10 Apr 2022

New poll finds 103 million Americans – including many Jews, agnostics, even atheists – see COVID pandemic as sign of biblical prophecy and the ‘last days’
Now, a new survey indicates that Americans think something far more significant is in motion than simply a nasty disease. Fully four-in-ten Americans believe that the COVID pandemic is a sign that biblical prophecy is coming to pass and that we are living in the “last days” before the return of Christ. Two-out-of-three Evangelical Christians believe this. But so do one-in-four American Jews. And almost one-in-three self-identified “secular” Americans.

Another challenge to the Standard Model: weird W bosons
“our most robust measurement to date”, according to project spokesperson Giorgio Chiarelli, research director at the Italian National Institute for Nuclear Physics – is significantly higher than what the Standard Model predicts.

Calm Before The Storm? Transpacific Sea-Freight Rates Fall Amid China COVID Lockdowns
Chinese manufacturers have shuttered operations as expanding COVID-19 lockdowns choke off logistical networks from factories to ports and simultaneously alleviate congested transpacific shipping lanes. Though, once factories in China reopen, another wave of supply chain chaos will slam US West Coast ports.

Blizzard Conditions Tuesday And Bismarck Is In The Bullseye
This has the makings of one of those spring storms that will have people talking for quite a while. The National Weather Service in Bismarck has issued a Winter Storm Watch for much of central and southwest North Dakota from Tuesday morning through Thursday morning. It’s not very often the National Weather Service issues a storm warning three days in advance unless they have extreme confidence in the course of the storm. For once, it seems like western North Dakota is in the bullseye and not the eastern part of the state. We can expect heavy snow and blizzard conditions possible. Total snow accumulations between 10 and 20 inches possible. Winds could gust as high as 40 miles per hour.

FOP report: ‘Horrific’ rise in officers gunned down in 2022
Over 100 police officers were shot in the first three months of 2022, up 46% from 2021, according to a newly released Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) report.Out of the 101 officers shot so far in 2022, at least 17 have been killed, the report found. Ambush-style attacks also increased, up 36% from 2021. Police-related casualties have been on the rise, up 63% from 2020

Who died from COVID-19 in Minnesota?
In truth, for the vast majority of us, COVID-19 did not not pose a serious risk of death. In the end, the virus marched to its own tune, oblivious to all the efforts to contain it. The most common comorbidities for COVID are hypertension, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and chronic kidney disease. We found that almost seven out of 10 death certificates (69.29%) listed at least three comorbidities. Five out of 10 death certificates (50%) listed at least four comorbidities, 3.4 out of 10 death certificates (34%) listed at least five comorbidities, and 2.1 out of 10 death certificates (21%) listed at least six comorbidities. We also found that only 371, or 2.67% of the 10,984 certificates we examined, were “COVID only” with no comorbidity listed.

Strong and shallow M6.2 earthquake hits Vanuatu 
A strong and shallow earthquake registered by the USGS as M6.2 hit Vanuatu at 20:52 UTC on April 9, 2022. The agency is reporting a depth of 10 km (6.2 miles). EMSC is reporting the same magnitude and depth.

March 2022 ends with most tornadoes on record, U.S. 
The month of March 2022 in the United States had the most March tornadoes on record – 218, beating the previous record of 192 recorded in 2017.

Pfizer Study suggests Covid-19 Vaccine to blame for huge increase in Hepatitis among Children as UK Government launches Urgent Investigation 
The UK Health Security Agency has announced that it has recently detected higher than usual rates of liver inflammation (hepatitis) among children, but have ruled out the common viruses that cause hepatitis so have therefore launched an urgent investigation.

Italy’s National Institute of Health reveals the Fully Vaccinated now account for 7 in every 10 Covid-19 Deaths 
Covid-19 Deaths are beginning to rise again across Italy despite millions now being triple vaccinated, and the latest official Italian Government data shows that the vaccinated population account for 7 in every 10 of those deaths, as well as 8 in every 10 cases and hospitalisations, and 7 in every 10 ICU admissions.

Whilst Trudeau was wrongly blaming Covid & Russia for impending Food Shortages, his Government published data confirming the Fully Vaccinated now account for 4 in every 5 Covid-19 Deaths across Canada
A sixth wave of Covid-19 is beginning to spread across Canada, but the latest official Government figures show that it isn’t the unvaccinated who should be both fearful and cautious.

Oklahoma Lawmakers Vote to Ban Abortion, Fine, Imprison Doctors Who Perform Procedure
Oklahoma lawmakers on Tuesday overwhelmingly voted to ban abortion and imprison doctors who perform the procedure.

Catholic Charities Implicated In Child Sex Trafficking With Cartels Inside The United States 
During a recent appearance on Dr. Gina Loudon’s show on Real America’s Voice, After Eden Pictures CEO Jaco Booyens discussed the grim realities of the sex trafficking occurring alongside the numerous problems associated with the border crisis – claiming that even some Catholic charities are complicit in this sex trafficking.

“Time jump” anti-aging method gives specialized cells a 30-year refresh
Through experimentation with a highly promising anti-aging technique, scientists at the UK’s Babraham Institute have demonstrated a new way of turning back the clock in human skin cells. These cells functioned like cells 30 years younger, but in what represents an exciting advance in the field, were able to still retain some of their specialized functions acquired through age.

State and local officials insist on keeping pandemic power
While many government leaders sound the all clear message on COVID-19, dropping vaccine restrictions and mask mandates, some states and municipalities are clinging to the emergency powers that allowed them to govern people’s behavior in unprecedented ways.

Jen Psaki Confirms the Biden Administration is Providing Free Smartphones to Illegal Immigrants Entering the U.S.
..“Our team in Texas is saying that you guys are starting to give smartphones to border crossers, hoping that they’ll use the phones to check-in or – uh – to be tracked. Which part of that is supposed to ‘deter’ people from crossing illegally into the states?” asked Doocy.

Tucker: “Food Shortages – Not In Sudan – In Cincinnati, Reno, Spokane and Norfolk…It’s Scary” — Time To Stockpile Food?
Americans no longer own some U.S. farmland being used to produce our food. “China owns 200,000 acres of U.S. farmland valued at $2 billion.”

Dr. Peter McCullough Says Autopsies Show The COVID Shot’s ‘Fingerprints’ Are Everywhere, Including The Brain 
“We now know in people who have had autopsies, after being vaccinated shortly after being vaccinated, they’ve had autopsies – these were done in Vienna, Austria, and Germany – we can see the fingerprint of the vaccine everywhere in the body.

Germany rejects mandatory COVID jabs for people over 60 
The vote was preceded by a passionate speech against the mandate by AfD leader Alice Weidel who called the bill ‘totalitarian’ and ‘radically unconstitutional.’

The more you vax, the weaker your immune system becomes
Independent data from the UK and New Zealand show the same thing: the more you vaccinate, the greater your chance of getting infected. It was supposed to be the other way around, wasn’t it? Solution:

Oklahoma House Approves Near-Total Abortion Ban
The Oklahoma House of Representatives, currently controlled by the Republicans, approved on Tuesday a bill banning abortion in the state, even in cases of rape or incest.

Arizona Republican Rep. Jake Hoffman is urging the public to pressure lawmakers to advance HB 2495, a bill aimed at barring public schools from indoctrinating and grooming students with “sexually explicit materials” at taxpayer expense.