28 Feb 2022

Former White House Physician Says Biden Is Not Cognitively Fit To Deal With Russia Crisis
Former White House physician Ronny Jackson responded to Russia’s attack on Ukraine by warning that Joe Biden is not “cognitively… fit to be our president right now.” “[Biden] looks tired, he looks weak, he looks confused, he’s incoherent, and it sends a message of weakness all over the world, and they’re seizing up on that,”

EU Provides $500 Million To Buy Arms For Ukraine; Turkey Readies Closure Of Straits To Russian Navy
EU military package may include “supplying fighter jets” for Ukraine’s air force, … “Turkey’s foreign minister said Sunday that the situation in Ukraine had become a war, a legal distinction that paves the way for Ankara to potentially ban Russian warships from entering the Black Sea through a strategic chokepoint, The terms of the 1936 Montreux Convention is now expected to be triggered.

Greenwald: War Propaganda About Ukraine Becoming More Militaristic, Authoritarian, & Reckless
One of the media’s most beloved members of Congress, Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL), on Friday explicitly and emphatically urged that the U.S. military be deployed to Ukraine to establish a “no-fly zone” — i.e., American soldiers would order Russia not to enter Ukrainian airspace and would directly attack any Russian jets or other military units which disobeyed. That would, by definition and design, immediately ensure that the two countries with by far the planet’s largest nuclear stockpiles would be fighting one another, all over Ukraine. Having the U.S. risk global nuclear annihilation over Ukraine is an indescribably insane view,

Minneapolis resident speaks out on constant gunfire: ‘I can’t see this turning around’
A north Minneapolis night was punctuated by gunfire last week as more than 50 shots rang out during a possible gun battle. A resident who recorded the sound of these shots said the violence has escalated in the city and he “can’t see this turning around.” “This is not ‘North being North.’ This is new and it’s worse than it’s been before,” the resident told Alpha News after sharing a shocking home security video that recorded the eruption of gunfire. “The party of ‘gun control’ is more than happy to drop gun charges and revolve these pirates back on the street with no bail and stayed sentences,”

Does Russia’s War on Ukraine Fit in Biblical Prophecy? Pastor Greg Laurie Says it May
Pastor and author Greg Laurie says Russia’s attack on the nation of Ukraine could be a sign of the last days as described in Scripture and that Christians should take comfort in knowing “God is in control.” Laurie said he believes Russia is referenced in Ezekiel 38, which mentions a “Gog” and “Magog.”

Israel successfully tests naval version of Iron Dome
Directorate of Defense Research & Development (Mafat), the IDF, and Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd., announced this morning that they had successfully completed complex trials of the Protective Dome system in a naval configuration based on an advanced version of the Iron Dome rocket defense system. The naval version was operated for the first time on the Israel Navy’s Sa’ar 6 corvette INS Magen.

West arms Ukraine to fend off Russian invasion
Denmark, Sweden and Germany among countries to have pledged to donate military supplies to Kyiv in a bid to deter an attack from its neighbor; Berlin hikes defense expenditure amid conflict.

Belarus holds referendum to renounce non-nuclear status
Belarus held a referendum on Sunday to adopt a new constitution that would ditch its non-nuclear status at a time when the country has become a launchpad for Russian troops invading Ukraine and marching on Kyiv.

Fuel and logistics problems frustrate Russian advance – analysis
Though Russian President Vladimir Putin likely envisioned a quick capture of the capital of Ukraine and quick capitulation by its President Volodymyr Zelensky, Russian forces are instead unable to reach Kyiv, not only due to fierce fighting, but also a lack of fuel.

Another key inflation indicator surges to highest level since 1983
The Commerce Department’s personal consumption expenditure (PCE) index grew 5.2% in January, exceeding the 5.1% Dow Jones estimate, the Commerce Department reported. The PCE is the Federal Reserve’s preferred measure of inflation, and January’s figure marks monthly the largest year-over-year increase since April 1983.

Ukraine captures Russian tank battalion commander
The Ukrainian military claimed on Saturday to have captured the commanders and chief of staff of Russia’s tank battalion, 35th Motor Rifle Brigade, and provided photo evidence.

Backyard astronomer: Dodging a solar bullet
The present solar cycle is ramping up to the height of Solar Max, sometime in July 2025.

Poison Control Center Issues Warning on Toxic Chemical in At-home COVID-19 Test Kits
Some at-home rapid COVID-19 tests contain a toxic chemical that may be harmful to both children and adults, according to health officials with the National Capital Poison Center.

Putin orders Russia’s nuclear weapons on high alert
Putin on Sunday activated Russia’s special deterrence forces, which includes nuclear weapons. “Top officials in NATO’s leading countries have been making aggressive statements against our country. For this reason, I give orders to the defense minister and chief of the General Staff to introduce a special combat service regime in the Russian army’s deference forces,”

The Great Reset: National Vaccine Passport Rolled Out in 21 States and More Are Joining Including Red States
Back in January 2021 The Gateway Pundit reported on the digital COVID vaccination passport system being worked on by Big Tech and Big Pharma. These groups were working on a “vaccine passport” that identifies if you have been properly vaccinated before you travel.  Clearly, individual rights were not their concern.

Doctors sue California for threatening to punish them for not facilitating assisted suicide
California doctors who object to assisted suicide are fighting an amended state law that implicates them in their patients’ intentional deaths.

SCOTUS Hears Free Speech Claim from Artist Opposed to Gay Marriage
The Supreme Court agreed on Tuesday to take up a case in which a Christian website designer alleges that Colorado law would force her to design wedding websites for same-sex couples in spite of her convictions.

Some Random Thoughts On Russia, World War 3, Armageddon And The Pretribulation Rapture Of The Church
The headlines today are screaming out “WORLD WAR 3???” in a way that I cannot easily remember before in my lifetime, as Vladimir Putin and his invasion of Ukraine is dominating the news cycle. But World War 3, something that is fairly likely coming before the time of Jacob’s trouble, is not mentioned in the Bible, just as neither was World Wars 1&2. So what are we to make of all this end times excitement, fear and fascination? Let’s open up the Book and found out!

EXCLUSIVE: After 25 Deaths, $1-$2 Billion in Damages, and Over 2,000 Policemen and Policewomen Injured, US Companies Have Contributed or Promised Nearly $1 Billion to BLM and/or Social Justice Groups
In the summer of 2020 alone, massive destruction, police injuries, and deaths occurred across the country.  These events were predominantly Black Lives Matter (BLM) Events.  Despite all this, nearly $1 billion has been promised or already donated to social justice organizations since then.

Why Nuremberg 2.0 Trials Are Needed Now More Than Ever
…And while Hillary would surely call ‘the Clinton body count‘ a ‘conspiracy theory‘ despite the ever-growing ‘pile of bodies‘ piling up over many, many years, just as the globalists who unleashed the COVID bioweapons upon America and the world are calling those crimes upon humanity a ‘conspiracy theory,’ as we’d reported on ANP just days ago in this story titled “The Ticking Time Bomb About To Explode And The ‘Summoner Of Death’ Vax Theory – CDC And ‘Big Pharma’ Drop Alarming Warnings Hinting ‘Conspiracy Theorists’ Were Right All Along,” attorney Dr. Reiner Fuellmich is going after the globalists for ‘intentional, premeditated murder’ in court, what is nothing less than genocide.

22 Observations About The New World War Which Just Started In Ukraine
Like many of you, I have been spending a great deal of time keeping up with coverage of Russia’s horrifying invasion of Ukraine.  I am very upset with the Russians for choosing to invade the whole country, because now a line has been crossed that will never, ever be able to be uncrossed.  From here on out, there will be endless wars and rumors of wars, and countless numbers of people are going to die.

As The “Peasants” Rise Up Against Their Tyrannical Leaders, Globalists Panic And Beat The War Drums In Order To Wrest Control Back Of The Public In The Name Of “Safety” And “Patriotism”
…Russia BAD, Ukraine helpless, NATO to the rescue…. a story, with only details changed a bit,  we have seen repeated over the course of decades, as every time national and international events do not fit with the desires of the so-called globalists, they start screaming WAR, and Russia is their perfect boogieman.

Trudeau’s tyrannical govt. now cutting off loans to farmers, ensuring food shortages throughout country for foreseeable future
The Canadian government led by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is so angry at the Freedom Convoy truckers and their supporters for daring to question his COVID-19 vaccine order that officials are literally implementing ‘payback’ policies that are going to hurt all citizens.

Record-High Global Food Prices Imminent As Edible Oil Soars
Edible oil prices soared this week, prompting fears that record-high food prices could be imminent. On Wednesday, soybean oil futures in Chicago hit their highest levels since 2008, and palm oil, the commodity used in thousands of food products, jumped to new highs.

Russia, which produces two-thirds of the world’s ammonium nitrate (fertilizer), will not be exporting it at least for another month
…First Deputy Prime Minister Andrey Belousov announced that until April 2, his country will need the fertilizer for itself, which could spell disaster for the rest of the world that relies on these exports.

Biden Presented With ‘Menu’ Of Options For ‘Massive Cyberattacks Against Russia’
Citing four anonymous insiders, NBC News reports that President Biden has been presented with a ‘menu’ of options for the US to carry out ‘massive cyberattacks’ aimed at crippling Russia’s ability to sustain its military operations in Ukraine.

“With the invasion of Ukraine, we are in a new era,” Says Germany As They Announce An 180-Degree Turn On Military Spending And Rearmament
I have studied for many years now the historical events of World Wars 1&2 in relationship to end times Bible prophecy, and a great many truths have been uncovered in the process. Not the least of which is the stunning revelation that the entire time of Jacob’s trouble timeline, up to and including the regathering of the nation of Israel, is contained in type within the time of Nazi rule in Germany.

Spain’s Solar Energy Crisis: 62,000 People Bankrupt After Investing in Solar Panels 
Seventeen years ago, Spain’s socialist government decided to inject subsidies into renewable energy. As a result, thousands of Spanish families massively invested in photovoltaic energy. But, as you’ll see in our report, the dream rapidly turned into a nightmare.

Frugality Is Suddenly Back In Style!
When times are a little difficult, it just makes good sense to be more careful about how we allot our limited resources. These days there are plenty of reasons to be concerned about our resources, what with inflation a serious concern, international conflict that affects energy prices, covid restrictions, political upheavals, etc.

Does Vlad Putin Believe He is the Orthodox Messiah?
Kiev is Putin’s Jerusalem: Putin’s Ukraine Move Meant to Reestablish Eastern Christianity Apocalypse Kiev: In biblical religions there are essential elements of prophetic and messianic symbolism involving past and future events.