’s Black Sea fleet, the Moskva missile cruiser, was badly damaged when ammunition on board blew up, A Ukrainian official earlier said the Moskva had been hit by two missiles … “As the result of a fire on the Moskva missile cruiser, ammunition detonated. The ship was seriously damaged,” the Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement. “The crew was completely evacuated.”

U.S. Space Force Eyes One Hour Global Delivery
The United States Space Force (USSF) hopes to employ a fleet of rockets to make one-hour cargo delivery anywhere within the world a reality. Whether sending critical supplies to the location of a humanitarian disaster or supporting military activities in a remote battle space, Space Force authorities consider one-hour worldwide delivery using rockets a critical capability moving forward.

April blizzard blasts northern Plains; tornadoes and gigantic hail strike Texas, injuring 23
Wild weather raged across parts of the nation Tuesday, including a blizzard in the Northern Plains and tornadoes in Iowa and Texas.

Male cops can now strip-search females, on one condition
In the latest stunner from the transgender agenda sweeping across large parts of the free world, a ruling has been issued in the United Kingdom that male police officers now are being allowed to strip-search female suspects. If the officer “identifies” as female. a woman being stripped and search could be accused of a hate crime if they object.

Video: Texas drops off first bus of illegal immigrants near US Capitol in DC
The State of Texas dropped off dozens of illegal immigrants in Washington, D.C., Wednesday morning on the first bus organized by the Texas Division of Emergency Management (TDEM) as part of Gov. Greg Abbott’s new plan to combat the Biden administration’s open-border policies.

NY lieutenant governor resigns after arrest in federal probe
New York Lt. Gov. Brian Benjamin resigned Tuesday in the wake of his arrest in a federal corruption investigation, creating a political crisis for Gov. Kathy Hochul seven months after she selected Benjamin as a partner to make a fresh start in an office already rocked by scandal.

M6.1 earthquake hits New Britain, P.N.G. 
A strong earthquake registered by the EMSC as M6.1 hit the New Britain region of Papua New Guinea at 03:00 UTC on April 13, 2022. The agency is reporting a depth of 156 km (96 miles). USGS is reporting it as M5.9 at a depth of 147 km (91 miles).

At least 23 injured after a large tornado and gigantic hail hit Salado, Texas 
At least 23 people were injured after a large tornado swept through the village of Salado, Texas on Tuesday, April 12, 2022, destroying or damaging 15 – 20 homes. Salado is located in Bell County, between Waco and Austin.

Earthquake swarm near the SW tip of Reykyanes Peninsula, Iceland 
An earthquake swarm began yesterday evening located near the southwestern tip of the Reykjanes Peninsula, Iceland.

Delta Airlines Will Treat Covid-19 as Seasonal Flu – Drops $200 Surcharge for Unvaccinated Employees
Delta Airlines announced they had dropped a $200 per month surcharge on unvaccinated employees’ health insurance as the company moves to treat Covid-19 as seasonal flu, AP reported.

CDC Recently Released Data Showing The Most Vaccinated Counties Have The Most COVID Cases
The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has recently released data that shows that the most vaccinated counties in the United States also have the most COVID cases.

CDC warns of meningococcal disease outbreak in Florida primarily affecting gay, bi men 
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued a health warning about an outbreak of meningococcal disease in Florida, which the agency said is mainly affecting gay and bisexual men, including those living with HIV.

Thomas Senzee: longtime LGBT journalist mocks the non-vaccinated with the regurgitated “faster download speeds” trope, dies unexpectedly 
A 54-year-old freelance journalist is dead, joining an ever-growing list of LGBT vaxx virtue signalers.

Dumbphone Sales Are Soaring As People Revolt Against “Overwhelming” Smartphones
In a time when various “developed world” intelligence agencies are filling up petabytes of hard disk space with domestic phone recordings and tracking their own citizens who – in the pursuit of a “liberal” agenda – have been escalated to a greater terrorist threat than actual foreign terrorists, some people have had enough and are throwing their smart phones into the trash and replacing them with “dumbphones” instead.

833 Athlete Cardiac Arrests and Serious Issues, 540 Dead, Following Covid Injection
A total of 15 players were unable to finish the Miami Open 2022 tennis tournament, including the male and female favourites.  All of the players must be “fully vaccinated” to compete, the Liberty Daily wrote, “just as we’ve noted for several months, most major sports have been hit with ‘inexplicable’ medical conditions popping up in young and otherwise healthy athletes, including our report that three cyclists fell in March alone.”

Pfizer, Moderna mRNA vaccines trigger AIDS-like syndrome 
Autoimmune disease is spiking in the fully vaccinated, and many are now calling the collection of ailments associated with it AIDS-like syndrome.

U.S. Department of Defense awarded a contract for ‘COVID-19 Research’ in Ukraine 3 months before Covid was known to even exist 
The world first started to hear about a novel coronavirus in early January 2020, with reports of an alleged new pneumonia like illness spreading across Wuhan, China. However, the world did not actually know of Covid-19 until February 2020, because it was not until the 11th of that month that the World Health Organisation officially named the novel coronavirus disease as Covid-19.

Pfizer Study suggests Covid-19 Vaccine to blame for huge increase in Hepatitis among Children as UK Government launches Urgent Investigation
The UK Health Security Agency has announced that it has recently detected higher than usual rates of liver inflammation (hepatitis) among children, but have ruled out the common viruses that cause hepatitis so have therefore launched an urgent investigation.

VenomTech company announces massive library of SNAKE VENOM peptides for pharmaceutical development; “nanocarriers” stabilize snake venom in WATER (PubMed)
Astonishingly, it is rapidly becoming apparent in the aftermath of the Dr. Bryan Ardis revelations about snake venom origins for covid-19 that many people — even some in alt media — are completely unaware that snake venom is commonly used as the starting point for pharmaceutical research.

Why There Will Not Be An Election In 2022 (Part One)
Well over 150 million Americans are declaring that in 2022, America will rise up and vote out the corrupt left! And then we woke up. The ruling Bolshevik Party is not going to allow an election to take place, especially one in which they cannot control the outcome. Forget the election in November, there is almost no chance that an election will take place! Many are reading these words with complete disbelief.

Is Klaus Schwab in Control of the American Power Grid? 
Klaus Schwab is the head of the World Economic Forum. Seeing that the NERC is now associated with the WEF, does this mean that Klaus Schwab is in control of the American electrical grid? There are a few interesting aspects of this to look into.

China’s draconian zero-COVID policy leading people to SUICIDE
“Virtually every person on the planet now recognizes that they are simply going to have to live with [COVID-19] from now on, in the same way that we have learned to live with the seasonal flu. Even countries that clung to China’s mass containment model well into 2021 … are now abandoning it. Yet the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) continues to pursue the impossible dream of [zer0 COVID].”

The Center for American Progress, Funded By George Soros, Is Praising Title 42 Ending Decision By Biden Administration To Open Our Borders With Mexico 
Ronald Reagan said that “A nation that cannot control its borders is not a nation”, and that statement made 40 years ago is more true today than it ever was. Joe Biden is now preparing to rescind Title 42 put into operation by Donald Trump, allowing up to 500,000 illegal immigrants to come across our southern border per month. All of this is being enthusiastically applauded by George Soros and his Center for American Progress agitator group. That’s progress alright, in the wrong direction.

Crimes Against Humanity: Covid Killing Quota: PCR Testing Quotas Used By Facilities To Murder
What would you do if your loved one died so someone could hit a quota? Sadly, that’s not a rhetorical question for Matt Throckmorton.

Sheriff’s Warn Parents Of Demonic Videos Designed To Cripple Young Children In Fear 
One group of law enforcement officers in Wisconsin is continuing with their service- as if we were back in the olden days- and warning parents of an obviously demonic designed children’s programing meant to damage young American minds- and cripple them in fear.