24 Feb 2022

Largest rogue wave ever observed swelled off British Columbia
An enormous, 58-foot-tall swell that crashed in the waters off British Columbia, Canada, in November 2020 has been confirmed as the largest “rogue” wave ever recorded, according to new research. The monster wave, which struck off the coast of Vancouver Island, reached a height roughly equivalent to a four-story building, scientists said. Characteristics of the wave were detailed in a study published Feb. 2 in the journal Scientific Reports.

Trudeau Surrenders: Emergency Act Has Ended!
Prime Minister Trudeau revokes Emergencies Act after 10 days, saying he is ‘confident that existing laws and bylaws are now sufficient to keep people safe

China’s Belt and Road Initiative is Globalism on Steroids
“[The Belt and Road Initiative] is highly consistent with the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. More than 10 UN agencies have signed cooperation agreements with the Chinese side. […] The UN stands ready to work closely with the Chinese side in the process of jointly building the Belt and Road Initiative.”

Inflation Alert! The Russia/Ukraine Conflict Is Being Set Up As A Scapegoat For Continued Accelerating Inflation
Biden Administration Pumps Up Gas Prices While Trying To Scapegoat Everything From Lockdowns To Russia..all this while MSM pushes Russia, Russia, Russia! We have to keep our eye on the ball..because he _____ us every time. More than a year into the Biden administration, and gas prices remain a dollar higher on average than they were at nearly any point in the Trump administration, according to the Energy Information Administration.

Thieves Rob Elderly Woman as She Prayed with Them in a Church, Pastor Calls for Repentance
the incident occurred before an evening worship service at Hilldale Baptist Church in Clarksville, Tennessee, on February 9. Surveillance footage shows one woman stealing from the purse of a 78-year-old church member, who was unaware of the theft, while another woman prayed for her.

South Carolina Democrat switches to Republican Party: ‘I am pro-life and for funding police’
A local South Carolina council member is ditching the Democratic Party and running for reelection as a Republican. “Some things that I had looked at, I just don’t agree with any longer,” Dorchester County council member Harriet Holman told “Fox & Friends First” on Wednesday. “One of the things was that I am just totally pro-life, and I am by for capitalism, I am for funding the police. Those things are what made me make my final decision,” she told host Todd Piro.

US-Russian cooperation in space abides despite tensions over Ukraine
The longstanding collaboration between the United States and Russia in operating the International Space Station (ISS) appears to be on solid footing even as tensions between the two countries build over the Ukraine crisis.

Alleged Israeli airstrike targets Damascus
The airstrike comes just a day after Syrian state media reported that Israel had fired a number of surface-to-surface missiles from the Golan Heights towards sites in Quneitra near the border.

Ponzi schemer Bernie Madoff’s sister, husband found dead
The sister of Wall Street fraudster Bernie Madoff and her husband were found dead in what investigators said was an apparent murder-suicide in Florida, according to news reports.

Israel hits targets near Quneitra, Syrian media reports
Israeli missiles struck targets near Quneitra in southwestern Syria early on Wednesday, according to official Syrian media. The missiles were launched from the Golan Heights just after midnight, and caused material damage but no casualties, …

USA Freedom Convoy Reveals Demands as National Guard Deployed to Capital
Steele said truckers were taking part in the convoy to take back the “freedom” and “liberties” they had been stripped of over the past two years of the pandemic. “Freedom of choice,” Steele added. “All of our Constitution being adhered to, our founding documents no longer being trampled.”

Havana Syndrome may be caused by ‘directed energy’
Directed energy “plausibly explains” some of the cases of the mysterious “Havana Syndrome” illness, a new US intelligence community report says. There has been a contentious debate over whether symptoms afflicting US staff around the world were caused by some kind of device or were psychological in nature. The latest report from a US intelligence community panel of experts says the symptoms are “genuine and compelling” and could in some cases have been caused by a concealed device.

Bearly above zero: Frigid cold forces Denver Zoo to close
The Denver Zoo had more than just the visitors to worry about when temperatures dipped below zero this week. The zoo closed Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday due to the freezing temperatures.

Russia-Ukraine: Russia’s Putin declares ‘special military operation’ in Ukraine 
Key Ukrainian government websites are being disrupted Wednesday in a new cyberattack, an official says, a day after the U.S., U.K. and other western nations sanctioned Russia for their actions in the Donbas and Luhansk regions.

64% of unemployed men in their 30s have criminal records, a barrier to landing a job
More than half of unemployed men in their 30s have criminal records — a dynamic with implications for hiring practices and ongoing challenges finding workers during the pandemic-era labor crunch, according to research published by economists at RAND Corp.

As Russia Prepares To Invade Ukraine, Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Gog, Magog And World War III 
The entire world is holding its collective breath at the moment as we watch Vladimir Putin of Russia moving his military forces steading toward the nearly certain invasion of Ukraine. Should that happen, any first year Bible student could tell you that Ukraine is not his destination but only the first move on the end times chessboard. Are we right now watching events related to Gog and Magog as foretold within the pages of your King James Bible? Let’s take a look and see, shall we?

Watch: Canadian Reporter Warns His Nation Is In A ‘Civil War’
A Canadian reporter issued a chilling warning to the rest of the world at what he believes is happening in Canada.

On March 6th, 1936, Adolf Hitler Took The Rhineland To Start His Conquests, Vladimir Putin Is Following In Those Same Footsteps By Invading Ukraine
When you read the history books, you find out what happened in the past, and when you read your King James Bible, you find out what will happen in the future. That’s what Bible prophecy is, it’s future history pre-written in past tense just to blow the minds of unbelievers. So if you are a student of history and a student of the word of God, you are doubly-prepared to know what’s going on and playing out in the headlines with Russia and Ukraine.

New study shows COVID may be leaving a long-term cardiovascular crisis in its wake
A new study has found COVID-19 may be leaving a cardiovascular crisis in its wake, even for mild cases.

TV station allegedly flouts federal law by refusing to air conservative political ad
One of the Arizona television stations to which a paid political ad had been submitted by Kari Lake, the Trump-endorsed candidate for governor, apparently didn’t air it.

Supreme Court to decide whether Colorado can force Christian web designer to promote gay ‘weddings’ 
The U.S. Supreme Court announced Tuesday it will be hearing the case of a religious web designer suing Colorado for the right to decline to create websites for same-sex “weddings.”

CDC admits it withheld data from the public because they didn’t want to create vaccine hesitancy
This is from the NY Times. The truth is the data didn’t support their narrative so they hid it. Do you think they would hide the data if it showed the vaccines worked? Of course not!

“Forever chemicals” from biosludge fertilizers threaten existence of farms in Maine 
Farmers in Maine are detecting serious problems with the quality of their soil and groundwater. These environmental issues threaten the integrity of their crops and the very existence of their farms.  Toxic “forever chemicals” are concentrating in the water and the soil, polluting the crops and poisoning the food supply.

As Trump Calls Putin ‘A Genius’, Russia Positions 3 Guided-Missile Cruisers In The Black And Mediterranean Seas In Stunning Ramp Up To All-Out War 
Events surrounding the burgeoning invasion of Ukraine by Russia changes by the hour, getting more and more intense as the minutes tick by. Like I said the other day, if this is a bluff, it is the most-realistic bluff in modern day geopolitical history.

Key Indicator Hints America Is Headed For Worst Real Estate Crash Ever
lthough it’s impossible to predict economic crashes with certainty, a key economic indicator suggests the U.S. housing market is on the verge of an unprecedented crash, one that could end up being the biggest in America’s history.

Female Air Force officer becomes first to win court injunction against Covid vaccine mandate 
A federal judge in Georgia has temporarily allowed an Air Force officer to remain unvaccinated against COVID over the vaccine’s ‘connection to abortion,’ making her the first member of the branch to be excused from the military-wide mandate.

FDA Issues Warnings for Food Items, Diet Supplements, Cosmetics and Medications From Family Dollar in Six States After Inspection Uncovered Over 1,100 Dead Rodents
More than 1,100 rodents were found inside a Family Dollar distribution facility in Arkansas, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced Friday as the chain issued a voluntary recall affecting items purchased from hundreds of stores in the South.

Pfizer Child Death Toll: 16 Year Old Baseball Player Dies Days After Pfizer Vaxx
Single father Ernest Ramirez has dedicated his time to raising his son, JR, and coaching a Little League baseball team. The two had a strong bond through baseball until 16-year-old JR dropped dead on the field from the Pfizer shot.

DoD document proves that military’s purge of unvaccinated servicemen putting country at risk 
Attorney Thomas Renz has released a new 35-page unclassified document from the Department of Defense (DoD) called “Senior Leaders Brief COVID-19” that shows how the United States is being put at serious risk due to the Biden regime’s Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) “vaccine” mandate.

On Day 708 Of 15 Days To Flatten The Curve, Has The Whole World Just Taken Part In The Largest DNA Data Collection Exercise In Human History?
Acclaimed historian and best-selling author Professor Yuval Harari, who spoke at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland back in 2018, took the stage to utter the chilling words “We are probably one of the last generations of homo sapiens.”

Taking Ukraine Is Putin’s First Step In Restoring The Soviet Union Just As Hitler’s Goal In Starting WWII Was To Restore The German Empire

History is a funny thing, and the main thing that history loves to do is repeat itself, according to the wisest man that ever lived, King Solomon. WWII, the largest global battle ever waged with an ever larger one coming up, was started because Adolf Hitler desired to restore the German empire. In 2022, that same spirit is exactly what is the driving force behind Gog, um, I mean Putin right now.

China Infiltrates US, Other Nations Through Huawei, Expert Says
Chinese tech giant Huawei rose to prominence because it received tens of billions from Beijing, thus allowing the firm to undercut competitors and gain market shares, said book author Jonathan Pelson.

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko Tells Pastor David Scarlett: Covid “Vaccines” Are Changing People Into Transhumans
… “These vaccines change who you are and what do they mean? They go ahead and explain it that after the mapping of the human genome and the development of CRISPR technology, which is gene splicing and editing — [it’s] basically cut and paste — you can cut out a gene fragment and then place in a fragment from a horse. You can do anything you want. And so they are making… transhumans, or human 2.0,”

US to Announce Russia Sanctions After Putin Orders Troops Into Eastern Ukraine
The United States is set to issue sanctions directed at Russia following Russian President Vladimir Putin’s announcement that Russia will regard two areas in Ukraine’s Donbas region as independent, and his subsequent signing of a decree that authorized Russian troops to be sent into the area for so-called “peacekeeping operations.”

The Test for Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum
…Justin Trudeau is not serving the interests of Canadians; he is loyal to the World Economic Forum (WEF) and the brand of Globalism it represents. Meaning: global governance; the submerging of nations in a scheme of external top-down control; the expansion of poverty; wall to wall surveillance; a currency reset; and other totalitarian transformations.

China Fills the Power Vacuum America Leaves Behind
As the West is facing a possible confrontation with Russia over Ukraine, it’s becoming increasingly clear that the United States can’t afford an open conflict with Vladimir Putin—and it’s not because the Russian autocrat is too strong, or the United States too disinterested. America has to keep its eyes on the real challenge, an ascendant China, and a new Cold War that Washington appears to be losing. That should not be.

FULL FASCISM: Canadian Parliament Votes To Give Dictator Trudeau Nearly Unlimited Power As ‘Emergencies Act’ Motion Approved By Wide Margin 
A darkness has descended over the nation of Canada, more debilitating than the crippling cold that country is known for, darkness in the form of fascist tyranny is settling in over the Canadian people. A world is watching in horror as would-be king Justin Trudeau, a tinpot dictator if there ever was one, is successfully moving his government to declare marshal law to prevent any protest or dissent over Canada’s draconian COVID mandates. Trudeau is partying like it’s 1933 all over again, and just maybe, it is.

UPDATE: RCMP Responds to Leaked Texts from Officers Promoting Violence at Freedom Convoy Protests 
Yesterday, a shocking story broke that showed leaked texts in a Royal Canadian Mounted Police group chat.  The officers made light of police brutality at Freedom Convoy protests and seemed eager to beat up on peaceful demonstrators.  In what is alleged to be an RCMP group chat, police officers make jokes about protesters hearing their ‘jackboots on the ground’.

Democrats demanding declaration of war on ‘racism’ and $70 billion to spend on it
Democrats in Congress have proposed a plan that would declare an unconditional “war” on “racism,” and fund it with $70 billion for a new, Cabinet-level “Department of Reconciliation.”

Democrats step in, acquire BLM operations, slogan
The Black Lives Matter movement is the latest in a long line of black power agenda groups that date back decades to the Black Panthers of the 1960s.