24 Mar 2022

AG Barr Zeroes in on the Real Interference That Occurred in the Last Presidential Election
he’s commenting on the Hunter Biden laptop story that has finally been realized as authentic by the liberal media. Now, we knew this already back when it was originally reported by The New York Post in October of 2020. The Post was censored by big tech over this piece of journalism that made Joe Biden look awful. It wasn’t Russian disinformation,

Biden Aides Respond to With Eye-Rolls and Mockery to VP Harris’ Suggestion
The Biden aides simply cannot believe some of the things she wanted to do, like give an in-depth speech about her views on foreign policy. You’re not the president, Kamala. Then again, with Biden being a drooling vegetable, it has crossed out minds who is in charge at times.

France’s Macron says he’s ready to keep up dialogue with Russia on Ukraine
Emmanuel Macron said on Wednesday that he is prepared to keep up his dialogue with Russian leader Vladimir Putin and that France and Europe will do all they can to stop the war in Ukraine. “There is uncertainty”, Macron told broadcaster M6, citing the possibility of Russia’s using “unacceptable” weapons or attacking other neighbouring countries.

Ukraine Blocks Trans Women Refugees: “They Are Men, Must Go Back & Fight”
The Ukrainian government is refusing to allow transgender women to leave the country along with the millions of women and children refugees who have been streaming into Poland and other European nations. Instead, Ukrainian border guards are turning them back and forcing them to return home to join the fight. Ukraine’s martial law requires all biological males between the ages of 18 and 60 to remain in the country and fight. And it makes no exceptions for trans women.

Russia Says NATO Peacekeepers Inside Ukraine Will Ensure “Direct Clash”
Top Russian officials on Wednesday condemned Poland’s proposal to send NATO “peacekeeping forces” into Ukraine as a “very reckless and extremely dangerous” idea that would risk a full-scale war between the alliance and Moscow. “This will be the direct clash between the Russian and NATO armed forces that everyone has not only tried to avoid but said should not take place in principle,”

Biden Doing Everything Possible To Drive Up The Price Of Oil, Some Of It’s Illegal
Biden does not have the votes to pass his energy policy, so instead he tries to bully the Fed and the SEC. Consider the SEC’s Energy Proposal now open for comments (guaranteed to be ignored).

United States and the Young Lion Countries
Is the United States and some other countries across the Earth, referred to as the “young lions” in the scripture of Ezekiel 38:13? Many Biblical Scholars state that the scripture verse of scripture of Ezekiel 38:13 does not directly name the areas or countries to be identified with the “young lions” because they did not exist at that time.

NATO Chief Warns Putin: “Russia Can Never Win A Nuclear War”
Just a day ahead of the Thursday emergency meeting of NATO leaders in Brussels, which Joe Biden will attend in person, Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has previewed in a new speech that countries will commit to “major increases” in troops along Europe’s ‘eastern flank’. He also took the opportunity to warn Russia to stop its ‘nuclear saber rattling

Biden heads to Europe with more sanctions for Russia
Two sources familiar with the situation said Biden and his team were developing plans to impose sanctions on members of the Russian parliament, the Duma, which are expected to be announced on Thursday.

Jared Kushner coming to Israel in search of tech investments
Kushner and the three other executives of the Affinity Partners fund, which has already secured $3 billion in funding, plan to meet with Israeli companies worth between $300 million and more than $1 billion

Russian losses in Ukraine exceed Soviet losses in Afghanistan
Russia has suffered more losses in the 26 days since the start of their full-scale invasion of Ukraine than the Soviet army did over the course of a decade (1979-1989) in Afghanistan, data shared by the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine has shown.

Seeing It All Come Together: Months of Predictions Closing in on Quick Collapse
Sometimes weeks happen in a day, and we seem to be living in such times. In my latest Patron Post I laid out how Putin’s War and the sanctions imposed by the West and other nations will cause a tectonic shift in the new world order. It’s already happening.

Ten earthquakes in one week; Is it an an End-times omen?
The study of geology just got exciting as tremors were recorded all over the globe for the past week. Beginning with the deadly earthquake in Fukushima last Wednesday, the Azores in the Atlantic Ocean are still shaking from a wave of over 1,100 tiny tremblors. The tremors could point to an ominous era as the seismic activity is prophesied in the end-of-days.
Some rabbis have attributed this pre-Magog shake-up as God entering into the fray, using the forces of nature as his weapons of choice.

US Credibility Plummets In The Arab World As Biden Looks To New Terrorist Allies
Unlike the Biden administration, many Arabs do not distinguish between one terrorist group and another. That is why news about the possibility that the Biden administration is considering removing the Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) from the terrorism blacklist has been received by many Arabs with disbelief and shock. The Arabs hold the mullahs and the IRGC responsible for various war crimes and atrocities against several countries and people around the world.

Large tornado hits New Orleans, causing extensive damage, Louisiana
A destructive wedge tornado ripped through parts of New Orleans, Louisiana Tuesday night, March 22, 2022, causing extensive damage, killing at least one person, and leaving several others injured. This raised the number of fatalities related to the severe weather outbreak affecting the Deep South over the past few days to 2.

Australian Govt Set to Launch New Tourist Ad Campaign – Come to the New Australia, We Won’t Beat You, Shoot You or Lock You Up Anymore, Promise 
If it seems like only a few weeks ago when Australia was kicking out an international tennis star for not being vaccinated, that’s because it was only a few short weeks ago.

Angry parent reads sexually charged passage from HS library book to school board. Board member cuts her off, says children could be listening. 
An angry parent read a sexually charged passage from a high school library book to a Georgia public school board Thursday, making the point that the book’s content is inappropriate for students.

Great Reset: Globalists Capitalize on Ukraine Crisis, Establish New Surveillance Society
Peter Thiel has warned citizens about his own AI technology that is now being used in Ukraine, describing it as a “communist totalitarian technology.”

As Covid Subsides, Vax Mandates Remain
As Covid subsides, tyranny that exploited it continues. Unfair termination of servicemen, disruption of the upcoming Major League Baseball season, and interference with parental rights result from vaccine mandates.

Mark McGowan launches ‘Covid ARMY’ that will go door to door and randomly test Aussies for the virus
A Covid detection force will go door to door in Perth this weekend and conduct random testing amid fears Omicron is lurking undetected in the community.

The link between Covid-19, the Covid Vaccine, HIV, and AIDS

We know that when fact checkers say something, they sometimes are covering something up. But what? This article attempts to organize what I know so that we avoid misspeaking when talking about complicated matters.

Wuhan Lab Scientists confirm Covid-19 kills T-Cells just like HIV; Have 5 billion people been injected with the AIDS causing Virus? 
Is the Covid-19 virus airborne HIV? And have five billion people now been injected with HIV numerous times in the form of a Covid-19 vaccine?

NTEB RADIO BIBLE STUDY: The Antidote For Fear And Anxiety Is To Remind Yourself Of God’s Promises And Unrelenting Faithfulness In Your Life
Recently, I have had a lot of people reaching out and looking for some biblical reassurance that everything is going to be OK, while at the same time feeling the walls of the Great Reset and the New World Order closing in. It is one thing to study Bible prophecy, and it is something else altogether to live through Bible prophecy as it is being fulfilled as it is right now in our day.

Dr. SarahBeth Hartlage, who led Louisville COVID vaccine, effort dies
Dr. SarahBeth Hartlage, who helped lead Louisville’s fight against COVID-19 in her role as associate medical director of the health department, has died.

Twitter blocked links to Daily Mail article that questioned Covid death stats
Twitter has put a warning on an article from the UK’s Daily Mail, one of the biggest news outlets in the country, that describes the article as potentially being “unsafe.”

SYSTEM FAILURE: Commodities markets, banks, currencies and contracts begin breaking down… and the consequences will be catastrophic
When Nickel prices recently spiked at $100,000 / ton, the London Metal Exchange (LME) decided to halt all trading and reverse over 4,000 trades in order to protect the profits of a China-based mega-player who had been exposed to over $5 billion in margin calls. In effect, the LME declared that it will now pick winners and losers arbitrarily, the markets be damned.

New Reports of U.S. Boots on the Ground in Ukraine Doing ‘Operational Prep of the Battlefield’
There are new reports about U.S. special forces operators who are doing “operational prep of the battlefield” in Ukraine.

Billionaire-owned Bloomberg tells Americans to deal with Bidenflation by eating lentils, allowing pets to die 
In one of the more tone-deaf examples of elitist arrogance we’ve seen in quite some time, the billionaire-owned news outlet Bloomberg has offered Americans some mind-blowing “advice” on how best to cope with Joe Biden’s inflationary economy.

3,000 Canadian Pacific Rail Workers Strike As Fertilizer Shipments Grind To Halt 
The North American agricultural sector could be in for a major shock if Canadian Pacific Railway Ltd’s (CP Rail) work stoppage is not resolved in a timely manner because it could spark a shortage of fertilizer and other shipments critical for the spring growing season, according to AP News.

A Dozen Examples of How Klaus Schwab Controls All Prominent National and World Leaders 
It is not an exaggeration to state that Satan controls the leadership for the vast majority of the planet. Some qualified researchers will tell you that Satan’s Kingdom is located in Antartica and this is why several leaders (eg John Kerry, Obama) continue to visit the desolate continent. Although the headquarters for the Prince of Darkness may be located at the bottom of the world, literally and figurative, Satan’s distribution headquarters is located at the World Economic Forum (WEF).

Disney Launching Task Force to Make More LGBTQ Content for Children and Families
A groveling Disney CEO Bob Chapek on Monday told employees the company should have condemned Florida’s Parental Rights in Education bill that blocked the teaching of sexuality and transgender ideology to students in kindergarten through third grade, speaking 24-hours hours before mutinous staff planned to walk out during a day-long strike.

United States Formally Accuses Russian Military Of Committing War Crimes In Ukraine As Possible Prelude To American Intervention 
As pretend president Joe Biden and Secretary of State Antony Blinken formally accuse the Russian military of war crimes in Ukraine, US troops continue to pour into eastern Europe. The powder keg is rapidly filling up to the top, all it’s going to take is one, little spark for blow the whole thing sky high, exactly what Putin is hoping for.