16 Mar 2022

Russia personally sanctions Biden, son Hunter, Hillary Clinton, others
On Tuesday, Russia announced personal sanctions against U.S. President Joe Biden, and 12 other Americans, including his son Hunter Biden. the list of sanctioned Americans includes Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, former Secretary of State and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, … .

US deploys Patriot missile systems just 50 miles from Ukraine border
A pair of U.S. Patriot missile defense systems arrived in Poland on Tuesday and were installed at an airport located just 50 miles from its border with Ukraine, where Russian military forces are invading.

Zelensky Says “Ukraine Must Recognize It Will Not Join NATO” As Ceasefire Talks Resume
Ukrainian negotiator Mykhailo Podoliak confirmed in a message posted to Twitter on Tuesday that “negotiations are ongoing” after the meeting was “paused” the day prior. “Consultations on the main negotiation platform renewed. General regulation matters, ceasefire, withdrawal of troops from the territory of the country,” he stated. This as the AFP is reporting of the Ukrainian President’s latest surprise comments, coming on the 20th day of Russia’s invasion: “Zelensky says Ukraine must recognize it will not join NATO.”

49 Republican Senators Will Oppose Iran Nuclear Deal
In a sign that getting the P5+1 nuclear deal with Iran through Congress might be difficult, if not impossible, 49 out of 50 Republican Senators have announced they will not back any deal that doesn’t limit Iran’s missile program and “confront Iran’s support for terrorism.”

“Guilty Until Proven Innocent” – Biden Signs New Backdoor Gun Control Into Law
The first is titled the NICS Denial Notification Act of 2022. This act will require the criminal investigation of all denials on the National Instant Criminal-Background-Check System. For those unaware, the NICS system is used any time a sale occurs, and a firearm is transferred from a Federal Firearms Licensee (also known as an FFL) and an individual. Many people experience never-ending delays or even flat-out denials because they have a common name, or the system confuses them for someone else entirely.

Petrodollar Cracks: Saudi Arabia Considers Accepting Yuan For Chinese Oil Sales
One of the core staples of the past 40 years, and an anchor propping up the dollar’s reserve status, was a global financial system based on the petrodollar – this was a world in which oil producers would sell their product to the US (and the rest of the world) for dollars, which they would then recycle the proceeds in dollar-denominated assets and while investing in dollar-denominated markets, explicitly prop up the USD as the world reserve currency, and in the process backstop the standing of the US as the world’s undisputed financial superpower.

Shaken By Ukraine War, Germany To Buy Dozens Of US Stealth Jets
Germany on Monday unveiled plans to buy dozens of US-made F-35 fighter jets, as part of a multi-billion-euro push to modernise its armed forces in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Biden vs. GOP: Republicans Turn On White House For Deciding Against Transferring Jets To Ukraine
Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., lambasted President Joe Biden for “folding like a cheap suit” after deciding against the transfer of Soviet-era fighter jets from Poland to Ukraine. Graham, who has walked back calls for Russians to assassinate President Vladimir Putin, accused Biden of being intimidated by Moscow’s threats.

Russian Ambassador requests urgent meeting with Knesset Speaker
Russian Ambassador to Israel Anatoly Viktorov requested an urgent meeting with Knesset Speaker Mickey Levy in light of the expected speech by Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelenskyy to the Knesset on Sunday. The meeting between the Speaker of the Knesset and the Russian ambassador will take place tomorrow.

A-G to Barlev: You can’t ban MKs from visiting Temple Mount during Ramadan
Public Security Minister Omer Barlev is interested in prohibiting MKs from visiting the Temple Mount during the month of Ramadan due to fears of riots, but Attorney General Gali Baharav-Miara wrote to him that he is not authorized to do so.

Anonymous hacks Russian firm running Ukrainian nuclear plant
In a long series of cyberattacks, anonymous claims to have hacked the site of the Russian state corporation for nuclear energy Rosatom. Anonymous changed the interface on the site and made it otherwise inaccessible. They also claimed to have gained access to gigabytes of data, which they plan to leak to the public.

US in ‘hourly contact’ with Israelis on Russia-Ukraine war, envoy says
Israel “has done everything the US asked it to do,” Ambassador Tom Nides said during a virtual event with the left-wing group Peace Now. US Ambassador Tom Nides said as he expressed satisfaction with the mediator role Prime Minister Naftali Bennett has played to help resolve the conflict. “The Prime Minister has not made a move without talking to the White House,” Nides said during a virtual event Tuesday with the left-wing group Peace Now.

Iran has 3,000 ballistic missiles, many that can reach Israel – US general
In Gen. Kenneth McKenzie’s written statement, he called Iran’s missile force the greatest threat to the region’s security.
Iran has more than 3,000 ballistic missiles, many of which can reach the State of Israel, commander of the United States Central Command Gen. Kenneth McKenzie said on Tuesday.

Palestinians fire towards IDF forces near Joseph’s Tomb
Shots were fired towards IDF forces in clashes with Palestinian rioters near Joseph’s Tomb in Nablus, the West Bank, on Tuesday night, Walla reported. Stones and Molotov cocktails were also hurled towards the Israeli forces, according to KAN News.

Russia’s Lavrov says final obstacle to nuclear deal lifted
Russian foreign minister says Moscow received written assurances from Washington that sanctions against Russia over Ukraine would not hinder cooperation within the framework of the agreement.

Biden administration sneaks in funding for Palestinian state and program to delegitimize Israel
When the righteous become great the people rejoice, But when the wicked dominate the people groan. Proverbs 29:2
Congress approved a massive spending package that was a mixed blessing for lovers of Zion. Supported by a majority of 68 to 31, the $1.5 trillion omnibus spending package included more than $4.8 million in aid for Israel and $1 billion in additional funding for the Iron Dome missile defense system. In addition to that, the bill affirms US support for a “two-state solution” and the formation of a “viable democratic Palestinian state.”

‘Burned Beyond Recognition’: Muslim Persecution of Christians, January 2022
The following are among the abuses Muslims inflicted on Christians throughout the month of January, 2022:

The battle for the Temple Mount stairs
“Up until last November, Jews were permitted to go up the steps, at least part of the way, and I saw some Jews who were permitted to stand under the arch at the top of the stairs,” Miller said. “In November, the officer took me aside to tell me some new restrictions that were in place, including the stairs.”

Biden admin tries to block Jerusalem from fulfilling prophesy of returning Jews to Israel
The prophecy of Jews returning to their homeland was prophesied by both Isaiah and Jeremiah and is a right granted by the State of Israel to Jews worldwide. “A worried Israeli government has formed a high-level committee to see how the country can maintain its status as a haven for any Jew without running afoul of the biting sanctions targeting Putin’s inner circle,”

LuSys Laboratories, Inc Recalls COVID-19 Tests
The FDA has identified this as a Class I recall, the most serious type of recall. Use of these devices may cause serious injuries or death.

So Many Russians Are Buying Gold That Central Bank Halts Bank Purchases
“Currently, households’ demand for buying physical gold in bars has increased, driven, in particular, by the abolition of value-added tax on these operations…”

At least 60 homes buried after part of a hill collapses in northern Peru
At least 60 homes were buried by a landslide in La Libertad, a mountainous area of northern Peru around 08:30 LT on March 15, 2022. At least 7 people are missing and there are fears there could be dozens buried under the rubble. The slide took place in the Cinco Esquinas sector, the Retamas district of the province of Pataz, after a period of intense rains.

BREAKING: US Senate Votes 57-40 to Pass Rand Paul’s Bill to End Transportation and Airplane Mask Mandate
Thank You, Senator Rand Paul! The US Senate just passed Republican Senator Rand Paul’s repeal of the mask mandate on the public transportation. The vote passed: Yea 57–NAY 40.

Globalists Capitalize on Ukrainian Crisis to Further Their Covid ‘Vaccine’ Agenda 
European governments are pressuring distraught and exhausted Ukrainian parents escaping war to inject their children, a population virtually immune to Covid, with a failed and dangerous “vaccine.”

Hospitals No Longer Required to Report COVID Deaths, HHS Says
The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has stopped mandatory hospital reporting of COVID-19 deaths and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is hiding data about the effectiveness of the booster shots in people aged 18 to 64, or those least likely to benefit from the shot.

NATO Throws Down The Gauntlet To Putin By Announcing ‘Hundreds Of Thousands’ Of Alliance Troops Are Now On ‘Heightened Alert’ Over Ukraine
NATO took a giant step forward today in bringing the world closer to WWIII by announcing that hundreds of thousands of armed troops are at this moment on heightened alert, and ready at a moments notice to take on Russia over their invasion of Ukraine. How is Putin likely reacting to the news? By polishing his ‘button pushing’ finger, I would guess.

30 Per Cent of ‘Ukrainian Refugees’ Are Actually From Other Countries 
Around a third of Ukrainian refugees arriving in France are actually economic migrants from other areas of the world, mostly North Africa and the Middle East, according to an investigation by newspaper Le Figaro.

Republicans Vow That Should They Take Congress In November They’ll Open A Full Investigation Into Anthony Fauci And The Wuhan COVID-19 Lab Leak
Could it be possible that Anthony Fauci will finally be held to account for his duplicitous dealings during the COVID-19 plannedemic, some Republicans are vowing that should they take power in November, that Anthony Fauci will be fully investigated. Hmm. I sure hope so, but don’t be too disappointed when it doesn’t happen, I would love to be wrong about that, but I highly doubt Fauci will ever be faced with his crimes in this life. Let me tell you why I think that.

mRNA ‘vaccine’ genocide 2021-2022 with testimonies from the victims and medical staff
Those responsible for this evil need to hang. Given the chance to show them mercy…I would give them none. As I watch this I wonder how many of these people have died from their injuries?

Virginia Democrats Kill Bill to Stop Infanticide, Protect Babies Who Survive Abortions 
Thank you to all those who made one last ditch effort to save the Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection bill. The Senate Education and Health Committee dropped it from the docket this past week, refusing to give the bill a hearing.

List of Ukraine biolab documents reportedly removed by US Embassy
List of Ukraine Biolabs documents removed by US Embassy Up until recently, the existence and details of these bioweapons labs were public knowledge. The US embassy had previously disclosed the locations and details of these laboratories in a series of PDF files online. On February 26, 2022, the official embassy website shut down the links to all 15 bioweapon laboratories.

Spring Breakers begins as Fort Lauderdale expects ‘at least double if not triple’ amount of visitors 
Thousands of college students and visitors are descending on Florida’s beaches this week to celebrate the first Spring Break without any coronavirus restriction since 2019.

VACCINE WARNING: mRNA spike proteins linked to infertility in next generation via engineered “ovarian failure” 
..It turns out that the experimental drugs trigger “germ line modifications” to female eggs and male sperm. To make a long story short, Fauci Flu shots appear to cause female infertility in the next generation.

Sponsor of Maryland Bill That Legalizes Infanticide Up to 28 Days Cancels Hearing 
The Maryland Democrat who sponsored a radical bill that would legalize infanticide, letting babies die up to 28 days after birth, is reportedly altering his legislation. Senate Bill Sponsor William Smith, the author of SB 669, is supposedly removing the “perinatal” section of the bill and has cancelled a hearing scheduled for Tuesday.

REPORT: Israel Comes Under Largest-Ever Cyber Attack in HistoryIsrael came under a massive
cyberattack on Monday. The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC)’s cyber army is suspected of being behind the attack. The government website along with the websites of the interior, health, justice and welfare ministries went down earlier today.

Petrodollar Cracks: Saudi Arabia Considers Accepting Yuan For Chinese Oil Sales
Saudi Arabia is in active talks with Beijing to price its some of its oil sales to China in yuan.