10 Mar 2022

Saudi Arabia’s Leader Gives Biden’s Oil Plea the Cold Shoulder, Turns to Putin Instead
President Joe Biden, who put distance between himself and Saudi leaders when he took office, got a dose of payback recently, according to a new report. Saudi leaders refused to speak with Biden when the president’s aides tried to arrange a call between Biden and the Saudi leadership to address global oil issues amid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, according to the Wall Street Journal. The Journal report said that the United Arab Emirates — a close working partner of former President Donald Trump — also refused to participate in a call with Biden.

Lawmakers now consider legalizing letting babies up to a month old die
Every few months or years, some extremist brings up the idea of allowing abortion after birth. It’s relatively easy to discard when some loner at a university on the other side of the world discusses a wild-eyed plan. … there’s a real warning from the American Center for Law and Justice that an American state is considering the idea.
“The Maryland legislative session is in full swing, and once again, abortion advocates are pushing their radical abortion agenda. … this bill will effectively legalize infanticide,”

“It’s Appalling”: In Hilarious Reversal, Biden Admin Now Slams Shale For Not Raising Output
And while the White House, and especially the ultra-progressive wing of the US socialist party was delighted with the slow, steady destruction of the energy sector, whose profit contribution to the S&P had collapsed to the lowest on record… now that gas prices are the highest on record and the Biden administration is flailing, its approval rating crushed by soaring gas prices and …the president is going for a full U-turn and hoping that everyone has been sufficiently neuralized to forget that on the very first day of his administration, the 79 year old president ordered the closure of the Keystone XL pipeline

Australia – More Fatalities and Evacuations in New South Wales as Floods Continue
Areas of the state, in particular in the north, saw flooding from late February. On 28 February as many as 15,000 people evacuated their homes in Lismore after the Wilsons River reached record levels. Over the last 24 hours, Sydney and surrounding areas received high levels of rainfall which in turn increased levels of already swollen rivers and reservoirs.

Republicans Attack Biden Administration For Outreach To Venezuela Amid Oil Crisis
Biden … is facing criticism from Republicans for its outreach to Venezuela, an oil-rich country that had previously been cut off from diplomatic relations, as the U.S. has banned energy imports from Russia. Biden was substituting trade with one dictator “just to give it to another.” “Wouldn’t it be nice if you had companies like Chevron and others that care about the environment instead of buying oil from Putin?” McCarthy said on CNBC on Wednesday when discussing the need to ramp up domestic oil production. “I don’t think we should replace [Russian oil] with Iranian or Venezuelan oil and pay other dictators.”

Tectonic shift in S.Korea politics as conservative outsider elected president
Conservative South Korean opposition candidate Yoon Suk-yeol rode to victory in the country’s tight presidential election on a wave of discontent over economic policy, scandals, and gender wars, reshaping the political future of Asia’s fourth-largest economy. His victory in Wednesday’s bitterly fought election means a remarkable turnaround for the main conservative bloc, now known as the People Power Party, which had been struggling to regroup since the 2017 snap election was held after the impeachment and ouster of then President Park Geun-hye.

Ukrainians who favored Russia ties now feel its actions are unforgivable
Ukrainians studying at Israeli universities say once they strongly believed their country should develop close ties with Russia due to potential economic benefits, but now they feel there is no way back after such a horrific war.

Turkish, Israeli presidents to meet for first time after fractious decade
Turkey and Israel will seek to overcome years of animosity and insults when their presidents meet for the first time in more than a decade this week, expanding a recent Turkish charm offensive with regional rivals. Erdogan has said the visit will herald a “new era” and that the two countries could work together to carry Israeli natural gas to Europe, reviving an idea first discussed more than 20 years ago.

IDF chief lands in Bahrain to talk Iran
Upon his arrival, Kochavi was greeted by his Bahraini counterpart Lt. Gen. Theyab bin Saqer Al Noaimi. Israel and Bahrain have been strengthening political and security cooperation against their shared foe Iran, with the former posting a permanent military representative in the Gulf country last month.

Saudi Arabia, UAE leaders not returning Biden’s calls, disappointed with US
The two Mideast countries are disappointed with the Iran nuclear deal, as well as the American response to Houthi terrorist attacks in recent weeks. The messages of dissatisfaction sent by Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) and Emirati Shiekh Mohammed bin Zayed al Nahyan come as the two leaders share concerns over the American response to recent missile and drone strikes from Yemen,

Iran regime poses threat to Middle East beyond nuclear one – CIA chief
CIA Director William Burns on Tuesday told the US House Intelligence Committee that regardless of the outcome of the nuclear negotiations with the world powers in Vienna, Iran will continue to present a threat throughout the Middle East. Burns noted that for “many years, I negotiated these issues with the Iranians… we are mindful of the fact that the Iranian regime poses not only a nuclear or missile issue but also a threat across the Middle East and to our partners in the Middle East. Regardless of how negotiations go, those threats will continue.”

Russia admits conscripts taking part in Ukraine invasion
Russia’s defense ministry acknowledged on Wednesday that some conscripts were taking part in the conflict with Ukraine after multiple denials by President Vladimir Putin, who said only professional soldiers and officers had been sent in. The ministry said that some of them, serving in supply units, had been taken prisoner by the Ukrainian army.

Syria: Israel assassinates two top Iranain army officers
Two officers from Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps were killed in a Monday airstrike reportedly conducted by Israel in the Damascus area, Iranian media have said.

Chinese Cyber attack? Taiwan hit with nation-wide power outage during visit by Pompeo
On Thursday, multiple counties and cities across Taiwan experienced unexplained power outages, shutting down the power to five and a half million households. The power outages were affecting Taipei City, Kaohsiung City, Keelung City, New Taipei City, Hualien City, Keelung City, and Tainan City, according to Taiwan News. Rolling blackouts were also occurring in the central and northern parts of the country. The blackouts happened outside peak hours, which shows the problem was not due to power shortages.

White House warns: Russia could use chemical weapons in Ukraine
Psaki on Wednesday warned of the potential for Russia to use chemical weapons in Ukraine after Moscow alleged the United States was housing biological weapons in Ukrainian territory, The Hill reports. Psaki called the claims from Russia “false” and “preposterous,”

Pentagon admits to running bio-weapons labs in Ukraine; Worried they’ll fall into Russian hands
The theory that US-run bio labs in Ukraine were developing COVID-related diseases as part of a plan by Dr. Anthony Fauci to release a new pandemic on the world was debunked by the mainstream media as “QAnon conspiracy theories” and “Russian disinformation.” But testimony by a US government official in front of Congress has revealed that at least part of this “conspiracy theory” is, in fact, TRUE.

Gavin Newsom Ignores Drought in ‘State of the State’ Address
California Governor Gavin Newsom made no mention of the state’s ongoing drought in his annual “State of the State” address on Tuesday evening, ignoring water issues that critics say have become an urgent necessity after years of neglect.

Disney guests wade through floods after surprise storm: ‘Never seen the likes [of this] in 17 years’
Guests at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida were forced to wade through ankle-high waters following flash flooding.

Breaking — Poland offers to turn over entire fleet of MIG-29 fighter jets to U.S… 
Caving to pressure from NATO, the government of the Republic of Poland has announced that it will now hand over the country’s entire fleet of MIG-29 fighter jets to the United States to aid in the war against Russia.

CIA Front Group Hides Records Showing Tens of Millions Paid Out to Ukrainian Puppet Government 
The National Endowment of Democracy (NED), a CIA-backed front group for regime change abroad, is frantically deleting evidence of their illicit activities in Ukraine.

Biden Begging Socialist Venezuela for Oil After Killing US Independence
If it wasn’t a sad enough spectacle seeing President Joe Biden kowtow to communist China over the COVID virus, now Biden has overdrawn the humiliation card by pleading with the dictator in Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, a Russian ally, to please sell the US some of the oil, for which Biden won’t let American producers drill for domestic use.

Exclusive Footage: Private School Teachers Nationwide Implementing Race-Essentialist Curricula, Trained by Black Panther
Through teacher training lectures with titles like “Cultivating Anti-Racists and Activists in Kindergarten,” “Decolonizing the Minds of Second Graders,” and “The White People Way,” the nation’s leading accreditation association for private schools is instructing educators to adopt a race-essentialist and cultural Marxist curriculum for children as young as five years old.

Florida Democrats protest anti-grooming law by chanting ‘gay, gay, gay’
Florida Senate Democrats chanted “gay, gay, gay” on Monday to protest the Parental Rights in Education bill.  The legislation has been derided by homosexual activists and the mainstream media as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill, though the word does not appear anywhere in the legislation, which passed the full Florida Senate on Tuesday.

World Wars 1 And 2 Served To Regather The Jews Back To The Land Of Israel, Where Will World War 3 Take Them? 
Lost in all the current excited chatter about Putin and the Russian invasion of Ukraine sparking WWIII is a little-discussed fact that World Wars 1 & 2 caused the Jewish people to be regathered in the land of Israel, according to long and seemingly dormant end times Bible prophecy.

Ask Dr. Jane: Parasite Cleansing From Vaxx, Transmission, And Child Heart Attacks
Wednesday on the Stew Peters Show, Dr. Jane Ruby answered questions from the audience regarding the parasitic Pfizer jabs, children dying from heart attacks, and more. Dr. Jane gave details on the Pfizer parasites, and the potential transmission of the vaccine through touch and inhalation.

Satanic Agenda Exposed: Christian Infiltrates Satanist Convention, Tells All
You know, it says something about how powerful liberalism that they’ve even turned Satanism into something pathetic and cringe-inducing. Fifty years ago, Satanists were teenagers who wanted to be edgy and rebel against their parents and society, so they’d do insane things like kill animals and perform demonic rituals.

Receipts: Pfizer Paid FDA $2.9 Million During “Approval” Process, Pfizer Cut Checks To The FDA
Is literally any conspiracy theory false? You have to wonder sometimes. Five years later, it turns out Donald Trump was totally right about the Democrats spying on him in Trump Tower. It turns out that January 6 really was crawling with federal agents. It turns out Fauci really did fund the creation of the Wuhan bioweapon.

Grain Prices Highest in Six Decades, Spark Concern of Food Shortages
The Russian invasion of Ukraine has laid bare the world’s dependence on Russian President Vladimir Putin and its neighbor now under siege, including the fact that the two countries supply much of the grain needs around the globe and prices for grain are now the highest they have been in six decades.

BREAKING: Documents Reveal US Department of Defense Was Funding Ukrainian Biolabs — Russia Releases List of Biological Agents Tested in US BioLabs in Ukraine, Including Salmonella, E. Coli, Anthrax and The Plague
On Sunday, March 6, 2022, Russian news agency Ria Novosti released documents they claim show Ukraine was working on “biological weapons” near the Russian border. Ria Novosti accused the US of instructing Ukraine to destroy the biological agents before the Russian invasion.

Ukraine: Top Child Trafficking Country In The World 
Ukraine is one of the most prominent countries in Europe for trafficking humans, with over 260,000 Ukrainian trafficking victims in the last 30 years. Soros and Hunter Biden are directly connected to these human trafficking rings, making millions off of other peoples misery.

**BREAKING VIDEO** Russia Tells the US “We Have Found Your Biological Weapons”
The Director of the Information and Press Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Maria Vladimirovna Zakharova,  told the United States on Wednesday, “We have found your biological weapons!”

ALERT: Indivisible Pressures Biden to Pass Failed ‘Build Back Better’ through Executive Action
Joe Biden’s radical left cronies continue to push facets of the failed $2 trillion-plus “Build Back Better” socialist spending bill through piecemeal legislation and executive action, a mass email from Indivisible reveals. Further, Indivisible describes “tried and true” methods of getting around elected representatives known as “Administrative Advocacy”.

New Study: ‘Risk of COVID Vaccine-Induced Fatality Is Equal To Or Greater Than The Risk of a COVID Death For All Age Groups Under 80 Years Old’
A new study finds that “all age groups under 50 years old are at greater risk of fatality after receiving a COVID-19 inoculation than an unvaccinated person is at risk of a COVID-19 death. All age groups under 80 years old have virtually no benefit from receiving a COVID-19 inoculation, and the younger ages incur significant risk.”

‘Pfizer knew mRNA Vaccine leaked into ovaries and covered it up’…
Pfizer was fully aware that the lipid nanoparticles didn’t stay in the bicep.

CRYPTO FEVER: Biden Signs Executive Order Authorizing The Creation Of A Digital Dollar As World Continues Moving Closer To A Cashless Society
In the book of Revelation, we see that during the time of Jacob’s trouble that will take place after the Pretribulation Rapture of the Church happens, that there will be a single currency called the Mark of the Beast.

Treasury Dept. sanctioning “Russian-backed” news outlets for “advancing false narratives”; Are U.S. alternative news sites next?
The Biden regime continues to operate on the brink of outright lawlessness, pushing tyrannical measures and becoming more authoritarian by the day.

Soaring Wheat Prices Leave These Countries Susceptible To Uprisings 
Ukraine is considered the “breadbasket of Europe,” and the Russian invasion is choking off grain exports, sending global food prices to record highs.

The World Failed To Take Adolf Hitler Seriously And Paid The Price, We Would Do Well To Take Putin Seriously And Get Prepared For Nuclear War 
Let’s set the record straight, Vladimir Putin is absolutely in the driver’s seat, he knows it, Ukraine knows it and the whole world knows it. Not only that, Putin has painted himself into a corner from which there is no retreat, only forward motion, and he is well aware of the cost of doing so. Nuclear.

Ready for the massive Cyber Attack? Russia will completely disconnect from the global internet on March 11
No later than March 11, all servers and domains must be transferred to the Russian zone (.ru). In addition, detailed data on the network infrastructure of the sites is being collected.