13 Feb 2022

Iceland hit by record-breaking waves, among the highest ever measured in the world
A violent bomb cyclone affecting Iceland on February 7 and 8, 2022, produced hurricane-force winds and record-breaking waves at the southern coast of the country. One of the waves reached 40 m (131 feet) and blew off the scale, making it by far the highest measured wave off the coast of Iceland and among the highest ever measured in the world.

Sweden halts mass COVID testing, even for the symptomatic
Sweden halted its COVID-19 testing regime on Wednesday, even for those who are showing symptoms of infection, as many European countries end pandemic restrictions, the Associated Press reported.

China deploys machine-gun armed robot vehicles along India’s border: Report | American Military News
China has begun deploying robotic vehicles armed with machine guns along its border with India after Chinese troops struggled to handle the altitude and terrain, reports said last week.

HUGE NEWS: Wisconsin Supreme Court Rules Ballot Dropboxes Are to Remain Banned in the April 2022 Election
Ballot boxes in Wisconsin are to remain banned in the upcoming April primary elections in the state.  The Wisconsin Supreme Court voted Friday to keep these ballot boxes banned for the upcoming election.

High school moves to erase ‘gendered terms’ from BIOLOGY class 
A recent report reveals a Mass. high school biology class recently held a genetics lesson on gender, urging students to remove “gendered terms” to make sure others with diverse orientations are “included and respected.”

39-Year-Old Brazilian Woman Cícera Santos Develops Blood Clots and Has Leg Amputated Two Weeks After Pfizer COVID-19 Jab
Mrs. Cícera Santos, a 39-year-old wife, and mother-of-two was a happy, carefree mother before receiving the experimental Pfizer COVID-19 jab. Santos had her left leg amputated due to blood clots that developed one week after the mRNA gene therapy injection.

Senator who took donations from Big Pharma blocks vote on bill to lower drug prices 
Republican Sen. Mike Crapo of Idaho blocked Sen. Bernie Sanders’ attempt Wednesday to force a vote on legislation that would slash prescription drug prices, thwarting the Vermont senator’s effort to fast-track the new bill as the pharmaceutical industry rushes to hike costs in the new year.

Do Xi Jinping’s Davos Remarks Prove He Is a Globalist Shill? ‘By Their Fruits Ye Shall Know Them’ 
On January 17, President Xi Jinping delivered remarks to the annual Davos Summit where a coterie of billionaires with larger than life aspirations for reshaping the world into a new techno-feudal dystopia conglomerated for several days of self-congratulatory speeches and networking.

US states are fighting back against Google’s secret location tracking 
Google’s misleading claims to users regarding privacy protections available in their account settings have been ongoing since at least 2014.

Big Pharma will go down like Big Tobacco as the criminal prosecutions go GLOBAL, targeting the vaccine fraudsters and mass murderers
It wasn’t that long ago when Big Tobacco bribed thousands of doctors and ran full-page ads in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), claiming, “More doctors smoke Camels than any other cigarette!”

California Republicans Wear The Perfect Masks as They Call for End to Newsom’s State of Emergency
..the Republicans put Newsom’s hypocrisy on full display by wearing matching masks that pictured Newsom without a face covering posing with basketball legend Magic Johnson.

Lawmakers Unveil Bills to Block Taxpayer Funding for Crack Pipes: HUNTER, CRACK, and PIPES Acts
Lawmakers in both lower and upper chambers of Congress have introduced at least three separate bills—with the acronyms HUNTER, CRACK, and PIPES—seeking to block any attempts by the federal government to use taxpayer money to fund crack pipes.