18 Feb 2022

MIT Researcher: Don’t Ignore the Possibility That AI Is Becoming Conscious
Amid a maelstrom set off by a prominent AI researcher saying that some AI may already be achieving limited consciousness, one MIT AI researcher is saying the concept might not be so far-fetched.

Stockman: “We’re Not Useful Idiots!”
We do think, however, that the entire Ukrainian crisis is a Washington-confected con job. And we came to that conclusion without relying on a single scrap of information peddled by Russki propagandists appearing on Strategic Culture Foundation or Zero Hedge.

Bonds & Bullion Bid As Bullard & Blinken Bloviation Batters Big-Tech & Bitcoin
A renewal of old concerns – geopolitical issues, economic growth – sparked a significant risk-off stance today in the markets. In addition to the chaotic geopolitical headline hockey from the US-Ukraine-Russia storm, the US economy may be slowing …

Bird Flu Detected In Kentucky, Virginia, Indiana As Outbreak Spreads
Authorities with the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) said bird influenza has now been detected in flocks of birds in Kentucky and Virginia, just days after the officials said that thousands of birds were sickened with the flu in Indiana.
“No human cases of these avian influenza viruses have been detected in the United States.

Ukraine’s Jewish community hears gunshots all the time in ‘tense’ Donetsk area
“What has been reported in the media about attacks in the area of Donetsk are true” … “We heard gunshots all night and all during the day today. There was gunfire in the center of Donetsk and also in the periphery.”

Shelling attacks begin in Ukraine as Russia threatens military action, adds 7,000 troops
Pro-Russian separatist forces in eastern Ukraine have accused Ukrainian forces of artillery attacks Thursday, refreshing concerns in Ukraine and the west that pro-Russian elements may attempt a “false flag” operation as a pretext to invade Ukraine. On Thursday, Russia also accused the U.S. of failing to give a constructive response to its security concerns around Ukraine and said it may have to take its own actions, including military measures, to satisfy those security concerns.

Texas Nat’l Guard unionize over US-Mexico border mission
Texas National Guard troops assigned to the Operation Lone Star mission on the U.S.-Mexico border have organized under a public-sector union this week after President Joe Biden’s Justice Department declared soldiers can form and join unions while on state-level active-duty orders.

Bible Prophecy Is ‘Essential’ in Current Russia-Ukraine Climate, End-Times Experts Say
they’re critiquing the news from a biblical worldview—something that even few pastors fail to do. However, he says, “I’m not slamming the Democrat Party who will do nothing. I’m slamming the fact that, as a nation, America has left God, and so God has left America. And we’re terrified.” “The Bible never said that we will prepare the place for Jesus,” Tsarfati adds. “The Bible says the world is going to be so bad that Jesus is going to come take us out of here and then pour judgment over this world because it’s so bad.”

AI Generates Haunting New Tarot Cards
The artist is using an AI called Looking Glass, which debuted last year and was made by Twitter user ai.curio. Some cards have humanoid characters with holes for faces, some feature monstrous-looking creatures in bloody shades of red, and some are creepy simply because they seem uncannily like tarot cards at first glance. Twitter fans seemed stoked about the novel cards, weighing in on their potential spiritual applications. “Honestly using AI for divinatory purposes makes perfect sense to me,” one user commented.

Our Biggest Global Challenge
Given the global implications, what should the international community do after the Galileo Project’s telescopes will identify extraterrestrial equipment beyond a reasonable doubt? Most urgently, who represents humanity and how should we engage with this extraterrestrial equipment?

World powers reportedly finalizing details of nuclear deal
Envoys from Iran, Russia, China, Britain, France, Germany, the European Union and the United States are still negotiating details of the draft accord amid Western warnings that time is running out before the original deal becomes obsolete. Delegates say much of the text is settled but some thorny issues remain.

Russia deploys hypersonic-armed fighter jets to Syria for naval drills
Russia sent MiG-31K fighter jets with hypersonic Kinzhal missiles and Tupolev Tu-22M bombers to its airbase in Syria for naval exercises, reported Interfax news agency on Tuesday. The forces are headed to the Hmeimim Air Base southeast of the city of Latakia, Syria, and will take part in exercises in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Rare Red Weather Warning issued – Storm Eunice expected to bring extremely strong winds, U.K.
Storm Eunice is currently developing over the Atlantic Ocean and is already deepening as it rapidly approaches the United Kingdom, forcing the UK Met Office to issue a rare Red Weather Warning. Eunice is expected to bring extremely strong winds and continued disruption for much of the U.K. on Friday, February 18. This is the most powerful storm to hit the southern U.K. over the past couple of years.

ALERT: Dr. Roger Hodkinson on Heart Damage, Blood Clotting from mRNA Injection 
Heart damage and blood clotting from the Covid injection can have long term consequences, says Dr. Roger Hodkinson.

214 Sex Workers Arrested in Super Bowl ‘Human Trafficking’ Mission
More than 200 sex workers were arrested as part of an operation that police have billed as an attempt to save people from human trafficking. The arrests—part of a Super Bowl-adjacent collaboration between Los Angeles law enforcement and the feds—represent an all too common theme in U.S. law enforcement, where people claim to be helping sex workers while actually subjecting them to harm.

Trudeau Regime Will Start Confiscating Pets Belonging to Freedom Convoy Protesters
Now they’re going after your dog. On Thursday the Ottawa By-law and Regulatory Services announced they would start confiscating the pets of the Freedom Convoy protesters when their owner is arrested.

Australians could need five doses of Covid vaccine
The immunisation regulator cannot rule out four or even five doses of COVID-19 vaccine being mandated for Australians to be considered ‘up to date’ in their protection against the virus.

Crimes Against Humanity – Arrests Happening?
Arrests for crimes against humanity have been talked about for quite some time – years. Crimes against humanity include 911 (no planes), BLM, paying taxes (illegal), obeying politicians (no one gives freedom, you are born into it), and one of the largest – covid. The WORLD is FINALLY standing up to the bullies who planned the covid agenda to fear people into compliance and control.

Canadian King Trudeau Goes ‘Full Dictator’ Giving Names Of Protesters In Freedom Convoy To Canadian Bankers Association For Freezing Accounts
Liberals accused GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis of misdoings, and yet it’s Democrat Gov. Andrew Cuomo who’s out of office. Liberals accused Fox News of shady business practices, but it’s CNN that has imploded and collapsed from scandal.

Senator Who Took Donations From Big Pharma Blocks Vote on Bill to Lower Drug Prices 
Sen. Mike Crapo (R- Idaho), a major recipient of pharmaceutical and insurance industry donations, on Thursday blocked an attempt by Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) to force a vote on the Cutting Medicare Prescription Drug Prices in Half Act, a bill that would slash prescription drug prices.

Covid-19 Deaths are at record levels in Australia and 4 in every 5 of them are among the Fully Vaccinated 
Covid-19 deaths are currently at record levels in Australia, with three times as many people dying per day than what died during the first wave to hit the country when there were not any Covid-19 vaccines available to the public. But data from the Government of New South Wales proves the fully vaccinated account for 4 in every 5 of the record breaking deaths.

Health officials continue to push for mass vaccination despite VAERS being overwhelmed with reports of vaccine-related deaths 
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Food and Drug Administration‘s (FDA) Vaccine Adverse Effects Reporting System (VAERS) has received over 23,000 reports of deaths associated with the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines, yet public health authorities still refuse to halt the mass vaccination campaign.

Shocking videos show Capitol breach attempt involving trained team working in tandem in obvious false flag attack 
Stunning new video has emerged of the Jan. 6 Capitol breach that adds to mounting evidence indicating that the entire ‘riot’ was a deep state staged false flag attack designed to further damage then-President Donald Trump.

Covid cover-up is exposing government lies all the way back to 9/11
The executive director of the official 9/11 Commission is in hot water after it was revealed that he is now also trying to push for a “bipartisan” Covid-19 Commission.

Here’s how to detox from the COVID spike protein – from the jab or the virus 
Spike proteins can circulate in your body after infection or injection, causing damage to cells, tissues and organs, but the World Council for Health has compiled a list of medications to prevent this.

Canadian bank runs appear to be under way as the Trudeau regime declares WAR on bank assets of citizens 
Thanks to the tyrannical actions of Chrystia Freeland — a Davos group devotee and the Deputy Prime Minister of Canada — the people of Canada are now rapidly withdrawing their funds from Canada’s largest banks. Two days ago, Freeland announced that Canada’s financial terrorism laws would be expanded to seize all funds — bank accounts, crypto, crowdfunding hubs, etc. — belonging to individuals who supported the peaceful convoy trucker protest… even if that person merely donated $10 to the convoy.

FALSE FLAG? Pro-Russian Forces Blow Up Kindergarten In Ukraine While Putin Orders Thousands More Troops To Border As Hostilities Ratchet Up 
It’s sad watching Ukraine preparing itself to be invaded by Russia, but it’s funny on the other hand watching world leaders like Joe Biden and Boris Johnson all talking like Alex Jones and warning us that Putin is conducting a ‘false flag’ operation. So I guess it’s only considered a ‘conspiracy theory’ when people other than the global elites do it? That would seem to be the case.

On The Backs Of The Abraham Accords, Jared Kushner Raises Billions And Becomes Middle East Power Player As He Creates A Life Outside Of Trump 
Like a bad penny, Jared Kushner who has been counted out oh so many times keeps appearing and reappearing in the end times fabric of ongoing events in the Middle East. After finding incredible success with the Abraham Accords, co-authored with Pope Francis’ right-hand man Mohamed bin Zayed, Jared Kushner has now set up shop in the Middle East having raised billions for his new private equity firm. Being nominated twice for a Nobel Peace Prize doesn’t hurt his resume, either.

GOP Rep Says Staff Made Chilling Discovery in Office Mail, Then Realized What Biden’s DOJ Had Done
Another Republican lawmaker has reported being illegally investigated, this time by the Biden administration’s Department of Justice.

US Says Russia’s Claims of Troop Withdrawal ‘False,’ Added 7,000 More Troops Near Ukraine
The United States now believes Russia’s claims that it is pulling back troops from Ukraine’s borders are “false,” amid fears of an imminent invasion.

Joe Biden Appoints A Non-Binary Drag Queen With The Pronoun ‘Them’ To Department Of Energy As Assistant Secretary Of Nuclear Energy
One of the stupidest things I have ever heard of is people using plural pronouns to refer to themselves as individuals as in the case of this story here today about Biden appointee Sam Brinton who says “they” are a non-binary transgender drag queen. In case you haven’t noticed it yet, America is collapsing under the weight of God’s judgment in much the same way the Roman empire began to fall while still thinking everything was fine. Things are not fine in America in 2022, they are terrifying.

Sneaky Superbowl 2022 Halftime Show Designed To Create Fully Readable, Controllable and Programmable Android Slaves Living In 5G Smart Neighbourhoods And Homes!!
Sneaky Superbowl 2022 Halftime Show Designed To Create Fully Readable, Controllable and Programmable Android Slaves Living In 5G Smart Neighbourhoods And Homes!!

Amazon drops mandates for vaccinated employees but tightens restrictions for unjabbed workers
Retail giant Amazon introduced new COVID guidelines for staff, easing restrictions for employees who have received inoculation against the virus.