16 Feb 2022

ZOG Moves Against Zero Hedge
Interesting that this hit piece against Zero Hedge alleging Russian collusion comes at the same time the Durham Reports shows Hillary Clinton committed treason by fabricating a fake Russian Collusion narrative against Donald Trump that went so far as to orchestrate an illegal FBI investigation and a Congressional impeachment of a duly elected President.

Forbes Contributor Fired Over Investigative Stories On Fauci
Andrzejewski, who recently made headlines with his investigative reporting that Fauci was the highest paid employee in the entire US Federal government, described how he was targeted for being critical of Dr. Anthony Fauci and exposing his yearly earnings. “The National Institutes of Health’s six top executives wrote an e-mail to myself and Randall Lane, the top content officer at Forbes. He explained that within 24 hours of the email, he received a call that told him he was barred from publishing any additional material regarding Fauci.

When Will Jake Sullivan – Biden’s National Security Advisor – Be Indicted For Russiagate Lies?
Jake Sullivan Biden’s National Security Advisor Was At The Heart of the Russiagate Lies. When Will He Be Indicted? Justifiably, the new information suggests the possibility of eventual criminal action against Hillary Clinton herself.

74% Of Americans Think They Will Be Involved In A War Within 12 Months
Rumors of War. In the 26 countries surveyed, almost half (46 percent) of respondents believe it is likely that their country will be involved in a war with another in the next 12 months. Americans are among the most pessimistic (or realistic, perhaps) in this regard: three out of four believe that an international conflict involving the U.S. is imminent.

Ottawa police chief resigns as Canadian border protesters retreat
In a statement announcing his resignation, Sloly said he had done “everything possible to keep this city safe and put an end to this unprecedented and unforeseeable crisis.” His defenders had voiced fears the use of force by police could stoke violence.

BLM activist charged in murder attempt of Jewish mayoral candidate
Louisville police have charged Quintez Brown … Brown, 21, has been prominent in the city’s civil rights activism, including Black Lives Matter ,,, he was charged Tuesday with attempted murder and four counts of wanton endangerment

In J’lem, Sen. Graham calls for ‘formal mutual defense agreement’ to counter Iran
“The more we help Israel in terms of their capability to deny Iran a nuclear weapon, the less likely we’ll have a war,” Sen. Lindsey Graham says, adding that the US should try to provide Israel with “anything that changes the equation.”

Jewish group seeks to find graves of ‘righteous sages’ of Middle East
The project aims to find out the exact date of death and burial location of rabbis buried in Algeria, Tunisia, Iraq, Morocco, Egypt, and countries with which Israel has no diplomatic ties.

Israel, Turkey working to deport Hamas officials from Ankara
Turkey has been conducting secret negotiations with several countries in the region for about a year and a half, Turkish daily Hürriyet reported this week. According to reporter Hande Firat, “the most intense talks were with Israel, which wants Hamas members to be deported” from the country.

Are ‘Concentration Camps’ coming to New York?
The New York Department of Health is currently pushing to change New York state laws to establish quarantine camps, reports OAN. Chabad rabbi and anti-mandate activist Michoel Green blasted the development calling them ‘concentration camps’ posting on Facebook: “NY State “voting” on C0\/lD concentration camps tomorrow. Freedom is in free fall.”

The Ignored Pandemic: 360 Million Christians Persecuted Worldwide
The year 2021 “saw the worst persecution of Christians in history”—with an average of 16 Christians butchered for their faith every single day.

Israeli security officials warn Sheikh Jarrah riots may spark Temple Mount attacks
While no specific security alert has been issued, previous lone-wolf attacks have been carried out on police officers and Jews at the entrance to the Temple Mount in similarly tense periods. As a result, steps have been taken on the ground to ensure the safety of Jewish visitors to the site. The number of Jewish visitors to the Temple Mount has increased significantly in recent years.

Abbas openly calls on Palestinians to murder Israelis
Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas called on Palestinians to “dish out to them twice as much as we’ve received.” When calling to “dish out to them twice as much as we’ve received,” Abbas is literally calling for the murder of at least 6 Israelis!

Estonian opposition leader, now leading in the polls, vows to move embassy to Jerusalem, forge major arms deal with Israel to protect Estonia from Russia
In first-ever interview with an Israeli media outlet, MP Martin Helme tells ALL ISRAEL NEWS he’s a proud Christian conservative who stands with Israel and “the Chosen People” Though he and his party are vilified by left-wing politicians and much of the so-called mainstream media as “far right-wing extremists” and “radicals,” Helme says nothing could be further from the truth. “We are conservatives in a very traditional Christian way, which I think is something that would resonate with Christians everywhere,” …

GOP Rep. Jim Jordan says Trump is ‘right on target’ to suggest EXECUTIONS for Hillary’s campaign aides after Special Counsel found they paid a tech firm to hack into his WH and Trump Towers servers
Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan said that Donald Trump was ‘right on target’ to suggest Hillary Clinton’s operatives should be executed after the former president accused her campaign of treason. ‘This is a scandal far greater in scope and magnitude than Watergate and those who were involved in and knew about this spying operation should be subject to criminal prosecution.’

Durham filing alleges Clinton’s team ‘mined’ White House servers for dirt on Trump
In a court filing, John Durham, special counsel for the Department of Justice, alleged that a tech firm paid by the Clinton campaign’s legal team was “mining” White House servers to dig up dirt on former president Donald Trump. Michael Sussmann, one of the Clinton campaign’s lawyers, has already been charged with lying to the FBI. He was indicted by a grand jury in September

Judicial Watch Sues CIA Over Communications That Reportedly Targeted President Trump
The government watchdog group Judicial Watch has filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit against the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) for communications between then-CIA Director Gina Haspel and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley in 2020-21, which reportedly involved the targeting of President Donald Trump.
“It ought to be disturbing to all Americans that the head of the CIA and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs were reportedly conspiring against the President of the United States.”

Is the Vatican hoarding Jewish Temple treasures?
Archaeologist says Vatican holding treasure trove of sacred Jewish objects dating back some 2,000 years. Harry Moskoff, a Torah scholar and archaeology expert, wrote that evidence points to the Vatican being in possession of countless sacred Jewish relics.

CDC data signaling vaccine catastrophe
In 1976, after 32 deaths were attributed to the swine flu vaccine, the U.S. government halted the mass vaccination campaign. But now, despite the VAERS database run by the CDC and the FDA reporting more than 23,000 deaths related to the COVID-19 vaccines, the messaging from establishment media and top health officials such as Dr. Rochelle Walensky and Dr. Anthony Fauci essentially is that no one has died or suffered severe adverse effects from the largest rollout of an experimental vaccine in world history.

State AG rules doctors can prescribe ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine
South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson concluded doctors have the authority to prescribe drugs for the disease “off-label,” such as ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine. “In fighting COVID, the doctor should be given the broadest possible leeway,” he said. The opinion came in response to a request from South Carolina Republican state Sens. Shane Martin and Bill Taylor.

Two major storms on the way to Ireland and U.K. this week
The UK Met Office has named two low pressure systems on February 14, 2022 — Dudley and Eunice. Both are expected to bring spells of very strong and damaging winds to Ireland and the United Kingdom this week.

Inflation up 7.5% from year ago, highest year-over-year increase since February 1982 
Inflation in January increased 7.5%, compared to the same month last year, the Labor Department announced Thursday.

INVESTIGATION: The Covid-19 Vaccines cause AIDS; here’s all the evidence… 
..Here we present a series of strong evidence that the Covid-19 vaccines are causing recipients to develop acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) or a novel condition with similar attributes that can only be described as Covid-19 Vaccine Induced Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (VAIDS).

Dr. Lee Merritt asks: Is a US military takedown happening?
“What’s really going on here? Why would we hide it in the database? Why would we not point out that we are the military that’s vaccinating our people with this RNA technology, but not the Chinese? The Chinese military isn’t doing this and nor [are] the Russians. So is this a military takedown?”

Vaccine die-off begins: Political activist Lauren Witzke says US government pushed an experimental vaccine that is now killing people 
“The United States government pushed an experimental vaccine that is now killing people. People are dying in hospitals because of it to the point they’re overflowing in the parking lots,” Witzke said. “People are dying because they injected literally an experimental vaccine into the population. And we did not know the repercussions of that.”

Exclusive: Dr. Li-Meng Yan Reveals CCP Plans to Spread Hemorrhagic Fever Bioweapon Via Olympics, and She Shares the Cure
…This new disease may be a form of viral Hemorrhagic Fever that has a much higher fatality rate than Covid-19. According to Dr. Yan, cases of the disease may have been seen throughout China and just this week it popped up in the United Kingdom.

Pfizer’s Quiet Warning: “Unfavorable Pre-Clinical, Clinical Or Safety Data” May Impact Business
Pfizer has quietly issued a warning about what could happen thanks to “unfavorable safety data” getting out and not being censored. Their business could be impacted unless more is done to hide the truth and continue to lie about their COVID-19 “vaccines.”

As covid injections spread autoimmune disease and “VAIDS,” media pivots to incoming AIDS “vaccine” that will only accelerate the vaccine genocide 
We now know that Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines” are spreading vaccine-induced AIDS, or VAIDS, which is convenient timing seeing as how the corporate-controlled media is starting to push a new experimental AIDS “vaccine” on the masses.

Canadian government resorts to FINANCIAL TERRORISM against peaceful freedom convoy protesters, demonstrating why We the People can never trust BANKS (or fiat) 
All governments eventually resort to terrorism against their own citizens when they don’t get the compliance they want. It is a universal rule repeated thousands of times throughout history. And now, as the freedom convoy participants in Canada are achieving real traction against the tyranny of Justin “Castro” Trudeau’s regime, that same regime has decided to engage in blatant acts of financial terrorism against Canadian citizens in order to try to destroy them.

China can now determine which nba players make a team’s roster and which players get cut! The black-balling of enes kanter
The NBA and the people associated with the NBA have done nothing but bash former PresidentTrump from day one. They call him an idiot, a racist and a dictator. Let’s forget that this is the first President in a generation that has ever given a damn about the employment prospects and wages of Blacks, Latinos and women, let’s look at who the NBA is supporting while they bash a President who cares about all of his people (except for the Deep State).

Disney ‘Happiest Place On Earth’ To Release Cannibalism Horror Movie ‘Fresh’ As Former Family Film Company Aligns Itself With The Demonic
If the Lord tarries with the Rapture, this world be such an evil place that your imagination, no matter how depraved, can rightly imagine it. As a child, I recall Disney as being synonymous with wholesome family entertainment, even if they did sneak in Illuminati and Freemasonry themes from time to time.

Ukraine Defense Ministry and Armed Forces Websites As Well As Banks Hit With DDoS Cyber Attack Signaling Possible Start To Russian Invasion
DoS cyber attacks happen all the time, they are annoying but not fatal and most governments around the world are prepared for them when they occur, NTEB has systems in place that prevent them from happening. But the fact that Ukraine is experiencing them right now at a time when most of the world thinks that Russia is getting ready to invade them is quite interesting.

Connecticut Gov taking fire for ‘trying to turn legal gun owners into criminals’ with legislation
Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont (D) is under fire from a Second Amendment defense group for proposals they say will be a detriment to law-abiding citizens.

Community Leader Goes Rogue, Exposes What Los Angeles Is Doing to the Homeless Ahead of Super Bowl
The Super Bowl shuffle has come to Los Angeles, where officials are moving homeless residents out of the way.

A Country’s Health Officials See ‘No Reason’ to Continue Administering COVID-19 Vaccines
Reports surfaced Friday that one European country sees “no reason” to continue administering OVID-19 vaccines and booster doses to their residents.

Satanic After-School Club Takes Aim at Christian Student Groups
The Satanic Temple recently opened an after-school “Satan Club” in a Moline, Illinois, elementary school, as part of its nationwide campaign to push back against the Christian Good News Clubs offered to schoolchildren after regular-hour classes.

Media Normalising Heart Conditions, Shows Their Complicity in Their Crimes Against Humanity 
An increase in heart conditions has been seen in the UK and the U.S. yet the media have been working hard trying to normalise the heart conditions and are now even attributing them to everyday acts. They are still ignoring the more likely cause of the increase, which is that of vaccine damage, and their reluctance to warn the public of the potential adverse effects from taking the vaccine is adding to them being complicit in Crimes Against Humanity.

Please Stop Getting Swabbed, Spanish Emergency Physician Says
Dr. José Luis Gettor an emergency physician in Spain has warned the population about the damage caused by PCR test swabs. “Swabs are a weapon. They contain a substance developed by military intelligence called ‘DARPA hydrogel’. And the little tip of the swab isn’t plain cotton. Those swabs come from China. It’s not a plastic stick with a cotton tip. It’s a bundle of hollow nylon fibres that contain, among other things, ethylene oxide.

KING OF CANADA: Trudeau Becomes First Ruler To Invoke Emergencies Act In Desperate Bid To Squash Freedom Convoy Opposing His Mandates 
OK, so if you are ANTIFA or Black Lives Matter, and you feel the need to burn, rape, loot, pillage and murder to get your point across, that is considered ‘peaceful protest’ and signed off on by every government in the free world back in 2020. But if you are protesting unscientific and highly dystopian vaccination mandates, then you are considered an enemy of the state. I got it now.

Deaths among Triple Vaccinated increased by 495% in January with the Vaccinated accounting for 4 in every 5 Covid-19 Cases, Hospitalisations & Deaths since December
Official data from Public Health Scotland confirms the vaccinated population have accounted for 4 in every 5 Covid-19 cases, hospitalisations and deaths over the past two months. But a side by side comparison of those two months suggests the Covid-19 booster campaign has been a complete failure because the percentage of Covid-19 cases, hospitalisations and deaths have all gone down in the unvaccinated population whilst increasing drastically in the triple vaccinated population.

Out of the blue, Washington, D.C., suddenly drops covid “vaccine” mandate 
Residents of and visitors to our nation’s capital will soon no longer have to wear a face mask inside businesses, bars and health clubs, according to a new announcement.

MEP Compares Covid ‘Vaccine’ Makers to ‘Unscrupulous Mafia’
Croatian MEP Mislav Kolakusic warned the European Parliament about the emergence of “powerful, unscrupulous mafia-pandemic profiteers who are more dangerous than all previous forms of organized crime.”

Contagious Vaccinosis: Are the Vaccinated a Threat to the Unvaccinated?
The latest segment of RAIR Foundation USA’s exclusive interview with prominent pathologist Dr. Roger Hodkinson tackles the question of “Contagious Vaccinosis”. Are those “vaccinated” with the coronavirus injection a threat to unvaccinated?

VICTORY: Leftists Abandoning Canadian PM Trudeau – He ‘Sounds Like Hitler’ 
American left-wing comedian and broadcaster Bill Maher has lashed out at Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who said Freedom Truckers are a “marginal minority” that does not represent Canadians’ thinking.

All Cause Mortality: Why Have Deaths Skyrocketed After the Covid Vaccine? 
This latest segment of RAIR Foundation USA’s exclusive interview with prominent pathologist Dr. Roger Hodkinson touches on Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE) and the shocking uptick in “all cause mortality” after the introduction of the coronavirus “vaccine”.

Trudeau Panicking: Another Canadian Military Leader Breaks Rank, Government Rattled 
The Canadian Armed Forces are once again targeting one of their high-ranking officers who has spoken out against government-ordered mandates and authoritarian restrictions. Canada is the latest left-wing government to target military or police officers defending their nation’s constitution.