9 Mar 2022

DNA Found In COVID Was Patented By Moderna 3 Years Before The Pandemic
Giving additional credence to the “lab leak” theory, a chunk of DNA found in the coronavirus shares an identical genetic sequence to a sequence patented by Moderna three years prior to the “pandemic.” Moderna CEO Stephane Bancel admitted to the possibility that the coronavirus pandemic started after gene modification experiments led to the infection of lab workers.

Russian Internet Takes a Hit as Cogent Disconnects Backbone Network
Cogent Communications told its Russian customers on Friday it’s disconnected its high-capacity internet service because of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the resulting economic punishment much of the rest of the world has begun.
Cogent’s Russian cutoff is a new step toward a “splinternet,” a fragmented internet infrastructure that some online powers worry will weaken the utility of the globe-spanning communication technology.

European Union To Phase Out Russian Oil And Gas As It Seeks Energy Independence
The commission said it aims to reduce as much as two-thirds of its natural gas needs from Russia within a year and seeks to halt all imports of LNG and natgas by the end of the decade. It expects to increase gas imports from other countries this year. If implemented, this could be a massive boon for LNG supplies in Qatar and around the Gulf of Mexico.

Zelensky Ready To ‘Discuss & Find Compromise’ On Crimea, No Longer Insists On NATO Membership
President Zelensky’s 14-hour old ABC News interview is finally getting widespread distribution and is being repackaged as a significant nod to Moscow on what’s been Putin’s core issue he cited as justification for launching the war:

Happy International Women’s Day! Here Are 10 Sexual Harassers and Wife Beaters Still on ActBlue
Democratic fundraising giant ActBlue is using International Women’s Day to celebrate its efforts to help women “build political power” and “live without the threat of violence.” But the platform processes donations to powerful men accused of everything from strangling their wives to threatening to kill their wives. ActBlue, which is used almost universally by Democratic candidates across the country, has come under fire for hosting candidates accused of sexual harassment. Tom Carper, Delaware senator, Luis Sepúlveda, New York state senator, Al Franken, former Minnesota senator, Joe Morrissey, Virginia state senator, Raphael Warnock, Georgia senator, Keith Ellison, Minnesota attorney general, Etc. etc..

How Dems Helped Spike Gas Prices
Despite reassurances from the White House that it is doing nothing to discourage oil companies from opening new drill sites, President Joe Biden’s allies in Congress just months ago pressured oil executives to decrease outputs because of climate change, raising questions about the Democratic Party’s strategy to lower prices for consumers.

Iran plotting to assassinate Bolton, Pompeo, other Trump officials
Members of the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps’ covert Quds Force are reportedly planning to assassinate former national security adviser John Bolton and other high-profile Americans. the Biden administration is hesitant to publicly pursue a case against the Iranians, as it works to negotiate a restart of the 2015 Iran nuclear deal.

FBI Chief: We bought NSO’s Pegasus to do counterintelligence
“the FBI has not and did not use the NSO products operationally in any investigation. I can confirm that we bought a limited license for testing and investigation. Asked why the FBI would test such a product if there was no intention to use it, Wray responded, “we test and evaluate all sorts of technology products that if it was in the wrong hands can be used against our agents.”

Ukraine Russia war: Russia sending ‘Wagner’ mercenaries into Ukraine
12,000 Russian soldiers allegedly KIA * Russian major general among those slain. Russia is reportedly enlisting a thousand mercenaries from the “Wagner” group and freezing all contracts of military personnel. “Russia is conducting covert mobilization, forbade the fighters to terminate contracts and plans to transfer up to a thousand militants from the private military company “League”, formerly Wagner, to Kyiv.” The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine has reported.

‘This is not war, this is murder’
The Red Cross says Russian forces laying land mines in humanitarian corridors. hit the hardest is Irpin, located southwest of Kyiv. Tens of thousands of people have fled the city, 30% of which is controlled by Russian forces. A family of four was killed while trying to escape the city, and terrifying images of the situation have caused an uproar in the media.

‘We will not be part of subsidizing Putin’s war,’ Biden says after issuing oil import ban
Biden announced a ban on Russian oil and other energy imports on Tuesday in retaliation for the invasion of Ukraine, underscoring strong bipartisan support for a move that he acknowledged would drive up US energy prices.

Zelenskyy Warns: “God will not forgive on the Day of Judgement”
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky released a video last Sunday, timed to be viewed before the Christian observance of Lent. “Today is Forgiveness Sunday,” Zelensky said in the video posted to his Telegram account on Sunday night. “A day when we always apologized. To each other. To all people. To God.” Hit our people and children. We will not forgive the shooting of unarmed people. Destruction of our infrastructure.” “We will not forgive.” “Hundreds and hundreds of victims. Thousands and thousands of sufferings.” Zelensky threatened Putin specifically. “There will be no quiet place on this earth for you, except for the grave.”

Temple Mount: Terrorist killed after stabbing two police officers
Two police officers were moderately injured after being stabbed on Monday by a terrorist at an entrance to the Temple Mount. In response, the police shot the terrorist,

Western Europe may unite to form their own military; A development consistent with Gog-Magog War
Several European nations responded to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine by building up the defense budgets. The calls for a multi-national European Union military are even more concerning in a decidedly pre-Gog and Magog development.

China’s Yutu 2 rover beams back stunning image after 3 years on moon’s far side
The new images — released by Ourspace, a Chinese language science outreach channel affiliated with the China National Space Administration, in late February — give a sense of the rover’s winding journey. One image offers a panorama view looking back on Yutu 2’s most recent tracks, with the Chang’e 4 lander visible far in the distance.

New Poll: Democrats Are Most Likely to Flee If U.S. Was Invaded
A new Poll is showing clear differences in the manner Americans would react to an attack on our soil, based upon the party to which they belong.

Destroyer can’t deploy because CO won’t get COVID vaccine, Navy says
An ongoing legal battle over whether the military can force troops to get vaccinated against COVID-19 has left the Navy with a warship they say they can’t deploy because it is commanded by an officer they cannot fire.

Late-week storm will bring snow, severe thunderstorms and heavy rain from Rockies to Plains and East
A late-week storm will bring snow from the Rockies and Plains to the mid-South and interior Northeast, in addition to spreading severe thunderstorms and heavy rain across the Southeast.

Chipola Complex fires grow to nearly 30,000 acres in Florida Panhandle
After a week-long firefight, the Chipola Complex fires in the Florida Panhandle have now consumed nearly 30,000 acres with minimal containment as firefighters continue to battle high winds.

Federal Judge Orders Biden to Stop Release of Illegal Migrant Children
A Texas federal judge on Friday ordered President Joe Biden to stop the mass release of illegal migrant children crossing the southern border into the country.

Crazy End Times Alliance Of Emmanuel Macron, Xi From Communist China And The Rising Military Might Of Germany In Talks Over Russia Ukraine Invasion
Stop me if you heard this one. Communist leader Xi Jinping walks into a bar and has a drink with man of sin Emmanuel Macron and German chancellor Olaf Scholz, who is ramping up his war machine, to discuss how to best resolve the Russian invasion of Ukraine crisis. Haha! Get it yet? No? Oh that’s right, it’s only funny if you know your King James Bible and understand the prophecy written therein about the end times which have now come upon us here on now Day 722 Of 15 Days To Flatten the Curve.

Bayer executive: mRNA shots are ‘gene therapy’ marketed as ‘vaccines’ to gain public trust 
‘We probably would have had a 95% refusal rate’ for these shots two years ago, but the pandemic and marketing of the injections as ‘vaccines’ has made them popular with the public, said Stefan Oelrich.

Corn and Soybean Farmer to Americans: Your Grocery Bill Is Going to Go Up $1,000 a Month
A farmer joined Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show Wednesday to warn that Joe Biden’s failed economic policies and the war in Ukraine are going to cause the costs of food to skyrocket in the coming months.

Russian Military Accuses Pentagon Of Destroying Evidence Of Secret Biological Experiments In Ukraine – Pt. 1
During a Sunday press conference, Russian Defense Ministry Spokesman Igor Konashenkov claimed employees at Pentagon-funded biolabs in Ukraine urgently destroyed hazardous pathogens being experimented on at the facilities.

‘Rebranded’ Military Lab in Maryland Handles Some of World’s Most Dangerous Pathogens 
The Army’s premier biolab changed its mission statement after a 2014 report by high-ranking officials concluded its work has become less useful since its Cold War heyday and no longer delivers medical products for service members.

Public Outcry Shuts Down Proposed New Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic in California
Residents of Visalia, California stopped the Planned Parenthood abortion chain from expanding in their community this month after the city council “indefinitely” delayed action on the matter.

HUGE! Senate Votes To End Covid-19 Emergency Declaration
As mask mandates and social distancing restrictions continue to be lifted across the country, the Senate passed a bill to end the Covid-19 state of National Emergency today in a party-line vote.  The passage of the bill was made possible because of three Democratic Senators who were not present.  Two Republican Senators were also not present, making it a 48-47 vote.

Fauci, Walensky and Collins all conspired to commit mass murder with the plandemic: Dr. Naomi Wolf 
During a recent appearance on Steve Bannon’s “War Room: Pandemic” program, Dr. Naomi Wolf fired a shot against those who perpetrated the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) plandemic, accusing them of conspiring to commit mass murder.

Leaked tape reveals Obama State Dept. plotting Ukraine coup in 2014
Law Enforcement Today recently reported on how the United States, under then-President Barack Obama assisted in staging a coup in Ukraine which destabilized the region and in turn provoked Russian President Vladimir Putin to invade and annex Crimea.

FDA & CDC Study finds Covid-19 Vaccination increases Children’s risk of suffering Myocarditis by over 13,000% 
A scientific study conducted by scientists from the U.S Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control, has found the the Pfizer Covid-19 injection significantly increases the risk of recipients suffering myocarditis.

INSANE: State Health Agents Conduct ‘Mask Raids’ on 3 PRIVATE California PRESCHOOLS and Interrogate Toddlers Without Parents Present
Several parents in San Diego are outraged after finding out that state regulators stormed several preschools and interrogated their young children in private as part of a state mask enforcement operation.

Fauci’s Criminal Covid Bombshell, A Big Blow To The New World Order Plandemic 
Where has Dr. Fauci gone? All of a sudden the fame addicted Vaccine Dictator has disappeared. Could it have something to do with the 55,000-page set of documents recently released by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA’s) Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research (CBER) revealing to the public the data Pfizer submitted to the FDA from its clinical trials in support of a COVID-19 vaccine license.

Former Ukrainian Prime Minister Claims Putin Saved Hundreds of Thousands of Lives
“To prevent World War III and an attack on Russia with nuclear weapons, the Russian government decided to neutralize the threat and restore order in Ukraine” – former Ukrainian P.M. Azarov

Pfizer Exposed: Worldwide Evidence Of Big Pharma Parasites
On today’s Dr. Jane Ruby Show, Dr.Jane will shows you in the first two segments some shocking video evidence of hatching parasite eggs from Pfizer BionTech vials, filmed by a group of German parasitologists, specialists in recognizing the anatomy and behavior of parasites; and raises the question, are these bioengineered to be trans-animal parasites with a mission inside the human body?