9 Apr 2022

We’re two years away from the Great North American Solar Eclipse of 2024!
On April 8, 2024, the Great North American Solar Eclipse will cross the country, plunging a 124-mile-wide swath of land stretching from Mexico to Canada into night-like darkness.

NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter makes its 24th flight on Mars
The sortie was just a short repositioning hop, covering 154 feet (47 meters) of ground in 69.5 seconds at a maximum altitude of 33 feet (10 m). But it was an important flight, helping reposition Ingenuity for its exit out of the Séítah region of Mars’ Jezero Crater on its way to an ancient river delta, where the helicopter will work in tandem with NASA’s life-hunting, sample-collecting Perseverance rover.

Surprise W boson measurement could rewrite particle physics
Scientists at the U.S. Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory spent 10 years analyzing mass measurements of the W boson, a lesser-known “sister particle” of the Higgs Boson that plays a role in radioactive decay. They found the particle is somewhat heavier than physics theories expected. And that, the scientists said in a statement, is quite a big deal, as it is at odds with the so-called Standard Model, a fundamental physics theory describing how the world on the microscale fits together.

US-based Chinese professor calls on China to invade Taiwan with ‘overwhelming troops, firepower’
Professor Yi Li spoke to students at the Chaoyang District Party School in Beijing last Friday in which he praised the Russian military strategy in the ongoing invasion of Ukraine and suggested it serves as a model for how China can invade and “reunify” with Taiwan … .

Microsoft says it disrupted Russian cyberattacks on Ukraine
On Thursday, Microsoft Vice President Casper Klynge confirmed the company was working to disrupt a hacking group dubbed “Strontium,” suspected of having ties to the Russian military’s Main Intelligence Directorate, known as GRU.

Psaki issues threat to those protecting children from transgender nightmare
Biden’s White House, through spokeswoman Jen Psaki, is threatening anyone who opposes his transgender promotions with the full power of the federal government through its Departments of Justice and Health and Human Services.

Texas’ drought is the worst in years as fire season starts 
Texas is in the worst drought conditions since 2011, when 95% of the state was in drought. Eleven years ago, parched conditions caused over $7 billion in crop and livestock losses, sparked wildfires, pushed power grids to the limit and reduced reservoirs to dangerously low levels, according to the University of Texas at Austin.

Enormous storm could produce blizzard, widespread severe weather next week
An expansive and multi-faceted storm system is forecast to strengthen rapidly as it travels from the Rockies to the Great Plains next week, and AccuWeather meteorologists say it could result in a five-day stretch of threatening severe weather as well as a robust snowstorm that could produce dangerous blizzard conditions.

19 named storms forecast for 7th straight above-average Atlantic hurricane season
The experts at Colorado State University expect the 2022 Atlantic Basin hurricane season to be another one for the record books, with tropical cyclone activity expected to be well above average.

Court Reinstates Vaccine Mandate for Federal Workers, But White House Delays Enforcement 
A federal court on Thursday upheld the Biden administration’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate for federal employees, but the White House told federal agencies “procedural steps” need to take place before the mandates can be enforced.

Cardiac Disorders Account for 20% of 1.2 Million Injuries Reported After COVID Vaccines, VAERS Data Show 
VAERS data released Friday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention included a total of 1,217,333 reports of adverse events from all age groups following COVID vaccines, including 26,699 deaths and 217,301 serious injuries between Dec. 14, 2020, and April 1, 2022.

Chinese City Orders All COVID Patients’ Pets in One Neighborhood to Be Killed More
A Chinese city ordered all indoor pets belonging to COVID-19 patients in one neighborhood to be killed.

The feds’ plan to force vaccines on adults
It’s hard writing this in the dark, under the covers, curled up in a fetal position. I’m trying to deny reality, but my head is about to explode. Liberty has been slipping through our American fingers like sand for the last several decades. But in the last week it began flowing away like the Mississippi River.

Panic attacks, fatigue: Some doctors say they’ll quit over COVID stress, study finds
A quarter of doctors who participated in a February survey said they plan to leave their primary care jobs within the next three years because of stress over COVID-19, according to researchers.

Pfizer recorded so many adverse events that it had to hire 2,400 more employees to handle paperwork and data processing 
Recently released Pfizer documents revealed that the Big Pharma company had to hire thousands of additional full-time employees to process the deluge of adverse reactions caused by its Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine.

Biden administration puts Alabama ‘on notice’ over bill to protect kids from genital mutilation 
The Alabama legislation, if signed, would penalize medical professionals who prescribe puberty blockers or who mutilate a child’s genitals.

The World Is Piling on Debt as It Battles Inflation
Government handouts can help keep fuel and food price protests in check, but may be too much to bear for financially fragile countries

Britain Unable to Pay for Russian Gas Deliveries – Global ResearchGlobal Research – Centre for Research on Globalization
Britain is the only country to have imposed sanctions on Russia’s Gazprombank, through which payments for Russian natural gas are made. It is thus unable to pay for Russian gas after President Putin’s decree that this commodity must be paid for in rubles.

Frontline Doctor Says Fetal Deaths Up Nearly 2,000 Percent Since COVID Jab Rollout – Global ResearchGlobal Research
Dr. Peterson Pierre is warning expecting mothers to “look out” for their own kids, since the CDC is not changing their COVID shot recommendations, despite the spike in preborn deaths.

REVEALED: Who Picked Peter Daszak As A COVID Investigator? The Chinese Communist Party, Of Course.
EcoHealth Alliance President Peter Daszak was reportedly tapped to serve as a World Health Organization COVID-19 investigator at the demand of the Chinese Communist Party, according to a former staffer from group.

Shanghai Residents Rebel As Cases Surge, Lockdown Extended ‘Indefinitely’
China’s NHC reiterated its commitment to its “dynamic” zero-tolerance policy on Wednesday as local authorities in Shanghai confirmed the worst fears of the financial hub’s approximately 26 million residents: what was initially introduced as a 9-day staggered lockdown has been extended “indefinitely” as the number of newly confirmed cases soared to a new record on Tuesday.

Ukrainians fleeing Russian invasion now showing up at U.S. border as Biden ending Title 42 
…Last week, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, on Biden’s orders, announced the end of Title 42, a rule imposed by then-President Donald Trump, a COVID-19 pandemic-related authorization allowing for the rapid removal of migrants who illegally crossed into the U.S.

Child-grooming DISNEY linked to Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein’s PEDO island… #BoycottDisney
In today’s sickening news, Substack’s Emerald Robinson asks the question, “Why Was Ghislaine Maxwell Doing Fundraisers For Disney in 1985?”

As Vladimir Putin Is Spotted With The Russian ‘Nuclear Football’ While Attending A Funeral, Germany Is Massively Ramping Up Their War Machine Production
If you consider yourself a student of history, then you well know that the ramp up to both world wars happened with virtually the same players, and progressed in very much the same way, nearly identical. What we are watching now, as Germany remilitarizes for the first time since 1945, with Putin carrying the ‘nuclear football’ with him wherever he goes, with Europe on standby, to me is very reminiscent of how World War I and II came to be.

Ukraine’s Army has been Defeated; all that is left is Mop-Up 
Larry C Johnson; veteran of the CIA and the State Department’s Office of Counter Terrorism, claims the Ukrainian Army has been defeated up and all that’s left is “mop-up”. The veteran who provided training to the US Military’s Special Operations community for 24 years sat down with Mike Whitney to explain why.

EPA finds that some US drinking water contains URANIUM
Data from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) shows that drinking water in some parts of America may contain unsafe levels of uranium. Researchers from Columbia University analyzed nationwide data, and compared it to safety standards laid out by the EPA. They found that many localities in the south and Midwest in particular had unsafe levels of uranium detected in water.