20 Feb 2022

Storm ‘Eunice’ hits Europe, leaving at least 14 dead
Deaths were reported in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, the Irish Republic and the UK, BBC reported. The site added that across Europe, “millions” had lost power, and transportation was disrupted.

China would back Russia, diplomatically, if it moved on Ukraine
China would back Russia diplomatically and perhaps economically if it invades Ukraine, worsening Beijing’s already strained relations with the West, but would stop short of providing military support, experts said.

Are pig-human organ transplants allowed in Judaism?
This strong cultural taboo was enacted into Israeli law in 1962 when the Knesset banned the sale of pork. As Supreme Court Justice Daphne Barak-Erez has shown, this legislation was passed out of a broader sense of cultural heritage and not religious coercion. Exceptions, however, were made, allowing for pigs to be raised in certain cities, particularly in areas of the Galilee with strong Christian populations.

Iran regime plans to enrich itself by seizing Baha’i properties, says NGO
“The seizure by the Execution of Imam Khomeini’s Order [EIKO] of Baha’i properties is a novel and very worrying development for Iranian Baha’is,” said Diane Ala’i, representative of the BIC to the United Nations in Geneva. “This development demonstrates that the highest levels of Iran’s leadership are orchestrating the persecution of the Baha’is in Iran.”

Israeli Navy takes part in world’s largest naval exercise in Red Sea, Gulf of Eilat
The Israeli Navy took part in the world’s largest naval exercise, involving 60 international navies, concluding the operation on Thursday, announced the Israel Defense Forces. In a statement, the IDF said the exercise was led by the United States Fifth Fleet and took place in the Red Sea, as well as in Bahrain’s naval zone in the Gulf.

Sanhedrin’s Noahide Court calls on the Nations to honor the Shabbat to bring Messiah
The Noahide Court of the Sanhedrin is calling on all nations to light two Shabbat candles to honor a “Universal Shabbat” as mandated in the Ten Commandments. They explained the reasons in their proclamation:

Woman jailed for violating Walz orders announces Minnesota Senate bid
A small business owner who served jail time after defying Gov. Tim Walz’s emergency orders is now running for state Senate. Lisa Hanson, who owned a now-closed wine and coffee bistro called “The Interchange,” announced her Senate bid in a Thursday afternoon Facebook post. “I am Lisa Hanson, a wife, mother, grandmother, and 25 year businesswoman in Freeborn Co. My life was forever changed when I stood against Governor Tim Walz’s unconstitutional and fraudulently issued executive orders to keep my business open to serve the people of our community,” she wrote.

Extreme weather whiplash: 50-degree temperature swings
A surge of springlike warmth greeted many areas across the United States this past week, providing a break from the winter weather. The short-lived warmth was quickly erased by a dangerous storm that churned out tornadoes and record-breaking snow, sub-zero temperatures and even lower AccuWeather RealFeel® Temperatures. With another warmup settling into parts of the northern U.S. on Friday, residents are experiencing weather whiplash.

Argentina Wildfire Destroys Almost 1.3 Million Acres
A devastating wildfire in northern Argentina has devastated over a million acres of land. Firefighters and residents have been battling the blaze for weeks. That’s as several South American countries have been hit by a drought.

New Zealand Is Fining People for NOT Wanting to Test for COVID, But That’s Not the Worst Part
If this is real, it’s not shocking. Australia has gone insane in the COVID era, literally locking down almost everything. They built what could only be described as internment camps. They closed their borders. Everyone was locked in their homes. COVID Zero was the name of the game. So, it shouldn’t be shocking that their neighbor New Zealand was equally draconian. Thanks to the great account Libs of Tik Tok, we have this ticket from someone in Kiwi land who didn’t want to test for COVID. They were fined $330.

Six African countries to begin making mRNA vaccines as part of WHO scheme 
Six African countries – Egypt, Kenya, Nigeria, Senegal, South Africa and Tunisia – will be the first on the continent to receive the technology needed to produce their own mRNA vaccines from a scheme headed by the World Health Organization.

BREAKING VIDEO: Ottawa Police Shoot Rubber Bullets and Tear Gas on Peaceful Freedom Protesters
The Ottawa Police on Saturday night started firing rubber bullets and tear gas on HUNDREDS of peaceful Freedom protesters in downtown Ottawa.

Chinese Government Is Rewriting the Bible with Communist Principles, Watchdog Group Warns 
A spokesperson for the Christian persecution watchdog group The Voice of the Martyrs (VOM) warned that the Chinese government is currently attempting to rewrite the Word of God in accordance with communist values.

Ukrainian President Zelensky Totally Outclasses Kamala Harris, Says, “Someone Is Lying!”
Ukrainian President Zelensky met with Kamala Harris today in Germany.  While Kamala looked totally out of place, Zelensky called her bluff.

Canada’s state media is targeting those who resist LGBT dogmas on ‘misgendering’ 
Earlier this week, I noted that even Canadian Catholic schools were hosting transgender events — despite being, once upon a time, based on Catholic values. That story was first featured by the CBC, which is a factory of nearly endless stories on the spread of transgender ideology throughout our culture. Our media acts as an active cheerleader: affirming, applauding, promoting, advocating.

1885 Smallpox Vax Was the Blueprint for Today’s Covid-19 Vax 
The killing fields of America are here.  We are at a crossroads.  Death by government and Big Pharma is staring us in the face.  This isn’t the Tuskegee Syphilis experiment by our US Health Department, this isn’t the cancer-causing polio vaccine injections of the 50s, or the plutonium experiments on babies and military in the 40s, all of which were evil unto themselves and totally unconstitutional

Dems push for “Department of Reconciliation” that could actually ignite a RACE WAR 
The insidious ongoing push by Democrats to divide our multiethnic country by race is advancing to a new level. If they succeed, it is almost certain to be the spark that will finally ignite the race war they have been trying to start for years.

Putin Puts On Show Of Strength By Conducting Nuclear Missile Drills With Armed MIGs As Invasion Of Ukraine Now Seems A Foregone Conclusion
Putin has been “invading Ukraine” for the past 8 years now, so much of this is nothing new, at least not to the citizens of Ukraine. But what is new is the stunning show of military force that Russia has been exhibiting over the past few days. Russian troops are now at highest levels ever, with Putin firing off MIGs armed with hypersonic missiles over the Mediterranean ocean.

O Canada, The Globalists Mean Business
We are now engaged in a great spiritual battle, being attacked by great evil The Canadian Freedom Convoy has given us much to ponder. It has shown the mettle Canadians are made of and it is clearly showing the world that the globalists mean business.

‘Operation Wanderlust’ ends with girls rescued, men arrested for sex trafficking 
…Over the course of three months, detectives went undercover to fight the solicitation of minors online. In total, deputies made more than 300 contacts and arrested 18 people, half of which are accused of traveling to meet underage victims.

What Americans and all Westerners should learn from Canada’s digital crackdown on freedom
With the stroke of a pen and an announcement from a podium, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has essentially declared himself supreme dictator over the nation on our northern border. We now have a full-on totalitarian regime adjacent to the United States. This is no small development.

Not Just San Francisco: Police Across the Country are Retaining and Searching DNA of Victims and Innocent People
This week we learned that San Francisco Police used a woman’s own DNA—collected years earlier as part of an investigation into her sexual assault—to charge her for an unrelated property crime. What’s worse—it appears the S.F. police routinely search victims’ DNA in criminal investigations.