30 Mar 2022

US Navy deploys electronic attack jets to Europe
The U.S. Navy deployed six EA-18G Growler electronic attack jets to Europe on Monday to bolster the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s (NATO) radar jamming abilities. … the six electronic warfare jets had arrived at Spangdahlem Air Base in Germany on Tuesday.

Asia’s Autocrats Are Calling, Mr. Biden
For the first time since 2017, Kim Jong Un test-fired an intercontinental ballistic missile, the Hwasong-17, the largest road-mobile missile ever launched. While it flew 600 miles from Pyongyang into the Sea of Japan, the mammoth missile flew for 71 minutes, reaching an altitude of 3,852 miles. Had it been fired in a normal trajectory, its missile warheads could have reached Washington, D.C., and every city in the USA.

US Top Commander In Europe Forced To Rebut Latest Biden Remarks
In yet another awkward contradiction out of this US administration concerning Ukraine, which at this point seems to come almost daily, the head of US European Command was forced to issue a contrary explanation after Biden on Monday said multiple times that US forces are “helping train” Ukrainian troops in Poland. This triggered a rebuttal of the US Commander-in-Chief from Gen. Tod Wolters, who also serves as NATO’s supreme allied commander in Europe. On Tuesday Gen. Wolters denied that the US is currently training Ukraine forces in Poland.

Poll: Majority Say Joe Biden Should Step Down if Gas Prices Skyrocket to $8
“If you have to pay $8/gallon for gas, do you believe President Biden should step down for mishandling U.S. energy production?” the survey asked. Overall, 58.6 percent believe Biden should step down in that scenario, while 36.2 percent disagree.

Poland breaks ranks with EU to pull rug from under Putin with new law to BAN coal imports
Poland, which was the 2nd largest importer of Russian coal in the EU behind Germany, said it cannot wait any longer for an EU-level decision, acknowledging that the ban “may be legally questionable”. According to government spokesperson Piotr Müller, the decision was taken for national security reasons.

Huge explosion rocks Russia as sparks fly on border with Ukraine with soldiers ‘injured’
Explosions were heard outside the Russian city of Belgorod this evening, on Tuesday, March 29. This is only around 50 miles north of the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv, which has been bombarded by Russian forces in recent weeks. He translated the following: “Four servicemen were wounded when a shell hit a military camp in the Belgorod region.”Around 10 minutes later, he posted: “TASS have deleted the tweet above, presumably because admitting to a successful strike on Russian territory is slightly embarrassing.”

Ukraine isn’t naive, Zelenskiy says after Russia pledges to scale down attack on Kyiv
LVIV, Ukraine/KYIV OUTSKIRTS March 30 (Reuters) – Ukraine reacted with skepticism to Russia’s promise in negotiations to scale down military operations around Kyiv and another city as some Western countries expected Moscow to intensify its offensive in other parts of the country. Talks took place in an Istanbul palace more than a month into the largest attack on a European nation since World War Two that has killed or injured thousands, forced nearly 4 million to flee abroad and pummelled Russia’s economy with sanctions.

Israel terror threat level raised to highest amid spree of attacks
Bennett orders bolstering IDF troop deployment along West Bank by four additional battalions; security cabinet to convene on Wednesday to mull additional steps to increase security after 5 people killed in Bnei Brak terror attack, third in a week

US, Israeli navies begin “Intrinsic Defender” exercise
The “Intrinsic Defender” naval exercise began this week (Sunday). This is the largest exercise to-date between the Israeli Navy and the U.S. Fifth Fleet. The exercise, which will last 10 days, is simultaneously taking place in the Mediterranean and the Red seas.

‘Israel is facing an armed revolt from the Arab sector’
IDF Brigadier General (Res.) and former minister Effi Eitam warned Tuesday that the recent spate of terror attacks perpetrated by Israeli Arabs marks the beginning of a violent uprising by Israel’s Arab sector.

UAE, US, Israel launch religious coexistence and tolerance team
The US, United Arab Emirates and Israel launched a joint working team that will promote religious coexistence and tolerance on Tuesday, just a day after the Abraham Accords states met at the Negev Summit in Israel. The three will work to advance a detailed and innovative plan for dialogue between different religions and cultures, as well as for the fight against hate on a religious basis.

Greater Iranian threat brings Abraham Accords countries closer
With the specter of a revived Iran nuclear deal approaching, Israel hosted a summit on Monday that took place in Sde Boker in the Negev desert, which included the foreign ministers of the Abraham Accords countries and Egypt, together with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

Russia-backed Donetsk Republic will consider joining Russia
The Russian-backed self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic in eastern Ukraine may consider joining Russia once it controls all of Ukraine’s Donetsk region, its news outlet cited separatist leader Denis Pushilin as saying on Tuesday.
Russia said on Tuesday it will reduce military operations in Kyiv and Chernigov in order to increase mutual trust and create the necessary conditions for further negotiations,

Five killed in Bnei Brak shooting as Israel enters ‘new wave of terror’
Five Israelis were killed by a Palestinian terrorist in a shooting attack in the haredi (ultra-Orthodox) city of Bnei Brak on Tuesday night. The shooting was first reported around 8:00 p.m. on HaShnaim Street. One person was found lifeless in a car and two other people were shot dead on a nearby sidewalk.

Jerusalem deputy mayor kicks Blinken out of city
I will curse those who curse you Genesis 12:3 Jerusalem Deputy Mayor Arieh King on Monday called on U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken to leave the city, saying he was “unwelcome” there and that his presence was “creating a bad feeling.”

Minnesota Wild to raise money for kids’ puberty blockers on first-ever ‘Pride Night’
On Tuesday, March 29, just prior to their game against the Philadelphia Flyers, the Wild will wear “pride” jerseys during warmups. Those jerseys will then be signed and auctioned off, with a portion of the proceeds going to the Wild Foundation and the Children’s Minnesota Gender Health program, according to an NHL news release.

Two CMEs heading toward Earth, G3 – Strong geomagnetic storm watch in effect
Active Region 2975 produced multiple C- and M-class solar flares since M4.0 at 11:29 UTC on March 28, 2022, as well as 2 coronal mass ejections (CMEs) – both toward Earth. As a result, a G3 – Strong geomagnetic storm watch is in effect for March 31.

Heavy rains trigger deadly landslide, leave more than 250 000 without drinking water in Cuenca, Ecuador
Heavy rainfall affecting southern Ecuador, particularly the province of Azuay, over the past 48 hours caused numerous landslides resulting in casualties and damage.

UAE, United States And Israel Launch Religious Coexistence And Tolerance Chrislam Group Ahead Of The Opening Of The Abrahamic Family House 
For nearly 12 years, we’ve been telling you all about Chrislam, the foundation for the One World Religion, and thanks to the Abraham Accords and lots of hard work by people like Mohamed bin Zayed, Rick Warren and Pope Francis, that dream is on the cusp of being realized here in 2022. And because it’s Bible prophecy, Israel needs to be involved, and that they are in spades.

An Evil Spirit Has Been Loosed Upon The World And Can Be Seen By All Christians Who Have The Courage To Look 
…I perceive a malevolent spirit has been recently loosed upon the planet and that its intentions are profoundly evil. I feel that this evil is headquartered in the World Economic Forum, and it manifests its actions through Blackrock. The deepest part of my being is telling you that the World Economic Forum and Blackrock are the most evil entities on the planet, except for Satan himself. The vehicle for the spread of evil is the war in
Ukraine, which will spread, and this could lead to a domino effect that will eventually result in the end days events.

Iraq Finishes First Stage Of Building Massive Border Wall On Syrian Border In Nineveh To Keep Rising Tide Of Islamic State Jihadis From Attacking 
Under President Trump, ISIS was reduced to nearly imperceptible levels of activity as Trump ordered actual bombing strikes on them as opposed to Obama’s empty warehouse attacks. Now a little more than a year into Biden’s term, ISIS and the Islamic State Jihadis are back in business, baby. The amazing thing is now the action is taking place near the biblical city of Nineveh where the prophet Jonah was sent to preach against. When things go back to where they began, you’re getting ready to wind it up.

Super-Secret Spy Technology Group DARPA Creates New War Program Called ‘In The Moment’ Which Will Allow AI To Make Battlefield Decisions
On the surface, the idea of DARPA AI making split-second decisions on the battlefield in the time of war might seem like a good idea. On the other hand, the idea of DARPA AI making split-second decisions on the battlefield in the time of war seems like a terrible idea. What this actually is is another giant step towards having autonomous robot armies who can fire weapons at their own discretion. Feeling safe, yet?

WATCH: Oscars Hosts Bizarrely Chant “GAY, GAY, GAY, GAY” To Troll Florida Parents Against Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity Lessons In K-3
Amy Schumer, Wanda Sykes, and Regina Hall hosted the Oscars on Sunday night and used the opportunity for unfunny political theatre.

‘It Should Never Have Passed’ – Disney Lashes Out at DeSantis for Signing Anti-Grooming Bill, Vows to Fight in Court
For starters, there is no such thing as a “Don’t Say Gay” law in Florida.Florida Governor Ron DeSantis on Monday signed into law HB 1557, a measure that forbids instruction on sexual orientation and gender identity to children in grades pre-K through grade 3.

10 real-life examples of people who died or were injured after receiving the COVID vaccine
Despite assurances of safety from health officials, it’s what the long-term effects of COVID-19 shots will be. Spike proteins from the shots can circulate in your body after injection, causing damage to cells, tissues and organs. “Spike protein is a deadly protein,” Dr. Peter McCullough, an internist, cardiologist and trained epidemiologist, said.

Tucker Carlson: We May Run Out of Food Soon Thanks To Biden Policies
Thanks to Joe Biden’s policies and acquiescence to China, America may experience a full-blown food shortage, Fox News host Tucker Carlson explained.

Gas supplies to Europe could be halted in a matter of DAYS
The fuel crisis across the pond is about to get a whole lot worse, thanks to NATO’s sanctions against Russia.

New Jersey Middle School Forced 12 yr Olds to Learn About Transgender Hormone Therapy without Parental Consent
A New Jersey public middle school forced 12 year olds to learn about transgender hormone therapy without parental consent. The children were forced to watch a video about a woman who began injecting testosterone 10 years ago.

The blood of COVID-vaccinated people has a strange artifact… mine included!
…I worked for a few decades as a microscopist and tissue culture specialist and examined my own blood quite often with the use of very high quality research scopes. Large blood inclusions like this just weren’t seen pre-COVID. My best guess is that these are, indeed, atom-thick layers of graphene oxide/hydroxide which will easily fold multiple times into one “land mass” structure.

Russia’s Putin declares an end to Western currencies, says world moving towards “real reserves” including “land, food, gold” 
Russian President Vladimir Putin is predicting that the world will move away from the U.S.-dominated financial system after Washington, along with Western governments, seized his country’s currency assets as part of their sanctions for invading Ukraine.

‘Scandal’: Germany’s Highest Court Admits Covid Vaccines Are Harmful, Even ‘Fatal’ – Yet Upholds Mandate
The court ruled, If medical workers want to avoid harm from the Covid vaccines, “they are free to resign.”

Big Brother: EU Plans Largest ‘Chinese-Style Surveillance State’, Call To Action
The EU Commission intends to force all providers of chat, messaging, and e-mail services to deploy mass surveillance technology.